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Best Ecommerce in USA

Best Ecommerce in USA Why I Prefer These 11 Companies?

Online shopping has been turned into the most popular way of purchasing products now. Ecommerce industry is now an open secret that plays with billions of pounds every year. Clothing to shoes, consumer electronics, Bags & accessories to Food & drinks, Household appliances to sports & outdoor or baby products, anything can be found online just by a click. Isn’t it cool?

Best Ecommerce in USA

The ecommerce industry has continuously been emerging over the past decade in the United States. In just 2018, the physical goods of more than 500 billion US dollars have been sold in the USA market. It is assumed to exceed 735 billion US dollars by 2023. Huge enough, right? See the statistics from Statistica below:

Another fact of this market is the trend of mobile shopping. It is predicted by the Statistica team that the mobile user in the USA will reach 168 million by 2020. So the revenue can be expected to rise by 420 billion dollars by 2021. For this reason, the shop owners are very concerned to make their websites user-friendly and flexible in the payment process. Well, we are going to show you the best 11 ecommerce online shopping sites in the USA. These online stores are ruling the USA market for years by its unique collection of products and modern digital marketing strategies.

Let’s See Which Are The “Best Ecommerce in USA” & Why!

Amazon Inc

Best Ecommerce in USA

Amazon is a well-known name in the ecommerce industry all over the world. No other company has ever gained such popularity and fame like Amazon. It sells almost everything you can imagine like books, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and many more.

Jeffrey P. Bezos founded this giant online store in the year 1994. Initially, it started with an online bookstore. Do you know the market capital of this big company now? It’s more than $777 billion! More than huge, right? It has expanded its kingdom by buying the supermarket chain Whole Foods Market Inc., which value was more than $13 billion.

Amazon has about 566000 employees working right now. They get about 1.87 billion visits per month to their website. It is among the top ten sites in the world that receives the most number of visitors.

Besides their online product business, they also serve developers and enterprises of different sizes through their Amazon Web Services. This is one of the three segments by which the company operates. It relates to start-ups, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Amazon has comfortably presented their website so that the customers can use it easily. Another exciting tactic of their business is the affiliate commission strategy. Millions of people around the world have become part of this ecommerce business by using an affiliate program. Have you ever tried it?

Best Buy

Best Ecommerce in USA

Best Buy is among the best online shopping websites and one of the largest ecommerce companies by revenue. From the Statista reports, It has generated more than 42 billion US dollars in 2018. Guess, how big their capital is! For this, most of the business analysts keep it in the top online shopping websites list for years.

This well-known web store was founded by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler in 1966. On that time, it was named by ‘Sound of Music’. Though Best Buy has a massive collection of different types of products, it is famous for selling consumer electronics. Its headquarter is in Minnesota, USA.

It sells software, video games, mobile phones, car stereos, video cameras, digital cameras and more. Besides consumer electronics, they have various home appliances like washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators.

Best Buy has about 1600 stores worldwide. But its maximum portion of the business is based on the USA. It generates over 80 percent of the total revenue from the United States region. Now its competition is with renowned retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target.


Best Ecommerce in USA

eBay Inc. is a multinational ecommerce company based in California, USA. It was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar.

There’s something different about this online shopping site. You have the listing options like ‘All Listings’, ‘Auction’, ‘Buy It Now’, and ‘Accepts Offer’. Are you getting it differently? Yeah, it’s not like the other marketplaces from which products can be chosen and ordered by a click.

So, you can’t bid on all the items and should be more careful before finalizing a product. But a thing to discover is to find some unique products from eBay. You can get some products that are out of stock or not manufactured anymore. Is it cool or disgusting?

Now it comes to its yearly revenue statistics. It has earned about 2.88 billion US dollars in the fourth quarter of 2018. It was about 2.64 billion in the third quarter of 2018. In total, eBay has generated the revenue of more than 10 billion US dollars.

You will get the shipment methods like ordinary mail, express mail, and courier service. It has enlisted its global shipping program since the year 2012. Sometimes, you won’t get them concerned with fast shipping. But the plus point is that you can save some money by allowing this.


Best Ecommerce in USA

Walmart Inc. is the largest multinational retail corporation based in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is one of the oldest discount department stores founded in 1962.

This company is working with 2.2 million associates around the world including 1.5 million in the USA.

At present, Walmart has more than 11000 stores worldwide. If you look through the statistics of their last three years revenue, you can see their rapid growth worldwide. In 2016, its revenue was about 482 billion US dollars.

In the next year, it was increased to 485 billion. Later, the revenue amount reached to 500 billion in the year 2018. According to the Fortune Global 500 list, Walmart is regarded as the world’s largest company by revenue and the largest private employer.

A great thing about Walmart is its investment strategy on higher wages, education, and training. They are investing about 2.7 billion over the last two years in these sectors.


AT&T Inc. is a multinational conglomerate holding company based in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is considered as the largest telecommunication company that provides various electronic devices like TV, fiber, internet equipment, smart watches, and more.

