Are you seeking for commercial photo editing services? Then this article is for you. You should be selective in choosing the best commercial photo editing service provider as it is not so easy to make every part of a photo flawless and appealing. Only the experts can transform an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. We know that it can be a little time consuming and stressful task to find the best commercial photo editing service. We want to save you from the headache and give the solution.

What is Commercial Photo Editing?

The term commercial photo editing is broad. It comprises several kinds of industries as travel, advertising, and fashion industry. Designers have to pay close attention to edit commercial product photos. Commercial photos should come as clear, appealing, and flawless ones. Several companies provide photo editing services at affordable prices.

Commercial photo editing services create great images for websites, publications, and catalogs. Editors for commercial photos must be experienced in working in several industries. Commercial photo editing aims at bringing a huge difference in a business. There is a lot of commercial photo editing service providers where a huge number of highly qualified professional photo editors work. Editors work with advanced techniques.  

Photo editing is an integral part of any e-commerce business. All those photos that paved the way to sell your products are commercial product photos. Commercial photo editing services have enhanced and retouch a huge number of commercial photos. 

Types of commercial photo editing services

You already know about the commercial photo editing. Now let’s know about the types of commercial photo editing services. If you know the types of commercial photo editing services, it will be easier for you to define which photo editing service you need for your product photos. But whatever the kind of commercial photographs is, the professional photo editors have to pay close attention while they edit every part of the commercial photography.

Image retouching

Image Retouching

Your product photos cannot attract your target customers if the photos are not appealing. A little touch up is needed where there are impurities in product photos. Designers remove all sorts of unwanted blemishes from the product images. Even the best product photo in your e-commerce site needs a little touch-up. In his way, retouching gives a glow in your images that makes your product photos look like the more attractive ones.


Resizing images is tedious work. Image resizing ensures the optimization of images in the right way. Image resizing gives the accurate size of an image. The Crop tool in Photoshop is used for resizing images. Otherwise, there is a crop command. Images can be resized with this Crop command. While resizing images, you have to fix the size and file format of the product photos. Resizing makes it easy for your site to load faster than before.

Color correction

Color Correction by Image_Retouching_Lab

After the product photoshoot, product photos do not look like the product itself in reality. This makes customers a bit confused. In this case, color correction plays an essential role in editing commercial photos. The color correction technique is applied for a huge number of photos to make them look like the product in real life. Designers nowadays apply color correction techniques very smoothly. You can simply correct, enhance, modify, or upgrade the color to make the commercial photos beautiful. 

Removing Background


Removing Background service  by Image_Retouching_Lab
Removing Background service by Image_Retouching_Lab

All the images do not consist of an appealing background. If you were in a hurry or all things were messed up during the photo shoot, the background of your photo can unfit to the product. You have to put another background that may fit your product. The image background removing technique removes the background and adds a suitable background to it. Background remove/clipping path makes the product photos look more appealing on an e-commerce website.

Shadow Effect

In some cases, you need to shadow creation of your product. But for the cause of proper lighting, the shadow of your product does not come properly. Designers can create the proper shadow in your product image that you want. Adobe Photoshop makes the shadow in a way that it creates a realistic effect. Products as shoes or clothing need a shadow effect on the images.

Best Companies For Commercial Photo Editing Services

Are you in need of a brilliant solution for your commercial product photos from the perfectionists? Here we have come up with the best solution for you to make it easy for you to find out the best company for commercial photo editing. We are going to review the best companies for providing commercial photo editing services. But you have to decide that one which you should go for.

Image Retouching Lab


photo editing services

The name Image retouching lab is well known for commercial photo editing. It is one of the best photo editing service providers. They provide excellent commercial photo editing services. They have experience in providing commercial photo editing services for companies all around the globe. Their number of satisfied customers is huge. They offer a special discount for regular customers and a free trial.


They never compromise the quality of their edited photos. A bunch of dedicated professional designers works at Image retouching lab. They are experienced at creating stunning high-quality edited photos. Their designers talk to their clients before they work on and follow their instructions very carefully. They run a three-step quality control process to ensure the highest quality. They provide all sorts of photo editing services needed for a commercial product at a reasonable price.

Color experts BD

One of the leading photo editing service providers is Color experts bd. They are working for several years with a team of skilled and experienced designers. They have worked with many recognized graphic designers, design agencies, magazine publishers, and fashion photographers. Their unique way of photo editing and enhancement ahs made them unique photo editing service providers compared to others.


Designers at Color experts Bd follows the client’s instructions very carefully. They conduct a 3 step quality check process before delivering the final images. They ensure the highest quality for commercial product photos. Their wide range of image editing services ensures the perfect and highest quality photo editing services. You can judge their photo editing quality before you order. They offer a free trial for the first two orders.

Photo Trims

All you need is to give perfection to your product images. Photo trims do this for you. They work with the goal of delivering something exceptional. Creativity is at the top of everything at work. They always create something different, which makes them exceptional to their clients. Even if they give more than the expectation of their clients. They have the best working team. Their clients have given positive testimonials regarding their works. 


Photo trims provide the highest quality photo editing services. They are popular for the quality of their editing. Their recent works have made them as a trustworthy one in the graphics designing industry. They are experienced in providing excellent work to their clients. Undoubtedly you will get a better photo editing service from Photo trims.

Fix the photo

This company is working for several successful years. They are specialized in providing all kinds of commercial photo editing services for their clients worldwide. They have got testimonials from thousands of clients worldwide. Basically, they understand the importance of commercial photo retouching for businesses. Their designers do their best to improve the quality of their commercial photos.


They work for their clients until they are happy. Fix the photo ensures the highest satisfaction guarantee for you. Their unique way of photo enhancement ensures the highest quality. All of the images are dedicated designers. Before they deliver the final image, they assure the quality of the edited photo. They provide commercial photo editing services for clients all over the world. 

Clipping path India

The Clipping path India offers commercial photo editing for professionals and entrepreneurs. Product photos in low quality cannot grab the attention of your potential customers. It can break your brand reputation. Keeping it in mind, The Clipping path India provides excellent commercial photo editing services to impress several customers. 


They never sacrifice quality at their work. Their designers edit photos by hand carefully. Designers work here skillfully to maintain the highest quality meeting their client’s deadline. They are specialized in high quality, hand-made, and advanced commercial photo editing services. Customers rely on them when they have a tight deadline for their commercial photo editing projects.

We have tried to review the best commercial photo editing services. I hope that you find them helpful. All these companies are highly professional commercial photo editing service provider. Now, if you need commercial photo editing services, you can choose the highly qualified one.