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How to draw a mannequin

How to create ghost mannequin effect | A Complete Tutorial for Beginners

Any kind of e-commerce store that sells apparel has to create photos that make a strong impression. Whether it is fashion photography or clothing photography, ghost mannequin effect makes images to look authentic.

Let’s know about an easy way of how to draw a mannequin in Photoshop. We want to share a simple guide to create ghost mannequin effect for your product.

What is ghost mannequin effect?

To generate more sales, product photos that bring to life works best. For apparel businesses, need pictures of models wearing their products. But that’s a bit time consuming and expensive too. Here ghost mannequin works best.

To display your product photo in your e-commerce site, you have to take a photo of the dress wearing it into a doll. When you take a photo, you need to remove the mannequin. Then remove the neck part with the main photo. The process is called as ghost mannequin. It is one kind of digital art. Ghost mannequin technique transforms your normal images into an attractive one and provides detail product description about your product like size, design, color, shape.

Photo editors remove the mannequin by photo editing software. The actual look of a product reveals then. The mannequin is invisible after editing. This is why the technique is named ghost mannequin, neck joint, invisible mannequin, 3D mannequin. But the quality of the photo depends on the material that you will be using create your ghost mannequin in Photoshop. The perfect source material can create a more realistic view.

Who needs a ghost mannequin service?

An e-commerce business cannot flourish without ghost mannequin service most of the time because they need the service to bring their products to life. It will be costly for business  owners to use a mannequin. They find it difficult to edit by the professional photographers. But the professional clipping path service can edit their images within an affordable budget.

Photographers have to use ghost mannequin services. When they make their portfolio, they need this service.

Fashion houses have to use ghost mannequin service. Mainly fashion houses need to hire a model to display their products. But they have to pay an extra cost for that. To reduce this cost, they use ghost mannequin service most of the time.

Why is ghost mannequin effect important?

Ghost mannequin effect is the best possible way for e-commerce to display their products. Images editor removes the original mannequin and creates a hollow effect. Customers can better understand how they will look wearing apparel. Customers can get an idea about how they will look if they wear clothes. The displayed products help customer to select the one for them, which will fit better.

E-commerce business is dominating the industry over the last several years. For apparel business, displaying their product on the site is mandatory. Customers want to see how they will look wearing the product. They want to see the size, shape, and styles of particular apparels. When they know the product detail, they get all the answer to their questions. Images need extensive editing for displaying products properly.

In this way, the e-commerce business has to hire models so that they can display their products in the right direction. Their customer can get a better understanding of how they will look if they buy apparels from them. But you know how much expensive it is to hire a model and go for the professional photo shoot as there is an extra cost for studio setup and photographer. So they mannequin service comes as a way for them to display their products.

The step by step process of ghost mannequin effect: a complete tutorial

You might think about how ghost mannequin effect works. We will show you how to work with it with a plan and Photoshop instructions.

One thing is very important for you to take the perfect shot of the mannequin wearing your products. The first step here is choosing the mannequin. For fashion photography,

merchandisers use mannequins to give their product a unique shape. You have to take a shot of a mannequin from different angles. They try with mannequin when they do not have enough money to hire a model.

Using a mannequin will give you the expected images. Get a good quality mannequin. Prepare your studio for the shoot. It is not mandatory to show your mannequin in all your pictures. If you cannot shot accurately, your photographs will look awkward and unnatural. Removing the mannequin can be tough sometimes.

There is various kind of mannequin. You have to choose the one based on your need.

Step 1:

We have chosen an image of ladies apparel. You can select another product or clothing which you like. Open your image in Photoshop. Then create a new path.

Step 2:

The pen tool is the only way for the clipping path. Find it on the left side of the toolbar. Select the Pen tool from there. It is shown in the image.

Step 3:

Now create the clipping path around the image. Zoom the image according to your resolution and dimension.

Step 4:

Click Selection from the Menu bar.

Step 5:

When you click selection, there comes a box called make selection. Now add feather 0.5.

Step 6:

Your mannequin is selected now.

Step 7:

Select the image layer from the Layers.

Step 8:

Now create a duplicate layer with CTRL + J.

