Twitch overlay is a must for those who want to stream video games on Twitch, which is a hotcake for gamers all over the world. If you are an avid game streamer, you must use a twitch overlay as well. But while approaching for an overlay, you will come up with different types of twitch overlays such as Free Twitch Overlay, Premium Twitch Overlay, and Custom Twitch Overlay. For this variety of twitch overlays, you might be in tantalization to choose an overlay for your Twitch channel.

But you have nothing to worry about. We have formatted this article in such a way that will help you know every ins and outs of choosing the best kind of twitch overlay. However, you might have heard that custom overlay is the best kind of twitch overlay out there. But you don’t know why this type is called the best in the arena of twitch overlays.

Well, we will guide you in this regard throughout the article. In addition, you will learn where to find a custom overlay maker, the top-notch qualities of professional overlay makers, and the best companies providing custom overlay services. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab all the information related to custom overlay!

Learn Why Custom Twitch Overlay Is the Best:

Before learning why custom overlay is the best, you have to know the pros and cons of all kinds of twitch overlays available on the market. Otherwise, you will have to beat about the bush. So, what are you thinking about? Let’s learn the pros and cons of the prevailing twitch overlays:

Free Twitch Overlay


  1. Free twitch overlays will cost you no money at all
  2. They are available on different websites on the internet
  3. They will save you time as they are premade


  1. Free twitch overlays are not professionally designed
  2. The same overlay is used by many gamers out there
  3. You will not get customer support if you face issues

Premium Twitch Overlay


  1. Premium twitch overlays are somewhat professionally designed
  2. You will get a suitable overlay for a specific game
  3. You will get customer supports while facing issues


  1. A particular premium twitch overlay is also used by different users across the world
  2. You can’t decorate your channel with your own taste
  3. Premium twitch overlays sometimes need customization

Custom Twitch Overlay:

Custom twitch overlay


  1. Custom overlays ensure you a professional channel
  2. You can decorate your channel with your own taste
  3. Custom designers will concentrate on the game you will stream through your channel
  4. Custom overlays are poignantly designed
  5. Custom overlay designers will help you understand the current trends in the industry
  6. Your overlay will be unique and innovative
  7. custom overlays are the best for making money through streaming
  8. A custom overlay will help you beat your competitors on Twitch
  9. Your overlay will be attractive enough to bring more subscribers
  10. You will get full-fledging customer supports


  1. Custom overlays are somewhat costly
  2. It is a little bit time consuming to get a custom overlay
  3. It is a tough job to find out a good service provider

The information given above helps us understand which kind of twitch overlay is good for starting game streaming. For various facilities, Custom overlays stand apart from the crowd of twitch overlays. In fact, they are unique, creative, user-friendly, innovative, attractive, and professional. So, if you are really serious about streaming user-friendly clips through your channel, you must choose a custom overlay.

Where to find Custom Twitch Overlay Makers:

You have so far learned that custom overlay is the best type for your channel. Now, it is time to search for a custom overlay. In this case, you have to get in touch with custom overlay service providers. But it is the most troublesome task to find out a good service provider in this particular field. Considering your convenience, we have put efforts to help you find the best place for this kind of service providers. Let’s learn in details:


Google always plays a great role to help us find something necessary from the internet. So, you can take help from this giant search engine to find out a professional custom overlay service provider. For this purpose, you have to go to the search bar of Google. Then write down “Custom Overlay Service” and press the “Enter” button of your keyboard. Now, you will get a bunch of service providers on the first page.

Social Media:


Social Media is another good place to find out a custom overlay service provider. You have to log into your account for this purpose. After logging in, search for design related groups. If you come up with such a group, send a member request. After becoming a member of the group, write a post on that group seeking custom overlay service providers.



You can also find this kind of service providers on different online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. But you have to be highly cautious while taking services from these marketplaces. It is because there are many frauds in these marketplaces. However, you can choose Fiverr for your specific service for twitch overlay.

Top-notch Qualities of a Good Overlay Maker:

Though all of the custom twitch overlay service providers claim to ensure high-quality, only a few of them can keep up their promises. As a consequence, it really costs the excretion of your sweat. So, it is essential to know the qualities of a good custom overlay service provider. To help you avoid troubles, we have made a list of the top qualities of professional custom overlay service providers. Let’s check them out:

Shows Professionalism in Communication:

A professional custom overlay designer is always good in communication. He will ask you several questions about your overlay and respond to your questions as well. On the other hand, a poor-quality overlay designer, who hardly asks questions to his clients, lacks sound communication skills.

Pays Concentration on Your Target Game:

If the designer you are talking to is professional, he will ask you to tell him the name of your target game. By knowing the name of the game, he will brainstorm and come up with an innovative twitch overlay for your game streaming channel. And you will get a professional custom overlay from him as he puts his best concentration on the game you will stream.

