What has made today’s wedding photography unique and beautiful? Wedding props have making wedding photos more creative and unique than before. Props make the photography session fun and joyful for the bride and the groom. Wedding photographers try to make the session and every shoot unique. Now try out interesting wedding photography pros to spice up the photoshoot location.

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A wedding shoot is now incomplete without the sweet photography props. You can get several bouquets from different stores. Besides, there are some online stores where cute bouquets are found. You can get unique and sweet photography ideas from some wedding photography websites. Other photographers took photographs’ will work as an inspiration during the photo shoot. Do not forget to check other photographers’ photographs. Take a couple of poses ideas from those photographs. Do not forget to check wedding photographs on Pinterest. Let’s take a look at the incredible wedding photography props ideas to spice up your photography.


Using Flower Petals:

Using flowers and flower petals gives a romantic vibe to a scene. In this way, Flowers or a bucket of flowers are used during a wedding photoshoot to take some romantic pictures. But if you do not want to use the bucket of flowers, you can use flower petals only. Petals of any flower can make the scene unique. Not only rose, but another kind of flower petals is also beautiful to make a scene romantic. Whether it is fake or real petals, it creates a naturalistic vibe. You will find fake petals along with real petals.

A Bunch Of Balloons:

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Balloons are the most popular elements to make a wedding photoshoot more beautiful. Not only today, but it has also been in use for years after years. With some colorful tassels, they look prettier. It makes a huge impact on the wedding set. Try to choose a specific color balloon or match it with a different color. Balloons are available at the party shops. Besides, you can get customized balloons. The price is also reasonable at the wholesale shops. Try to deliver the balloons to the location before you start the photoshoot. Fit them wherever you want. 

Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights are the sweetest element. If you set a schedule to shoot at night, you must get the fairy lights. When you hang up them in the background, it looks like the twinkling stars in the background. Set the fairy lights around the couple when you are taking their shots to create some magical moments. Use the battery-operated photoshoot if you are going outdoor for the night shoot. Take extra batteries with you. Fairy lights are available at the gift shop or the party shops. Some fairy lights are colorful and give an extra spark. 

Photo Frames:

Unique Wedding Photography Props Ideas In 2020

What is one of the best wedding photography props? It is the photo frame. The photo frame makes it put the focus on the couple. Using photo frames makes them give different romantic poses. When their friends hold the frame, it becomes easier to provide several different poses. You can take large frames decorated with different ancient ornaments and several beautiful ornaments. Make children as a part of the photos to make them more touching and romantic. Choose a matching color. You can generally take a photo in which the couple is simply holding the frame. This sort of photo expresses their love. It is kind of fun to use ornate or flowery frames. It creates a cute scene to hold the frame upon their faces. These kinds of frames are available at some of the home décor stores.


Banners are one of the most popular props used for the wedding photoshoot. Besides, banners are an excellent element to decorate the venue. Banner adds a different style to your photos. These banners look great when you hang them on the wall. At some weddings, you will find banners used to announce the marriage. During the photo shoot, you can give the banner to the couple to hold on to. Banners allow you to take more control over the photography session. You can find these banners at the stores near your place. A simple scene in which the couple is holding a banner written “Just married,” “Happy wedding,” or this kind of wish. This kind of view is seen during almost all the wedding photo sessions where the couple is holding banners like these.

Message Boards:

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Using message banners is one of the popular props for the wedding photoshoot. It is a great idea if you add message boards during your photoshoot. You can use whiteboards or chalkboards. What is the benefit that you will get using this kind of board is you can erase a message and rewrite it again and again. You can create custom signs by yourself. Besides, you can draw or print messages. If you want to write messages, you can write what the couple wants. These signs and messages are popular for most of the couple shoot.


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Backdrops are one of the beautiful elements to give a unique vibe to a wedding ceremony. It has become a trend now to have some unique and beautiful backdrop at the wedding to make it more attractive. These kinds of backdrops are decorated with flowers, a couple of pictures, and the bride’s photo or messages written on the backdrop. These sorts of backdrops are seen in almost every wedding. And they are liked by the guests a lot. Guests love to take photos in front of this kind of backdrop. They become excited to take photos with this background. Besides, the custom-made backdrops are more interesting and exciting to them. Not only the couple but also their friends like to take a photo in front of these backdrops.  

I hope that you have got all these incredible ideas for wedding photography props ideas. You can create magical shots with all these props. There is no doubt that these props will create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Make sure that you combine the color of the props with all other elements at the location.