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ghost maniquin

Ghost Mannequin: A Guide to Its Definition and Importance

In this modern world, a great revolution has spread out all over the world. The revolution is of the e-commerce industry. People used to trade only in the physical markets before the revolution. But now, they feel more comfortable in trading online. Besides, customers can get their expected products easily and quickly with the help of e-commerce.

As a result, businessmen tend to sell their products online. But when you sell your products online, you have to process your product images professionally. This is where the importance of ghost mannequin springs up. The service is highly important for apparel as well as jewelry products.

Let’s Learn What Ghost Mannequin Is and Why It is Important:

What Is Ghost Mannequin?

What Is Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin, which is also known as the invisible mannequin, is a kind of task in Photoshop where a mannequin is removed from an original piece of garments–shirts, jeans, t-shirts, tops, etc. Sometimes, the picture of a model is also removed from a particular dress under the service. To be concise, the service of invisible mannequin helps you remove a mannequin or a model from your target product.

The invisible mannequin service, however, involves some other process apart from removing the mannequin from the product. For instance, it removes the background, merges images, and alters colors. By doing all these things, the service gives an apparel seller the opportunity of showing his products most attractively.

It is generally done to make a particular piece of garments to keep its shape. With the help of an invisible mannequin service, the product can keep its beautiful look indeed. And having a beautiful look of a particular apparel product is essential when it comes to selling online.

Why Is Ghost Mannequin Important?

Why Is Ghost Mannequin Important

There is considerable importance of invisible mannequin service in the arena of e-commerce. In fact, no apparel product comes to the domain of e-commerce without taking the help of invisible mannequin. By the way, keep reading to know why invisible mannequin is important while selling apparels online.

Keeping Your Products in 3D Shape:

Keeping Your Products in 3D Shape

The first importance of invisible mannequin service is that it helps you keep your product in 3D shape. In fact, when you want to sell online, you have to capture the photos of your products worn by mannequins. It is because your products look beautiful and realistic when they are worn by mannequins.

However, it is not a good idea to post your product images with mannequins. On the other hand, if you do not capture the photos of your products with mannequins, then they will lose their appeal to customers. The reality is that customers intend to see apparel products in 3D mode.

If a product is in 3D mode, customers can check the product thoroughly. They can indeed come to know how the particular product will look like from different angles. Fortunately, invisible mannequin service helps you, online product sellers, in this regard.

Drawing Your Customer’s Attention:

Drawing Your Customer’s Attention

Drawing the attention of prospective customers is extremely important for product sellers. If cannot draw their attention, you will hardly gain your prospective sales. And invisible mannequin helps you in a great deal when you face a hard time to draw your customers’ attention.

In fact, a product in an invisible mannequin looks decently beautiful. As you know, beautiful things play a significant role in the minds of human beings. We are, indeed, inclined to beautiful things around us. So, whenever we see a beautiful thing, we cannot resist our curiosity to see that thing.

The philosophy is found in the industry of e-commerce. Customers in the industry tend to look for beautiful products. This is where the invisible mannequin service comes to be significant. If a product undergoes invisible mannequin service, it looks beautiful and customers become curious to see the details of the product by clicking on it. Thus, one can easily draw the attention of potential customers with the help of the service.

Displaying Your Products Professionally:

Displaying a product professionally is important not only for physical markets but also for online markets. The more professional display your products have, the more professional your business looks like. And professionalism is significant for every kind of business in the world.

When you capture some photos of your products, they do not look professional enough to display them online. For this reason, you need to do something to make them professional. And invisible mannequin service is the ultimate solution for this purpose.

When your products undergo the process of the invisible mannequin, they possess the qualities of professional images. Afterward, you can display those images for your products. This will enhance both your professionalism and brand-quality.

Removing Distracting Backgrounds:

Showing Different Colors for the Same Product

Another important reason why you should take the service of the invisible mannequin is that it helps you avoid distracting backgrounds of your images. When you shoot photos of your target products, they are entangled with some distracting backgrounds.

Distracting backgrounds are irritating for your prospective customers. It is because whenever they approach to see your products, their attention goes to the backgrounds of your images subconsciously. In case your background is poor, there will be a negative impact on their minds.

To get rid of this problem, you have to take an invisible mannequin service. Once you take the service, the distracting backgrounds of your images are removed professionally. Afterward, your images get professional looks, leaving you worry-free about the distracting backgrounds.

