Houston is known as the home of the photoshoot. The city is large enough to explore around. Every place at Houston is wonderful to enjoy city life.

As a photographer, a huge opportunity is waiting for you. You will want to take pictures wherever you go in Houston photography locations.

We are going to make you know about some of our favorite Houston locations. Make more memories with amazing photos in Houston city.

What Are The Best Houston Photography Locations?

Do you want to take a bunch of stunning photos while you explore Houston? You are sure to take photos with interesting backdrops. If you explore Houston, you will discover many spectaculars, street arts, and green spaces.

In this article, we are going to make you know about the coolest places in Houston so that you can take photos at the beautiful locations of Houston.

 We want to make you know about the Houston photography locations where you can go crazy with your camera. Let’s get to know the awesome cities of Houston.

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall:

Do you want to embrace yourself with plenty of colors? If you want to do something fun with colorful photos, you can get into the Sugar and cloth wall. The walls will act as a full-color backdrop for your photos.

This can be a favorite part of your photography. It took a lot of time to paint all the stairs. The new wall in Downtown has the same perks with a new color-blocked rainbow staircase. This has made the spot just a unique place.

You will love the bright and pastel color background. You can get some unique photographs at the Sugar and Cloth color wall.

Centennial Gardens:

The Centennial gardens were custom made for Hermann Park. This has added a new dimension to the attractions of the Houston garden. Various gardens exist. Most eye catchy place in Houston photography locations

It comprises the arid garden, rose garden, celebration garden, educational family garden, and woodland garden. The garden comes with different backdrops, which are enough to get a good shot.

Beautiful gardens are a great place to take photos during the sunset. It is a great spot to explore around and take stunning photos.

The spot outside of the gate is beautiful. The jagged stone steps, the slate grey background, and the fountains are worth capturing the photo. Vegetables, fruit trees, and seasonal herbs are produced in these gardens. The garden hours changes based on the different seasons.

Market Square Park:

The Market Square Park comes with spaces for dining, public art, and entertainment. The park is small enough but well designed. This park is closed to the Metro rail red line to the Preston station.

There is a large central lawn that surrounds the park. The lawn is open for everyone. The Travis, Congress, Milam streets, and Preston surround the park. The goal is to create a community with the growing businesses Downtown with the residents.

One side of Milam Street is for the history walkway and children’s play. The park has sculptures, fountains, and mosaics. Exhibitions for public art take place at the park. It encompasses a square city block.

There is a lot of space for fun events, beautiful greenery, and useful facilities. All around the year, the park has become a home for various events.

North and South Boulevard :

If you want a background for your photo with trees and calmness, you have to pick North and south boulevards for your photography session. It’s a beautiful small place which is free from the busy city. Most professional photographers come to have their photoshoots at this spot. It’s known as one of the most wonderful destinations for photographers in Houston in recent years. 

The nearby areas are aesthetically beautiful. It creates a beautiful scene when the sun sets. During this golden hour, the gardens look perfect for photoshoots.

The line of oak trees on the street creates a picturesque view. The entire area has more trees than in other areas near the garden. Whether you want a family photoshoot or a romantic couple shoot, the view is perfect for any sort of photo as a background.

Mercer’s botanic Gardens :

The Mercer’s botanic garden is a 400 acres area. The garden in the area is beautifully maintained. The garden consists of color displays, herbs, gingers, and tropicals to create a picturesque view. On the Westside, there is a woodland setting and maple collection.

The natural beauty creates a scene to have a backdrop for a photoshoot. The area is quite big. You can start a photoshoot from the area in front of the garden. The flowers are beautiful in the garden. And they create a nice background for portrait photographs. You will see flying hummingbirds and fish when you enter the garden. The entrance is beautiful and perfect for taking photos.

Botanic Gardens

Mercer botanic garden is in Texas. It encompasses 400 acres of land. It consists of 60 acres of gardens. The gardens are decorated with ferns, bamboo, color displays, tropical, daylilies, endangered species, herbs, gingers, and herbs.

There is an extensive walking trail system on the Eastside. Westside is more beautiful. It comprises of two playgrounds and picnic areas. In the picnic area, there is space for barbeque pavilions.

There are ponds, a courtyard plaza, a visitor’s Center, and ponds on the East side of the garden. The entire garden is a collection of palms, gingers, bamboo, camellias, cycads, azaleas, and the native plants of Texas. The ever-changing floral display is mesmerizing.

