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product photography pricing

Easy way to find product photography pricing

Product photography is all about presenting a product attractively in front of a wide range of audience. It is one kind of photography that business owners need for their product. Product photography does the overall improvement for a website as well as a business. While promoting a business or selling a new product in the market, product photography is mandatory. It is the same as another type of photography, but it’s a bit challenging. Finding the right product photography is not so easy. You will find this article helpful while you are on the verge of launching your product.

What is product photography?

No matter how your product looks like. You need a little touch up to make your photo perfect. You can work on your own product, photography. But it’s a wise decision to go for product photography service providers. In the case of an e-commerce store, product photography is essential. There is no specific definition to it. But product photography is something that is used for editing and enhancement of a product image.

Customers can not smell or touch your products. They have to see the product photos on your site. Thus they make a purchase decision. Attractive product photos can increase the number of customers. If your product photo looks bad, your clients will not be interested. Product photography can convey your message to your clients easily.

Websites, billboards, magazines, and e-commerce stores are popular users of product photography. Product photography makes it easier for a business to sell their product. Remember that social media and ads are increasing engagement with eye-catchy product photos.

What are the factors to consider for product photography pricing?

Not only the entrepreneur, but photographers are also seen to be confused regarding product photography pricing. TO get the right and suitable price for product photography is not so easy to get. Nowadays, the product photography is not available at a low cost. But it adds more value to your product as well as your brand. Excess pricing can cause to loss of your business whereas low price can result in the low-quality image. Pricing of product photography depends on several factors. But everything will go smooth if you know before you order.

The number of images:

The price range of your product image depends on the number of images in most of the cases. Some of the product photography service providers charge a specific price for single images. Sometimes when the number is more, they have discount offers. But a different type of product has a different type of range. Some companies charge a different price range for advertising photography. 

The time needed to shot:

The specific time needed to shoot product photo is an important factor to consider in case of product photography. Some of the photographers charge a specific rate based on per hour. If you are working on a fashion shoot, it will take much time. The time to set up the equipment, shoot time, and post product time, everything is related to this. Try to be realistic to understand why time is a factor to consider here.

Quality of the photographs:

Work quality is the main thing to focus on while considering the price range for product photography services. Photographers who are skilled and use professional equipment can charge more. They can charge a premium price from you. They know how to get your work done. So they can charge higher. If you want quality work, you have to consider the price rate.

Additional editing:

After editing an image, images need additional editing. Some of the images need additional editing with specific requirements. This kind of editing includes cropping images, removing the background or color correction. Image editing charge is added to every image. Besides, how much longer, deeper or wider your product is, the cost for additional editing depends on that.

Why you need good product photography?

Product photography is very important to describe a product in front of customers. The features that you cannot generally describe in words, product photos can make it clear to your customer. In the case of general stores, customers go and pick up the products. But when it is an e-commerce store, they do not get the chance to touch the product. They have to see the product in the image and have to decide on a purchase. So there is no doubt that product photographs have to be alluring.

The secret to increasing sale:

Good product photography focuses on the product. You know the specific features of your products. But to increase sales, you have to present the specific features of your product in front of your customers. When you display products professionally and clearly, you are sure to increase the sale of particular products. Professional product photos highly encourage customers to purchase. So it’s the secret to boost up your product’s sale.

Make the product stand out:

It is essential for you to make your product photo stand out. Everyone has shopping experience with online stores. Most of the time we get to know about products from social media posts. WE can get to know about products from magazines also. But we have to take instant purchase decision without thinking twice. That is the thing good product photography does. Good product photography makes your product to stand out from the crowd. 

Where is the best product photography pricing?

Now you have a good understanding of what product photography is. You know about the factors to consider for your product photography. We are now going to cover different product photography service providers and their price range. You will get an insight into their price ranges and other additional charges so that you can estimate your budget before you order.

Nijol creative:

This is one of the creative and unique product photography service providers who capture amazing product photographs. They have an expert team of the photographer. Their photographers take photos from every angle to represent a product uniquely. They can bring life to your product photo. Realistic photos are enough to make your brand unforgettable. They have a modern and trendy photo studio for the photoshoot.

Pricing rate:

Now comes up their price range. They have set a budget-friendly price range. Their price range starts at a very low rate. Nijol creative charges $3 for each image. For bulk images, the price range can be increased.

1-5 photos $50
5-15 photos $35
15-20 photos $40
More than 20 photos $45

Thrive professional studio:

Thrive professional studio is a reliable name in the world of product photography. They have proven themselves as an expert place for product photography. They offer various type of product photography. Their ordering process is very simple. Their pricing system is a bit different. Their price range depends on the number of products you order.

Pricing rate:

If you order a single image, the price range is different for that. If you order more than one image, you get a discount offer. If it is more than ten images, you get more discounts on your order. They take $4 for each image.

1-5 photos $45
5-10 $32
10-15 2$5
More than 15 photos 1$2

Square up:

Square up provides all kinds of automated product photography services. They have taken product photography to a surprising level. They have their studio for better quality product photography. They have all kinds of tools and services to make your product photo stand out. You can send all your requirements at the time of order. Whether you want to highlight specific features or specific angles, you have to mention that during your order for your image. Square up does not take any startup fee, statement fee, or refund fee. Their payment system is easy. They do not charge a different rate for different credit cards.

Pricing rate:

Square up does not take any startup fee, statement fee, or refund fee. Their payment system is easy. They do not charge a different rate for different credit cards. They charges $4 for an image.

1-3  photos $40
4-10photos $32
11-15 photos $25
More than 10 photos $16

Product photography.com:

Product photography.com is specialized in product photography for website and Amazon products. They have thousands of clients all over the world. No matter what your location is, their team of expert staff can deliver your expected quality images. Their staffs are passionate about creative excellence. They monitor everything very carefully in order to provide the best services.

Pricing rate:

They provide different type of product photography. In this way, they have set different ranges of the price for a different type of products. Let’s know about their classic product photography price rate:

Single photo $60
2-4 photo $54
5-9 photos $48
10-19 photos $92
20-49 photos $36
50-99 photos $24


Their product photography price range is based on the number of product photos you order. The cost of can is decreased based on the number of photographs they shot. So they offer you affordable product photography pricing. They guarantee you the highest quality of work. If you order at least five photos, they offer a specific price range. If you order more photos, they have another range of price. They have served more than 500 companies. 

Pricing rate:

1-5 photos $25
6-30 photos $20
31-100 photos $15
100-700 photos $11
More than 700 photos $7
Group photo $15-$30

Product photography pricing is a critical factor. But the pricing range depends on the types of products. At the end of the product photoshoot, the outcome will be amazing. It will look exactly how you have wanted to see the product. In the same way, when you want to get the best-expected outcome, you have to consider the pricing rate. Pricing range can vary. And according to that, the quality of work depends on the range of the price. 

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