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Ghost Mannequin effect SERVICE

Since you have landed on this page, we assume you are concerned about the Ghost Mannequin Effects service. We at Image Retouching Lab can help you achieve the maximum of it. When you think that the Ghost Mannequin effect service will be the right way to present your business product perfect way, you need to know something to catch the buyer easily. Alongside, Every trade persons, like an e-commerce store owner, business magazine proprietor, and professional photographer, wants to demonstrate their business product with high-resolution images. Today In this article, we will provide an overall concept of the Ghost Mannequin effect on the apparel, jewelry industry.


If you make more sales, you have to hire a professional image editing service provider. They enrich all of your product image eye-catchy. In fashion merchandise, demand is increasing day by day. Crop up several categories of invisible mannequin services. Apply these any audience demand service as needed as your product below- 

Neck Joint on Invisible Mannequin

A standard system of neck joint service on the invisible Mannequin. Combination of Several images. The best solution for the Clothing products business and jewelry. This service allows this steps:

Step 1: Remove the Background of the image.

Step 2: Cut out the Mannequin from the image.

Step 3: Take the neck portion from another photo.

Step 4: Drag & drop the image and then Joint the neck with an accuracy of size, shape.

Step 5: Shadow the neck joint.

Step 6: Final Retouching.

We are following these steps to complete our work. If you want to make a neck joint, work on yourself. You can follow the above step by step. And another method of an invisible mannequin

Sleeves Joint on Ghost mannequin

Sleeves joint is another tricky & straightforward technique of Ghost mannequin cause of joint perspective. It’s also called composite image services. We follow these few flights of stairs to complete the sleeves joint on the ghost mannequin below

Step 1: Cut out of the image background.

Step 2: Remove the sleeves mannequin from the image.

Step 3: Remove wrinkle on sleeves portion. 

Step 4: Customize size, shape.

Step 5: Natural shadow creation.

Step 6: Final Retouching.

Symmetrical Ghost mannequin Effect

Have you wanted a mirror effect image for your online store so that shoppers enjoy a balanced product? Then, symmetrical neck joint service is best for you. It conveys an accurate product view of authenticity. Symmetrical neck joint refers to creating mirror effects on the left and right sides of a product. It’s done by completing one side editing and copying then pasting another side equally. This system of image editing pocket erase, button replace, level customize, logo attached, and many more.

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Bottom Joint on Invisible Mannequin

The bottom joint is another important method of Invisible Mannequin effect services. Most of the clients want to me this splendid task. Whereas it’s a combination of multiple images, so there is possible to create a pure natural shape from a flat image. We are clipping path images and then removing the unwanted objects and cutting the bottom section, retouching the bottom. Add the needed shadow and final retouch. 

Wrinkle Removal Service

A latest image editing method of wrinkle remove service to get a wrinkle off the fabric in Photoshop. Without disturb the texture of the fabric done a natural view. IRL provide a quality wrinkle remove service.

Ghost Mannequin to Live model:

Correct guess, You can get your product live model photoshoot image from Ghost mannequin image. First, you provide me with some live model-style images( model pose) with the product image you want to demonstrate. In fashion merchandise, there is a massive demand for live models. Still, it’s too expensive and tough to carry all the stages of business people. So you can choose a ghost mannequin to live model alternative and its result demanded.

swim were editing services

360°/ 3D Holloman Effect:

360°/ 3D Holloman Effect refers to the depth look of the product to consumers. Cropping up some differences between 3D and 360°. 360° view provides an overall depth view. We know that online sales are more complicated than a physical retail store. Most of the online shopping store’s customers convert sales to the tricky cause of useful infographics. 3D or 360°, as you know a realistic and much better solution. Our Expert graphic hands do this complex task in many technical ways.

This effect is combined with different parts of various images. Create 3D effects needed for all the possible angles of photography. With other parts of multiple photos. Also, use the neck joint effect, sleeve joint effect, remove the Mannequin from images to create it. Using almost all the categories creates 3D effects like neck joint, sleeve joint, bottom joint.


