Wedding photography is crucial as it will you capture your special day. It will capture one of the best moment of your life. It will portray a beautiful story of your precious day, a day that you will always remember. A memorable story that you will share with family, friends, kids and proudly with the grandchildren too. It will be your lifetime treasure. But there is a thing that cannot be controlled like the vague lighting in the hall, and a bride’s not so glowy face. So, at that time wedding photo retouching service can be your ultimate savior and take the quality of your portraits to another level.

Why Image Retouching Lab?

If you want to bring the absolute radiance to your wedding portraits and looking to stand out from the crowd with the help of retouching service, then you are at the right place. It is difficult to task for every wedding photographer to get the perfect shot every time. No matter how expensive the camera is or how beautiful is the decoration or background, portraits those are retouched by professionals are always a step ahead and much more preferable than non-retouched portraits. This is why this retouching service is now so demandable both by the client and the photographer.

Therefore wedding photo retouching has occupied a big place in the photography industry. A wedding is the D-day of everyone’s life. The photos of this day should be flawless and perfect as this day comes once in a person’s life. Clients are very fond of wedding portraits as this gives them lifetime memories. So if you are unsatisfied with your wedding pictures or you are a wedding photographer you can take our wedding portrait retouching service to make your pictures look more glamorous and gorgeous.


Our Best Service

our best-service

So if you are overloaded with new orders and do not have time to edit the wedding photos of your client or want to make your wedding photographs more special. Nothing to worry as you can trust our professional wedding photo retouching service. Our company is the maestro in giving the best service to the clients, wedding photographers and management companies.

The method of editing, altering and transforming pictures with the help of digital photo editing software is known as retouching. A photo has to go through several tasks to make it look more alluring. The quality of a photo is improved by portrait retouching without losing any pixels or reducing the resolution, which makes it more impressive and appealing. The process includes several tasks starting from skin retouching to adding or removing third party persons.

1. Picture Stitching


3. Picture Culling


Picture stitching is very useful in dramatic photo retouching. Our professional retouchers may select the best photos in different poses with good contrast and stitch them together which will ultimately result in a glorious photo.

The high-end retouching service for your wedding pictures is here now! This service is basically about keeping an image intact with the texture and details remaining same to avoid fakeness. It will make sure that the picture looks unretouched but polished at the same time. It is possible only with good editing skills. No need to waste your time by being sad over your not so good wedding photographs anymore. We will give your wedding photos a new look by retouching them. Our retouchers use a pen tablet and Photoshop for providing amazing retouching service. So send you retouching photos to us and get ready to be amazed!

It’s a time conserving option; our expert editors go through your mega list of images and match it with the perfect option. Throughout the entire procedure our team will rely on your choice and requirements in terms of image quality so that our retouch falls in line with your expectations. Our company can be hired for advanced picture culling services in the country.

4. Ghosting Correction

5. Color Correction



High-end retouchers make sure that pictures stand in a line perfectly and destroys all kind of blurriness, deformation and ghostly images. You can know the importance of the striking difference in the high-end retouching before after pictures.

Our editing experts are concerned with the blending of the pictures so that the photos can get more brilliance in colors, look lustrous but with no extreme saturated colors that are usually a part of HDR pictures. The color correction is made to the picture to get a more natural look. If you choose us for color correction service then we can guarantee you the best service by doing color correction of your wedding photos professionally through our retouchers.

It is an easy job to add or remove an object or person. Placing or removing them from a photo perfectly is also needed. We do professional photo editing by using Photoshop. If you send the instructions properly, then we guarantee to edit pictures exactly the way you need.

7. Background changing

8. Sharpening



Every individual wants their wedding in a beautiful and gorgeous place but maybe your desired banquet hall was booked and unfortunately, your wedding function took place at some other place which was not much preferable to you. So, this will also affect wedding photos’ background and you may think the whole image lost its attraction. To solve this problem, we have launched background remove service for wed-photos.

There are two crucial things that should be remembered before starting sharpening the photo. Sharpening the photo should be the last thing to do in the photo retouching process. Before sharpening the image it needs to make sure that all other forms of retouching have been done previously. Then the sharpening should be done precisely. It should be done by keeping in mind the size in which the final image is going to be. This will take a bit more time but definitely, it will make a great difference to your picture quality.

Your wedding photo album is the one that has your moments of happiness in it. For your satisfaction and happiness now we even provide the service of editing and a lovely wedding album for you. We are committed to providing you the best wedding photo retouching service.

Benefits of Our Services

Photo retouching services are mainly about conve rting large-size images into smaller ones without minimizing the quality of the image for faster web page loading, resizing and cropping, making them appealing and also adding contrast, radiance, and colors where it is required.

Even after being or hiring a professional expert photographer, with specially designed cameras still would not be able to stop unexpected or undesirable materials from bursting into your photos. You can not delete things like pimples, nose or poor lightning from your pictures. Things like this cannot be controlled by you or your photographer. Pictures can look fake and overdone by using free editors that are available online. This is the prime reason for you needing best photo editing services. Our digital photo editing services are able to correct color and change the exposure, eliminate unfavorable items, etc.

In gaining brand popularity and new clients an image with good quality can definitely help you. It’s a must for all kind of business to have a good quality image to make your business grow rapidly. Now photos have become the worldwide marketing language. Definitely better quality images portray your business in a good way. If the first thing your client’s notices on your website is an unclear picture with poor lighting or your family and friends criticizing your wedding poor retouching skills, would you feel good? The right picture can speak a thousand words which will define your brand name or your story. To get professional and attractive images for your wedding and other purposes, you can take the service of a photo retouching company. We have a team of experts, who will help you with the best photo retouching services and make your wedding day memorable forever.

Wedding Retouching Rates

We are capable to provide cheap wedding photo editing service for our valuable customers. Contact us if you have a bulk order. Hope, you will love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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