Image retouching lab aims at sharing useful, interesting, and informative contents for a wide range of audience. We are looking for experienced, talented, and passionate writers to write for our blog. We appreciate writers who intend to share articles to our site. IF you are looking for such an opportunity and interested to write for our website, go through our guideline.

Guidelines to submit an article

  1. The article should contain at least 1000 words, normally with relevant detail.
  2. You should add multiple subheadings.
  3. By submitting contents to our web site, you agree entirely with all of our terms and conditions.
  4. Your content must be authentic and unique. Articles have to be high quality and relevant to our topic.
  5. Send us your article samples with your author, bio. Include briefly the kind of content you are interested in writing. You can add the link to your website and your social media networks.
  6. Ensure that your article must not publish anywhere else. We do not accept previously published articles.
  7. We reserve the right to make any changes, add or remove details to your article.
  8. You have to add details about what are your topics, ideas certainly,
  9. Once your article is published in our site, that will be owned by the Image retouching lab.
  10. When you send the article, make sure that you send it in the MS Word.
  11. We do not accept plagiarism from any other source. Before submitting your article to us, ensure that you agree to our terms and conditions.
  12. The body part of your article should consist of a brief and lucrative introduction part.

What additional information you have
to send with your article?

We like to include some additional information regarding our authors. We may add your brief biographical information with the article that you submit. Please add a very short description of yourself.

How to submit your article?

  1. Take a short look at our previously published articles and read those very carefully. Get ideas regarding the writing pattern of our article. Try to understand what type of content we publish on our website. Make sure that your article follows our style.
  2. Write at least 1000 word on your idea and send it at our email address.
  3. Send us two or more topic ideas that you want to write on.
  4. Once you submit your article at our email address, we will assign an editor to check your article. Our editors will review your article. If your content in the article is publishable, they will work with it.
  5. The article will go for final review whether we will publish it on our website or not.
  6. Make sure your articles follow our writing style and guide properly.

Why write for Image retouching lab?

Authentic format

We offer a format for writing that is authentic and totally different from other typical websites. Most of the writers for our site are researchers. They conduct research before writing for our site.


Image retouching lab has well known for maintaining high quality. We attempt to maintain the quality writing standard. Our writers work with a team of editors. All the articles are reviewed before we publish it. We don’t compromise writing quality.

Immediate submission

We hardly make delay in submitting articles. When we get a good quality article, we publish that immediately. If you have any issue to mention, you are in the right place.


Image retouching lab has a vast number of visitors worldwide. Articles that we publish on our site are free of charge. Articles that we publish on our website are here for good.

Who can write for our site?

We accept writings from different range of people, including designers, editors, retouchers, academics, students, and people who are keen to write for our website. We focus on whether you have something to share with the Image retouching lab. We appreciate that if you are eager to share your thoughts. We do not pay for your writing, and we have no
offers. The perk is our reader’s satisfaction. If you are knowledgeable about the topics that we publish, go through the topics, research on the relevant topic, write on it.

What type of writing do we accept?

We publish informative and original writings on photo editing topics. We cover a wide range of topics on photo editing and editing tools, technique. We are not academic publishers. This is why we do not publish any academic writing on our website. Most of our
published contents are based on in-depth research. We give priority on the way of presenting analysis and detailed information, keeping pace with the trend. This is why we like that if you contribute something different and interesting from what is available on our website. We publish writings on the related topics below –

Photo editing

We publish articles on photo editing. Photo editing is a broad criterion. They are based on in-depth research on photo editing tools and techniques. The articles we publish are information-rich most of the time. Writers present their ideas on different photo editing techniques.

Photo retouching

We accept writings on tips and techniques on photo retouching and tutorials for people who love to work on photo retouching.


You can write on photo editing in Photoshop. We publish posts on photo editing tools and techniques on Photoshop.

Clipping path

One of the crucial photos editing service is a clipping path as well as the most useful tool used for e-commerce purposes. We publish articles on clipping path and topics related to clipping path, how it works, how to use the Pen tool. You can write on it when you know about the issue ultimately.


We can accept any kinds of photography content.

How to Submit:

Please send us the topic here:

We highly appreciate that you submit your writing on our site. After reading your article, if we think that you are skilled in writing on our site, we will get back to you. If there is no opportunity for you to publish on our site, we will let you know soon. We appreciate your valuable time and effort for your article. If you think that you would like to contribute to our site, please get in touch!

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