The fake dummy dolls that are used to display items are known as mannequins. It is used by a merchandiser to exhibit their manufactured goods. But in online business the only the perfect body shape of the mannequins are needed. So here the neck joint service comes in, ghost mannequin service is another name for this service. In this era of e-commerce, the demand for this service has been turned to one of the most essential facts. It is the procedure of joining the neck to an image with the aid of tools from Adobe Photoshop

What Is Neck Joint?

The neck joint is the process to separate the mannequin from cloths and to create 2D or 3D shapes of various garment items such as hoody, pants, sweaters, etc through the edit. The complete dummy is separated from the clothing item in this type of product photo editing service.

Thus you get clothes without protrudes, imperfection or part of the mannequin/model. This is one kind of delusion of pictures. The results in the augmentation of the product look by making it the center of attention. 


Why You Need Neck Joint Service?

Neck Joint Service

If we take a picture of the cloth by hanging it on a hanger and post it on the website, it will not look much attractive to the customers. Neck joint technique is predominantly needed for garment items, and because of the vast technology improvement, there is an accumulating urge for this particular service.

The most popular sold products through online markets are garment clothing items. The crucial aspect of e-commerce marketing is the displaying of all online products with a target of making them look more alluring or appealing. It is one of the most essential and useful services when it comes to selling garment products online. Sellers or manufacturers generally require it of garment items. It is a very successful way of operating the product image to make it look more focused, amplified, advanced, compelling, persuasive, and attractive.

In the physical stores usually, seller displays their products (mostly garment items)  by putting it on dummies. It is not practical to do the same when considering sales online. The dummy part has to be detached from the product, and an additional manipulation needs to be done with the help of this particular service, in reality, to display the same product online for sale. For the display of online shops or catalogs, it will create a more realistic look of the garments product.

It is not always an unchallenged task of separating the mannequin and then adding neck joint to the image. It requires an expert editor to be specialized in this sector. The entire picture should be improved for a stunning outlook on the display of your website; it is equally important like the removal of the figure portion from the product image.

The Techniques We Apply

This effect allows showing the product at various angles. In deciding to buy it helps the customers. You need to send lots of photos of the item that you want to sell in many different aspects to create the ghost mannequin effect. As per your requirement, by joining all parts of your provided pictures, then we will create a video or animation.

The process of making a 3D image with the ghost mannequin technique is briefly described below:

Firstly take a picture of your product from the front and back view while being worn by your mannequin or model.

Then again take pictures from the front and back views but by styling and hanging the product on a piece of white foam board. These foam board shots will help you to involve the inner areas of the garment once you join the images altogether. 

Make sure the top is open, and the inner back is entirely visible, for collared shirts and the same kind of products.


Our Cut Out expert editors will join the anterior and rear part images of the garment item precisely and carefully, to make it look much more realistic. By this, no one can understand that the mannequin part is separated virtually. This service is provided for your all garment products comprehending jeans, jackets, tops, etc.

The neck Joint editing process for garments is a complicated image modifying process which needs complete attention to the details. Not only on the color developments of the apparel images but also the quality of the garment, photo editors need to concentrate. Therefore, taking the help of skilled photo editors who know modern photo editing software applications for carrying out the task is necessary.

This service is used by many online based businesses to attach or compound anterior section and rear section of the neck of any garment item in a photo. Thus, the quality of the image increases, which eventually makes a great impression on the potential home-based customers or consumers.

There are some tips of neck joint services that will prove to be very helpful:

  • Shadows
  • Using texture
  • Color blending
  • Picking up stock images
  • Rendering the images

First of all, a transparent dummy is used. It mixes the front and inner part of the item.

Secondly, apply the clipping path to the front and inner part by attaching them. This will result in the disappearance of the background.

Last but not least; the inner part becomes foggy and unfocused. As a result, the inner part becomes invisible to the customers.

To create a real and clear view, apply the effect of retouching, color correction, contrast, and sharpening. 

Therefore, the product appears to be more appealing to buyers. This will increase sales and contribute to the levels of high-profit margin.


Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin Effect

Few garment products may have the back part longer than the front part, for example-Tuxedo. The editors have to join the bottom in Photoshop for separating the mannequin from such a product. This service is mainly for long-tail garments. Our skilled editors edit this in such a way that makes it look like real. Our Company is an expert in providing the image editing service. We have years of experience, in supplying high-quality image manipulation.

Sleeves Joint

Sleeves joint service detaches mannequin or model from a hollow part of the sleeves. It creates a ghost effect. This service is done to the long sleeve t-shirts, jackets, to create a 3D effect. You have to join the sleeves after deleting the mannequin part which will fill up the space. This will result in the product appearing clear and natural to customers. It will also give a significant amount of eye smoothness to the customers.


Sleeves joint service detaches mannequin or model from a hollow part of the sleeves. It creates a ghost effect. This service is done to the long sleeve t-shirts, jackets, to create a 3D effect. You have to join the sleeves after deleting the mannequin part which will fill up the space. This will result in the product appearing clear and natural to customers. It will also give a significant amount of eye smoothness to the customers.

Boosts your products sale

It is a proven fact that neck joint services attract customers more. It looks honestly awkward to upload pictures on your online business portal by putting the images of your product displayed on a dummy. Our clients frequently ask us for suggesting them a dramatic improvement in their products’ sale. So, we can assure that you will get the best service from us. We have pleased a lot of companies with our proven mannequin technique, which is useful for making their business famous.

Less cost

The crucial and main benefit of this Service is that it lessens the cost of models, which is a great money-saving idea for any business. Fashion photography is now the trendiest and popular industry, but it also requires a big budget. The photography firms, when the models are being hired, they twice up the whole budget. Whereas, neck joint service decreases the cost to almost half of the models. You may argue that then a budget for ghost mannequin editing service must be allocated too. 

Yeah, it is true, but how much will it cost? It will be much lesser than hiring models, the cut will save up to a great extent. Another thing that the time it will save is priceless. You will need time to change everything for each new product; the whole photo-shoot may take several days or weeks even in preparing sets for every time and giving makeup to the models. But this neck joint or mannequin service will take one or two days maximum by professionals.


Recently a study done by experts showed that customers from an e-commerce website decide of whether to buy the product or not within a time of just 30 seconds. So this means that to convince your buyers that you are selling high-quality garments, you have approximately half a minute. This is where our neck joint service from Image Retouching Lab can help you. Therefore, you need to keep your real buyers occupied with the perfect and attractive images of your products. So, If you are looking for a bold and creative way to display an exclusive collection of your products, our neck joint or ghost mannequin services can propound you excellent output for your investment in us.

Our very own exclusive team of skilled photo editors has dealt with several complicated neck joint works, and they have supplied tremendous results in each of the cases. Our primary concern is pleasing our customers and meeting their needs. So, we will try to do everything in our power to assure that you are delighted with the results of our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is the service which will help to increase the potentiality of your product photos to the customers.

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