Choosing the best clipping path service provider through online media may be a tough decision to make for your personal or agency need.

Guess you have the best collection of images by your own but not ready for the use! Isn’t it boring to imagine?

Especially the background and the stuff that is more than simple photo editing can be delivered by professionals only. It is related to express a better outlook of your image.

Here I am showing you some best clipping path service provider companies from different areas.

How do you define clipping path service? 

Clipping path service has become a mandatory part of basic photo editing. Clipping path service is essential for product photos. Today’s market is highly competitive. You have to make your product photos appealing and attractive to make them stand out from the crowd. If your products are not attractive and different, people will not purchase them. Business owners edit their photos to make their products more attractive and increase their demand in the market. 

You must give a lot of time to the clipping path technique. Because if you are not working on the technique carefully, you can lose the true essence of a photo. Clipping path is applied using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop software. Only high professional and expert graphic designers can work with the clipping path service. 

Clipping path service is needed in many different professional sectors nowadays. In this way, people have to go for a photo editing service provider. But it’s not so easy to pick one best photo editing service, provider. It’s a time-consuming task to find out the best one. We have shown the top list to you so that it becomes easier for you.

Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best One!

Before we go to review the best clipping path service providers, we want to make you know about the factors which you can consider to choose the best one. Let’s know about the key factors to consider.

Service Quality

Never compromise service quality. Choose the company that ensures 100% high-quality clipping path services.

Free Trial

With the test images, you can judge the work quality of a company. Choose the one that offers a free trial so that you can see their work quality.

Quick Delivery

A quick turnaround is an essential factor to consider while choosing the best clipping path service provider. Companies that deliver work on time are the best ones.

Price Rate

Keep the pricing rate in your mind. Because when you have a tight budget, you have to seek for a company that offers a low price is comparing to others.

Image Safety

It is an essential thing that your images are secured when you send them to a company for clipping path services. You need security from them that they won’t share your pictures for any commercial or promotional purposes.

Portfolio :

Identify the portfolio of a particular photo editing company. From their portfolio, you can judge their work. Check their previous works.

Let’s Check Out The Best Clipping Path Service Provider Companies in 2020!

clipping path service provider

Image Retouching Lab comes with all kinds of photoshop tasks like photoshop retouching, image masking service, clipping path service, image manipulation, image shadowing, and so on.

They are working as one of the best service providers in this field having more than 12 years of experience with an outstanding expert team.

Pricing: image retouching lab has a different pricing chart for different categories of services. Clipping path service comes from just 0.29$ to 4.99$.

Like these, you will get the different valued services from a very low price to medium. Wait a minute, you will also get useful information in their blog section.

They update it regularly for the visitors. It may be your clipping path partner for the long run.

Quality:  The best part of the Image Retouching lab is its outstanding customer support. The quality is also the best in the industry. Most of the customers are highly satisfied with their services including prices.

Weedit. photos is an outsource photo editing company providing their services since 2003. They provide all types of creative clipping path services from common products to wedding services.

Pricing: You can choose from the basic level correction of your image to the extra level. It comes from 5$ to 10$. You can pay via PayPal service.

Quality: Most of the customers described weedit as a high-quality service provider for clipping path. Customer service is a little bit slow but the quality is much better.

clipping path service provider

Fixthephoto comes with a beautifully designed website and a lot of useful information for the clipping path service industry. It deals with all types of photo editing services like portrait, wedding, newborn, real estate, eCommerce, etc.

Pricing: Fixthephoto has a lot of pricing sections for the customers. The basic service begins with 5$ and the high-end service begins with 10$. You can choose whatever it suits you.

Quality: It has the best reviews from the customers since the beginning of its services. Choice of background seems stunning and professional. They are also sincere with the delivery time of products.

clipping path service provider

If you wish to take the best service for your wedding photo retouching and clipping path services Wedding-retouching may come in your first choice list. They have well-written blogs covers wedding photo retouching tutorials.

Pricing: Wedding Retouching provides a clear and structured pricing list for their customers. You will get cheap to an expensive price list on their website. Here, culling service deals with $2 and the wedding pro package deals with $159.

