Image Retouching Service

Not all of your captured photos come out with perfect looking. To give it the perfection our Professional Photo retouching services will be the enough to bring your satisfaction. Whether you are a photographer or a general people who love to take a picture a lot, then you need this professional photo retouching service to represent a clean and polished photo. Because photos are the things that hold our memories into it. 

Nobody of us does want a disturbing element into our photos. But it is common that we cannot capture a perfect photo always. Sometimes, it requires to edit and retouch the photo after the capture. In our digital retouching services, we work with the photos that need retouching. 

Our professional retoucher makes it clean and removes all the unwanted things from your belove photos. Whatever the photos are (ex: old, vintage, lost pixels or any other damage photos), our Photo Retouching Service will handle all of it and make it a good-looking polished photo.

What Is Photo Retouching Service? ​

Photos that you see in the magazine or billboards are not perfect. Even the most beautiful photo needs a little touch-up. Whether you are an expert photographer, you will need photo retouching to make your photos the standard ones. When your image is dull and uninteresting, you need to give it a crisp view. Image retouching does the magic here. But how to turn this image into an attractive one? Image retouching alters an image and makes professional business photo appealing to the customer.

Photo retouching is an image editing procedure that can make an image attractive, fresh and clean by removing unwanted objects from the image. To take a great picture you need a good background as well. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect background of your shot. So, there are stays unwanted things in your images always. Moreover, if you want to post your portrait picture on social media or send to any magazine to be a model, you then need to remove unexpected wound, the spot from your face. Image Retouching Lab is fully capable of solving this issues to make any images presentable and attractive to the clients or viewers. Overall, photo retouching service can help you with the perfect frame and your desired lighting to your picture. With this service, we also add texture and enhance the beauty of your image. This service also includes smooth skin, whiten teeth, erase blemishes and all other beatification to make your image subject really glow.

It is a bit challenging to make the image smoother and stand out. And we do that for you. In this way, photographers need to make a photo beautiful. But if the photo is not beautiful, photo retoucher works to turn it into a beautiful one. Our designers go through several processes to make an image look better. They know how to retouch a photo. They have to do several things for photo post-processing service and product image editing services. To make a photo stand out.


Types Of Image Retouching Service:​

The term image retouching might be a single job but there are lots of specifics to it. There are so many types of retouching that you can do in an image. Some images require multiple types of image retouching to look good. Let’s take a look at the various image retouching services you can get.

1. High-End Glamour Retouching Services

High-End Glamour Retouch

In this type of service, Image Retouching Lab graphics designers retouch models pictures with high resolution. This service also includes retouching e-commerce product images. So, what we do in this image editing process? Our expert designers firstly remove the acne, blemishes, unwanted spots or hair from a model’s face. By doing this, we do not make the image unrealistic or too much graphical. We try to keep the images look natural and flawless look. This service also includes whitening teeth, beauty retouching, hair retouching. 

It’s a challenging work for designers to bring out the best result using the latest and advanced retouching tools and techniques. It’s one of our high-quality retouching services that offers affordable prices in the market. We believe that we are the best solution for you for high-end glamour retouch.

2. Wedding Photo Retouching Services

Wedding Photo Retouching Services

As the wedding is an important event in everyone’s life, it needs quality services in photo editing. The photography retouching should be very unique and smart. Image Retouching Lab is a professional retouching company that ensures you the best quality service for this.

Wedding photos have to go through image retouching. Because the photographs are clicked in a candid environment with minimal control over the lighting. Getting perfect photographs in those conditions are tough. That’s why you will need wedding photo retouching services no matter where you click those images.

We have introduced wedding photo retouching services in a new way to give photos a glamorous and gorgeous look. We make your photos stand out and save it as your lifetime memory. We have years of experience working with wedding photographers and wedding planners. We offer wedding photography services for clients from any other country. We the best solution for you with an affordable budget.

3. Commercial Photo Retouching

E-commerce retouching

We try to bring a story to life and aim at delivering an enchanting lifestyle, apparel, and product photos. Designers at Image retouching lab are experienced in working with famous brands. We promise you excellent and flawless commercial photo editing services with the help of latest technologies. Our dedicated professionals create unique and crystal clear images your website, publications, catalog, e-commerce to bring a massive difference to your business. Image retouching lab offers all kind of image enhancing and editing services, including everything from clipping path to image manipulation.