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Who needs Ghost Mannequin Service?

Need for a professional photographer, Ad agency, Magazines, and ecommerce clothing, swimsuits, jewelry, Cosmetics, and bikini store owner. The ghost mannequin effect apply to

  • T-shirts, Belt,                               
  • Party Wear, 
  • Skirt,                                             
  • Coat Jacket, 
  • Cap,                                            
  • Shoes 
  • Baby frock                                        
  • Pants, 
  • Trousers,                                           
  • Sweater, 
  • Women Garments,                           
  • Undies, 
  • Gown


Clipping path

Ghost mannequin vs. model - Which one is best for your ecommerce business?

Most business stations use a live model to showcase their products because this is the best way to achieve consumers’ trust. After the pandemic, the ecommerce business increased day by day. The ghost mannequin effect technique can be a powerful element of your business growth. Cost-effective this service stores your time and money. Distraction Less workspace when live model creates hassles. Perfect visualization at an affordable price when the live model is more expensive. 

Invisible Mannequin VS. Neck Joint Services

Despite naturally being called to have the same invisible mannequin and neck joint service. But based on the working procedure difference between each other. Invisible mannequin services create a delusion of an invisible man like in a dress. Done invisible Mannequin, remove the Mannequin, reshaping, resize, catchy looks, and many more. On the other hand, Neck joint service refers to clipping the path mannequin and neck area then adjoining the neck from another image. So basically, neck joint service is based on neck area joints.


The method of neck joint image editing is very simple but not so easy to perform. It needs hours of patience and hard work to edit the image without altering the shape or size of the dress. At the beginning of the process, we select the product in every image with pixel perfection. We do it carefully so that the product stays the same as the image. After that, we create a single composite image stitching together all separate images. We ensure the masking is done appropriately and show the portions that will be seen by the customer. In the end, we make sure that the lighting is done perfectly on each segment so that you can’t distinguish different pieces. Thus, you’ll see a complete image of your product. Without following the above stages, you can also perform this type of job. In that case, you’d need to take photos of the product from different angles and carefully add the pieces together. But you’ll need image editing eventually. So, the easiest and efficient way to do it is by taking the photo of the product worn on a mannequin or model from different angles and follow above steps. When all the editing is done, we save and deliver the image with a transparent background. This will allow you to use it anywhere you want. You can take our another service of Raster to Vector Conversion to ensure the image quality no matter how big or how small it is sized. Our editing quality is proven world-class. The proof is on our home page where you’ll see our client list.


We provide other types of image editing services like clipping path service, image masking service, image retouch, and raster to vector conversion, logo design, and many more. If you think, any of those services might help you with your personal interest or expanding your business, you can contact us for special discounts with a bulk order.


There are some valid and attractive reasons to choose us to convert your photo. There are many ghost mannequin photo editing services around the world. So, let’s find out what makes us unique. The process of getting our service is very easy. Placing the order, sending the image, paying us for the service, and receiving the image can be done online. Navigate our site for more information. The whole process can be done without wasting your precious time and money. We do the job ensuring high-end quality but in exchange for a small fee. Other companies charge more than we do for the same level of work. So, choosing us would be a smart move. Our service is reliable. You won’t have to worry once you hire us. The level of expertise we have has made many clients more than satisfied. Our skilled professionals work swiftly to deliver your requested order within the delivery date. At IRL Graphics Media, we convert your image in a way so that you face no problem with any type of campaign. Our commitment to ensuring high-quality service never gets in the way of a payment issue. Contact us to get a quote now. Feel free to reach us for any kind of consultation. Our support team is here all the time to assist you. Anything related to an image, Image Retouching Lab is the right kind of company to assist you.


In the last, we would say we have an Expert and dedicated Photoshop Designer team. IRL is firmly able to provide the best ghost mannequin effect service or neck joint service on your product. We are determined high-end quality, Budget-friendly, audience demand view, File security, unlimited revisions with your requirements. 

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