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Jewelry Retouching Services

A straightforward image can be dull without solid editing knowledge for jewelry photo retouch. In the case of ornament images, the accuracy of lighting, shadow, and position is significant. It requires in-depth editing knowledge. Sometimes we see even an ultra-modern camera cannot fulfill its needs. We Provide Jewelry Photo Editing Services for commercial photography needs hands-on learning.


What Is Jewelry Photo Retouch services

Jewelry retouching is a brilliant way to turn a simple image into a wonderful one. It works amazingly to make a photograph shiny and perfect. It is important to know how to work on images. Image complexity, listening, and size are crucial to maintaining for a designer. Grabbing customer attention is not accessible online. Therefore you need to find the best place to get an image editing service. You know how valuable your images are for your website. To find the best place to get good service like cropping, resizing, and maintaining lightening on the image.  

If your aim is to be a high-end jewelry brand, then you should not hesitate in spending money on jewelry photo editing service. As your client will rely more on the photographs displayed on your website, catalogs, brochures, posters, leaflets, and billboards too while making decisions to choose brands. A professional photography and editing service can make a product of $ 15 to look like a product of $150.We use the latest technology to edit the pictures of jewelry, to give them a high-end look by using several tasks such as changing the background, adding 3D effects, color correction, high-end retouching, and polishing, etc.

Types Of Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry retouching services can be categorized into several types based on the specific requirements of the jewelry images. Firstly, there is basic retouching, which involves removing minor blemishes, dust, and scratches from the jewelry. Secondly, there is color correction, where the colors of gemstones, metals, and other elements are adjusted to accurately represent the jewelry’s true colors. Additionally, there is background removal or replacement, where the background of the image is edited to create a clean, consistent, or transparent backdrop. Finally, there is jewelry enhancement, which includes improving the clarity, shine, and sparkle of gemstones, as well as adding reflections and shadows to enhance the overall appearance. These categories encompass the primary services offered in jewelry retouching.

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Weeding Ring / Neckless Retouching

Jewelry photographs need special editing skills to make it look more alluring. Our company provides professional editing service to enhance the quality of the images, eventually resulting in impressing your clients. Our major services for jewelry editing are described as below for your ready reference

In the era of technology, approximately 70% of customers favor seeing 3D models of the product rather than usual 2D pictures on the website. As 3D pictures are able to show every detail in a more persuasive way so customers and clients prefer this more over today standard 2D photos.

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Jewellry Retouch
Jewelry Retouching

The photos of the jewelry can look plain in their exposed form. Now we have the ability to provide the feature which can turn your boring photos into 3D masterpieces. If you add shadows to your 2D photos it will give dimension and depth to the image. Our professional editors have great knowledge about how to use the tools of Photoshop and Lightroom wisely to add shadows, that can create a pragmatic and fascinating look of your jewelry photos.

Transform your wedding photos with our expert Photoshop color correction services. Witness the magic as vibrant colors breathe life into your memories.

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Sometimes, even after getting the perfect shot your pictures might end up looking dull. A background change can work as a quick fix here. If your photographer is using big lights to provide better lighting to the picture but as a fact here all the images will not have the same background or the typical white background because of the unlike light shifting positions. A poor background can take away all attraction from your jewelry pictures. Whereas, our expert editing team can provide a clear or edited white background, which can result in huge sales for your company.

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High-End Jewelry Retouching

The main objective of the high-end retouching service is the meet the expectation of the customers. The high-end jewelry retouching work is the hardest among all the other retouching work. This service is basically about adding life to dull and monotonous jewelry images. It deals mainly with the issues of adjusting brightness, and reflections and also brings the sparkling look of the jewelry to give them a high-end finish look. Our editors use the latest technology to retouch such as the pen tablet or graphics tablet

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After retouching jewelry as a memorable ring that looks shiny on the web can easily draw the client’s attention. Get the best Jewelry retouching Service as Jewelry image editing can be an asset for your online store—jewelry images color correction services. HD photo of gold jewelry with white background After background removal, you can get any background jewelry retouched image—simple cutout of Jewelry Images. Clean up scratches and dust Image enhancement, adjustment, and color correction Creation of natural shadows and reflection shadow Setting up the proper tone, brightness, and cropping size of an image Removal of all unnecessary watermarks, spots of your valuable image. We are a High-end jewelry retouching service provider for you all kinds of retouching services.


