In 2019 the trend of digital photography has become tremendously popular. We are living in a time, wherewith the help of the latest technology invented for digital photos we can make any desired changes that we dream of. If this method, the technique is used correctly by a skilled retoucher/editor.  It has been now even possible to edit the picture of an 80-year -old man and turn him to look like a man in his mid-twenties. Sounds unbelievable right? But it’s now possible in real with the latest technology known as image manipulation service.  

The image manipulation is a service, in which the photos are being edited to enhance the picture quality through software such as Photoshop. This service includes the task like color correction service, neck joint service, background changing, clipping path service, skin retouching, ghost mannequin effect, saturation and contrast adjustment, and jewelry retouching, etc.


Photographs tell a story and portray the brand image of your business. It gives an impression and inside looks of your company to the clients, so whether it will be a good one or terrible depends on the quality of your pictures. Photos dare to make your business stand out among the others in the whole market industry. Now it does not matter in what field or what kind of business you do. 

Photographs play a significant role in advertising or the promotions of your business. Suppose you are an entrepreneur and want to post the pictures of your products for advertisement purposes. With the help of our image manipulation service, we can add content to your photos to make it look entertaining to customers. In the era of electronic commerce, digital photography has become a crucial part. 

The manipulation service is frequently used in this sector, as customers prefer to see the bright images of items neatly and cleanly with a transparent background. This is only possible with the help of our manipulation service because get every other picture always in a top-notch position is nearly impossible.


There are many types of image manipulation services. But, here I am explaining the four major categories which are the most important ones, almost needed in every kind of picture manipulation task.


A right background can enhance the quality of your picture to a great extent. In this task, we cut out the undesirable backdrop from the photo through tools from Photoshop and place the image on a new background as your choice. If you are the owner of an e-commerce business, then this service is a must for you as clients like to see the images of your product with a transparent backdrop rather than textured ones.



This service is wanted by the whole population, starting from the teenagers to the old people. In this method, there are lots of effects available. You can turn your dull face into a salon-like a glamorous look without spending all your dollars on getting the makeover. The general editing effects that are used in this process are skin smoothening, correction of color, removal of blemishes and acne, etc.




It is a graphic service that helps to change the shape of motion photos and transforms it into another shape. Morphing means transformation. It is done by mixing two images and converting them into one. In this procedure, the real photo gets transformed; the source picture is step by step mutilated and evaporated while creating the objective picture.



This is a top line of picture arrangement. The primary purpose of this task is to give your pictures a theoretical look. It adds multiple items to your photo and creates a new background. This task involves background edit, correction of color and splendors, etc.


How we do, the image manipulation task is summarized below for your better understanding of our company.

They send digital photographs of our team through the internet. We provide the manipulation service to all kinds of photos. The manipulation service is very assorted. At first, we will start downloading the pictures sent to us by our customers over the internet through the mail. Then as per customer’s requirements, we will do the manipulation to the photographs. 

After our expert editors are done with editing, then they will send it to the team leader to review it. Once he is done with the reviewing session, he will hand it over to the manager and from him to the customers. Our most demanding manipulation services are photo montages, old photo restoration, etc.



In this task, our skilled photo editor combines pictures with different exposures and angles into one picture using software such as Fotojet.



We use this technology to make your old and damaged photos look new and fresh. The process is done by adding color, which will help to recover the lost blossom of your photos by using Adobe Photoshop. 



If you are looking for the best manipulation service provider, then you are at the proper place. We have years of experience and knowledge in this area. Our company provides a comprehensive image retouching services to customers. We have a team of expert editors who are skilled enough to achieve the desired results in your pictures. Our editors have a wise choice in the case of using editing tools.  

We ensure that you get high-end quality photographs after we have retouched them. We provide the best quality photo manipulation service compared with other growing service providers around the world. Our primary and only focus is the editing part, unlike other photo manipulation companies who also claim to be in a position to give you this editing service. We are capable of working in various kinds of formats. We use premium software to get unique and exclusive results to your pictures. 

Image Retouching Lab takes the quality and quantity terms very seriously in our aspects. We are eligible to provide the fastest delivery service, and customers often want urgent deliveries. We are open 24/7 for 7days, so if you are a photographer or an entrepreneur, feel free to knock us if you require any kind urgent image editing services. We promise you to provide the fastest delivery among any other company.


The manipulation services that our company is an expert in providing are-


Frequently Asked Questions

This service mostly needs in the business sector. You can use this in the magazine, e-commerce business, advertisement agencies, business cards, and more.

Image Retouching Lab is a professional photo editing service provider working with a positive reputation. We already worked with many companies and provided services regarding their expectations. So, you can trust us with no confusion. 

We believe in quality first. So, there is no opportunity to avoid this anyway. If you have any query or confusion, you may let us know. We will provide as many revisions as you want until your satisfaction.

Image Retouching Lab provides friendly and dedicated customer support to its users. You can knock us anytime you wish. We are open for 24/7.

We know, image privacy is a sensitive issue. We are very sincere to take care of this fact.

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