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Clipping Path

What is the clipping path

Best Clipping Path & Deep etching Service Providers In 2022.

If you have an ecommerce store, you are familiar with the word clipping path. You already know how important it is to represent your product as the most attractive one in front of a huge audience. And if you want to make your products attractive, you know that you have to go for several techniques, one of which is the clipping path. We are going to briefly discuss the clipping path so that you get a clear insight regarding everything about the clipping path. After reading this article, you will not have a little confusion about to know what is clipping path and Best deep etching Service.

What is Clipping Path Briefly

How do you define the clipping path? Do you think that it is only a photo editing technique? We are going to make everything clear to you regarding the clipping path. Clipping path service is crucial for any e-commerce business. They take clipping path services when needs promote their business through product photos. E-commerce stores have to draw customer’s attention toward their products. In today’s world, the clipping path has become very popular for e-commerce businesses. Photos that you see in the brochures, posters, advertising, websites, and newspapers are the clipped images. Because when you need to make a design for photographs, brochures, magazines, and leaflets, using a clipping path is mandatory.  

What do you think about when you see a product on a white background? You start to think that maybe it is a high-quality product. Deep etching is an incredible technique to represent product photos in a better way. A closed vector path or shape that is used to isolate the subject of an image from its background or to shift the shape is considered as clipping path technique. The technique can be repetitive and longer. In the case of complex images, the clipping path method is longer. But how long the technique is, photo editing companies can easily perform the task, and they do not need much time to provide clipping path services. 

Photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, is used for applying the clipping path technique. Professional designers use the Pen tool in Photoshop for working on the clipping path.

But when clipping path is necessary? When you need to remove or make your background separate from the subject, you need a deep etching. Suppose you need to remove your white background or transparent background, you will have to use clipping path service. But if you need to
color correct the of your photo, you have to use a multi clipping path. It is possible to change the shape of an image completely.

Why You Need A Clipping Path?

 Clipping path is one of the most used techniques for e-commerce stores. You have searched high-quality images on the web several times. If you have an e-commerce store, you must post attractive product images on your business site. 


You will be astonished to know that even professional photographers need to edit their captured photos. As part of their editing, the clipping path is the thing that comes in their way. When a photographer is taking a shoot, he cannot guarantee that all of the photos will be perfect. Though they take several shots to capture the perfect one, some unwanted elements appear in their photo. This is why professional photographers need photo editing services and clipping path service to make their photo flawless. It is like a must-have strategy for every photographer. Clipping path helps them to achieve the desired look of their image.

Creating A Better Impression:

Everything goes smoothly in business if you can create a better impression in the customer’s mind. The first impression is a great chance to influence customers. When customers see a product for the first time, there is a high chance of selling the product if it seems impressive to them. So attractive and eye-catchy product images are essential for businesses. In this way, they have to use a deep etching for their product photos. A major portion of the sale of your product depends highly on how you create an impression in the customer’s mind.

Increasing Sale:

What is the ultimate goal of a business? Increasing the sale of a business is the main objective of a business. And in the case of increasing sales as well as boost profit, the clipping path is beneficial. Images are an essential part of a business. People get an idea regarding a brand from the product photos. If the product images are impressive, customers will take the purchase decision after a while. When an e-commerce store posts attractive and outstanding product images on their website, you will see that there is a crowd for that particular product at their store, which boosts their sales.

Know About The Sections Where The Clipping Path Is Used?

There are several other sections where the clipping path is required. We are going to make you know some other sections where clipping path service is mandatory. There is no bound to using a clipping path. It is used for multipurpose. The following uses are the most noticeable uses of the clipping path.

In some cases, there is no alternative to using a clipping path. Clipping path is used for removing background, photo retouching, color correction, image masking, deep etching, and image manipulation. Clipping path makes a photo look attractive so that you can attract several customers. 

Color Correction:

If you are working on editing e-commerce products, you will need clipping path services. Color correction service is used to change the color of an image or use different colors. The color correction makes it easy to change the color of a subject. Here you need a clipping path. Clipping path service is used to make coloring part of an image separate from the rest of the part of an image.

Image Retouching:

When you retouch your images, you need a clipping path service. If you want to make an image more attractive and colorful, you have to use image retouching service. There are several parts of image retouching like jewelry retouch, wedding retouch, beauty retouch, and fashion retouch. In this case, the clipping path makes it easier to make the subject part separate from its background.

Removing Background:

One of the basic uses of the clipping path is removing the background. When you need to remove the background of a photo in Photoshop, you have to use the clipping path. If you are working on a complex image, you can use the hand-drawn clipping path in Photoshop. The Pen tool is used to remove the background of an image easily. Using a Pen tool to remove the background of an image is easier compared to other methods.

Deep etching:

Using the clipping path for deep etching saves much time for designers. Deep etching creates a separate section in your image. In this case, the designer uses a clipping path. When you want to remove the total unwanted detail in your photo, you have to work with the clipping path. Professional graphics designers use a clipping path to focus on the main point during deep etching. Clipping path in deep etching service helps to get rid of having unwanted parts in images.

Checkout The “Best deep etching Services Providers” in 2020.

If you need clipping path services, you have to know profoundly regarding the companies that are providing clipping path services. We are getting you to the way of who is providing clipping paths services. We have listed several best companies that are offering clipping path services all around the world. I hope that you will find the company that you were seeking.

Image Retouching Lab:

This company is dominating the photo editing sector. This company is the best solution for clipping path services. It is not about clipping path only, whatever the kind of photo editing service that you need, they have years of experience to edit your photos the way you want. A team of professional expert designers works at the Image retouching lab. And they have gained popularity among people all around the globe for their unique photo editing works. One thing which has made this company different from others is its competitive price rate.

Photo Trims:

Photo trims ensure the excellent quality of clipping path services. They have experience of working for a huge number of clients. Their expert design team is ready to handle any big project. Satisfying customers is the main goal of this company. Their designers are ready to handle your work in the most expert way. Their specialists are generally ready to serve clients with special help. To maintain a good relationship with customers, they are ready to provide clipping path services, for you are happy.

Clipping path India:

Clipping path India provides excellent perfect hand-drawn clipping path services for a considerable number of clients. They deliver high-quality, clipping path services within your deadlines. Creating an accurate and clean clipping path is the purpose with which they work. Thus their work quality impressed their clients and turned them into their regular clients. Regardless of the number of images, they can provide excellent quality clipping path services for a considerable number of images.

Clipping solutions:

The Clipping solutions come as your ultimate solution for clipping path services. Their graphics studio is well known to people all around the world now. Their clipping paths services are available for 24 hours. They are one of the photo editing service providers who provide clipping path services at a competitive price rate. And the clipping path is one of their popular services. They can provide clipping path service for thousands of people every day.


Have you got answers to all your queries? I hope that your every confusion regarding the clipping path is clear than before now. Enhancement of photos is a bit challenging if you do not know about the clipping path profoundly. The professional graphic designer who are experienced to use different tools and techniques in Photoshop can work. what is the clipping path? best deep etching services providers



There are many reasons for removing the background from a photo with different tools. Today in this article, we are going to let you know how to remove white background in Photoshop. Suppose you need a neat and clear appearance to the logo of your company/ for client’s purpose or you need to clip images to make a collage. 