Step 9:

Make off the eye of the original image. Then the duplicate layer will be visible.

Step 10:

Now you have to create a new layer from the right side. You will see layer 2 in the Layers.

Step 11:

Now color into the newly created layer. Select the new layer and Click ALT + Delete and Foreground color will appear.

Step 12:

If you need to add some retouch, adjust the color now. Click the Adjustment layer at the bottom of the right side.

That’s all about the tutorial for ghost mannequin effect. Hope that you have realized all these steps. With these steps, you can create beautiful images to display your products. Now you know all about to create ghost mannequin effect. Follow these steps and create your pictures. You can create ghost mannequin effect for any apparel. It is excellent if you can do it by yourself.

This effect will make your product look more authentic and unique. Online store owners use this effect to take their business to a high professional level. This will boost their sale. You may think that creating ghost mannequin effect is difficult and challenging. But if you try to do it by yourself, it can be easy to accomplish.

Additional tips

If your products are bigger than a mannequin, you can apply tricks. Take a pin to hold the product tightly. This will show the right fit for your product to your customer. Now you get control over your product and mannequin. But you can make your clothes ready before you start to take a shot. Otherwise, this can waste your time.

Boost up your sale

Ghost mannequin effect adds value to your brand. When customers see the complete presentation of a product, they feel interested in the product. They click into the product detail and go through the features. This can attract more customers for your product as well as increase your revenue. Your business gets a long term benefit, and this worth your investment. So appealing product photos created with mannequin effect boost your sale.

Now you can understand the importance of perfect and lucrative product images for your e-commerce site. You have to apply the ghost mannequin effect to influence customers. You are sure to create a positive impact on your customer.Ghost mannequin effect worth your investment mannequins are staying with the changing world of e-commerce. Whether you are taking shot with models or mannequin, the quality of product photo is the main fact here. Good quality product images depend on your budget of photography. Whether you are just a beginner or own a business already,

Ghost mannequin effect worth your investment. Ghost mannequin adds glamour to your product photo. Improve the color of your photo. Whether it is a jewelry, cosmetics, or clothing product, customers want to know the product detail which they are buying. Ghost mannequin has made e-commerce product photo editing easier. When customers get enough detail about the product, they ask fewer questions. They get a crystal clear idea of what they are buying.

Post-processing is an integral part of e-commerce businesses. After you capture images from perfect angles, editing them is simple with post-production software. But you can go for photo editing service providers to create ghost mannequin effect for your product images to get your products ready to sell.

Wrap up your tutorial

Hope that you have realized all the steps here. Now create a ghost mannequin effect by yourself. If you follow all these steps, you will get an outstanding outcome. You can save your time by creating high-quality images. Now your products are ready to sell. Providing the best product images to your customer is a part of your sales strategy.


How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop: Step By Step Tutorial

We are using clipping path technology in the various sector every day. With the help of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop is used to make this operation successfully. Today, we are going to teach you how to make a clipping path in Photoshop.

What Is A Clipping Path?

Before we go to the main part of this tutorial, let’s get into the main concept of the clipping path. In general, clipping path is a photo editing technique to remove the unwanted objects with the pen tool. It is also known as an image background removal process. With this technology, you can cut out, remove or change the background of an image. It helps to beautify the image and highlight it. In most of the cases, this technique is applied in the area of online or e-commerce business.

When you want to remove an object from its background, you have to outline using a clipping path technique. It separates an element from an image. This technique isolates an element from the background and gives it a professional look. Designers use the Pen tool, which is very effective in creating a path. Using this Pen tool, designers get full control over the path. Deep etching is another technique that is similar to the clipping path.

Why Is Clipping Path Essential?

There are several reasons to use this particular technology in different industries. Clipping path is used in designing magazine, brochure, leaflet, and more. We are going to give a solid idea about this.

Customer’s Attention

Clipping path is crucial in gaining the targeted customer’s attention. Removing the unwanted objects from a product helps to make it more attractive and suitable in the web store. After all, the audience won’t get the attraction with poor quality images on a website.

Web Optimization:

It’s essential to optimize the website correctly to run an e-commerce business. Optimized photos give you better performance in speed and SEO factors. In a successful website, it’s essential to be faster than your competitors. Experts always suggest using optimized photos rather than raw files from the spots.

