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Portrait retouching is something special that needs extraordinary focus on your digital photography skill. In this process, a professional photo editor brings exceptional quality and attractiveness. As a portrait retoucher, we bring perfectness and fix the issues of skin flaws, color aspect, and many more. 

In the era of the extremely competitive market place, from the point of view of any business, the function of digital photographs is highly compelling. Beautifully retouched photos exemplify the brand and represent the business in the best possible way. This is why portrait retouching plays a vital role in the marketing and branding of a business. Thus now photo retouching is the most externalize activity of the market industry.

Why Will You Need This Service?

Portrait retouching has become so demandable that the retouching service is now given by professionals. Outsourcing photo retouching has become a common practice. Experienced and new professional photographers are also outsourcing it to a great extent even for full time, other photographic companies who have very tight schedule shires outsources to edit their pictures. 

There are a bunch of advantages for a business if you take the photo retouching service by the professionals. In the trend of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram pictures have become a worldwide marketing language. We always attract much better to the picture than to the words. So portraits retouched by professionals should be at the top of the list for business or trade purpose.



Portraits photographs are a crucial part of the branding of a business. A business can make the center attention on a specific style of editing to make a brand basis retouched image. This will eventually lead to a better customer approach.



The main objective of photo retouching is to make the pictures look more appealing. Nowadays business does not want to represent their product or services with ordinary or commonly edited portraits. Professionally retouched pictures can instantaneously change the appearance and quality of the portraits to make it look more perusable to the customers which will result in better sales.



Portrait retouching helps start-up businesses in a great way to gain popularity in a short span of time. Almost half of the people in this world tend to have faith in companies who have authentic images on their web portal rather companies who have displayed mediocre stock images on their website. Portrait retouched in a professional way can make a dull looking product more alluring.



In an e-commerce based market, an online business where the portraits of products and services have a great impact on the business it requires to have a continuous stream of digital high end looking pictures on regular basis. Almost all the consumers of these products select the product on the basis of the picture quality and detailing of the picture. 

Portrait retouching apps makes it easier to edit the pictures by having the option of setting a certain retouch specification and applying it later on to the other images, thus less effort is needed. So if someone has lots of the same kind of portraits, he can instantly edit all of it by applying previously defined editing settings.


The brawny marketing strategy or we can call it the social media strategy, this is the generation which is basically run by social media. Social media is now the most predictable marketing channel. Instagram to Pinterest and lots of other social media platforms have helped to bring customers to business more closely than before. 

When you retouched the portraits professionally before upload, adding visual cues, beautiful word-art, etc.,  this can give your business a better start over in the market among other competitors.



One of the greatest benefits of portrait retouching is the images can be used for various purposes. The images can be used for different projects with the use of editing tools by changing its background or band together it other images. This helps efficiently in the marketing plan without giving much effort.

 It is important to retouch the portraits in a different and a modern style to make it stand out among other professionally retouched portraits to gain more attention of the customers. It is extremely important for a business to have better quality images to connect more to the audiences or customers.

So now as you know the advantages of portrait retouching, it makes the promotions of your business more appealing to the customers. But the selection of a portrait retouching service is also equally important as a wrong choice for the editor can put you or your business in a difficult situation.

Different Portrait Retouching Services

To get the best portrait you must have the best cameras in your possession which are designed especially to capture portraits. You must be a skilled and trained professional portrait photographer to click perfect portraits, otherwise, your portraits will not be up to the mark. But the specially redesigned cameras and the training are quite expensive, so will you leave your passion if you are not able to afford it? No, not anymore! 

Now, with the help of our high end photo retouching services, you can turn your worst portraits into the best. Now all kind of portrait retouching services are being provided starting from the skin retouching to object removal everything can be done by the professional editors.



Skin retouching is the process where the grease is removed from the face to get a beautiful look. Another objective of skin retouching is to remove the blemishes, this will give a flawless look immediately. Glamour retouching also enhances the quality of the portrait.



Virtual makeup surely helps to make every imperfect makeover perfect. There are unlimited and varieties options available in this famous brunch of portrait editing. This option helps you to turn your satisfactory makeup into an amazing makeover, just like the way you want.


A smiling picture will always spread positivity. The importance of a great smile should not even be explained, everyone already knows the value that it holds. A perfect smile can melt tough hearts in just a few seconds and obviously for a beautiful smile the teeth should be clean and white as well. So, here we can make your teeth look much more perfect through our teeth whitening portrait editing service.


Nowadays we often see people look much younger than they are in real. So you think are they going from surgery to keep their wrinkles away or is it a botox? Let me tell you the secret behind it, maybe the portraits are retouched by professionals by using the wrinkles removing editor. The wrinkle removing options helps you to look at least 5 years younger. It is not a mere puff at all it is your “dream came true” retouching option


Did you ever notice, that every famous portrait have perfectly themed backgrounds? You might think that they spend lots just to get a perfect background, it has become a myth now. As with the help of portrait retouching service now we are able to change the background and make it look mesmerizing.



Sometimes unwantedly some objects can come into the portrait, the photographer overlooked it, thinking it a minor issue. Though in some cases this makes a picture look imperfect, so by object removal editing it can be easily removed now.

Why Are We best?

Portrait retouching is a unique way of making a picture look more exclusive than in real the picture is. It can make the picture look more vivid. The process of retouching portraits goes with a procedure that contains some general and compulsory tasks, such as color correction, natural skin smoothening, eyes imperfects, make-up failures, blurry background and also dealing with red eyes removal. It ultimately results in the enhancement of the overall picture quality.

Portrait retouching increases the attractiveness of the pictures and recently light-room and Adobe Photoshop this two retouching application has become pretty much popular in the new generation. Image Retouching Lab has been regarded as the best retoucher at the present time with its innovative and indifferent characteristics. We don’t call ourselves special only for the team size or our expertness. Those are basic criteria to provide digital photo retouching services. 

Our Pricing

We have a very reasonable pricing chart for both small or big orders. Compared with other portrait retouching service providers, you will get the professional photo editing services at a cheap rate from us. 

See Our Portraits

There are hundreds of projects done by our expert team. Here are some samples of our best photo editing services below. Let’s have a look! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Well! Image Retouching Lab team has been working in this industry for several years. We have the best designers with great skill. You can justify our quality by the portfolio, customer reviews, and skill.

Well! We offer $1.99 US dollars for a simple portrait retouching project where you will get unlimited revision with each of the packages. 

You will find us 24/7. Our dedicated designers are always available to serve you the best quality work.

Sure! We offer a free trial where you can send us up to three images. to justify our team of portrait retoucher.

We accept all the major file formats like  PNG, JPG, TIFF, and PSD.

It’s easy to start with Image Retouching Lab. Send your favorite photo with your demand and get the outcome within the shortest period.

Sure! We are experienced enough with providing bulk photo editing service. You will get a special discount on bulk order.

Actually, it varies with different issues. We always try to deliver the service within your time limit. 

Customer is always our first priority. So, we don’t take any risk on this fact. You will get unlimited revisions from us if you are not satisfied after the delivery. So, no need to worry about that. Definitely, you will get the best solution regarding your project compared with the other portrait retouching services. 

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