So, now you have the solution to all your problems in just one software which is known as Adobe Photoshop. Before Photoshop was created, it was tough, or you can say the task of removing background from photos was next to impossible. But now, with some practice and skills, it has become an easy task. 

Why is this service needed?

If you are an entrepreneur, a freelance photographer or an expert photo retoucher, then this service is a must for you. As nowadays in any field, photographs play a significant role. It has become a crucial part of every aspect, starting from the marketing of your business to increase sales by attracting customers better. 

So the quality of the pictures is also outstanding as good quality photographs a positive vibe and a great message to the customers. A photograph must go through the image manipulation service, and the most demanding service in the editing industry right now is white background removal to enhance the picture quality. 

The white background service removal is the most used service in photo altering. Through utilizing this system, we can get rid of any unwanted part of the pictures and delete unnecessary articles this will eventually lead to more appealing photographs. Removing the white background from an image in Photoshop is a natural process.

Reasons for removing the white background in photoshop are mentioned below:

1. If you are working with several, overlapping pictures or wants to attach/add your picture on a page which does not have a white backdground,  then the removal of white background in Photoshop comes in.

2. Customers do not always prefer to see or want a white background for their product or photos background. They tend to attract more to the colorful, lively backgrounds as in many cases, the white background looks boorish and monotonous.

3. If you are working with watercolors, then you would like to remove the white canvas art from your photos. The unnecessary white backdrop distracts the audience from the main focus.

4. If you are preparing for a presentation, and made your slides into Powerpoint and used the color white as the backdrop of your slides, you have made a great mistake. As we all know, project lights reflect on the white screen, and then it becomes difficult for the audience to look at the screen for a long time with concentration.

5. Often in Photoshop, during editing, the white background looks yellowish; this results in making the picture duller. So in Photoshop, you can fix the problem by removing the white background instantly.


There are solutions available to fix this annoying white background issue. In photoshop, there are varieties of tools that are available. These can aid you to get you the pictures cut perfectly and add it to another background making it crisp and high-end looking.

The procedure of removing the white background in photoshop is described below:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to separate the white background from your photos with the help of Adobe Photoshop.


Once you have downloaded and saved the image file that you would like to edit, open it in Photoshop. After you have done selecting the image from the file folders, place it in the center of the drawing board of Photoshop. This will help you to make the editing process easily accessible.


Secondly, after you have placed the image on the center of the artboard, look at the top right side of the screen. If your image is not previously edited it will have only one layer named as background. Then click on this option and “layer from background”. It will give you a new layer window. This means you have unlocked the layer panel. Then press okay by leaving the options pre-sets. Set the “background” at “Layer 0”.


After unlocking the layer panel, go to the eraser tool option to select a tool that can erase anything. In the 3rd eraser tab hold the eraser tool icon and click to gain access to the tool named “magic eraser”.


After you have done accessing the magic eraser, there will be some setting options unlocked in the above menu bar.

Choose the below-mentioned preferences:

Tolerance: 30

Anti-Alias: checked

Opacity: 100%

*If your image is very light in the area, then you should opt for background eraser tool instead of a magic eraser. Here, step one and two will be the same just in step 3 you have to choose for background eraser tool instead of the magic eraser tool.


Trim all the unnecessary and unwanted parts. This will help you to get rid of the white backdrop parts around the clipped image.

Then save your file as PNG, not JPEG. If you save as JPEG, all your hard work will go in vain, as this keeps the image with the white background but PNG saves it with transparency.

Still unclear? Let’s clarify with screenshots!



Open the image and create a new path.


Select the pen tool in the left box below.



Start clipping path with the tool.



Click to make selection tool to point out the area.



Select feature radius to 0.5.



Once again, make the selection.



Select the original image layer in the right arrow.






Now, make sure the original image layer eye off like the red box. 


As we all know, now the importance of the removal of white background from photos in Photoshop. The removal of white background plays a vital role in changing the appearance of the images. In some cases, this feature is extremely crucial to get the exact picture that you want. So, with Photoshop now, it is really easy to change any background from any image within just a few minutes. Will you try it out yourself or by someone professional? Take a free consultancy from Image Retouching Lab via comment section or email. 

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop: Step By Step Tutorial

We are using clipping path technology in the various sector every day. With the help of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop is used to make this operation successfully. Today, we are going to teach you how to make a clipping path in Photoshop.

What Is A Clipping Path?

Before we go to the main part of this tutorial, let’s get into the main concept of the clipping path. In general, clipping path is a photo editing technique to remove the unwanted objects with the pen tool. It is also known as an image background removal process. With this technology, you can cut out, remove or change the background of an image. It helps to beautify the image and highlight it. In most of the cases, this technique is applied in the area of online or e-commerce business.

When you want to remove an object from its background, you have to outline using a clipping path technique. It separates an element from an image. This technique isolates an element from the background and gives it a professional look. Designers use the Pen tool, which is very effective in creating a path. Using this Pen tool, designers get full control over the path. Deep etching is another technique that is similar to the clipping path.

Why Is Clipping Path Essential?

There are several reasons to use this particular technology in different industries. Clipping path is used in designing magazine, brochure, leaflet, and more. We are going to give a solid idea about this.

Customer’s Attention

Clipping path is crucial in gaining the targeted customer’s attention. Removing the unwanted objects from a product helps to make it more attractive and suitable in the web store. After all, the audience won’t get the attraction with poor quality images on a website.

Web Optimization:

It’s essential to optimize the website correctly to run an e-commerce business. Optimized photos give you better performance in speed and SEO factors. In a successful website, it’s essential to be faster than your competitors. Experts always suggest using optimized photos rather than raw files from the spots.

E-commerce Industry:

In the present time, the e-commerce industry has a direct relation with clipping path technology. You can’t imagine the online business without the use of this. Almost every product image needs the touch of this photo editing technique.

Removes Complexity:

In many product images, there exist holes, curves, and complex shapes. Clipping path technology helps to remove these types of complex tasks. You can apply the technique to different categories of products.

Color Correction Service:

Clipping path is essential to make the advanced color correction service. You can select each color individually using multi clipping path technique.

Garments Industry:

In the garments industry, the clipping path is a must used technology to promote the products. Having unnecessary parts in a garment product is a kind of normal fact. Using this process, you can easily remove the portions.

Publication House:

How should the images look in a publication like books, magazines, newspaper, or journals? It is essential to post relevant and clean photos. The clipping path makes the images appealing to the readers.

Real Estate Industry:

In real estate agency, you always need high-quality images to promote your properties. The pictures need clipping path to attract the audiences.

Photo Studios:

Photo studio is a place where a lot of images need photo editing service regularly. They have to deliver the best quality photos to their clients. Clipping path is an essential technique to produce professional photographs.

Web Design Companies:

Images play an important role to make a brandable website for your personal or business purpose. To use suitable photos to your site, it also needs this technology.

