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Photo editing service has been categorized into several parts to indicate specific task in different industries. Deep etching service is one of the essential parts in this area which is mostly known as background removal service. Actually, it uses the clipping path and channel masking techniques by Adobe Photoshop pen tool. You can add or remove the unwanted background or object from an image through this strategy.

To be more particular, it points out to eliminate a specific portion and replace with something else on that position. Today, we are going to discuss this term step by step. It’s common to ask about the best service provider in this arena. Well! We already researched this and put it in this article. Before that, we need to focus on some related issues. Let’s move to the principal points below.

How do you define deep etching service?

Deep etching service is mainly essential to remove the background of photos. Sometimes you need to remove a specific part of your photo from its background. You can use this object on different image backgrounds. You can remove several objects. This is where deep etching service comes in.

Deep etching is also known as a clipping mask. Designed creates a specific portion around a specific part of your image. They remove the background so that you can use a separate portion to other projects. If you want yo draw attention to the separate portion, you can apply special effects to the subject of your photo. Deep etching is used mostly for product photos. Attractive product photos need white backgrounds.

Besides, it highlights the product. Product photos can be made perfect in this way. This technique is frequently used for product photos.

Most of the professional photo editing service providers offer professional and high-quality deep etching services. The process deep etching us not so easy. Designers use advanced techniques and software to apply deep etching.

The technique of deep etching is used for enhancing images mainly. Changing the background sometimes brings a professional look in some photos. Deep etching is used to replace a professional background. Deep etching is used for advanced correction in photos. This process adjusts photos without any effect on the background of a photo. This technique is used for retouching photos without making any harm to the 3D effect.

How to start with deep etching?

The name deep etching is known as the clipping path somewhere. When designers apply this technique, they create a clipping mask around an image. They save the selection so that their clients can cut out the portion of that image. Deep etching enables you to remove your background from your image. Cutting this portion of the image, you can use it in another project. You can even remove an object from your image.

In a nutshell, you can say that deep etching is another kind of background removal service. Deep etching makes it easy for a photo to edit.

Who Needs Deep Etching Service?

Who Needs Deep Etching Service

Undoubtedly, deep etching is a popular term in the photo editing or retouching field. There are a lot of reasons behind this. It may seem very usual and easy, but it plays an important role in getting the expected images.

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E-commerce business:

E-commerce business Platform

Deep etching or clipping path service is mostly used in the e-commerce sector broadly. To start an online business, you have to work with a lot of items to sell. People want to buy a product after watching it from every corner. To make the product attractive, you need to remove the unexpected objects from the picture. It is a great way to convince customers to buy a product.

Web Optimization:

Website optimize

Web optimization is an important task to run your website smoothly. For that reason, you need optimized photos which are done by deep etching. It crops and resize the photo and brings a better result than a normal image.

Color Correction:

Color Correction service

Color correction is another task in image editing service. Deep etching allows you to make the proper correction using multi clipping path technology. It makes the necessary adjustments and changes to the colors separately.

Garment Industry:

Garment product service

Garment industry is highly attached to using high-quality photos of the relevant products. It is very common to work with the background, color, or size of the image with the help of deep etching service. This technique will allow representing the clothing materials smartly with or without a model.

Professional Photography:

professional service

Whether you are involved in professional photography, deep etching is common and must term to do. Every photographer tries best to shot the most perfect pictures. Not every image becomes perfect just with the camera. It needs a clipping path or background removal touch up to present it professionally.

Why You Need The Service of Deep Etching?

Almost every industry needs this service to grow an online business. We already mentioned earlier. Now, we are trying to focus on the vital importance of this service from different perspectives.

Free trail

Professional Design:

Design Professional

To get a professional design, it’s necessary to have a deep etching or clipping path service. Many professionals will suggest using the service for an e-commerce business. Thus, you can utilize the image anywhere as per your need.


A business performance depends on several criteria including site structure, proper image, and many small things. It will perform much better if you use it to make your images more attractive. Whether it turns into an adorable look, people prefer to know details.

Budget Friendly:

Budget optimize

Budget is always an important matter whether you are going to invest in someone or something. Clipping path or image masking is comparatively cheaper than the other services. The service provider will never charge the unrealistic cost for this job.

Logos and Graphics:

Clipping path tasks are also involved in creating logos and graphics. It is enabled changing the texture and color until it gets the perfect shape.

Photo Editing/Retouching:

As deep etching is a part of photo editing service, it helps in improving the image quality in different perspectives. It can be done by the photographer himself/herself, or by a professional photo editing agency.

How To Find The Best Deep Etching Service Provider?

Image Retouching Lab:

image retouching service

Image Retouching Lab is one of the most popular and professional photo editing service providers that cover all types of graphics editing tasks. It has a great team who are expert in the relevant industry from years. They are dedicated to providing clipping path service, shadow creation, mirror effect, color correction, raster to vector, and many more related to photo editing or retouching projects. Image Retouching Lab provides cheap deep etching service among all the reputed companies around the world. The price starts at 29 cents per image for a simple clipping path service.

Image Editing Company


nude retouching

It’s another professional and efficient deep etching or photo retouching service provider. You will love it by looking at its outstanding website layout. It will help you in providing several kinds of photo editing service including portrait editing, black and white retouching, body retouch, wedding post-processing, and many more. Nuderetouching has three different pricing plans. You will get the portfolio and the rate per picture. The standard package starts at 5 dollars per image and complete+ starts at 15 dollars.



