When you think about Shopify, a green shopping bag with a letter S written on it comes to mind first. It is at the peak of the shopping solution for every business. Your business can be a smart online store with the most significant ideas from Shopify.

The most powerful and sturdy leading e-commerce platform to sell products worldwide is Shopify. It has made everything easy for businesses to increase their sell. There are a lot of things to know about Shopify. But we want to make you learn the very basic things regarding this and the image sizes.

What is Shopify?

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Shopify is the incredible web application that helps you to make your online store. The templates that Shopify provides can be customized with the brand requirements for physical or digital goods.

It makes a business to run efficiently. The professional support of Shopify is excellent. It comes as the core solution to everything from the setup till to the end. Overall, it works like a constructor to build your business. The working process is quite straightforward.

Shopify comes as a solution to make you tension free to make your online store. The main idea of Shopify entails that the users can create their store without a web developer. It gives the user more control over the design. They do not need to go to a design agency. It is known as Saas tool that you can manage from anywhere.

Shopify accepts payments in different currencies. You can pay through an authorized merchant account.

Do you need to know the right dimension of images?

There is no perfect size for Shopify images, but best practices can make you get the right. You get adequate options in Shopify to upload images. Shopify allows you to upload 4472*4472 pixel images. But the size of the file becomes large enough. You know that the large file makes the site slow. This does not mean that you should upload an image size of 4472 pixels. If your images are too large, that will slow your site down.

If you want to upload high-resolution retouch images, you have to sacrifice the quality as well as you sell. You will start losing your customers when your site is slow. Customers switch to other sites if it delays a few seconds to load.

Know the right dimension of images in Shopify

shopify image sizes

Shopify mainly suggests uploading images with 2048*2048 pixels, especially for the square size photos. This is the recommended size. This kind of images gives images a professional look. But for zoom-in function, images have to be 800*800 pixels. According to Amazon, images have to be 1000*1000 pixels. Keep the ratio of height and width of your image the same.

Your image displays your store in front of the customer as well as in your home page, checkout page, and cart page. When the size of the image is the same or square, that presents a sharp look of your image. IT is easy to reposition images when the images are square in size. Most of the time, customers tend to browse from the phone. Keep in mind to make it easy for customers to browse easily.

Let’s Know About The “Shopify Image Sizes” Strategy


The widely supported and the most common format of images is JPG. The file size is small, and the color range is good. This format of the image allows you to keep a balance between the image quality and file size. Shopify recommends JPG format of images. JPG format if images can deliver the small size of pictures with good quality. JPG images are good for product photo.


The widely accepted image format is PNG. PNG improves the GIF format. It does not losses the image quality. PNG format supports transparency. But it is not like the JPG format which is universally compatible.


The BMP format is used for the Windows ecosystem. This size of image supports alpha channels, data compression, and universal compatibility. Images in BMP format can be perfect in fact, but the file size is large enough.


Images in GIF format are small in size. GIF format of the image is replaced by the PNG format. But GIF format is still in use for animation because it supports animation. The GIF format is recognized by browsers all over the world.


TIFF format images offer high resolution. Users can save multiple images and pages in a file. This format is widely supported. TIFF images are large. If your file format is small in size, we don’t want to recommend TIFF format.

In a nutshell, if you need a small size of images with standard quality, JPG is the best format. When you offer 360-degree shots with a small file, GIF is helpful. BIMP and TIFF format offers great quality images, but image sizes are heavy.

Image size for mobile

Your phone screen has the opposite orientation compared to your desktop. In this way, Shopify resizes images to make it fit for the smaller screen of the mobile phone. Some of the images need manual editing. Shopify makes the images square with cropping. Thus the images get the square size, and it looks centered.

When the image size is large, there is a probability to load slowly. But customers never agree to wait. When they browse in mobile, they want to get everything faster. Give much importance to optimize your images. The recommended image size for Shopify can be blurring if you resize it. It makes your store look better.

Reasons why you should choose Shopify

why you should choose Shopify

Why should you use Shopify? Sometimes you have to think out of the box which can bring the best solution for your business. You will like to work with Shopify better than other ecommerce solutions. According to some of the e-commerce, Shopify is the best ecommerce software. Shopify is now the leading solution for online e-commerce stores. Shopify has made a drastic change in businesses. An increasing number of businesses use Shopify to boost their e-commerce. We are going to make you know why Shopify matter. It is important to know for you whether you go for sign up.

1. Famous brands use Shopify:

Shopify is hosting global brands. Well-known brands use this e-commerce platform. So there is no doubt that using Shopify for your business. World-famous brands like Tesla, Nestle, and Kylie have used Shopify. So it is good enough if you use Shopify now.

2. Shopify offers more:

Shopify tool offers more than other e-commerce platforms. It works as an inventory management system. It offers an e-commerce business to sell through channels like Facebook or Pinterest. Business can manage inventory and sales tax collection.

3. Handling large inventory:

Implementing everything is a bit challenging. Shopify can add more feature to grow a business. It can definitely increase your online sales. Shopify can handle a large inventory very easily. The simple usability has made it easy to handle large inventory.

4. Available customer support:

Shopify helps and supports business with everything to set up a profile properly. Whatever you need, they are ready to help. They are always knowledgeable, supportive, and available all the time. Shopify is updating and innovating the latest features.

5. Improves SEO:

SEO is the key to your website, and you will find the result within a very short span of time. You will see your website on the first page of the search. If you can customize your SEO properly, you are sure to be pleased with Shopify.

6. Pricing:

Shopify can be pricey for some growing business. They take a small transaction fee only for small stores. With the growth of your store, you have to pay a higher fee monthly. But everything is structured In Shopify. The setup is also great.

7. Mobile friendly:

Shopping on the mobile phone has increased in recent years. It is highly important that your e-commerce should be accessible to the mobile phone. If your page loads slowly, customers are disappointed. But Shopify is mobile-friendly, and it is designed for the new e-commerce businesses. Individuals can access web contents with handheld devices.

8. Great e-commerce solution:

Shopify comes as a complete e-commerce solution for a business. This package comprises of sales channel integration, hosting, cart functionality, and security all in one. While you are on the way to build your e-commerce store, Shopify saves both your time and money. You can operate with the least amount of costs.

Final words

I hope that this article will help you in the right direction. We have given you all the questions regarding Shopify images sizes. Now you are sure that Shopify is a fit for your e-commerce platform. You will love to work with it. Explore the tools you need for the growth of our business. If you intend to re-platform your e-commerce, learn about the features from here.