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop:Step By Step Tutorial

Here, you are getting a step by step guide to learn how to create clipping path in photoshop cc. Hope, you will enjoy it.

Step 1

Open photoshop

The first task starts with opening the photoshop software where you are going to work for the clipping path. Learn whether the file is compatible with your system or not. Then, install the latest version of the file and open it.

Step 2

After opening the software, you will get the ‘create new’ option. Click here to create a new file to save your task.

Step 3

Here, you will get a custom box to put your desired image. The file size is fixed with its format.

Step 4

Now time to open the image you want to work with. Go to the option named as ‘File’. Then the preview will show you the ‘open’ button.

Step 5

It’s just the part of step 4. Click to the selected image and hit the ‘open’ button from your hard drive.

Step 6

Resize image

Resize your photo after placing it to photoshop.

Step 7

Here, you are going to close the layer eye (as you see in the red colored box). It’s necessary to proceed the clipping path.

Step 8

In step 8, you have come to the right moment to start the central technical part. Here, the use of ‘Pen Tool’ starts to work with edges of the image.

Step 9

After selecting the pen tool, it’s time to choose the path right here.

Step 10

As you see in the red box below, you have to select the layer path.

Select 11

Start your clipping path right here with the pen tool.

Select 12

Select all the edges of the image from top to bottom.

Select 13

After selecting the edges, click to the ‘make selection’ button.

Select 14

By doing this, you will show a dialogue box. In rendering option, there will be an option named ‘Feather Radius.’ Put it as 0 pixels and hit the OK button. Remember to mark the ‘Anti-aliased’ button.

Select 15

Now, all the edges will be selected. You will see the dots together.

Select 16

Go to Layer button and click ‘Layer Via Copy.’

Select 17

After that, close the eye buttons to complete your clipping path.

Select 18

Project is done. You have got a beautiful image with an attractive background. Save your final file to your drive in the PSD format.

So, does it make sense to make a clipping path properly in photoshop? We hope so!

What To Get The Unbeaten Clipping Path Service?

This is not always possible to use the technique by your own for your tight schedule or the interest issue. You may think of a suitable service provider for this. So, how can you get that? You have to think of some criteria before choosing one from thousands of clipping path service providers around the world. It can be pricing, experience, customer service, overall quality, and some more. Not every service providers are professional and good enough in this area. You have to pick the proper one by looking at the above criteria for your project. Make sure to check the abilities of the providers to ensure different photo editing services as well.

A Professional Image

Wrap Up

We just finished the process of how to make a clipping path in photoshop. Hopefully, it will help you to use this properly. It’s not necessary to make it by yourself. You can also hire someone with professional experience. After all, it’s essential to boost your online business strategy. So, you can’t deny the importance of this technology. Do you have any other procedure to make it easier? Feel free to share your ideas. We always appreciate your thoughts that are helpful to our valuable audiences.

best clipping path service

Best Clipping Path Services USA: A Review on the Top Companies

Clipping path is a kind of editing task which is applied to remove the backgrounds of different images. In this world of photography, the clipping path has become a part and parcel of our life. From photography to e-commerce business, the necessity of clipping path service is high in demand indeed. However, as you are searching for clipping path services USA, you might know that there are scarcely any good service providers across the USA. But don’t worry! We have come up with a list of the best photo editing service providers in the industry.

Let’s Check the Best Clipping Path Services USA:

Even the best quality product fails to grab customer attention after the paid campaign. What’s the cause here? The reason behind this failure is poor quality images. So it’s essential to edit product images from the best clipping path service provider.

It’s a bit critical to find out the best clipping path service provider. There are many clipping path service providers available. Anyone can be in a fix to choose the best one. Besides, you have to keep some facts in mind while you select the one for editing your images. Clipping path service providers work intending to give a perfect look removing the ugly background.

We are going to review the best clipping path service providers in USA so that you can easily choose the best one.

Image Retouching Lab:

Image retouching lab


In the arena of clipping path, Image Retouching Lab has a noticeable dominance. Being established in 2003, the company has been offering its services to various clients across the world. That is to say, the company has a vast experience in this particular field. Even the experts working at the company are highly skilled, and so they can easily meet the expectations of clients.


As it has been already said, Image Retouching Lab has a bunch of highly skilled experts in the field of clipping path. They striving to satisfy the demands of different clients. In fact, the combination of skill and experience has made them stand out from the competition. So, it is undoubted that the company provides top-notch quality of services.

Other Services:

Apart from clipping path service, the company offers a wide range of services related to photos. For example, Image Masking service, Image Mannequin service, Image Retouching service, Image Restoration service, Shadow Creation service, Color Correction service, Mirror Effect service, and so on.


The pricing plans designed by Image Retouching Lab are highly reasonable. None of its services are expensive. In fact, the company charges what should be charged from its clients. To be specific, the clipping path service of the company will cost you $.29 for an easy task, $.79 for a simple task, and $4.99 for a complex task.

A Professional Image

Pro Clipping:

clipping path service provider


Pro Clipping is one of the most renowned companies in the industry of clipping path service. The company has a proven track of records in working with various professionals from photographers to e-commerce business owners. Hence, the experts of the company know how to give the best output when a client comes to them for a particular service.


When it comes to quality, Pro Clipping is very strict to its reputation. Being highly experienced, none of the experts of the company delivers low-quality services. And in terms of clipping path service, they are committed to providing the best service out there.

Other Services:

Although the company is well-known for its clipping path service, it offers many other services in the arena of photoshop. The other services, however, include Image Masking, Mirror Effect, Image Retouching, Image Mannequin, Drop Shadow Creation, and so on.


Well, pricing is another significant point you need to consider while approaching a photo editing company. In this case, Pro Clipping is not unrealistic. Rather, the company charges reasonable prices for its services. To clarify, they will charge you $0.29 for a basic clipping path service. However, depending on your requirements, the price will go up.

Clipping Path Desk:

Clipping Path Desk


Clipping Path Desk is a top-rated photo editing company offering its high-end services, especially clipping path service, to various professionals all over the world. Being vastly experienced in the field of clipping path, the company is proud to have sufficient manpower with a view to completing any kind of job within a very short time.


Quality is the major concern of the company from the very beginning of its inception. In fact, the experts of the company are determined to provide their clients with high-end services. And they claim to be successful in satisfying all of their clients with high-quality work.

Other Services:

Like any other photo editing company, Clipping Path Desk offers an array of different services related to photoshop. By the way, the other services of the company include Image Retouching, Drop Shadow Creation, Neck Joint, Background Removal, Image Masking, and so on. In case you need any of the services, you may get in touch with them in the future.


If you are in search of affordable services, then Clipping Path Desk is the right destination for you. In fact, the company offers the service of clipping path at the lowest price. To give you an idea, you need to spend $0.28 per image for taking the service of clipping path. However, depending on your needs, the price may vary.

Cloud Clipping Path:

Cloud Clipping Path


Cloud Clipping Path is another notable company in the industry. Though the company offers a wide range of services, they are specialist in clipping path. Hence, they have successfully built up name and fame regarding clipping path service. Ultimately, they are gaining more and more popularity in the industry.