Jewelry retouching is so important online. People can zoom in to your image to see more closely. They can find ins and out of images to find a fault of precious images. If your products are not properly clipped, they will easily find the error.

Spots and scratches will be visible in photos, especially for metallic items as jewelry you have to look after reflection shadow and color correction. Bridal photo makeup jewelry is another significant task to work for memorable marriage ceremonies. You need Jewelry Image editing for these-

Gold photo editing,

Diamond and silver image editing,

Gems photo retouching,

Ring & chain image editing.

Removal of background, Correct the color correction as per requirement. Crop and resize Remove the blemishes Lessen the glair of an image. Increase the glossy effect Execute focus on Image. We can regain the original color with aid of our color correction tools such as Photoshop Therefore if your pictures do not look up to the mark due to the poor lightning even with the perfect exposure. You can trust our team for the post-production service. We ensure to send you back your jewelry photographs by transforming them into the perfect color, shade, and radiance.

Color correction service is a significant part of jewelry photo editing. It is used to boost or to adjust the color of the image. It plays a vital role in matching the color of the picture with the background. Through the color correction process, the tone, shadows, saturation, contrast, etc of the picture can be refined. The real color of the jewelry product can get fade due to the color of the lights that were used in the photo shoot.


The only jewelry photo editor will know the following practice of tools. Jewelry photography retouching can be classified in two ways. Standard tools Brush-based tools for the whole image, a standard tool can control the brightness and contrast. On the other hand, the brush can work for a particular area of the image, for example, a paintbrush. It works for the color looks of an image. So, you can work with brush-based tools as well.

In this case, select particular tools to work for hardness. Remember, hardness can change the natural looks of the edges of the image. Therefore use it with proper action to glorify all editing work on the image. Conclusion Find the best Jewelry photographer and jewelry retoucher to get perfect service. Let’s say you don’t know How to edit diamond jewelry in Photoshop in that case you can knock us.

Our expert will cooperate with you without any fail. There is no doubt the creative hand knows the value of the Jewelry image retouching technique. Simply you can get this work done by us. It will spice up online stores for jewelry images in your online store. It will bring plenty of customers for sure. The only top-notch designer can provide you with such a beautiful and natural editing service. From the inception of Mankind, there is a relationship between a man and a woman.

We all know the story of Adam and Eve’s marriage fated by our creator. Civilization has been practicing marriage till now with festive mood. Who does not want to make their marriage ceremony memorable? The answer is simple everyone wants to do that. There are differences in culture, thoughts, and religions. But ornament brings the same value for all. In addition, wedding Images are the most emotional ones for a human.

It connects two people forever. Generation after generation saves their images in their memory lane for a long time. So, it is very keen to have a piece of glossy jewelry retouched photos alive in your photobook. We make your photos fashionable, attractive, and printable. We must keep the quality of images carefully to place them on the website. You have come to the right place to get the perfect retouching service.


Apart from that, reflection shadow, background removal, and making your jewelry images look perfect need up-the-mark skills. Jewelry retouching techniques can make a huge difference in an image. How to do Jewelry retouching in Photoshop Jewelry photo retouching services are becoming popular day by day. There are some common types of jewelry Retouch work.

For example earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, class rings, Body piercing, etc. It needs a long time to finish the complete retouching work. High-end photo retouching services can be done by following steps.

Step One: First of all, simply after creating an outline of an image. You have to save the product clipped path. After that, it will help to do the second step.

Step Two: After doing a simple clipping path on the product or model, just clean up all dust. Be careful to remove the visible mark of the image.

Step Three: After doing clipping path properly as an expert does. Apply retouching technique to correct all viewed scratches and spots on the image. 

Step Four: Focus on reflection carefully. There might be some reflection on products or models which may not look good anymore. In this case, you need to clean up all unnecessary reflections. Use shadow if it fits well as per image demand.

Step Five: At this stage, apply all the techniques for the total setting of images brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness properly. It will make the image looks natural.

Step Six: Now go to resize, align and make straight according to the needs of images. There might have been an instruction from the concern to do better looks of photos. For this reason, it ultimately depends on the images position website.

Step Seven: Background removal is the major task of the Jewelry retouch service at this point. You can change to white or any color you want to apply to images.

