In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of multi clipping path. Multi clipping path technique allows us to make a separate part of images. But it is not so easy to do multi clipping path. Follow the step by step process here to do multi clipping path by you.

What is multi clipping path?

Multi clipping path is one kind of section way to separate single pieces of and image. In Photoshop, some parts of the image need to isolate and change. It is one type of clipping path. You can say that it’s another form of clipping path. For example, if you want to change the color of the fabric in your image, you have to use multi-paths to conduct the clipping path of your image. This technique is applied to change the parts of pictures.

The technique can help you to isolate multiple parts and to fill up an object with multiple colors. It’s is used to differentiate the parts of your object, highlight your object, change the background of your image, and to create a drop shadow. But it takes much patience and dedication to create excellent pictures. Whatever the technique is, it takes your time and effort to make an image stand out. But multi clipping path technique is getting higher demand day by day.

If you don’t know how to do multi clipping path to your images, you do not have to worry. Some of the graphic design firm and Web design companies do the job for you. Their highly experienced team of designers offer handmade multi clipping path services. But this service is expensive in case of a business.

Complete tutorial of multi clipping path: step by step process

The whole technique of multi clipping path is easy and become easier if you know the process completely. We are going to show you the basic steps to do multi clipping path in Photoshop. Follow all these necessary steps to get your multi clipping path done by yourself.

Open the Photoshop

Most of the time, editors use Photoshop for editing any images. They use Photoshop and various tools in Photoshop. So you have to open your photo in Photoshop for multi clipping path. If you are a bit confused about working in Photoshop, we are here to help you.

Open Photoshop on your computer. Now open the photo in Photoshop on which you want to apply multi clipping path technique. Go to Photoshop, click File and Open. Now select your photo and press Enter. You will find your photo on the Photoshop screen. You can open your photo in another way. Keep the Photoshop remain open in your pc and drag your selected photo.

You can apply multi clipping path technique in any photo. So you can select any photo to apply multi clipping path technique. We have selected this photo below to show you the technique.

Creating a path

To apply multi clipping path, you have to create a path layer. Go to the “Create a new path” and create a new path. Now you will get your new path.

Select the Pen tool

There are various tools used for applying multi clipping path technique. But a huge number of designers use Photoshop Pen tool. One of the best tools used is The Pen tool.

Now activate the Pen tool in your Photoshop. Select Pen tool from the Toolbar from the left side.

Take new path layer

Now take a new path. Go to the go to the square icon at the bottom “Create a new path” to create path 2. We have to create a new path to make the chair separate from the background.


In this step, we are selecting the chair to make it separate. Now we are going to show you how to work on it.

Take another path

We are going to take the new path in this step. We will create the new path layer from the same square icon at the bottom. Click on “Create a new path.” Now you will get a new path automatically.

Make the selection

Select the colored portion of the chair in the image.

Make a path

We are now going to take the next layer. Click as before on the “Create a new path” and create a path in the same way. We will now draw a clipping path over the chair balls.

Save the image

When you are done with the clipping, save the File into your computer. You can save it anywhere you want to save. Go to the “Save as” from the File and save it as JPEG.

Why you need multi clipping path service?

Every company, especially the e-commerce businesses need photo editing services. E-commerce business has to display its product using the product images online. Their whole business and profit rely on displaying the products on their site in a proper way. In this way, they have to represent the products as the most attractive one. Convincing customers with attractive product images are the simplest way to increase sell.

1. When you need to change some part of an image, you have to use multi clipping path service.

2. Multi clipping path presents your picture in unique ways.

3. You need a multi clipping path to give clarity to your image by focusing the separate part of an image that you need.

4. To make your booklet, leaflets, and brochures eye-catchy, you need multi clipping path services.

5. E-commerce sites need multi clipping path service to make each product noticeable.

6. Through the color correction and color effect, an image can get a new look.

Multi clipping path is one kind of clipping path. This technique is applied to change the color of the fabric in images. Professional editors provide high-quality clipping path services. Multi clipping path is known as the color path, color correction mask, and color gradient. Some specific parts of an image need to change. Multi clipping path makes the elements in an image separate.

Who needs multi clipping path service?

Multi clipping path is essential. Anyone can need multi clipping path service at any time. But some of the specific industry needs multi clipping path for clear and attractive photos. They go for professional expert designers for high-quality images.

A Professional Image

Professional photographer

Photographers have flourished their business. Now there are a vast number of photographers like fashion photographer, wedding photographer, wild photographer. But they are skilled in their relevant aspect. Photographers take shot to take capture the best one. But it is so tough for professional photographers to take the best shot. If the photographer is not skilled, they cannot capture great photos. But it does not matter for a clipping path service provider. They can make your photos stunning using their photo editing techniques. They can make whatever the change you need. They apply multi clipping path to make your images attractive and beautiful.

Media house

Multi clipping path is one of the essential method used for media houses. They need to make their model photos appealing and glamorous. Media houses need multi clipping path service the most. They need to edit their photos in proper ways. Multi clipping path specialists can make changes to your image in a way that you will find the difference. Experts for multi clipping path can make your raw images look authentic. There is no doubt that media houses rely on multi clipping path services most of the time.

Ad agencies

Ad agencies mostly rely on multi clipping path services. They cannot even think but effective photos without multi clipping path service. Multi clipping path makes products look appealing in the image. People prefer the products that look appealing in the pictures. People do not like to read the text as before. Photo editing has turned people’s attention toward colorful and attractive photos. Skilled and professional photo editors can make noticeable changes to your photos applying multi clipping path using latest image editing tools, processing and technologies.

E-commerce business

One of the advanced types of clipping path is multi clipping path that is used for any product images. Most of the time e-commerce businesses need appealing and eye-catchy images to present their products. People prefer attractive product images. Colorful, vivid images attract customers easily. They get to know your product and make a purchase decision. E-commerce owners need beautiful images of their products.

If you are an e-commerce owner, you are knowledgeable about multi clipping path services. Multi clipping path has become one of the demanding editing services for online businesses. Some other industries need multi clipping path services, including the digital ad operation, social media marketing, web application. But this service has much importance to the Web Design Company, an online retailer, and related field.

A final word of the Multi clipping path tutorial

There are various ways of multi clipping path. But the better outcome depends on if you know them and can apply them accurately. I hope that you will get all the steps here and enjoyed it. This tutorial will be helpful for you to do your multi clipping path. Try out the technique and do the whole thing by yourself.Multi clipping path tutorial