The company is extremely sensitive when it comes to quality. In fact, it is highly concerned about the expectations of its clients. Besides, the photo editing experts of the company are so skilled that they come up with high-end service every time a client approach to them.

Other Services:

Besides clipping path service, Cloud Clipping Desk offers some other services in the world of photo editing. The other services are as follows: Advanced Retouching, Image Manipulation, Shadow Creation, Real Estate Editing, Photoshop Masking, and Commercial Editing.


The pricing plans designed by Cloud Clipping Path are highly reasonable. The company does not demand unrealistic prices for its services. By the way, in order to get the service of clipping path, you have to spend $0.39 per image. But if your images need extensive work, then the company will ask you for an additional price.

Clipping Path Design:


Being founded in 2011, Clipping Path Design stands as one of the most successful companies in the arena of clipping path service. It has 25 skilled as well as well-experienced photo editors. And all of them are so active that they can deliver any project of clipping path services according to the demands of various clients.


Instead of quantity, Clipping Path Design is attentive to quality. The experts of the company process images according to the requirements of clients, and so they can give the best output. So, if you place an order at the company for your project of clipping path service, you can relax without worrying about the quality of service.

Other Services:

Clipping path is not the only service offered by the company. Rather, it offers some other services in the field. For your kind information, the other services of the company are Image Masking, Image Manipulation, Image Shadow, Image Retouching, Color  Change, and Image Conversion.


Clipping Path Design offers one of the most affordable pricing plans for clipping path service. So, you can approach them even if you have a low budget for your project. However, the usual price for clipping path service starts at $0.49 per image. And depending on the type of work, the company may charge you up to $3.50.

Clipping Factory:

Clipping Factory


As its name suggests, Clipping Factory is a specialist company for clipping path services. The company was established in 2007, which means that it has a vast experience in the industry. Having a bunch of professional photo editors, the company is capable of providing its clients with poignant clipping path services.


Quality is the first priority of Clipping Factory. The company never compromises with quality. In order to maintain quality, it tends to take fewer projects. And it never appoints photo editors who are not highly qualified. Only the poignantly skilled photo editors get the opportunity to work with the company. Hence, Clipping Factory can ensure high-end clipping path services.

Other Services:

Clipping path is not the only service the company offers. Along with the service, it offers a wide range of other services. By the way, the other services of the company are as follows: Image Masking, Shadow Reflection, Invisible Mannequin, Image Retouching, and Color Correction.


The pricing plans of the company are a little bit expensive. But the services it offers will make you think that the company deserves what it charges from its clients. However, the company has a wide range of pricing plans for different types of services related to the clipping path. For instance, you will have to spend $1.79 for a basic task, while it will cost you $12.67 for an advanced task.

A Professional Image


We have tried our best to give a list of the best clipping path services USA. Now, your job is to make contact with one of the companies in order to process your images. Remember, there might be some other photo editing companies that offer high-end services. If you want, you can search for them. But we recommend you to choose one of the companies listed above so that you can enjoy the best service in the industry.

Clipping Path Specialist

Finding The Best Clipping Path Specialist? Choose From The Expert Reviews!

  • Last Update on 04 September 2019

When you think of any photo editing task, clipping path comes in the very first phase. It is a well-known aspect of the graphic design industry for many of the professionals like designers, photographers, and animators. The whole things are ultimately related to business. How? We will define it later. Today, we are going to discuss this exceptional service and the way to get the best output from the professionals. As we know, it’s tough to find the best clipping path specialist to complete the task correctly. We sort out the reviews of some of the reputed companies from experts.

How To Find The Best Clipping Path Specialist?

Clipping path has been popular and must thing to take the service for several reasons.

We are going to answer that question who is the best clipping path service provider. Thousands of clipping path service providers are available now. But how will you know who can provide the best service? A huge number of companies emerge every year, though. But most of them fail to make their customers satisfied.

Only a few numbers of companies can provide high-quality work. By the time of increasing its popularity, it has become harder to find the best professional for doing this task. Well! We are doing something for this. Before touching the key point, let’s have a look at some essential things below. Hopefully, these will help you to get the right answer.

We are going to share the result of our little research on the best clipping path service providers.

Why You Need A Clipping Path Service?

Why You Need A Clipping Path service

Among all the photo editing categories, this is the most used term. It has some valid reasons behind this. From personal to business purposes, you will need a photo clipping service from a specialist. Let’s be more specific!

E-commerce Business:

Clipping path or background removal service is an essential task in e-commerce businesses. Since the very beginning of the online business, it has reached the peak point of its popularity. Using this technique, you can remove the unwanted objects from the product photo easily. It enables you to put any background you wish to replace for your product image. Thus, it helps to increase to beauty of the product photo. Finally, you get more sales by attracting your audiences.

Web Optimization:

Web Optimization

Whether you are using a lot of photos for the web store, web optimization is an essential part here. Using the clipping path method, you can crop the images and optimize it for the website. It’s much more beneficial to use an optimized photo to run the store efficiently.

Color Correction:

Color Correction service

Whether you are doing photo editing tasks, you have to make the color correction for various reasons. For that, you will need to use the clipping path technique to make your photo more eye-catchy. It will allow you to select each color separately and make the necessary changes.

Garment and Ornament Product:

Garment and Ornament Product

Though it is a part of the ecommerce business that has been said earlier, we are going to indicate on these two specific industries separately. Online has been the most crucial media to sell garments and ornament products. Whether you are trying to sell a dress, you need to present it smartly to your targeted customers. On the other hand, ornament products are sensitive items which have to focus uniquely on the visitors. That’s why you need to hire a clipping path expert to make the products sexy.

Best Clipping Path Service Reviews From Experts

Picking up a professional and high-quality clipping path service provider is sometimes tricky and boring as well. For that reason, we found a solution after long-time research on various agencies. These are categorized with history, quality, and pricing. You can choose the best and suitable one from them for your upcoming project to be done correctly.

Image Retouching Lab:

Image retouching lab

You are hearing about the most professional and dedicated photo retouching company. Image Retouching Lab is the name of a trust where you can get all types of photo editing tasks including clipping path service, image masking service, photo retouching service, image mannequin service, shadow creation service, color correction service, twitch overlay service, and various graphic design services. If you are trying to find internet outsourcing farm for this job, Image Retouching Lab can be the perfect choice regarding the price and quality as well.


Image Retouching Lab is providing image clipping service at a very reasonable price compared with other agencies around the world. It starts just at 29 cents for a simple clipping path. Besides this, the price for image masking service begins at 79 cents, shadow creation at 25 cents, image retouching and color correction at 49 cents, and vector drawing service at 2.99 dollars.

Image Editing Service


This agency has been proving its outstanding service for a couple of years. They don’t compromise with quality whatever the price is. All the customers are highly satisfied with their work and customer service as well.

