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Color correction, alternatively known as grading, is an image editing technique where professional image editors change the color of the photos to make it perfect. Generally, image editors correct the color tone of the picture, change RGB and adjust the white balance. A grey area correction also is a part of color correction service. This service also includes colorizing any product with the best level of saturation. IF you have an e-commerce site, your product photos might need a vivid color environment to appeal more attractive to the customers.


Adjusting the color or the camera setting is very important while capturing a photo. But not everybody is expert in setting up the right camera setting. Moreover, the lighting condition is also very important. Imagine a condition that you have captured all of your desired photos on an event and find out later on that most of your photos are looking dammed or not so appealing due to the accurate color or the lighting condition. 

And you will not get back that event. So, like this these types of conditions, we have come some various types of color correction service for you to save you from the real trouble. Here’s our list of color correction service below:


Whatever the condition of your photos, our service can enhance every part of your captured photo to make it more generous, perfect and attractive. This is all about the artistic expression you might want in your photos. Besides the most popular photo editing services like image clipping service, photo masking, drop shadow service, ghost mannequin service, and some others, this one is also an essential part for different industries.

Personal, Outdoor, and Others Photos Correction Service

If you have a bunch of your photos which are keeping the best memories of you and your dear ones, and you want to make those photos more vibrant and young, then this service is for you. In this service, we correct the contrast, temperatures, clarity and remove the unwanted dark spots and shadows from your photos. In terms of outdoor and others photos color correction, we adjust the contrast level of the sky, field and other backgrounds, remove a too bright white zone, enhance the saturation, and correct every color to make your photos natural and more appealing.

Whatever the condition of your photos, our color correction service can enhance every part of your captured photo to make it more generous, perfect and attractive. Actually, color correction service is all about the artistic expression you might want in your photos.


Wedding Image Color Correction

Here we, adjust the contrast and the exposure correction along with the saturation work. This is the essential thing in terms of wedding photo editing. Then we also improve the tints, shadows, white balance, sharpness, clarity balancing, and the grey area correction.


Service for Professional Photographers

Professional photographers need to capture photos from any events and do not have the opportunity to recapture those photos again. And the proper color correction may help them to make their career more stable. Here our services include:  natural light look correction, make images look vibrant and more appealing, edit and adjust the sharpness and clarity of the images and also adjust the tint and shadows.

Detailed Correction Service

In this service, we correct the vibrancy, highlights, shadows, saturation, contrast, and sharpness of each photo in depth.

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As we have told at the beginning, this service is mainly for the photographer, who takes a bunch of photos daily and need to correct or adjust the color tone correctly to make their customer satisfied. But sometimes we get lots of orders to form general people to help them out with their captured photos.

This service is essential because we all love to capture photos or like to capture the moment or reality. But if the pictures in our photos do not look perfect for the color tone the white balance, we get disappointed. Moreover, not everybody has the professional level of the camera. So, whatever the moment or the background was in your photos, it might fade away because of your camera quality.

Photographers do not have time to re-color their captured photo or invest their valuable time in editing. So, we provide them with the highest quality of photo color service and help them to satisfy their photos.

Besides, some marketers or e-commerce owners do want to see their products in a different color. So, we also get an order from these types of people and help them to decide the color option they should put on their website.


How Do We Work?

Whether you decide to work with us, you should know the working procedure of us. Whatever the condition of your photos, we first analyze that and send you an edit suggestion with a quote. After accepting confirming the order, we then send those photos to our support team. They make the proper edit decision, and then our image editing expert team start working with those photos. This editing changes the color, including the combination in a proper and perfect adjustment. We also cut the unwanted spots and the backgrounds from your photo to make it more realistic and attracting. After the edit, you will get your desired picture with our unique touch.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons to work with our team. We have a dedicated image processing lab with expert image editors. Our designers do not work in traditional ways. Creativity and hard work are our strength. And our experience and recognition talks. We also have some efficient and creative designers who can suggest a better color for your product or can decide which color suits the best for that specific photo. So, our in-house art directors can choose the perfect color for your every photo and make it more appealing. Why not have a free service from us? You will not be disappointed for sure. Just try up to 3 trials and free quote from us. Hope we will talk soon. Here are the reasons to work with us in short!

  • Various ranges of service
  • Quality and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Reasonable price
  • Skilled designers
  • High-end stylization
  • Ultra fast delivery, and more.


Well! Image Retouching Lab has been working in this industry for several years. We have the best team of designers with great skill. You can justify our quality by the portfolio, experience, customer reviews, and skill.

Sure! We do offer a free trial that includes up to three images.

Generally, we accept all the major file formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD.

It’s simple to start with Image Retouching Lab. Just send your favorite photo to us and get the result within the shortest period.

Yeah! You will get a special discount for bulk orders.

Well! We offer 49 cents only for basic and exposure color correction. For color conversion, it needs 7.99 US dollars.

Fortunately, you will get us 24/7. Our designers are always available to serve you the best quality work.


Actually, it varies with some issues. If it’s about a simple project, it will be done within 24 hours. Even the project is large enough, we have no problem with that. We have the capacity to deliver you within your time limit.

We know the value of every single task by our valuable customers. Our team is always trying to deliver the best service. So, you don’t need to worry about that. We are bound to work for you until you get complete satisfaction. Surely, you will get the best solution regarding your project.

We always care about the privacy of our valuable clients. There is no scope for compromise in the matter of security. We assure you that we never use your photos for any personal or commercial purposes. Please visit our privacy policy for more information.

We grant both PayPal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.

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