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Background Removal Services

Background or no background – we replace boring backdrop, eliminate distracting elements, and infuse attractive effects into your photos. Choose Image Retouching Lab for professional-grade visuals and catch the eye of your audience.

Background Remove Services
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IRL Aids Visually

Driven World With Background Removing Services

Our services are designed to meet the needs of a variety of clients. White background, transparent background for product images, headshots, and more -we fulfill the varied demands of the industry.

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E-commerce Retailers

Use crisp, polished photos that draw in customers. Our professional image background service improves the way your product is presented online.


Photographers and Photography Agencies

You capture stunning photographs and we polish them. Keep your creativity running and leave the removal process to us.


Digital Marketing Agencies

We ensure your visuals become actually the king. Our services help to create attractive images and make them remembered!


Product-Based Businesses

For brochures, flyers, or other marketing materials, we deliver polished images for your brand. Impress your target customers by removing the backdrop from a photo.

Samples of Photo Background Removal Services

Some of Our Precious Efforts in Action

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Get Background Services In a Short Time

Complete your project in time with our efficient work method as we send back images with professional photo editing.

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Our Professional Background Removal Services Helping Businesses and Creatives

E-commerce Product Image Editing

Our improved product photos make your products look better, attracting more customers. Ensure a consistent and polished look across all your product images to create a cohesive visual appeal for your e-commerce store.

Ecommerce photo editing
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Clothing Photography Editing

We showcase the fine details and textures of your clothes, providing customers with a richer shopping experience. Our experts ensure that your garment colors look true to life, building trust in your brand.

Jewelry Photo Editing

We focus on every tiny detail, ensuring that every aspect of your jewelry shines. Our specialized editing techniques highlight the magnificence of your ornaments, making them irresistible to customers by enhancing the sparkle of gemstones and metals.

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Food & Drinks Photography

We enhance the appeal of food and drink photos to make them look delicious. Make your dishes look as tasty in pictures as they are in reality, attracting customers to try them.

Shoes and Bags Photography

Show off the great work and details in your shoes and bags with skilled editing. Keep a consistent and polished style across all your products to strengthen your brand.

Product Retouching
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Image background removal service

IRL's Skilled Removal Processes to Enhance Your Picture

Our skilled team uses advanced tools and techniques for flawless results.

Experience precision and artistry with our hand-drawn clipping paths. Our meticulous outlines enhance the subject and improve the overall composition for a flawless result

Using pen tools, our experts make perfect edits, ensuring a smooth and polished final outcome.

With this selection method, we efficiently and accurately separate what’s important in your images, so we can concentrate on making them perfect.

Our expert editors use this special tool to easily highlight and improve specific areas, making colors pop and details stand out.

Our background eraser tool helps remove the background so that your main subject stands out clearly without any distractions.

Our background eraser tool makes sure the background is clean and free of distractions, so your main subject can stand out prominently.


Choose IRL for the Best Background Removal Service

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The method of digitally modifying photos of jewelry to improve and refine them is known as jewelry retouching. It is essential to ensure that your products look professional and appealing to present them in the best possible light. Image Retouching does both basic and high-end jewelry retouching. Get a free trial and see the wonders our photo editors can do.


Image Retouching Lab (IRL) specializes in retouching all jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. We have extensive experience with a variety of materials and designs. Outsource jewelry photo retouching experts like Image Retouching La (IRL).


We receive payment via PayPal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfers.

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