Fix The Photo:

This company comes with an impressive web layout and useful resources. It provides excellent service in the field of photo editing and retouching industry since the year 2003. Whether you need product photo retouching, clipping path and masking service, custom image retouching, photo manipulation, high-end photo retouching, jewelry retouching, or old photo retouch services, this can be the best choice for your projects.


FixThePhoto includes different pricing list for various services. The basic photo retouching service starts at 2 dollars per image which offers light correction, blemish removal, color correction, image cropping, red-eye effect removal, and face skin smoothing. The other services like wedding photo editing start at 14 cents, photo restoration at 25 dollars, product photo at 1 dollar, and jewelry photo at 2.50 dollars.


The experience of working with FixThePhoto is quite comfortable and secure by most of the users. It ensures quality photo editing services including its helpful customer support.

Wedding Retouching:

Wedding Retouching is another professional photo editing company especially renowned for wedding retouching. It is a part of FixThePhoto and running its operation since 2013. The team delivers exceptional quality work for the customers. It deals with portrait retouching, body retouch, family editing, photo montage, and various post-processing tasks. You will get quick help in high wedding session period from them. Wedding Retouching helps to elaborate color change and natural touch up. It ensures to enhancing the background and removing unnecessary details from an image. No doubt, it will the perfect place to make your wedding album.


The pricing is categorized into different packages. Wedding Retouching offers its wedding light package at 99 dollars where you will get color correction service for 700 images. It costs only 14 cents per image. Another package namely Wedding Pro provides color correction of 700 images, simple edit of 20 images, and advance edit of 5 images at 159 dollars.


The quality of Wedding Retouching company is good enough among the agencies who deal with wedding photo editing tasks. No doubt, you will get the most sparkling results from them.

We Edit Photos is another online clipping path specialist company which is expert in various photo retouching services. It is providing a full-service solution since the year 2003. The expert team of Weedit offers image post-production, photo culling, portrait retouching, digital photo enhancing, wedding photo editing, glamour photo retouching, and many more services related to this industry. To remain competitive, they are always aware of developing their skill through the newly appeared photo editing tools. You can justify by their portfolio to make sure about their quality.


People are always interested in finding better prices. We Edit Photos offers an affordable price for their customers. The simple clipping path service starts at 20 cents only per image. It covers light balance, tonal range enhancement, exposure, shadow and highlight reduction, contrast enhancement, and more. You can go for the other packages that include different basic to advanced services. They also offer some flexible discount systems.


Weedit is a dedicated clipping path service provider which is working with many positive reviews from different corners around the world. You can choose it as a trusted partner for your project.

Nude Retouching:

Nude Retouching comes with a simple but stunning website that expresses the clipping path and various photo editing services. It has over 10 years of experience in nude, boudoir, and glamour photography retouching services. The team has excellent skill in skin retouching tasks which has reached the agency to another level. The services include professional portrait editing, black and white retouching, pin-up retouching, and more.


Like others, Nude Retouching has different pricing plans according to the job category. The standard photo retouching package offers color correction, image cropping, beauty retouching, portrait retouching, and drawbacks removal service. All the things you will get at 5 dollars per image. There are also two other packages of 10 and 15 dollars. These will help you get an advanced solution for your pictures.


Nude Retouching has the best photo retouchers who are devoted to solving the difficulties in photo editing tasks. Their support system is also strong enough.


Photo Fix is another photo editing service company to produce best-looking pictures. They have some talented photo enhancement artists from the USA and abroad. You will get a simple solution to get your desired images. They provide several services including image cropping, color correction, skin smoothing, clipping path, blemish removal, and custom photo retouching service.


Their pricing is mentioned on credits. Every five credits mean 7.95 dollars. To do basic photo editing, you will need 1 photofox credit. This package covers image cropping, color correction, and red-eye removal services.


You will get better quality photos from PhotoFix. Many customers have also said positive about their customer service.


First impression is always special when an audience comes to visit a website or search for a service. Retouchup has a simple but attractive web layout which tells its vision itself. This agency is working since 2001 and located in Peru, Lima. Since the beginning of its journey, Retouchup is doing its operation with a positive reputation. It provides clipping path, color correction, photo restoration, and digital oil painting services at an affordable price. There are no conditions or complications on the minimum or maximum order.


The clipping path package of Retouch up varies from 1.50-2.50 dollars per image. It will allow to remove background from an image and return as transparent PNG. Apart from this, standard color correction service takes 25 cents per image, both the photo restoration and digital oil painting service takes 35 dollars per image.


If you visit their website, you will find some customers feedback. Most of the clients said positive about its service. Though the registration process takes a little bit of time to complete, their response is much better.

Clipping Path India:

Clipping Path India is a well-known name in the photo editing industry running since 2008. It has over 300 image editing experts who are showing their talents to grow the business. They are providing high-quality photo retouching services at an affordable price. Their services include clipping path, background removal, image masking, ghost mannequin photo editing, product photo editing, and more. You have to kick things off by requesting a quote and then upload the images via a web browser or BrickFTP. Finally, wait for the professionally edited photos from the experts.


The pricing of Clipping Path India is something different which is identified as credits. The more credits you buy, the more you get free services. It may seem to be fishy but can reduce your post-processing expenses. Typically, a clipping path task will cost 49 cents, drop shadow 25 cents, and ghost mannequin 99 cents per image.


Clipping Path India has the best graphic design studio in the Asia region. Many clients have given positive reviews about their services and support. They are also punctual in delivering the project on time.

A Professional Image

Summing Up

We just provided a well-researched review to find the best clipping path specialist. Hopefully, it will help you to find the right answer regarding this tough confusing query. As we can see from the above discussion, Image Retouching Lab can help you out to get the proper solution in regards to quality and pricing as well. It does matter when you find something with a lot of positive reviews from the different corners of the world. So, what is your thought about finally? Feel free to share your own to let us know.

And if you like our little effort, share it with your friends.

Best Clipping Path Service Reviews

Best Clipping Path Service Reviews to Help You Avoid Hassles

  • Last Update on 03 September 2019

Clipping Path refers to the removal of the background of a particular photo. This job is vastly crucial for different kinds of professionals all over the world. Especially, entrepreneurs in the e-commerce and photography industry have to undergo huge tasks of clipping path around the year. However, you are always in need of an outstanding clipping path service provider whatever your profession is. And for you, we have invested our valuable time in making clipping path service reviews.

Let’s Get in Touch with Our Clipping Path Service Reviews:

Finding out the best clipping path service provider is not so easy. If you need a clipping path service, you have to know about their work and service quality before you go for the company mainly. If you don’t know about the service quality, you cannot get the expected outcome. Overall, you will be disappointed with their services. However, we have chosen some of the clipping path service providers for you. We are going to review some of the best clipping path service providers whom you can choose.

Image Retouching Lab:



Image Retouching Lab is a reputed photo editing company serving hundreds of clients all over the world. The company was established in 2003 with a view to meeting the demand of various professionals in the industry. At present, the company is dominating the market with the help of a bunch of top-notch photo editors.


Being one of the most experienced companies in the industry, Image Retouching Lab strives to provide the highest quality possible. In fact, the clipping path experts of the company are so skilled that they always come up with the tip-top quality. In fact, the company dominates the industry if the quality is considered as the priority.