Quality: Quality provided by Wedding Retouching is quite professional and amazing. Customer support is very fast and friendly.

clipping path service provider

Picsera is a US-based photo editing company providing its services worldwide. Including Clipping Path service, they also offer culling and color correction, background removal, virtual staging service as well.

Picsera is engaged with the world’s top-class portrait and wedding studios and internet retailers including ecommerce, real estate, and the architecture industry.

Pricing: Its basic service begins at $1.10  and discount offer is valid for large packages. It’s better to contact before placing a large order.

Quality: As you will see some of their giant clients from this industry, you can go with it. They also provide nice customer support.

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path House is a sister company of KMS Group Australia ltd, deals with all kind of photo editing services including clipping path services for more than 7 years. They provide the best quality service at a competitively lower price for their clients.

Pricing: Clipping path service starts at $0.25 only. If your quantity is more than 200, contact with their support team. They have some discount on multiple services.

Quality: Clipping Path House has a good reputation on this service since years. They provide the best effort in customer service.

clipping path service provider

A beautifully designed website of Nude Retouching comes with the best services, especially in nude, boudoir and glamour photography retouching, and clipping path service. It has a well-established team of photographers and editing service provider in New York and London.

Pricing: Nuderetouching has three different pricing list. Standard service deals in 5$, complete is in 10$ and complete+ is in 15$.

Quality: Customers are happy with the deals and friendly customer support from the team.  Response time is also fast.

clipping path service provider

Another beautiful website you see for clipping path service is They are expert in isolating images from the backgrounds using clipping paths or masks. Their headquarter is in Morganville, New Jersey.

Pricing: Pricing is categorized from 1 to 7. It’s linked with a  time frame. You will get the service from $1.79 to $12.67 in Rush 12 hours package. If you go to the standard 24 hours package, the price will be less. Pretty cool, huh?

Quality: clarifies its details of time frame and pricing. That’s very specific. A customer doesn’t fall in confusion with its service. Quality is cool and customer service is average.

clipping path service provider

If you need creative clipping path service for your agency, ClippingBees is committed to delivering within a short time. They also provide image masking services using the latest Photoshop masking techniques.

Pricing: ClippingBees provide their service at a competitive and low price than others. It starts at %0.39 per image. You will get service from $1.79 to $12.67 in the Rush 12 hours package.

Quality: They are dedicated to providing their services within the shortest time period. Customer support is also satisfied. They will ensure you with a money-back guarantee.

clipping path service provider

Colorclipping is an international service provider in clipping path service. You will get cut to cut clipping path service with the pen tool. Though the headquarter is in London, UL, they have also branches in Australia, France, and Bangladesh.

Pricing:  The initial service of Color Clipping for this service starts at $0.29. It seems like a very cheap price than many companies.

Quality: Color Clipping provides good quality service at cheap rates. They are open for 24/7 including Sunday and other international holidays to give sales inquiry to their customers.

Offshoreclippingpath provider is from Asia region and running from 2010. Offshore Clipping Path has served more than 500 clients all over the world with quality. They provide multiple clipping path service, image masking and so on.

Pricing: Offshore Clipping Path offers a very reasonable price starting at $0.29. An interesting part of its pricing system is like a calculating tool.

You enter your service name, turnaround time, quantity and complexity level, then it will calculate it’s the proper price. Innovative and interesting, right?

Quality: This company is providing its services in the clipping path for the last 8 years. Quality is far good and support also. They also provide valuable tips on photography in the blog section.

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path India is one of the renowned clipping path service providers in Asia. It started in 2002 and serving the globe with its fast service. It operates its activities in different locations including Bangladesh, UK, and the USA.

Pricing: This company provides its service at $0.49 to $11.99. They offer to buy their Edit Credits to save money and time. The more you earn Edit Credit point, the more you save your money.

Quality: Clipping Path India has its expert team to provide the best quality for years. Customer support is a little bit slow but the quality is good.

clipping path service provider

Clipping USA is one of the leading image editing company having the best clipping path lab located in Maryland, USA. The experts work in three shift in a day to provide their tasks efficiently.

