The Internet has changed the meaning of modern business with some technologies and techniques. Ecommerce is one of them. It has been a popular platform in the UK from the beginning of this industry. Most of the giant companies have their eyes in this marketplace to earn a huge amount of revenues. Like Amazon, Tesco, and Argos online retailers, there are many more examples who are doing online business throughout the years. You will be confused in determining the best ecommerce in UK if you observe their business strategy.

From the products of food and personal care category, they also sell fashion, electronics, toys, and other products. From their selling, the retailers earned more than 86k million US dollars in the year 2018. Pretty enough, right? It is expected by the Statista report, the amount will reach 93k million in 2019! The statistics say that the United Kingdom generated revenues after China and the United States do.

Let’s know about the Best Ecommerce in UK

It’s a fishy term to choose the best from hundreds of retailers. How can you choose the best ecommerce platform to buy a product you choose? Well, I have researched some tricky facts to sort out this query. I choose the best 11 companies who are doing business in the UK with a reputation. I think you can choose one of them as your buying destination online. Let’s see which are here for you.

Amazon Inc

Best Ecommerce in UK

Amazon is a familiar name in the ecommerce industry all over the world including the UK. No other retailer has achieved such reputation and fame like Amazon. It sells almost every product you can imagine from books to movies, housewares to electronics, and more.

Jeffrey Bezos founded this online store in 1994. It began its business with an online bookstore. Do you know the present capital of this giant company? At present, it holds the capital of  $777 billion! In the year 2018, global net sales of are more than 7860 million US dollars.

Amazon has developed its website in a friendly manner. Anyone can use it and make shopping very easily without facing complexity. Do you prefer hearing another great strategy for its business? It has an attractive affiliate commission system for the core people. Amazon is paying their affiliate marketers millions of dollars worldwide every year.

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Best Ecommerce in UK

Sainsbury’s is the second largest online retailer established in the year 1869 and based in Holborn, London. Since then, it owns more than 1400 grocery stores in the UK and over 800 are convenience stores. Besides Tesco, Morrisons, and Asda, Sainsbury’s is the another one of ‘big four’ grocery retailers in the United Kingdom. Sainsbury’s holds about 17 % share of the supermarket sector in the United Kingdom.

This retailer company not only sells common home-based products or food and beverages. It also deals with banking activities like mortgages, loans, credit cards, and insurance policy. Sainsbury’s has a great collection of clothing materials for both men, women, and kids. For this, It has been regarded as the one of the best ecommerce companies in the UK by many customers for many years.

Another interesting part of this retailer is the link with Argos. Argos is the sister concern of Sainsbury’s and you can shop with any of them from the parent site. Now come at its business growth! In the year 2017, it generated about 37 billion US dollars of retail revenue from its business. After year changes, it touches the landmark of 40 billion!

Argos Ltd

Best Ecommerce in UK

Argos is a British online retailer established in the year 1972. It operates its business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It has more than 845 retailers selling various category products like Technology, Home & Garden, Baby & Nursery, Toys, Sports and Leisure, and more.

Argos has generated about 1774 US dollars in 2017. It’s global net sales touches the amount of 3005 million US dollars in the year 2018. Most of the sales came from Toys, Hobby & DIY category. Argos has about 30000 employees working to enhance its market value. It has also an affiliate commission program that varies from 2 to 3 %.

People have mixed comments on the customer support system of Argos. Trustpilot has reviewed its rating as 8.7 out of 10. Besides Trustpilot, some other review sites also show the same results.

Tesco Plc

Best Ecommerce in UK

Tesco is a multinational general merchandise retailer company based in Hertfordshire, England. It was established by the business giant Jack Cohen in the year 1919. At present, Tesco is doing their operation in six other countries besides the United Kingdom. They are Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary, and India.

Tesco sells mainly food and beverages, clothing materials, home appliances, and financial services. Many customers choose this as the best online food shopping platform. The products care summarized very sequentially in terms of category, size, and some other criteria. At present, it has more than 7000 stores with 500,000 employees all over the world.

The way this large company has emerged throughout the era is absolutely a remarkable fact. In the matter of gross revenues, Tesco is recognized as the third largest retailer in the world. It is also identified as the ninth largest retailer by its revenues.  In the year 2017, it has generated a revenue of more than 43 million British pounds. The next year in 2018, the number has switched to 45 million!

Best Ecommerce in UK

Apple is not just a name, a trustworthy brand in all over the world. It is a multinational technology company based in California, USA. The headquarter of UK office is in Uxbridge, United Kingdom. It doesn’t sell only computer software or consumer electronics but also design and develop them.

Apple is selling various technology products like iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computer, portable media player, smartwatch, digital media player, smart speaker and more. Besides these hardware products, it has several software items like macOS and iOS operating systems, iTunes media player, Safari web browser etc.

