As an avid gamer, you might know that the industry of Twitch streaming is blooming day by day. And it is a great opportunity for you to get the highest reach out by streaming your favorite game, which is Fortnite, on this giant platform of game streaming. If you have already decided to stream your passionate game on Twitch, then you must know that you need a Fortnite twitch overlay for your channel on the platform. In this article, you will learn which are the best twitch overlay for Fortnite and Where to find them.

Let’s Find out the Best Fortnite Twitch Overlay:

Free Fortnite Twitch Overlays:

Storm Call:

Storm Call is one of the best free Fortnite overlays out there. The overlay was designed by Twitch Overlay, which is a dominating overlay maker in the industry. And the company has been successful to build up a good reputation so far.

However, Storm Call is a great-to-go twitch overlay for Fortnite gamers across the world. It was, in fact, designed for Fortnite enthusiasts, being inspired by the art and style of the game. As a consequence, it will fit your channel where you intend to stream your favorite game.

The design of the overlay is simply beautiful, and you will definitely fall in love with it at the very first sight. It has stylistic flairs along with muted colors. Even the font, is Burbank Big. used to make the overlay is eye-catching.

Storm Call, however, comes with an overlay, four panels, four stream alerts, two webcams and a number of social media icons. So, it is a full ready-made pack for your streaming channels. Once you have downloaded the pack, you are ready to use it in your twitch channel without any trouble.


Electrolyte is another free Fortnite overlay offered by Twitch Temple. The overlay is so eye-catching that any Fortnite gamer will instantly fall in love with it whenever it is seen. That is to say, the overlay has a special combination with Fortnite game.

This overlay has been designed targeting Fortnite casual gamers. So, there is no chance to be disappointed with the design of it. In general, the overlay comes with multiple color schemes, which means that you can create an extra creative layer by combining.

You can use any language on the overlay as it has flexibility. In fact, the overlay has a ready-to-go system to translate into any language. So, if your target viewers are from your native country, this overlay can be the best choice for you.

Though we have listed the overlay in the category of free overlays, you will not get all the facilities at free of cost. It is a full stream package indeed. And to enjoy all the facilities of the package, you have to spend a few bucks from your pocket.

Fortnite Overlay:

It is a clean and crisp overlay. And it is designed by WDFlat, which is a leading company in the arena of twitch overlay. In fact, if you ever think of streaming elements, the name of the company will come in front of you at the very beginning.

The design of the overlay is, however, very simple. And there are not so many colors in it. The only color you will find in the overlay is yellow, which is substantial enough to attract viewers. In addition, the color may get you more visitors as Yellow is one of the most noticeable colors.

This overlay has 1080 pixels, and the font used in it is Burbank Big. You all know that the font is one of the most professional fonts used in different games. By the way, the overlay is basically a PSD file, so you can edit it if you want in the future.

Are you worried about how you can edit the overlay on your own? Well, there is nothing to worry about. The company has made a nice tutorial for Fortnite gamers. Just check the video and you will get to know everything from editing to installing.

Premium Fortnite Twitch Overlays:

Streamlays Fortnite:

The overlay was designed by Streamlays, which is a leading overlay designing company in the industry. As its name says, the overlay is specifically for Fortnite streamers. That is to say, you will have a professional Fortnite look on your Twitch channel if you use this overlay.

The design of the overlay is so fabulous that no Fortnite streamer can resist his curiosity to buy it. Basically, it is a green colored Twitch overlay, having a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

The file of the overlay is customized in order to make you comfortable while streaming on Twitch. In other words, you will not face any kind of problem as the file is customized. In fact, it is highly easy to use in any kind of game streaming channel.

It is super easy to edit the PSD file. But if you cannot edit it yourself, then you can take help from the company. They will edit it for you without charging an additional price. The Twitch overlay, however, will cost you $11.99 if you want to buy it for your channel.

Razor Green:

Razor Green is another premium twitch overlay, which is perfect of Fortnite game streaming. It is designed by one of the best companies in the industry of Twitch overlay, which is Twitch Overlay. The overlay is perfect for not only Twitch but also other streaming sites out there.

Being wholly a green-colored overlay, Razor Green basically features a highly clean as well as a metallic finish. Besides, you will get a number of elements, which you may exclude or include according to your taste.

Though the overlay has a number of elements to offer gamers, it is not that much expensive. It is highly reasonable for every gamer in the world indeed. To be more specific, the overlay will cost you $10 if you intend to buy it.