They are expert in various services like clipping mask, multiple clicking path, Photo cut out, deep etching service and so on.

Pricing: Basic clipping service starts at $0.25 only. You will get clipping path service at $1, clipping medium at $1.25, clipping complex at $3.75. To get more details in a large project, you may drop a message to their mailing address.

Quality: Clipping USA is determined by providing excellent quality service to their customers. More than 100 highly experienced designers are in service since years. Quality is far enough better and response time is amazing.

clipping path service provider

Maxzion IT is a multi-skilled clipping path company in Australia. Actually its a part of various services given by this offshore outsourcing company.

It provides clipping path, multi clipping path, image retouch, image manipulation and so on by its expert designer team.

Pricing:  Their price list depends on your order category. You have to contact with their support center before placing an order with your requirements.

Quality: Maxzion IT is concerned with their quality. They provide various types of services and try to maintain its quality for their clients. Their support is average.

clipping path service provider

Expert clipping is a quality service provider company giving unlimited revisions to their customers.  They are doing business in different countries like the UK, Italy, and Bangladesh. Their service includes clipping path service, background removal service and so on.

Pricing: Basic clipping path service starts at $0.49 if you order above 2000 images. Compound clipping path starts at $0.60 and complex clipping at $2.49. You have to pay at $0.59 if you order below 1000 images.

Quality: Expert clipping has an expert team to provide the best effort for photo editing services. Customer support is not bad.

Clipping way is another image editing service company from Asia region. They started their journey from the year 2007. Their production team belongs to Bangladesh and marketing team from New Zealand.

Pricing: Clipping way has different price lists from clipping path with drop shadow service at $1.75. You have also the option to run the free trial before making an order.

Quality: They are much professional about their quality issue. They use the latest technology in clipping path services. They also provide high-quality customer service. You can make any query to their support system.

clipping path service provider

Clipping path associate is a reputed image editing service provider company associated in Bangladesh, UK and Singapore. They are providing their services having more than 50 graphic designers.

Pricing: They provide basic service at $0.30, and multi clipping path at $2.49. They have the offers with the time frame like $1.70 charge within 10 minutes. You can also use a free trial of their services.

Quality: Clipping path associate ensures quality within a time frame. They provide QC passed guaranteed quality for their client. Customer service is average.

clipping path service provider

Clipping biz is one of the quality clipping path service providers in this industry. Though it’s not so old, it has some positive reputation. They provide all kinds of image retouching services for their clients.

Pricing: Clipping biz provides their basic service starting at $0.39. They have more plans like simple clipping path at $0.79, compound clipping path at $1.49, extra clipping path at $1.69, and complex clipping path at $2.79.

Quality: They have some important clients from different areas. Response time is considerably nice.

clipping path service provider

Pixopal comes with a beautifully designed image editing platform for individuals and agencies. It is trusted by global top 10 photographers and studios. They are providing quality service through years in reasonable prices.

Pricing: Professional image clipping path service starts at $0.50. It will differ with quantity and complexity level.

Quality: Though the customer service belongs in an average category, they provide quality products to their customers.

clipping path service provider

Digi5studios is an expert service provider in quality clipping path service, mask service, and other photo editing services. They provide services in various ecommerce companies, photographers, agencies, and real estate companies.

Pricing: The pricing table is categorized in total five levels including multiple objects clipping. You will get a simple clipping path service at a very low price like 0.10 cents per image.

In medium clipping path service, you have to pay $0.50 to $1 per image. Like these, in level three, $3 to $8 and in level four, $12 to $18 per image.

Quality: Digi5studios always try to maintain its quality. Their response time is also good. Try a test before ordering a large number of images.

clipping path service provider

Proclipping is another clipping path house to provide you better quality output. It is serving customers since 2016. As they are new in this industry, they are trying to provide the best effort.

Pricing: They are providing basic level path clipping at $0.29. If you go for a big deal, contact them for final pricing.

Quality: Proclipping is serving in a very reasonable price. You will also get a discount offer in your first order. Customer support is good enough.

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We provided a list of companies who are providing service in Clipping path service industry through the years. Some of them are new and some are ruling for years.

Choose the best one for yours. Best of luck!

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