E-commerce Industry:

In the present time, the e-commerce industry has a direct relation with clipping path technology. You can’t imagine the online business without the use of this. Almost every product image needs the touch of this photo editing technique.

Removes Complexity:

In many product images, there exist holes, curves, and complex shapes. Clipping path technology helps to remove these types of complex tasks. You can apply the technique to different categories of products.

Color Correction Service:

Clipping path is essential to make the advanced color correction service. You can select each color individually using multi clipping path technique.

Garments Industry:

In the garments industry, the clipping path is a must used technology to promote the products. Having unnecessary parts in a garment product is a kind of normal fact. Using this process, you can easily remove the portions.

Publication House:

How should the images look in a publication like books, magazines, newspaper, or journals? It is essential to post relevant and clean photos. The clipping path makes the images appealing to the readers.

Real Estate Industry:

In real estate agency, you always need high-quality images to promote your properties. The pictures need clipping path to attract the audiences.

Photo Studios:

Photo studio is a place where a lot of images need photo editing service regularly. They have to deliver the best quality photos to their clients. Clipping path is an essential technique to produce professional photographs.

Web Design Companies:

Images play an important role to make a brandable website for your personal or business purpose. To use suitable photos to your site, it also needs this technology.

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop:Step By Step Tutorial

Here, you are getting a step by step guide to learn how to create clipping path in photoshop cc. Hope, you will enjoy it.

Step 1

Open photoshop

The first task starts with opening the photoshop software where you are going to work for the clipping path. Learn whether the file is compatible with your system or not. Then, install the latest version of the file and open it.

Step 2

After opening the software, you will get the ‘create new’ option. Click here to create a new file to save your task.

Step 3

Here, you will get a custom box to put your desired image. The file size is fixed with its format.

Step 4

Now time to open the image you want to work with. Go to the option named as ‘File’. Then the preview will show you the ‘open’ button.

Step 5

It’s just the part of step 4. Click to the selected image and hit the ‘open’ button from your hard drive.

Step 6

Resize image

Resize your photo after placing it to photoshop.

Step 7

Here, you are going to close the layer eye (as you see in the red colored box). It’s necessary to proceed the clipping path.

Step 8

In step 8, you have come to the right moment to start the central technical part. Here, the use of ‘Pen Tool’ starts to work with edges of the image.

Step 9

After selecting the pen tool, it’s time to choose the path right here.

Step 10

As you see in the red box below, you have to select the layer path.

Select 11

Start your clipping path right here with the pen tool.

Select 12

Select all the edges of the image from top to bottom.

Select 13

After selecting the edges, click to the ‘make selection’ button.

Select 14

By doing this, you will show a dialogue box. In rendering option, there will be an option named ‘Feather Radius.’ Put it as 0 pixels and hit the OK button. Remember to mark the ‘Anti-aliased’ button.

Select 15

Now, all the edges will be selected. You will see the dots together.

Select 16

Go to Layer button and click ‘Layer Via Copy.’

Select 17

After that, close the eye buttons to complete your clipping path.

Select 18

Project is done. You have got a beautiful image with an attractive background. Save your final file to your drive in the PSD format.

So, does it make sense to make a clipping path properly in photoshop? We hope so!

What To Get The Unbeaten Clipping Path Service?

This is not always possible to use the technique by your own for your tight schedule or the interest issue. You may think of a suitable service provider for this. So, how can you get that? You have to think of some criteria before choosing one from thousands of clipping path service providers around the world. It can be pricing, experience, customer service, overall quality, and some more. Not every service providers are professional and good enough in this area. You have to pick the proper one by looking at the above criteria for your project. Make sure to check the abilities of the providers to ensure different photo editing services as well.

A Professional Image

Wrap Up

We just finished the process of how to make a clipping path in photoshop. Hopefully, it will help you to use this properly. It’s not necessary to make it by yourself. You can also hire someone with professional experience. After all, it’s essential to boost your online business strategy. So, you can’t deny the importance of this technology. Do you have any other procedure to make it easier? Feel free to share your ideas. We always appreciate your thoughts that are helpful to our valuable audiences.