It is an animated Twitch overlay designed by Own3d. If you want to take your streaming to the next level, then this overlay can be a great choice for you. Basically, the overlay is offered as HTML5 format. That is to say, the overlays save your memory, and it easily goes into your processor.

This nicely designed animated overlay comes without webcam and alerts. Though you will not get webcam and alerts, your money will be invested on an outstanding overlay, which must be your primary concern.

The overlay, however, does not cost much trouble while integrating into a streaming software. Generally, the overlay is easy to integrate into any kind of streaming software; it does not matter if you use OBS or any other streaming software. You will find it handy to integrate.

By the way, if you have decided to buy the overlay for your channel, then you might want to know the price of it. For your kind information, the overlay will cost you $21.99. Fortunately, you can buy the overlay at a lesser price as the company offers discounts all over the year. A discounted price may be something around $13.19.

Custom Fortnite Twitch Overlays:

If you are a top-notch game streamer, then you must know that the best option for you is to make a custom twitch overlay. And if you are newbie, then you may be benefited from one of our articles on Custom Twitch Overlay. However,  as there are many companies offering the service of custom overlays, it is a hard job to find out the best company for your service. To skip the hassles, check out the companies listed below for a Fortnite Twitch Overlay.

Image Retouching Lab:


Image Retouching Lab is a leading company in the industry of custom twitch overlays. The designers of the company have vast experience in making twitch overlays for different types of games, especially for Fortnite game. Their overlays are high in demand and hundreds of gamers are placing orders at the company for custom overlays every month.


In terms of quality, the company is second to none. You can check their previously designed twitch overlays for a profound idea about the quality of their work. To give you an average idea, the twitch overlays designed by the company have outstanding color combination along with clean and crisp design.


Image Retouching Lab is very pragmatic regarding setting pricing plans for its services. In spite of offering the best services, the company does not charge a high amount of money from its clients. Its pricing plans are, indeed, extensively reasonable. For instance, you have to spend $5 to $40 for a Fortnite overlay, depending on your needs and demands.

Visuals By Impulse:


Visuals By Impulse is another giant company in the arena of twitch overlay. Apart from offering custom twitch overlay service, the company provides its clients with an array of free and premium twitch overlays. However, the mission of the company is to help game streamers stand out from the competition with outstanding and professional overlays.


The company is committed to providing its clients with a tip-top quality of services. As the mission of the company is to help gamers get established in the industry, it never compromises with the quality. The portfolio overlays are clear enough to get an idea about the quality of the service of the company.


We did not find any specific pricing plans for the service of Visuals By Impulse. If you want to know about the price for a Fortnite overlay, then you have to make a custom order at the website of the company. For this purpose, you need to fill up a web form. The form will require to give your name, email address, and stream URL.

Stream Play Graphics:


Stream Play Graphics boasts of having a bunch of professional graphic designers. And all of its designers are expert in making twitch overlays. The designers are committed to providing their clients with the best service. In fact, they try their best to meet all the demands as well as expectations of clients. Apart from making overlays, the experts of the company can also make mesmerizing offline screens, panels, and logos. So, you will get all you need for streaming your favorite game.


Quality is the first and foremost goal of Stream Play Graphics. As they have vast experience in the field of twitch overlays, they know how a professional overlay should be. Keeping the latest trends in mind, they strive to provide their clients with top-notch quality service. So, you will never get disheartened with quality if you place an order at the company for a Fortnite overlay.


Well, Stream Play Graphics has a wide range of pricing plans for its clients. The company does not charge the same amount of money from different gamers. Generally, the charge of its service varies depending on the type of work. That is to say, you have to spend based on the requirements of your twitch overlay. However, their pricing plans basically start from $25. Depending on your requirements, as it was said before, you might be charged additional fees.


As you have already known, you will find three different options in order to make a Fortnite twitch overlay. If you are a newbie, who has created a Twitch channel just out of passion, then free twitch overlays are the best option for you. And if you are a tip-top game streamer, then you can go for premium twitch overlays–which may not meet your demands in some cases.

On the other hand, if you are an avid gamer streamer, you should not approach to free and premium twitch overlays. In this case, you must go for custom twitch overlays. It is because only custom twitch overlays can meet all of your expectations. In addition, you will get a creative as well as a unique channel if you use a custom twitch overlay, which is made according to your own taste.


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