Image Retouching Lab has a considerable grip in this element of business reputation. The company is, indeed, always ready to give you a quick turnaround. So, if you are under a hurry to get your photos processed as soon as possible, then the company can be a great choice for you.


Being one of the most cost-effective service providers, the company has three different pricing plans for clipping path services. The pricing plans are Easy, Simple, and Complex. The Easy plan will cost you $0.29, the Simple plan will cost you $0.79, and the Complex plan will cost you $4.99.

Get A Free Trial

Clipping Path King:


Clipping Path King is another notable name in the industry of clipping path service. The company has been providing different kinds of services related to clipping path from the very beginning of its inception. It is basically an outsourcing company working all around the world. No matter where you are from; the company will help you in your projects.


As an experienced company in the industry, Clipping Path King is committed to providing high-quality services in the arena of the clipping path. Once you have a look at the portfolio of the company, you will come to know how good the quality of its different services.


Turnaround time is considered another significant factor while searching for a photo editing company. And the turnaround time of Clipping Path King is considerably good. That is to say, you will get your project back within a very short time. So, if you are in a hurry to get your photos processed, then you can go for the company.


In terms of clipping path, the company has four different pricing plans such as Simple, Multiple, Complex, and Super Complex. For the Simple Clipping Path service, you have to spend $0.29 per image. To know the price range of other plans, don’t forget to have a look at the website of the company.

The Clipping Path:

the clipping path


Offering top quality photo editing services, The Clipping Path stands as one of the most influential companies in the world. The company is proud of having a team of talented graphic artists. The mission of the company is to help different professionals get highly processed images. It is, however, a specialist company in the industry of clipping path.


The principal aim of the company is to provide its customers with top-notch quality of services. When it comes to clipping path, you will never have the chance to ask about the quality of the work done by the photo experts of the company. They are always ready to give the best output in terms of quality.


Since The Clipping Path has a talented team of photo experts, it is super fast when it comes to turnaround. You will never have to wait for a long time if you place an order for clipping path service at the company. The experts will send your project back before the time of your expectation.


The price of taking the service of clipping path starts at $1.20 per image at The Clipping Path. Depending on the tasks, the company will increase the charge of its service. For instance, if your photos need medium-level processing, then the company will charge you $4 per image, while you will have to spend $7 per image for advanced level processing.

Clipping Biz:

clipping bix


Clipping Biz is a South Asian company specializing in clipping path service. It was established in 2015 with a view to helping professional photographers with 100% satisfaction. And the main force of its confidence is a skilled team of about 100 experts. Though the company is based in South Asia, it offers different services all over the world.


With more than 100 photo experts, Clipping Biz has created a milestone of high-quality services in the field of clipping path. The experts of the company are, in fact, poignant at their skills. As a result, none of their clients have experienced dissatisfaction so far.


As the company has a large number of photo experts, it can meet tight deadlines. In other words, you will always have a quick turnaround from the company for they have a considerable number of photo editing experts. In fact, you will never have to worry about the delivery of your project once you have chosen the company.


When it comes to pricing, Clipping Biz is considerably cost-effective. It does not charge a high amount of money from its clients. The company, however, has 7 different pricing plans for its clipping path services. The Basic Clipping Path Service of the company will cost you $.39 per image, while you need to spend $3.39 for Super Complex Clipping Path Service.

Clipping Path Center:

clipping path center


Clipping Path Center is a leading offshore clipping path service provider. The company generally works with different kinds of professionals–from photographers to product sellers. With an expert team of clipping path service, the company is extending its work workstation day by day.


Clipping Path Center never compromises with the quality of its work. Having an expert team in the field of clipping path service, the company always comes up with the best quality of service. It has no bad records so far in terms of quality. So, one can trust them without any hesitation while considering quality.


As it has been said, Clipping Path Center has a top-notch team of photo editors who work in three shifts. That is to say, the experts are available round the clock. As a result, they can come up with the quickest turnaround time in the industry.


Pricing is one of the most significant factors we consider at the time of taking a service. And in this case, Clipping Path Center is highly reasonable. In fact, all of its services are so cost-effective that anyone can approach the company when the service of clipping path is needed. To give you an idea, the service of clipping path at the company starts at $0.39 per image.

Clipping Path Associate:


Having more than 12 years of experience in providing clipping path services, Clipping Path Associate boasts of becoming one of the most reputed companies in the industry. The company is mainly based in the USA, UK, and Singapore. But if you are from another country, you don’t have to worry. The company offers its services all over the world.


The company has a professional team of about 75 designers, who are working hard to ensure quality. Clipping Path Associate is, in fact, so conscious that it offers intensive training to its designers with a view to ensuring high-quality services. Furthermore, all the images processed by the experts undergo three-step quality assurance.


As the experts of the company work round the clock, they are always in search of work. Hence, the turnaround time of the company is satisfactory. To give you an idea, the experts of the company can process more than 2000 images per day.


The pricing plans of the company are favorable for any kind of professional. In fact, Clipping Path Associate provides its clients with one of the cheapest services when it comes to clipping path. For instance, you can take the service of clipping path from the company just at $0.30 per image.

A Professional Image


I Hope that you have liked this little research. We have tried our best to cover the best clipping path service providers. The companies reviewed above are some of the most reputed companies in the photo editing industry. But these companies are not the only ones out there. If you want, you can search for other companies. But we recommend you to choose one of the companies mentioned above to get a top-notch quality of service.

clipping path service provider

Best Clipping Path Service Provider Companies In 2022

Choosing the best clipping path service provider through online media may be a tough decision to make for your personal or agency need.

Guess you have the best collection of images by your own but not ready for the use! Isn’t it boring to imagine?

Especially the background and the stuff that is more than simple photo editing can be delivered by professionals only. It is related to express a better outlook of your image.

Here I am showing you some best clipping path service provider companies from different areas.

How do you define clipping path service? 

Clipping path service has become a mandatory part of basic photo editing. Clipping path service is essential for product photos. Today’s market is highly competitive. You have to make your product photos appealing and attractive to make them stand out from the crowd. If your products are not attractive and different, people will not purchase them. Business owners edit their photos to make their products more attractive and increase their demand in the market. 

You must give a lot of time to the clipping path technique. Because if you are not working on the technique carefully, you can lose the true essence of a photo. Clipping path is applied using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop software. Only high professional and expert graphic designers can work with the clipping path service. 

Clipping path service is needed in many different professional sectors nowadays. In this way, people have to go for a photo editing service provider. But it’s not so easy to pick one best photo editing service, provider. It’s a time-consuming task to find out the best one. We have shown the top list to you so that it becomes easier for you.

Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best One!

Before we go to review the best clipping path service providers, we want to make you know about the factors which you can consider to choose the best one. Let’s know about the key factors to consider.

Service Quality

Never compromise service quality. Choose the company that ensures 100% high-quality clipping path services.

Free Trial

With the test images, you can judge the work quality of a company. Choose the one that offers a free trial so that you can see their work quality.