Step Eight: All set now, you have to do the final enhancement to complete Jewelry retouching completeness. In short, we can summarize as-

  1. Use a spot healing brush to clear dust to retouch
  2. Blemish for a glossy gradient looks
  3. Fix certain parts of the image to clear all faults in editing.
  4. Make colors pop by using the brightness of the jewelry image
  5. Certain areas of photos need to burn for the darkness of an image
  6. Apply hue or saturation properly to get the perfect color of an image.


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It is obvious that only a professional photo editor knows how to treat the images. They can bring a simple photo into an eye-catching photo. Your precious photos will be featured on the website in an electrifying way. Let’s see how a professional jewelry photo retoucher works. For example, for a model, there must be a case of slim faces or fat faces. So, in this case, a quality designer can do slim faces professionally. With the touch of designers, they can easily enhance the crucial area of jewelry. Sometimes there must have some images which need to correct.

Apart from that, there will be some images where you need to remove the wrinkles of a model. In addition, there is another term called image coloring and enhancing the face of a model. In the photo of jewelry, there will be a spot removal issue, and you must be careful of skin tone while working on the model.

The image retouching lab wants to provide the best outcome. However, there is plenty of software to edit Jewelry photos. Surprisingly there are many Image editing service provider tools to edit photos. Unfortunately, this method never works perfectly. In most cases, this goes wrong. The reason is simple. If we use it will never meet the real purpose of images. Therefore we always prefer to apply expertise and knowledge to images.

Remember, after working on the image, we will send all your images to review them. If you have any slightest hesitation, please feel free to communicate with us. We will redo your images without any cost. So, only taking images, working on them, and finishing them is not the task. We always value your suggestions. Get all your raw images done at an affordable price from us. You must keep an eye to save them well to save spoiled photos.  Never lose your beautiful moments of life ever.

The idea of jewelry retouching serving is to optimize image beauty. We will work manually to ask any questions on image editing. In simple words, we work so naturally.

Usually, people take photos with professional cameras. In recent times people have used mobile phones as well. After receiving all the raw jewelry images, we see them scrutinized. Our expert touch makes all the jewelry images so naturally beautiful. However, all the images look so incredible when they are being edited. Among all photo retouching work, jewelry retouching service is the most complex. Simple Jewelry retouching task:

  • Reduce excessiveness in color
  • Take away small things
  • Trim down lines and wrinkles
  • Blemishes your skin smooth
  • Remove unnecessary objects 
  • Making glossy and polished photos.

Apart from Jewelry Retouching Service, there is the following service we provide Clipping Path Service

  • Image Masking Service
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Photo restoration services
  • Background Removal
  • Color Correction

The image Retouching lab has so many experts. They are always waiting for your images to be correct. Only a professional designer knows the value of your photos. We are used to editing jewelry and retouching photos regularly. For this reason, never worry about fixing your photos. Each kind of photo. We ensure your photo editing job is in safe hands.

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complexites and prices


Basic Retouching


High end retouching


Neckless Retouching

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much familiar is your team in jewelry photo editing service?

Well! Image Retouching Lab has been working in this industry for several years. We have the best team of designers with great skill. You can justify our quality by the portfolio, experience, customer reviews, and skill.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sure! We do offer a free trial that includes up to three images.

Which file do you accept to do your job?

Generally, we accept all the major file formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD.

How do I get started?

It’s simple to start with Image Retouching Lab. Just send your favorite photo to us and get the result within the shortest period.

What is the minimum price of this service?

Well! We offer 39 cents only for basic and exposure jewelry photo editing-services. For jewelry photo editing services, it needs 7.99 US dollars.

What is your flexible working hour?

Fortunately, you will get us 24/7. Our designers are always available to serve you the best quality work.

What if I am not happy with your service?

We know the value of every single task by our valuable customers. Our team is always trying to deliver the best service. So, you don’t need to worry about that. We are bound to work for you until you get complete satisfaction. Surely, you will get the best solution regarding your project.

Is my picture protected?

We always care about the privacy of our valuable clients. There is no scope for compromise in the matter of security. We assure you that we never use your photos for any personal or commercial purposes. Please visit our privacy policy for more information.

What is the procedure of payment?

We always care about the privacy of our valuable clients. There is no scope for compromise in the matter of security. We assure you that we never use your photos for any personal or commercial purposes. Please visit our privacy policy for more information.

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