This well-known brand was founded by three tech lovers Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It is still going up with millions of dollars growth. Besides Amazon, Google, and Facebook, it is recognized as one of the biggest technology based company in the universe.

Asda Stores Ltd.

Best Ecommerce in UK

Asda is a British retailer company and a sister concern of Walmart based in West Yorkshire, England. It was the second largest supermarket chain throughout several years after Tesco and Sainsbury’s. It was founded by Peter and Fred Asquith and Sir Noel Stockdale in the year 1949.

Asda sells various food and beverages items like chilled food, frozen food, drinks, and others. Besides these, it deals with health and beauty products, laundry and household products, home and entertainment materials, and many more.

At present, Asda has over 630 stores and 165000 employees working for them. In the last several years, it has generated a revenue of more than 21000 million British pounds. From the data, it can be easily identified as one of the top ecommerce companies in the UK.


Best Ecommerce in UK

Ocado is a renowned online supermarket based in Hertfordshire, UK. This company mainly handles its business by home deliveries from its warehouses. It started its journey in the year 2000 and serving the area of England, Wales, and some other areas.

Ocado sells beauty and baby products, groceries, toiletries, pet food products, and various household goods. Besides these, it also deals with the insurance business. Having with more than 580000 customers, it has been turned into one of the largest online grocery stores in the UK.

This online retailer has crossed the amount of about $1573 million US dollars in global net sales in 2018. 65% of total revenues has come from food and personal care products. Last year, it generated over 1.5 billion US dollars in revenue. The annual business growth seems much better than the other retailer companies.


Best Ecommerce in UK

Currys is a British online retailer company focused on electrical, telecommunications, and IT products. It also sells household appliances besides electronic products. This ecommerce company started its journey about 134 years ago by Henry Curry. At present, It is serving its operation in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Currys has over 290 megastores and 73 high street shops that sell products under the brand Currys Digital. It sells TV & Entertainment products, Kitchen Appliances, Computing materials like laptops, iPad, tablets and many more. At present, they are doing their operation having over 10700 employees.

Besides these, it also deals with digital compact cameras, photography accessories, camcorders & drones, and various smartphones. In the last year, it earned 65% of its total revenues from the electronics and media products. The global net sales of Currys was about 865 million US dollars and generated revenues of over $155 million in 2018.

Next Plc

Best Ecommerce in UK

Next Plc is a British Multinational retailer company based in Leicestershire, England. It was founded about 155 years ago, in 1864 by Joseph Hepworth. It is mainly focused on clothing, footwear, and household products. Besides the UK, it executes its operation across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Next Plc sells all types of modern and fashionable men and women’s products, including Blouses & Shirts, Coats & Jackets, Dresses, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Skirts & Shorts, Swim & Beachwear, Shoes & Sandles, and many more in this category. You will also find branded beauty products and sports equipment in their store.

From the earlier statistics of Next, we see the growth of its market value and revenue. It has over 700 stores around the world and has more than 49000 employees working there. In the year 2017, it generated about 4.1 billion US dollars from its stores. It kept the race same of generating the amount of revenue as the previous year in 2018.

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners is another British online departmental store established in the year 1864. John Lewis founded this retailer company 155 years ago and since then it increased its business with more than 50 stores. It is doing business under its parent company, John Lewis Partnership.

This online retailer company sells almost all types of products including Home & Garden, Furniture & Lights, Electrical equipment, Beauty products, Baby & Child products, sports & fitness products, Jewellery products, and many more. It has more than 83000 staffs working in their departmental stores to sell the products.

The revenue of John Lewis & Partners is pretty high comparing other retailer companies. In 2017, it generated a revenue of 3.78 billion US dollars and the next year it reached the amount of 3.80 billion! The annual growth of this company impacts massively on the total growth of the mother company.

Holland & Barrett

Best Ecommerce in UK

Holland & Barrett is a UK based online retailer company established in 1870. It’s a chain of health food shops running all over the United Kingdom and some other countries in Asia and Middle East. it is running as a sister concern of the parent company LetterOne.

This health food retailer sells various categories of vitamins & supplements, minerals, sports nutrition, herbal medicines, natural beauty products, and more. Currently, it is continuing its operation in the Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, India, UAE, and more.

Holland & Barrett is doing its business with over 1300 stores worldwide. It has more than 7000 employees working for this company. It has generated over 461 million British Pounds in the year 2017. The next year it reached to 640 million in 2018. A massive growth indeed!

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Well! Now, I have come to the finishing point. What I did actually? I researched a lot of ecommerce companies from the list of online retailers around the United Kingdom and tried to find out the best from this. Hopefully, you may choose the best ecommerce in UK by going through this piece of content. Though most of the ecommerce companies have many similarities in business characteristics, I sorted out these 11 by some specific criteria.

In addition, you may add some more if you have any other choices. I always appreciate the thoughts of our audiences. If you think, some other online retailer from the UK should be added in this list, feel free to share by a simple click or a comment below.

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