Product retouching adds new detail and overall improvement to the product photos. Our designers retouch product images to make them more appealing and enchanting giving it the highest level of perfection to customers. With the rise of online business, product retouching has become a mandatory part. Businesses have to present their products as the most attractive one in the market and that’s done by our professional designers in the best way

4. Jewelry Retouching Service

This is one of the most wanted and valuable services for those who are in Jewelry business. If your jewelry products do not glow or have some spots on it, your customers may not be attracted by the product image you have uploaded on your website. So, it is very important to make every of your jewelry product spotless and attractive. Sometimes, while shooting any picture of jewelry product, the jewelry stone can reflect the camera lens or other surrounding light. So it also needs correction. We do all of this editing under this Jewelry Retouching Service and help you to increase your selling.

Jewelry retouching is one of the complicated retouching processes. But our designers use the most updated and latest tools and techniques to retouch the jewelry images regardless of any sort of complexity. We apply the highest enhancement to make photos impressive. We have experience of retouching any sort of jewelry item including pendant, anklet, earrings, rings, charms making them look shining and sharper.

5. Fashion Retouching Services

Fashion Retouching Services

Fashion retouching is an essential part of the fashion industry, and they need to retouch glamorous photos of famous models. As the demand for fashion retouching is going up nowadays, we provide high-end fashion retouching. We make the models alive in the picture, applying the best fashion retouching techniques. We provide top-class fashion retouching services as the best photo editing service providing company. We have a modern lab and skilled team of designers who are expert in creating the 3D incredible look, sharpening objects and smoothing skin.

6. Sports Retouching


Applying some advanced sports retouching technique can make your sports photo amazing. We deliver stunning action athletes images that represent spirit. We use everything in Photoshop from masking to dodge and burning in using a unique process of Photoshop. Designers at Image retouching lab brings out the color and enhance the tone in Adobe Photoshop. They have a well-versed knowledge regarding image solutions. Think out of the box and get a high-quality sports image retouching service form our professionals.

7. Portrait Retouching Services


Portrait retouching helps you to make images more attractive and unique. Image Retouching Lab offers you the most affordable portrait retouching services. We know how to make your photos look splendid and impeccable. Our designers use unique photo addicting programs and tools Lightroom and Photoshop to retouch your portrait showing all the details. They do everything up to the smallest detail in brilliant ways. We are always happy to help you to make your picture artistic. One of our main perks is the affordable price.

8.Product Retouching


We understand the importance of presenting your product image to boost sale. In todays world of online all you can do is use your product images to advertise. The images people see in your advertisements attract them to buy the product itself. That’s why you will need to make your products look flawless in the images.

And for that purpose, you will need to go through some image retouching process on your images. You will get the most reliable and high-quality professional product photo retouching service form us. Our expert designers know how to touch up your photos with the highest care and make them look unique and attractive. We make your product photos look very best with the right tools.

Who Should Use Digital Retouching Services?

Magazine publishers, or website owners who have to upload images with beautiful models along with the products, need this service most. Because a good looking model can attract viewers a lot. If a model on a magazine cover has dark spots on their faces or if they do not look so good, people will not get attracted and you will lose viewers. Our digital photo retouching services Includes:

Why Choose Us?

Well, there are so many companies out there providing similar services. The question of choosing us will always arise. So, why choose us?

Let’s just start off by saying we will put your priorities and needs before anything else.

We are best and different from others and we are confident enough to say that because we declare a special approach with our every client and every one of their images. We believe in innovation and creativity. That’s why our working procedure is a little different from others. We just not only work with the traditional approach. We first analyze every image and decide what will be the best-suited editing for that image. We are very much aware of the importance of photo retouching in photography and online product selling the business. And we always try to do our best to help you improve your shooting skills and marketing promotions while we are retouching your images.


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We have 10+ years of experience and during this time of work, we have built our reputation as one of the best image editing companies. We focus on doing the most professional and amazing photo editing work for you. That’s why we work with images until the retouched result is accepted by our clients and every of them is 100% happy with it. You can see our client’s testimonials and portfolios as well.

Our Specialties Are (In Short)

We do photo enhancement with our unique style. Just give us the examples of what you need. For bulk work, we provide you with a dedicated team from our professional photo retouching services. We edit and re-edit images if you are not happy with it. All your photos will be retouched inside our company by the team of professional photo editors, and we never outsource your photos to somebody else. We never put your images on our website or use them somewhere for any purpose without your permission. Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed when working with us. Our graphic designers are specialized in different photography genres, so you can trust us portrait retouching, wedding photo editing, glamour, and nude retouching or photo restoration tasks. We are an online photo editing service and you can place your order anytime, from anywhere. And the most amazing thing is that our service prices are very affordable for any photographer or a business owner or a person. But we never compromise the quality of our work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can read our Privacy Policy. We provide full security of our client’s photos and we do not share it with anyone, any platform.

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There’s an option in the “Trial” and “Order us” page to put your Dropbox link. To send us your images, you need to upload those images to your Dropbox and send us the link. We will contact you through our email.

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