Quick Delivery

A quick turnaround is an essential factor to consider while choosing the best clipping path service provider. Companies that deliver work on time are the best ones.

Price Rate

Keep the pricing rate in your mind. Because when you have a tight budget, you have to seek for a company that offers a low price is comparing to others.

Image Safety

It is an essential thing that your images are secured when you send them to a company for clipping path services. You need security from them that they won’t share your pictures for any commercial or promotional purposes.

Portfolio :

Identify the portfolio of a particular photo editing company. From their portfolio, you can judge their work. Check their previous works.

Let’s Check Out The Best Clipping Path Service Provider Companies in 2020!

clipping path service provider

Image Retouching Lab comes with all kinds of photoshop tasks like photoshop retouching, image masking service, clipping path service, image manipulation, image shadowing, and so on.

They are working as one of the best service providers in this field having more than 12 years of experience with an outstanding expert team.

Pricing: image retouching lab has a different pricing chart for different categories of services. Clipping path service comes from just 0.29$ to 4.99$.

Like these, you will get the different valued services from a very low price to medium. Wait a minute, you will also get useful information in their blog section.

They update it regularly for the visitors. It may be your clipping path partner for the long run.

Quality:  The best part of the Image Retouching lab is its outstanding customer support. The quality is also the best in the industry. Most of the customers are highly satisfied with their services including prices.

Weedit. photos is an outsource photo editing company providing their services since 2003. They provide all types of creative clipping path services from common products to wedding services.

Pricing: You can choose from the basic level correction of your image to the extra level. It comes from 5$ to 10$. You can pay via PayPal service.

Quality: Most of the customers described weedit as a high-quality service provider for clipping path. Customer service is a little bit slow but the quality is much better.

clipping path service provider

Fixthephoto comes with a beautifully designed website and a lot of useful information for the clipping path service industry. It deals with all types of photo editing services like portrait, wedding, newborn, real estate, eCommerce, etc.

Pricing: Fixthephoto has a lot of pricing sections for the customers. The basic service begins with 5$ and the high-end service begins with 10$. You can choose whatever it suits you.

Quality: It has the best reviews from the customers since the beginning of its services. Choice of background seems stunning and professional. They are also sincere with the delivery time of products.

clipping path service provider

If you wish to take the best service for your wedding photo retouching and clipping path services Wedding-retouching may come in your first choice list. They have well-written blogs covers wedding photo retouching tutorials.

Pricing: Wedding Retouching provides a clear and structured pricing list for their customers. You will get cheap to an expensive price list on their website. Here, culling service deals with $2 and the wedding pro package deals with $159.

Quality: Quality provided by Wedding Retouching is quite professional and amazing. Customer support is very fast and friendly.

clipping path service provider

Picsera is a US-based photo editing company providing its services worldwide. Including Clipping Path service, they also offer culling and color correction, background removal, virtual staging service as well.

Picsera is engaged with the world’s top-class portrait and wedding studios and internet retailers including ecommerce, real estate, and the architecture industry.

Pricing: Its basic service begins at $1.10  and discount offer is valid for large packages. It’s better to contact before placing a large order.

Quality: As you will see some of their giant clients from this industry, you can go with it. They also provide nice customer support.

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path House is a sister company of KMS Group Australia ltd, deals with all kind of photo editing services including clipping path services for more than 7 years. They provide the best quality service at a competitively lower price for their clients.

Pricing: Clipping path service starts at $0.25 only. If your quantity is more than 200, contact with their support team. They have some discount on multiple services.

Quality: Clipping Path House has a good reputation on this service since years. They provide the best effort in customer service.

clipping path service provider

A beautifully designed website of Nude Retouching comes with the best services, especially in nude, boudoir and glamour photography retouching, and clipping path service. It has a well-established team of photographers and editing service provider in New York and London.

Pricing: Nuderetouching has three different pricing list. Standard service deals in 5$, complete is in 10$ and complete+ is in 15$.

Quality: Customers are happy with the deals and friendly customer support from the team.  Response time is also fast.

clipping path service provider

Another beautiful website you see for clipping path service is They are expert in isolating images from the backgrounds using clipping paths or masks. Their headquarter is in Morganville, New Jersey.

Pricing: Pricing is categorized from 1 to 7. It’s linked with a  time frame. You will get the service from $1.79 to $12.67 in Rush 12 hours package. If you go to the standard 24 hours package, the price will be less. Pretty cool, huh?

Quality: clarifies its details of time frame and pricing. That’s very specific. A customer doesn’t fall in confusion with its service. Quality is cool and customer service is average.

clipping path service provider

If you need creative clipping path service for your agency, ClippingBees is committed to delivering within a short time. They also provide image masking services using the latest Photoshop masking techniques.

Pricing: ClippingBees provide their service at a competitive and low price than others. It starts at %0.39 per image. You will get service from $1.79 to $12.67 in the Rush 12 hours package.

Quality: They are dedicated to providing their services within the shortest time period. Customer support is also satisfied. They will ensure you with a money-back guarantee.

clipping path service provider

Colorclipping is an international service provider in clipping path service. You will get cut to cut clipping path service with the pen tool. Though the headquarter is in London, UL, they have also branches in Australia, France, and Bangladesh.

Pricing:  The initial service of Color Clipping for this service starts at $0.29. It seems like a very cheap price than many companies.

Quality: Color Clipping provides good quality service at cheap rates. They are open for 24/7 including Sunday and other international holidays to give sales inquiry to their customers.

Offshoreclippingpath provider is from Asia region and running from 2010. Offshore Clipping Path has served more than 500 clients all over the world with quality. They provide multiple clipping path service, image masking and so on.

Pricing: Offshore Clipping Path offers a very reasonable price starting at $0.29. An interesting part of its pricing system is like a calculating tool.

You enter your service name, turnaround time, quantity and complexity level, then it will calculate it’s the proper price. Innovative and interesting, right?

Quality: This company is providing its services in the clipping path for the last 8 years. Quality is far good and support also. They also provide valuable tips on photography in the blog section.

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path India is one of the renowned clipping path service providers in Asia. It started in 2002 and serving the globe with its fast service. It operates its activities in different locations including Bangladesh, UK, and the USA.

Pricing: This company provides its service at $0.49 to $11.99. They offer to buy their Edit Credits to save money and time. The more you earn Edit Credit point, the more you save your money.

Quality: Clipping Path India has its expert team to provide the best quality for years. Customer support is a little bit slow but the quality is good.

clipping path service provider

Clipping USA is one of the leading image editing company having the best clipping path lab located in Maryland, USA. The experts work in three shift in a day to provide their tasks efficiently.

They are expert in various services like clipping mask, multiple clicking path, Photo cut out, deep etching service and so on.

Pricing: Basic clipping service starts at $0.25 only. You will get clipping path service at $1, clipping medium at $1.25, clipping complex at $3.75. To get more details in a large project, you may drop a message to their mailing address.