FixThePhoto is a well-known photo retouching company working since the year 2003. They have a quality photo retoucher by whom you will get your photos at an affordable price. This agency provides wedding photo retouching services, jewelry retouching services, custom image retouching services, photo manipulation services, and many more. Their basic package starts at 2 dollars per image that will provide light beauty correction, red-eye effect removal, blemish removal, image cropping, color correction, and face skin smoothening.



If you are searching for an experienced and professional photo editing or retouching service provider, WeEdit.photos can a great choice for you. They are strong enough in professional retouching, reportage editing, product retouching, and various commercial photo editing service. Their color correction service starts at dollar $0.2 that covers light balance, exposure, color tone and temperature, contrast enhancement, shadow and highlight reduction.

High-End Beauty Retouching:

High-End Beauty Retouching

It is another name in photo retouching industry. High-end beauty retouching team is experienced in glamour photo editing, high-end portrait retouching, magazine retouching, photoshop hair retouching, model photo retouching, etc. It has different pricing values namely high-end, ultra high-end, magazine, and ultra magazine. The first phase starts at 10 dollars per image that will cover high-end beauty correction, hair retouching, background retouching, and HDR effects.



To get attractive and professional deep etching tasks done, Retuchgem can be a better solution for you. This agency is based in Helsinki, Finland and doing its job since 2009. It provides portrait retouching, body retouching, photo restoration, and different graphic design services. They have customers from various regions like the United States, Australia, Canada, and the European Union. Retouchgem offers different pricing quotes in terms of the project’s need. If you go for hour basis, they will charge 60 euros per hour.


Digita5studios comes with a simple but stunning web layout that offers professional photo retouching services since 2009. It has various photo editing tasks including deep etching, product retouching, automotive retouching, beauty retouching, real-estate retouching, color correction, and many more. Their service package starts at 49 cents per image. Digita5studios has already done projects for Flipkart, Solid Leather, amazon buy vip, Visual SKUs, and more. The clients are from over 20 different nations worldwide.



Photofix is a US-based professional photo editing agency which is dedicated to providing perfect photos with unlimited revisions. You will get a simple layout of the website. The service includes color correction, skin smoothing, object removal, background change, and custom photo editing tasks as well. Their pricing is defined with the credits of each photo. 1 Photofix credit includes image crop, color correction, and red-eye removal. Thus, 5 credits need $7.95, 15 credits need 22.95, and so on.



Tucia can be a better option if you need professionally edited photos for your project. They are capable of delivering the most exceptional photo editing service including deep etching, color correction, makeup enhancement, and many more services. You will need 8 dollars per credit to make it done for a photo. It will cover color correction, blemishes removal, wrinkles reduction, and after body shape. This company is running its services since the year 2007 and already completed projects for over 120000 professionals and companies.



Retouchup comes with a pleasant and understandable web layout which offers various types of photo editing services including deep etching. This agency is located in Lima, Peru. It will cost 1.50-2.50 US dollars per image to remove the background from an image. Apart from this, Retouchup offers different packages like standard color correction, photo restoration, digital oil painting, and more. It can be a right choice if you want to make your project done at a reasonable price.



Picsera is a well-known photo editing agency that has vast experience in working with event or portrait photographer, real estate professional, e-retailer, and more. It provides culling and color correction, background removal and deep etching, custom retouching, compositing, Amazon photo editing, and more other relevant services. Picsera has different pricing package for various services. Retouching service starts at $2.50/image, background removal at $1.10/image (for above 40 images), color correction at $29.99 for 50 images, and more.

Online Clipping Path Service Tools

Whether it needs to edit a photo after the photoshoot from a camera or smartphone, online tools can help in several ways for the beginners. Sometimes, you may do it by yourself just with a few clicks instead of going to a professional. Well! Here, we are providing some of the popular online clipping path service tools that will be a helpful resource for deep etching and other tasks.

Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop Logo

This is probably the most familiar and popular item in the photo editing industry. It has sophisticated touch-up and retouch features with 3D design functionality. It has a user-friendly interface and can be used for both beginners and professionals as well.


best tool online photo

Canva is one of the most favorite deep etching tools in the online market. You can do a lot of tasks using it for free. After the project is done, you can export the file to your computer or social media. You don’t need to be skilled to make a professional banner or logo through Canva.


photo editing tool

This is another tool to help you out in image retouching tasks. It has almost all the applications like photoshop. PicMonkey can be a great online tool to make your blog graphics and edit photos with exclusive effects. It provides a free trial facility before you choose the premium and supremium package.


Tool for image

GIMP is a professional photo retouching software for both Windows and Linux platforms. This open source image editor allows you to do digital retouching and photo enhancements smartly. You can also enhance your productivity using 3rd party plugins with GIMP.

Wrap Up

We can’t avoid the importance of deep etching in different sectors of our daily activities. Whether you need to increase the sales of your ecommerce business, it needs appropriately edited photos to attract the targeted customers. Besides this, if you want to retouch any personal or family photos, you also need this service as well. Finally, we have reached the finishing point. Hopefully, you got some valuable information on deep etching service and various tools. Do you have any other idea related to this fact? Feel free to share your thoughts to enrich the resource for our audiences.