For displaying the different sorts of plants, the garden is considered the Center for plant conservation research and a demonstration site.

There is a team of botanists, horticulturists, and gardeners. This team is employed by Mercer. They share knowledge and information with people.

Biscuit Paint Wall:

A biscuit paint wall is a popular place in entire Texas. The HGTV magazine has featured the Biscuit paint wall several times.

The Biscuit wall was started with a black blank canvas at first. Many buckets of colorful paints were poured into making the wall color. Pouring the colors at the top of the wall made the wall look great and organic.

If you explore the internet, you will find that there is a huge number of photos of the Biscuit paint wall. The wall is known as a legendary paint wall now. The entire Biscuit paint wall is eye-catchy now. The Biscuit paint wall is the exterior of the Biscuit home shop.

If you like to take a huge number of photographs with a stunning colorful background, we will recommend you to get to the Biscuit paint wall. The vivid and colorful photos are eye-soothing.

The We Love Houston Sign

One of the popular statues of Houston is The We love Houston sign. The sign is behind the Brewery’s beer garden. The site is free to visit. You can visit the statue at any time.

Visit the statue at any time from dawn to dusk. If you get up early, you can capture the healthy glow on the Downtown skyline. The status is 28 feet tall. David Adickes create three-dimensional sculptures.

 Each of the letters comes in rainbow colors. The statue was a gift to Houston city. You can stand with the sign and take photos. Besides, you can sit beside, stand in front of the sign and take photos with the sign.

But one thing that is special here is that you can take a lot of colorful photos with the sign.

The Houston Zoo

The Houston zoo is known as the Zoological Park. The park is in Texas. The Houston zoo is the home of different species and animals. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredits the zoo.

More than 700 species and thousands of animals are living here. More than 6000 animals exist in the zoo. If you love to take animal photographs, you can get to the Houston zoo to embrace yourself with the animals. If you love to take animal photos, there will be no other place like the Houston zoo.

Space Center Houston

The Space Center Houston is the home of astronaut training. There is a huge opportunity for visitors to experience the space. This place has a specialty.

The space center is the place where people can see the training of the astronauts. There is no other space center on the earth like this one. Visitors get the chance to touch the real moon rock. You can know about behind the scenes at NASA.

The International landmark plaza is an eight-story building. This plaza exhibits a full-scale shutter replica. The NASA 905 is worth visiting the place. Visitors can see the hands-on activity. There are 250000 square feet of the educational entertainment complex.

This complex tells the story of America’s human space flight program. Visitors get the experience that they are unique across the globe. If you want to take some space photographs, you can get to this place.

Main Street Square

Main Street square is at the Center of Houston. The place is fun-fill. This place comes with several live concerts, arts, and events.

Every year, more than 200 events take place at Main Street square. The place is surrounded by boutiques, presidents, galleries, and eateries. Main Street square is known as the fun center for spending family time.

Two light rail stations exist between which the Main street square is built. This plaza consists of a glossy water fountain. A lot of shops and arts surround the plaza.

You can take photos of the special events during the summertime. The summer nights are mesmerizing at Main street square.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The museum at Houston exhibits prehistoric creatures. There is a huge opportunity to see Texas butterflies and wildlife. If you want to capture photos of the wildlife, you have to get into the Houston Museum of natural science.

Most of the time, the museum exhibits interesting and educational science experiences.

Four floors of science halls are available for visitors. The main building includes the planetarium, big screen theatre, and butterfly center.

 All the institution has a huge number of attractions. The display of the unique number of skeletal and predators has made all the things interesting.

Another demanding attraction at this museum is the display of gems and minerals. Most of the rare stones of the world are displayed. You will find more than 450 crystallized minerals. Most of the stones are astonishing.

You will not find these gems in any other place in the world. You have to spend hours exploring the entire museum. Do not go on the weekends as there is a huge crowd on the weekends.


It does not end with just taking stunning photos. While you are taking photos, there may not be a color balance. But you have to make your photos perfect for keeping your memory alive. memories in Houston photography locations.

When you see that you have taken a lot of photos, but they are not giving your desired look, you have to go for the image retouching. 

If you cannot retouch your photos, leave the task to a image retouching company. They know how to give a natural look to your photos to make them look great.


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