Has Previous Experience in the Field:

Experience is always a great criterion for judging any kind of workers in the world. An experienced worker never provides low-quality services. And the field of twitch overlay is not an exception to this trait. If a designer has experience in making custom overlay, he will be able to deliver you the best overlay.

Has a Nice Portfolio of Previous Works:

While searching for a good twitch overlay service provider, make sure the provider has a nice portfolio of its previous works. Only good designers dare show portfolio in this case. It is because an expert overlay designer is pretty confident in his work.

Knows the Latest Trends in the Industry:

Professional custom overlay designers keep the knowledge of the latest trends of the Twitch industry. Hence, they have ideas about the intentions, comforts, and demands of the viewers in the Twitch industry. Consequently, they know what should be the exact design for a professional twitch overlay.

Tends to Work at a Reasonable Price:

A good custom overlay service provider is always determined to work at a reasonable price. He will never work at a poor price. Even he will never demand a high price from you. So, if a particular designer has this quality, you have to realize that he is a good overlay maker.

Always Ready for Further Editions:

Professional twitch overlay service providers are always ready for additional editions. They will promptly accept your demand whenever you knock them for a slight edition to the overlay. On the contrary, unprofessional overlay makers will not accept your demand. They may even demand extra payment for further editions.

Offers satisfactory Customer Supports:

Professional custom overlay service providers are determined to provide their clients with satisfactory supports. They will support you from the very beginning to the end. So, while finding a good custom overlay service provider, try to check this special trait of service providers.

The Best Custom Twitch Overlay Service Providers:

Image Retouching Lab:



Image Retouching Lab is one of the leading service providers in the arena of twitch overlays. The company has a bunch of experts who are experienced in making high-quality overlays for twitch channels. And they are working hard to keep up their reputation in the industry.


The company generally offers three packages for their clients. The packages include Basic Collection, Medium Collection, and Master Collection. In the Basic Collection, you will get a Title Overlay and a Facecam. The Medium Collection includes a Title twitch facecam overlay free, 5 Panels, 3 Alerts, an Offline Screen, and an Intermission Screen. And if you choose the Master Collection, you will get all the items of Medium Collection along with an Esports Logo, a Twitch Banner, and a Profile Image.


Though Image Retouching Lab is a leading company in the industry, its pricing plans are cost-effective. For instance, the Basic Collection package will cost you only $5, while the Medium Collection package will cost you $20. And for the Master Collection Package, you will have to spend $40.

Tactical Lion Designs:


Tactical Lion Designs is another well-known company that offers custom overlay service. The company is new in the industry of twitch overlay, it is trying its best to implement the expectations of Twitch streamers. That is to say, they are working hard in order to lead the Twitch industry.


The company offers only one package for custom overlays. But the package comes with a variety of items. To clarify, you have to decide upon taking PSD files and delivery time. You may also express your own expectations regarding what should be included in the overlay and what should be excluded from it. In fact, you can make your own custom packages while placing an order at the company.


Their pricing plan is very reasonable. You have to spend $32 for their solely designed package. But if you want to get your overlay in a very short time, then you have to spend $25 again. It makes their service a little bit costly. For this reason, many of their clients are dissatisfied.

NWG Designs:



NWG Designs, which is based in the UK, is a well-known company in the field of Graphics Design. Having more 3 years of experience in the industry, the company offers its top-notch services all over the world. The company, in general, specializes in creating overlays for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and so on.


NWG Designs has 3 different packages for its potential clients. The packages include Silver Twitch Package, Gold Twitch Package, and Diamond Twitch Package. In the Silver Package, you will get an Overlay, a Facecam, up to 8 Panels, an Offline Screen, a BRB Screen, etc. The Gold Package includes an Overlay, a BRB Screen, an Offline Screen, a Social Media Banner, a Starting Soon Screen, up to 10 panels, and a Profile Picture. The Additional elements in the Diamond Package include a Logo, a Stream Ending Soon Screen, a Donation Alert, a Subscriber Alert, and a Follower Alert.


Different packages offered by NWG Designs will cost you different prices. In general, one has to spend from £40 to £84. To clarify, the Silver Package of the company costs £40, while the Gold Package and the Diamond Package cost £64 and £84 respectively. Though the pricing plans seem to be expensive for many of us, you may give it a chance.


You have so far learned why you should choose a custom twitch overlay, where to find professional custom overlay makers, what are the qualities of professional custom overlay makers, and which are the best companies in this industry. Now, it’s time to make your own custom overlay from any company existing in the world. In this regard, we recommend you to choose Image Retouching Lab to get the best service since it is the most experienced company out there.