You must have heard about cutting an image and placing it on a new background. The process of cutting out the image and removal of the background is known as Clipping mask service. It is the most useful technique for cutting out the photo from its present undesirable backdrop while ensuring that the condition of the picture remains intact. This service is also used to avoid the monotonous look of an image. This is an amazingly powerful way among the image takers who need to set their pictures on an arrangement of foundation. This specialized service is also addressed as a clipping path service; it is another name for it.

Who Needs Clipping Mask Service?

In the time of digital marketing, it does not matter in which sector you are or what kind of business you are operating. Nowadays, in every field, photographs are needed to gain the attraction of potential buyers as photos can convey messages to the buyers. So without any doubt, photographs play a vital role now. But whether your message through pictures will make a good impression to the consumers, depends on the quality of your photographs. 

But clipping mask service, what is it? Clipping mask service is used to eject an unwanted background from an image giving it a clear look. You want to make the image out from its background. The clipping mask technique works here. The technique is very easy to apply.

It is nearly impossible to get the perfect shot every time with the perfect background. That is why you need this service. It is extremely popular among the post-production service providing industry. This service is often required by the photographers, electronic commerce-based business owners, wedding photographers, website developers, advertisement makers, and garment industries.


The purpose of requiring this service to the industry, as mentioned earlier, is shortly explained below:

Photographers: This service is a must for photographers, as often unwanted objects can exist in the picture background. The unwanted object can be removed through this service. This service helps to remove the not preferable background and gives the option to decorate the picture the way customers want. 

Clients often ask for unique and special backgrounds for a photographer; it is not possible to provide a desirable background. This also results in time-saving for the photographer. The photographers also need this service to create their portfolios, as it helps to change the background and give their pictures a more contrasted look.

E-retailers:  If you are operating an online business, then this service will be beneficial to you. E-Commerce retailers need this service to change the backdrop of their product. In most cases, the online sellers want a white, clear, and transparent background to the photos of their product. 

As a clear, the background will help the products’ images to look stand out. This will help you to attract customers better as your posted pictures on the web-stores or catalogs are giving a positive vibe to the consumers. Also, It will eventually lead to better sales of your business.

Garment industry: Garment industries are now at the peak of the whole market industry. Garment items are now excessively demanded by all the generation. Garment industries require this service because they display their clothing items on mannequins. But for selling and promotions purpose, the manufacturers need to upload their items’ images on the internet and need to publish it in the brochures of their company. 

So to get the focus of their customers on the product without any distractions, the mannequin parts should be removed. Also, to make the pictures look appealing to the customers, it should present in a fancy way with an assorted background. So, these services help to display their items in a more presentable way.


You can rapidly and effectively make intriguing impacts by utilizing this service with the help of the famous software named Adobe Photoshop. It takes into consideration concealing impacts, for example, a picture appearing through content. 

In a Photoshop archive, the process of masking is practiced by utilizing two layers. The base layer of the two goes about as the covering operator. Covering impacts don’t need to be restricted to message. You can be inventive and fit images to any shapes.

Here I will explain to you the tutorial on how to make a clipping mask using the software Adobe Photoshop. I will tell you how to use this software to hide and show layers and fit images into various shapes. 

Step One

ongoing clipping path

First of all, we need to make the shape that we want to work with. It can be easily made by utilizing the type tool in Photoshop.

Step Two

clippingpath process

Secondly, the image that we want to clip we have to open it with Photoshop and paste the image on the artboard.

Step Three

clipping path tutorial

We will have a new layer after we are done pasting it by ensuring that the image is pasted over the shape layer created by us.

Step Four

clipping mask process

Now we will go the layer panel and click “creating clipping mask option” along with the selected image layer.

*NOTE- If you want to create a mask for several images together in less time using this ctrl+alt+g as a shortcut.

Step Five

Presently your picture has been cut to your shape, and you can control the picture layer or shape layer autonomously! Having the option to alter these after the first draft of your structure will be a gigantic lifeline over the long haul.

Difference between clipping mask and layer mask

The art of hiding particular portions of the image by keeping all other parts of the image as it is through editing is known as masking. You might have never needed masking for a picture but do not think it is not important at all. This service is currently tremendously demanded by the photographers, website developers and each and everyone who wants to make their pictures look magnificent

There are two types of mask available in Photoshop, which is most frequently used. The noteworthy differences are given below:

1. In a clipping mask,  we mask a layer based on another layer and can have any color that we want but in layer masking. It is only created in color black and white, even if we try to change it will go back to black or white color.

2. The prime difference between these masking techniques is that in a layer mask, we mask what we want, and it is connected with the layer. But on the other hand, we need a picture to be the mask of the other one, and it is not related.

3. The parts that are noticeable layers mask can only control them. Whereas the clipping mask enables the impacts of layers above to be bound to a solitary layer underneath. Layer gatherings can likewise convey layer covers and have layers cut to them.


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There are many retouchers companies available in the market. It is totally up to you which clipping mask service provider you will choose for you. But make sure you have made the right decision as lots of essential factors rely on this. If you want us, we will prioritize your preference over everything. If you have something to add here to our blog, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. Image Retouching Lab loves to hear from the audience. 

Till then, have a good time! 



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