Showing Different Colors for the Same Product:

No apparel product comes with a single color. The same product comes with an array of colors as different people have different choices in terms of color. If an individual likes red color, another likes green. But when you display a product online, you usually shoot one distinct photo for a particular product.

As you need to have the same product in different colors, a particular image cannot meet all your demands. In this case, you have to get in touch with the service of the invisible mannequin. The service offers you an opportunity of displaying your products in different colors.

And you do not have to worry about the quality of the colors when you take the invisible mannequin service. The experts know the in-depth philosophy of colors. So, when you take a service from them, you can relax without feeling a bit of tension.

Mannequins Are Distracting:

If you want to show the perfect images for your products, you have no other alternatives to capturing photos with mannequins. It is because when you capture photos with mannequins, they look exactly how they are in use in real life.

Though this is a great opportunity for showing your products in the same way they look like in real life, the mannequins are somewhat distracting. When a customer checks an image of your product, they subconsciously look at the mannequin of the product. And this distraction is bad for both you and your customer.

That is why you need to remove the mannequins from your product images. And you can do it only with the help of invisible mannequin service. If you take the service, professional photo experts remove the mannequins from your product images on behalf of you. It ultimately helps you show some innovative as well as engaging images of your products.

Increasing Conversions:

Well, this is the main goal of any kind of product sellers in the arena of e-commerce. The sellers want from the very core of their hearts to increase conversions. In this regard, they are determined to do what is necessary for them.

Unfortunately, many apparel sellers are not aware of their product images. They just capture some photos of their products and post them online to get huge sales. But this is almost impossible to get huge sales without proper planning.

For your kind information, you need to take care of your product images as an apparel seller. In this case, you should always post some high-quality product images. And without the service of the invisible mannequin, you will never find your dreams coming true. That is to say, if you want high conversions, you have to take invisible mannequin service for your product images.

What Should You Consider While Taking Ghost Mannequin Service?

You have so far learned why you should take invisible mannequin service for your product images. Now, it’s time to go forward to take the service. But when you approach for taking the service, you should consider some important points. Let’s learn what they are:

Know Who the Best Service Providers Are:

When you have decided to take an invisible mannequin service, you have to know who the best service providers are. If you choose the wrong place, you will come up with some low-quality images, which will ultimately hamper your career in the e-commerce industry.

And it is a tough job to find out the best providers in the industry. The reason is that there are a huge number of low-quality service providers in the field. As a consequence, you must be very careful while finding the best service provider for your product images.

Learn the History of Your Chosen Service Provider:

Learn the History of Your Chosen Service Provider

After finding out a bunch of service providers, you have to check their history. It is because you will get an in-depth idea about a particular company when you check the previous records of that very company.

In this case, try to know when the company was founded. The date of its inception will help you know if the company is well-experienced. It will also help you get in touch with its bad records in the past.

Check the Portfolio of Your Chosen Company:

The next thing you have to do is to check the portfolio of a particular company. If you check its portfolio, you will come to know about the quality of its service. You also know how many projects the company has completed while checking the portfolio.

To check the portfolio of a company, you need to have a look at its website. In general, a “Portfolio” tab will appear at the top of the homepage of the website. Click on it to get what you want. And make sure the images of the portfolio are real. It is because some companies show fake portfolios on their website.

Check the Level of Communication:

Check the Level of Communication

Communication level of a particular company is another point you need to consider while taking the invisible mannequin service. If the communication level of a company is great, the service of the company might be great. And if a company lingers in terms of communication, you should think that the company is not professional enough to render you a great service.

No professional company lacks communication skills as communication skills are the foundation of a company. Hence, a professional service provider is always ready to communicate with you. Whenever you knock it for a specific purpose, you will get in touch with a quick response.

Test Your Chosen Company with a Trial Project:

When you have done all your research on a particular company for the invisible mannequin service, you are ready to work with it. But you are not completely done. You need to check the company with another step for the last time.

In this case, try to assign the company with a small project to check if it can provide you with your expected service. You will also come to know how fast the turnaround time of the company is. That is why the step of checking a company with a trial project is highly significant for e-commerce traders.


Well, you are at the end of the article. Now, you know what ghost mannequin is and what role it plays in the arena of e-commerce. So, it’s time for you to decide upon taking the service for your product images. Before you take the service from a service provider, try to follow the instructions given in the article.

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