This giant company was introduced as AT&T Corporations in the year 1885. In modern time, AT&T has started expanding its business widely from 2014. It purchased the Mexican carrier Lucacell and NII Holdings. In the year 2015, it purchased DirecTV for $48.5 billion US dollars.

AT&T has reached the amount of yearly revenue as about $170 billion US dollars. The amount was $160 billion dollars in the year 2017. Can you guess the percentage of increasing the value? It’s more than 6%.

They have a strong network of customer service that provides technical support to their customers. But I noticed something wrong in their reviews from different clients. Maybe it varies from one to another.


Etsy is an online marketplace focused on handmade and factory-manufactured items. This company is based in Brooklyn, New York and founded in 2005. It sells a wide range of categories, like clothing, jewelry, food, photography, toys, and many more.

Etsy has more than 700 regular employees and earned about $381.1 million US dollars of revenue last year. It increased to more than 41% than the previous year. It has been established as one of the top ecommerce platforms in the USA.

Customer service reviews from thousands of customers are something confusing to determine its quality. You can contact their support system to be ensured.


Best Ecommerce in USA

AliExpress is recognized as one of the largest online retailers in the world. It was launched in the year 2010 and a sister concern of the giant Alibaba Group.

It launched its business as a B2B buying and selling portal. Then it expanded in several platforms. It sells various branded phones, accessories, fashion, beauty, home garden, toys, and more.

In average, AliExpress generates $128 million US dollars every year. They are selling their millions of products in more than 200 countries. That’s why it is one of the top 10 ecommerce websites in world.

It has a popular affiliate program for their partners who sell the products by sending visitors to their website. They are paying more than $100000 US dollars for their partners every year.

Target Corporation

Best Ecommerce in USA

Target Corporation is one of the oldest online retailer company in the United States. It was founded by George Dayton in the year 1902. Its first store was launched in Roseville, Minnesota. Since then, Target has more than 1800 stores worldwide now.

According to Statista report, Target has generated revenue of more than $71 billion US dollars in the year 2017. In 2018, it reached $73 billion US dollars. They are expecting to reach about 80 billion dollars of revenue by the year 2024.

They keep the best way to reach their customer support through phone numbers, email address, social network pages, and live chat option.


Best Ecommerce in USA

Costco is a multinational retailer company based in Washington, United States. It was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman in the year 1976. Since then, it has more than 750 warehouses worldwide. It sells organic foods, rotisserie chicken, wine, meat, tires, and more.

Costco is doing its business in various countries outside the United States like Canada, Mexico, UK, South Korea, Spain, France, Iceland, and more. In 2017, it generated the amount of $129 billion US dollars as revenue. Just after a year in 2018, it reached the amount of $141 billion!

They are expecting to touch the number of $181 billion US dollars by the year 2024. This rapid growth is going to happen by their advanced marketing strategy. By the time, Costco has updated their store with different category products.

Besides the typical products, it started selling arts, books, clothing, software, furniture, electronics, jewelry, and various home appliances. These variations have helped to expand its business rapidly.

Another positive approach from this store is their online support from their friendly and flexible customer representatives. Currently, they have more than 230000 employees worldwide. The working environment in Costco is also great by most of its workers.

Apple Inc.

Best Ecommerce in USA

Who doesn’t know the name ‘Apple’ in modern time? It’s an American multinational technology company that sells various electronics, computer software, and online services globally.

This giant online store was launched in 1997 and based in California, United States. Since then, it sells iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computer, iPod portable media player, HomePd smart speaker and other products produced by Apple Inc.

Apple has announced the highest annual revenue of this company in the year 2018. It has generated more than $265 US dollars by selling its smart devices.

The working atmosphere in Apple is something different from the other companies we see around us. It provides a very modern and flexible environment for their employees. They have more than 120000 full-time employees working to expand their business. That’s a reason it has reached the top in the industry.

Verizon Wireless

Best Ecommerce in USA

Verizon Wireless is another American telecommunications company based in New Jersey, USA. It is a sister concern of Verizon Communications and founded in 2000. It sells various wireless products and provides wireless telecommunication services to its customers.

Since the beginning of this online retailer company, it has owned more than 2300 retail stores. Verizon generated the revenue of $126 billion US dollars in the year 2017. The next year in 2018, it reached the number of $130 billion! It is among the successful ecommerce companies in the world.

Verizon has a vast number of employees around 144500 including a quality customer support team to assist their customers. You can keep this on top among the online shopping sites for electronics category.


We come to the end of the research. The companies from the different corners in the USA are listed as the best ecommerce in USA. They achieved the landmark of faith and recognition from many customers for years. That’s why we introduce them as the best ecommerce sites in 2018 and also in the present.

So what do you think about our research in finding the best ecommerce company in the USA? Do you have any different preferences besides these giants?

Let’s share your thoughts with us. We will be glad to know from you.

Good Day!

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