The only thing that can stop time is a photograph. An image represents a moment of time which can’t get old. But the material that holds the image can surely age and gets damaged. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that the precious moment gets faded away. Maybe it’s your grandpa or a family photo taken long ago or a landscape from 70 years ago, whatever it is, we can restore no matter how much damage it is. We refresh and restore your precious memories.

image restoration IRL

What Is Image Restoration Service?

Simply restoring an image means to make it look like it has been freshly taken. Images get scratches, dust, folds, lines, blurriness, and missing parts over time and reach a level where it seems almost impossible to recognize. So, an image restoration service provider like us takes all that into account, occupies its experts into removing all problems your picture is having and delivers the image to you like it’s taken yesterday.

How It’s Done

Well, restoring an old photo is not an easy task. It takes a team of experts, a lot of time, and a lot of patience to bring back the photo into life again. The first task includes safely taking the photo out from which it is attached to. This step may cause serious damage to the image. But our experts can do it with minimal effect. So, if the photo is being glued or stuck with anything else or inside a glass frame, take it to us and we’ll safely take it out. After getting it out, there is some washing and cleaning process to restore as much as possible. It doesn’t help much but every bit of step makes it perfect in the end. When the image is at scan-able state, it gets its digital format. The rest of the work is done with some pretty awesome software. You might be thinking that if you’re good at Photoshop, you can do it by yourself within minutes. But you’re wrong. It takes more than a Photoshop expert. Our professional graphic designers work really hard restoring pixel by pixel of your image. So, you can imagine why we’re so successful.

image restoration IRL

Types of Image Restoration

  1. If you got a vintage photo, you should knock us. The problems with vintage photos are that those are taken with analog technology. The photos got printed on paper material and you know how papers turn out after a long period of time. We can restore the toll time has taken on your vintage photograph.
  2. If you want your photo colorized, you should contact us now. The photo you’ve might be taken and printed as black and white and you want it to be colorized like modern photos. We can do that for you.
  3. If you’re looking for image color restoration, we’re the right company to do the job. Over time, the color of our pictures get fade away or even can get discolored. So, to restore the original color, call us now.

Our Image Restoration Service Includes:

  1. Restoring an old photo
  2. Adjusting faded images
  3. Colorizing an old black and white photograph
  4. Converting sepia photographs into black & white or color photographs
  5. Restoring the color in a photo
  6. Matching and sequencing within the photo.
  7. Modernization a photo
  8. Bringing back the balance of tone and tint in the photo
  9. Expert selection of tints or new color schemes
  10. Making a correction on color shifts in the photograph
  11. Carefully adding contrasting themes
  12. Recreating the photo to formal or casual colors
  13. Restoring old photographsdigitally
  14. Photo editing with professionals who have many years of experience
  15. Resizing old photos
  16. Restoring photos that are damaged by water

Why choose us?

There are some valid and attractive reasons to choose us to restore your photo. There are many companies providing the same service like us. So, let’s find out what makes us unique.

  1. The process of getting our service is very easy. You can capture an image of the photo you want to restore and send it to us. Or you can also send the photo to our address. After the restoration process complete, we’ll send the digital image to you. We accept almost all types of payment method. So, all is done without wasting your time.
  2. We do the job ensuring high-end quality but in exchange for a small fee. Other companies charge more than we do for the same level of work. So, choosing us would be a smart move.
  3. Our service is reliable. You won’t have to worry once you hire us. The level of expertise we have has made many clients more than satisfied. Some even lost hope of restoring their photos but we restored their photos along with their hope.
  4. At IRL Graphics Media, we treat each photo like a baby. We nurture and develop it as our own and give you something that puts a smile on your face. Given time, we can restore almost any damaged image. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of consultancy.

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