Quality is the crucial thing that you have to consider in case of Amazon photo editing. The game is to make your product stand out from others. Buyers like to go for the appealing and eye-catchy photographs. We are here to give you a clear idea about the Amazon product photo editing service.

What is Amazon photo editing?

Amazon is the e-commerce website that has got the most view and visit. E-commerce business is based on the images of products. According to Amazon, there are some specific rules and regulations of product image size and measurement uploaded for all kind of business. Know how to edit photos for Amazon if you want to be one of the best sellers there.

High-quality product images on your Amazon site increases customer while poor quality images make them return. The visitor at Amazon not only stays a long but also becomes a regular customer if they find world-class photos in your store.

Why is Amazon product photo editing necessary?

Your product images in Amazon create the first impression of your brand on your customer. Amazon product photo does the 60% task of selling your product. These product photos provide all the necessary information for your customer, which makes them take a purchase decision.

Do you know how many images can you have on Amazon? You can demonstrate eight alternative photos with the main picture. You have a chance to show the prominent features of your product. This creates more interest in your product. 

Amazon image editing tips

Product photos play a vital role to increase the sale of a business. But the images must be standard and excellent as your photos represent your product. It creates an impression for your real buyers. So you have to be careful about the quality of your product photo. We have shared with you Amazon image editing tips to give a full insight.

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Follow the technical Amazon photo requirements

The most important thing that you need to remember is to follow the technical requirements of Amazon product requirements. When you set up your product page, you need to ensure that you meet Amazon guideline. If you fail to meet the technical specifications, Amazon will not accept that. Always try to check their site to know the up to date information.

White background

Display your product photo on white background. It is one of the requirements of Amazon. If you do not display on white background, Amazon will not accept it. You have to ensure that your main image is on the white background. Use advanced Amazon product photo editing software to make the background white.

Include the main features

You cannot add text into your main image. But you can add text into the additional images. Take this chance to highlight your key features. Include the main and unique features of your product. Main features are included in the packet but do focus on that only.

Remove blurry objects

Amazon never allows uploading blur images.  Blurry images are the cause of losing a customer. Your product photo will not consist of any blur object. It cannot have an additional element. Product photos must be in focus. You should remove any distracting part from your product image.


Your product photo must be eye-catchy. Remove unwanted objects from your product images and enhance the brightness of the images. Correct the photo color and add a white background. This will bring out the best product photo.

Zoom in

Keep in mind the Amazon zoom function. Make it easy for customers to look at your photos closely. Zoom in feature makes it easy for your customer to see the product from a close direction. It makes it easy for them to take a purchase decision. Customers can have access to all the functions of a product. The product details become more visible to customers.

Use various products

The primary purpose of a product image is to give the customer detail of your product. Use a variety of product image so that your customer gets the full idea regarding your product. If you cannot decide the angle from which your customers like to see your product, you can go to some stores. Observe some customer reaction. Focus on the lighting in the time of photo shoot.

Hire photographer

If you don’t have a tight budget, you can hire photographers. Go for a photographer who is knowledgeable about your industry. Professional photographers know well to take photos from the perfect angle. You can seek advice from the people in the relevant industry before you go for a photographer.

Add important information

To make customer focus on your product, use Amazon product photos. Include vital information to make your product unique. A detail of the product feature draws customer attention quickly. It makes it easy to get noticed.

Try out editing

A little improvement in your product photo can have a great outcome. You always have a chance to improve your product image. So take the opportunity. Make the proper use of that. Adjust the color, retouch the photos, or go for some photo editing companies to edit your photos.

Use text in your images

If you want to attract customers, you have to highlight all your unique and special features. Include these features on the right side of the product image. You can use multiple pictures so that it becomes easier for the customer to understand easily. Besides, you can also include any special instructions.

Requirements for main product photos in Amazon

Along with rules and regulations, Amazon has specific requirements for the main products.

1. The product image should focus adequately and have a professional look.

2. Your image background must be in white.

3. Your image must consist only of important graphics and text.

4. Make sure that the image has a smooth edge.

5. The image must not include any kind of watermark

6. The product photo cannot consist of any kind of additional object that is confusing.

7. The image should fill up the maximum portion of the frame.

Requirements for alternative product photos in Amazon

Amazon has a lot of requirements for product photos. There are some design requirements for alternative product photos. If you want to represent some additional information, know the criteria for alternative product photos.

1. Amazon does not allow any offensive images. Racist or pornographic images are not allowed.

2. Pictures taken from closer directions are allowed.

3. If your pictures are useful, that will be authorized.

4. If you show the environment in the background or product in use, Amazon will let the photos.

5. Your products must be in realistic color.

Be aware of some of the common mistakes

Some common mistakes can make your product photo quality poor. You can avoid these mistakes if you are aware of before. You can go for professional product photography if you want the best quality photos. Try to be aware of the following mistakes.

Do not make a completely white background:

The wrong color background is one of the mistakes in the case of Amazon product photos. Same as that, the pure white color background is another mistake. This totally against goes against the main product image requirements of Amazon. Be aware that you do not do this mistake because this seems unappealing and unprofessional.

Poor photoshop editing:

Odd-looking images are not appropriate for Amazon. Your product photos can be inaccurate in size and proportion. On the other hand, photos edited in Photoshop can look odd sometimes. Images edited by other image editing software can be weird sometimes. Make sure that your product images are not poor quality.

Lifestyle photos:

You cannot use irrelevant lifestyle photos. Your lifestyle photo should address the use of your product. Irrelevant lifestyle images upset customers. If you are selling lifestyle products, the images become one of the essential parts for you.

Unfavorable angle:

Images taken from a poor angle cannot provide sufficient information to the customer. Pictures taken from poor angles cannot provide information regarding the size, features, and use of the product. Try to take photos that fill up the whole space. 

Edit your Amazon photos

One question can come into your mind that how to edit your Amazon photos. No worries if you do not know how to edit Amazon product photos. There are some image editing companies. You can go for their Amazon product photo editing services. You will find a vast number of companies available nowadays. They provide services at a very reasonable price. We want to recommend you to go to these companies for better services.

Bottom line

Amazon photo editing is not a little aspect. It needs some years of skill. Try to go through these instructions for good quality photos. Professional looking images are one of the significant components of the Amazon product page. The thing that you have to give importance is quality. You can boost your sale using professional-looking images.