Quality: Clipping USA is determined by providing excellent quality service to their customers. More than 100 highly experienced designers are in service since years. Quality is far enough better and response time is amazing.

clipping path service provider

Maxzion IT is a multi-skilled clipping path company in Australia. Actually its a part of various services given by this offshore outsourcing company.

It provides clipping path, multi clipping path, image retouch, image manipulation and so on by its expert designer team.

Pricing:  Their price list depends on your order category. You have to contact with their support center before placing an order with your requirements.

Quality: Maxzion IT is concerned with their quality. They provide various types of services and try to maintain its quality for their clients. Their support is average.

clipping path service provider

Expert clipping is a quality service provider company giving unlimited revisions to their customers.  They are doing business in different countries like the UK, Italy, and Bangladesh. Their service includes clipping path service, background removal service and so on.

Pricing: Basic clipping path service starts at $0.49 if you order above 2000 images. Compound clipping path starts at $0.60 and complex clipping at $2.49. You have to pay at $0.59 if you order below 1000 images.

Quality: Expert clipping has an expert team to provide the best effort for photo editing services. Customer support is not bad.

Clipping way is another image editing service company from Asia region. They started their journey from the year 2007. Their production team belongs to Bangladesh and marketing team from New Zealand.

Pricing: Clipping way has different price lists from clipping path with drop shadow service at $1.75. You have also the option to run the free trial before making an order.

Quality: They are much professional about their quality issue. They use the latest technology in clipping path services. They also provide high-quality customer service. You can make any query to their support system.

clipping path service provider

Clipping path associate is a reputed image editing service provider company associated in Bangladesh, UK and Singapore. They are providing their services having more than 50 graphic designers.

Pricing: They provide basic service at $0.30, and multi clipping path at $2.49. They have the offers with the time frame like $1.70 charge within 10 minutes. You can also use a free trial of their services.

Quality: Clipping path associate ensures quality within a time frame. They provide QC passed guaranteed quality for their client. Customer service is average.

clipping path service provider

Clipping biz is one of the quality clipping path service providers in this industry. Though it’s not so old, it has some positive reputation. They provide all kinds of image retouching services for their clients.

Pricing: Clipping biz provides their basic service starting at $0.39. They have more plans like simple clipping path at $0.79, compound clipping path at $1.49, extra clipping path at $1.69, and complex clipping path at $2.79.

Quality: They have some important clients from different areas. Response time is considerably nice.

clipping path service provider

Pixopal comes with a beautifully designed image editing platform for individuals and agencies. It is trusted by global top 10 photographers and studios. They are providing quality service through years in reasonable prices.

Pricing: Professional image clipping path service starts at $0.50. It will differ with quantity and complexity level.

Quality: Though the customer service belongs in an average category, they provide quality products to their customers.

clipping path service provider

Digi5studios is an expert service provider in quality clipping path service, mask service, and other photo editing services. They provide services in various ecommerce companies, photographers, agencies, and real estate companies.

Pricing: The pricing table is categorized in total five levels including multiple objects clipping. You will get a simple clipping path service at a very low price like 0.10 cents per image.

In medium clipping path service, you have to pay $0.50 to $1 per image. Like these, in level three, $3 to $8 and in level four, $12 to $18 per image.

Quality: Digi5studios always try to maintain its quality. Their response time is also good. Try a test before ordering a large number of images.

clipping path service provider

Proclipping is another clipping path house to provide you better quality output. It is serving customers since 2016. As they are new in this industry, they are trying to provide the best effort.

Pricing: They are providing basic level path clipping at $0.29. If you go for a big deal, contact them for final pricing.

Quality: Proclipping is serving in a very reasonable price. You will also get a discount offer in your first order. Customer support is good enough.

Do you want something more about this term? Listen from an expert below:

We provided a list of companies who are providing service in Clipping path service industry through the years. Some of them are new and some are ruling for years.

Choose the best one for yours. Best of luck!

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best clipping path service providers

How to Choose the Best Clipping Path Service Providers?

  • Last Update on 03 October  2019

You can find a lot of clipping path service providers but to whom you will send your beloved photo, is the confusing question. Because every service provider tells you that they are the best. But how can you judge their quality before working with them? Here we come to solve your confusion with clear-cut speaking.

This article is not a promotional article rather the idea behind this article is only to help the beginner photographer who is troubling with editing their photos.

However, it no doubts, all the clipping path service companies try hard to be ahead in this completion and provide better service from each other. For that, you will find no service company in poor quality. But to find out the best, you need some research and factors to consider.

Before finding out the best, you need to know what are the special services you can get from photo editing  service providers. Here is the list:

  • 1 to 10 Free trials
  • 24-hour online support
  • Super easy ordering process through online
  • Hassle-free image upload and get your photo in a day
  • Assurance of security and privacy of every customer’s photo
  • Payment after the work
  • Quality assurance of every step
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Important Factors to Choose Clipping Path Service Providers

Regularity in providing services

You have to go to a company that offers clipping path services regularly. When there is consistency in their work, they can provide great work for their clients. Companies that provide services regularly, they use the updated and latest software. And the best and updated software can deliver the best outcome. Photoshop is known as the most popular software used for the clipping path. This wonderful software is used for any photo editing to create great results. Its unique features are better than other designing software. It is one of the essential factors to consider to choose the best clipping path service, provider.

Photo Editing Quality

clipping path service providers

It is best practice to have a little conversation with the service provider you want to work with. Ask for few of their previous photo editing.

Ask for both the original and the edited one. You can then justify their quality. To judge the quality, you need to know about the perfect editing with Photoshop. If you do not have much idea about photo editing, you can check this article to increase your knowledge base.

Also, check their editors and designer’s portfolio to understand their quality and professionalism.

Time Duration

Image Retoouching Lab

It is very important for every one of the services you will take from a service provider. If a service provider is not so conscious about their delivery time, go away from them. It will cause your trouble and frustration. So, check out how much time they need to deliver each photo editing service. Talk with them, and fix your delivery time. If the company is easily accepted and promise that they can meet your required delivery time, you can keep your faith in them.

How Many Efforts They Want to Put In

clipping path service providers

It is recommended to talk with service provider freely and describe how you want your photos to be edited. Most of the professional image editing service providers care your requirements and edit with maximum care. They also put their efforts with innovation and make your photo looking good beyond your expectation. To ensure that, just try 1 or 2 of their free trails. If the company is well enough they will please you with their free trial.

Post Production Service

We think this is the most important thing that makes a clipping path service provider top-notch in the market. After editing your photos, and delivering that to you, you may feel there needs to change some color or do some more editing. A good company always appreciate this and respect their client with their awesome post production service. Before ordering, make sure how they will care about the post-production service.

Image editing or clipping path service is now widely used and companies are in a race to show their excellence. But in these, some are really up to business rather ensuring quality. You need to find out the best one on the market according to your requirement before spending your valuable money.

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Wrapping Up

Clipping path is a very important task for an image. So, Finding the best clipping path service provider is not an easy task. If you want the best service then you need a deep research on it. We think our article will help you to find the best service provider.

Bonus Tips 

You will find some tips to find the best clipping path service providers in this article. This will make things easy to find out the best.

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