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product photography techniques

Wondering How to Make Your Product Photography Techniques Rock?

Product Photography is not only about an image, it worth a thousand words in the eCommerce business. It belongs to everywhere from a startup to the giant brand like Amazon or McDonald’s.  If I ask, what you see at first before purchasing a product?

The answer will be a product photo! After seeing the product, we take the decision to buy or not. As a buyer, our mood and feelings vary with product images.

Now, if you wish to capture the best product photo for any website or store, you should know the techniques as well. I am showing you the best product photography techniques to rock your business.

Read this! Hope, It won’t kill much time of yours.

1. Choose The Right Camera

product photography techniques

Choosing the right camera for product photography is not always easy. For a professional photographer, a perfect camera is very crucial to capture the best quality images.

Not necessary you have to buy a high-resolution camera worth thousands of dollars. But if you wish to buy a camera having better quality, you have to look through the number of Megapixels, how the camera performs in both high and low light conditions and the color spectrum.

If you get the best lens for product photography, it’s obviously better. If you can’t, have a look at the next line.

You can also use the better quality camera of your phone to capture product photos. Just remember, it has to be clear resolution and should be customizable.

Don’t forget to use a camera stand when to capture products. In some terms, you may have to use a tripod also. You can move your camera up and down, in and out easily with the help of the stand.

Though it costs some expenses, it will work for the future as a good asset. It will make you comfortable in shooting photos.

2. Shoot From The Proper Angles

product photography techniques

Understanding the camera angle affects the image quality and perfectness. It also creates a uniqueness from others.

Have you ever tried of shooting your product photos by hanging in different angles? Yes, you heard the right word. Hanging!

Many creative product photographers use this method in different ways. Some use strange angles, and some macro shots to represent the product for an eCommerce site.

Make sure, you are capturing more than the needs for your store. Maybe some photos will not cover the proper layout to present your products perfectly.

Be careful to choose the right photographer. If you choose the wrong one, your products won’t be appreciated by your customers. Thus, a mistake can make you down in your business. So be sensitive in choosing the right photographer.

3. Select an Interesting Background

A descriptive photo has an important part behind this. An amazing selection of background. Focus background of the image that will describe your product to your customers.

Have you any background ideas for product photography?

In product photography, a white background is appreciated in some specific conditions. Some photographers use white background photography at home as it can be created by own effort.

You can put some interesting objects or whiteboard behind the product. If you select the Skyview behind the product, shoot it from a close look. It will present your product in a more attractive way.

Keep in mind, don’t overlap the lighting to the products. It may lose the natural look. Best choice of using a background is to add a whiteboard. It can be a better practice if you are a newbie.

4. Bring Uniqueness to Your Photos

Think if your products have the most uniqueness from others! How a unique photo appeals to customers?

A customer differs your store by the product photos. When they are unique and attractive, click ratio will be increased automatically. You also wish to see something different, right?

Focus on details of the product and indicate the uniqueness from the point of a seller. Anything unique selling points of your product you get, show it to customers by your creativity.

Use unique place, background, stand, and color variations that will make your products more visible and eccentric.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Use Phone

product photography techniques

Using phones in product photography is not a common thing now. Its high functionalities of a camera are not less than a camera to shoot a better photo for your product.

You can learn from the product photography videos with phone created by the industry experts who are showing various tricks.

Many experts suggest to simplify the photo background and keep the camera steady when you are shooting your product photos from the phone. You can find many topics on Google like how to take product photos with iPhone or any other smartphones.

So don’t hesitate to use your smartphone if you have not enough capacity to afford a camera.

6. Use the Best Editing Techniques

When you shoot a product photo, you have something more to do with it. After effect or editing service is one of the crucial commercial photographic techniques.

Many digital marketers are not aware of this issue that impacts image outlook. Best product photo is not only about clicking a better quality image. It has to be furnished by editing and retouching.

You may need to add a cool product background or have to eliminate distractions. Some other common terms like cropping, color correction, layering and adding texts are needed. It’s actually a way to make your products look awesome to your customers.

You have the option to choose from various photo editing software for both desktop and phone. Adobe Photoshop, the most used software tool for photo editing can help you to furnish your photo.

Many free tools from Image Retouching Lab, Lightroom, Pixlr are also used by many photographers and designers. You can also use many familiar apps like de-fog or de-noise to make a proper edit of your photos. Try with some free tools at first, then go for the premium.

There are a lot of photo editing service providers around the world. If you are not able to do it by yourself, make it done by any of them.

Keep in mind that editing is all about presenting your product more professionally and touching to your customers. Make sure to make it best till you upload it to your store.

7. Study The Products Before Shoot

product photography techniques

Every product has its different and specific usage to the customers. At first, you have to study the products you want to shoot.

Suppose, you are going to click a modern table of a specific brand. You have to know the use of the tool and the presentation should also be thinkable.

If you wish to take fashion product photography, you should gather some fashion trends of that product. Your presentation will vary with others for this knowledge.

So, does it make any sense of studying the products as a photographer? It will help you to make the best result when you have proper product photography ideas.

8. Focus on Lighting

product photography techniques

Lighting is one of the key facts in product photography. The total outlook is measured with the application of how you are implementing the lighting process.

Use window light rather than a light tent. It will take more objects and time if you use a light tent. It will be more expensive for you to shoot. Many digital photographers believe that image from window light is more interesting and effective than a light tent.

Still trying to find a light tent? Then prepare yourself to learn the proper use of the element and set up procedure.

Did you ever hear of the gradient reflections on a product? You have to put a diffuser among the light and the subject to get a non-flat look.

Have you tried product photography with one light? It’s another way when you don’t have multiple lights or studio. You can also get an outstanding result using this method if you know the proper system of handling the object.

Take the right decision whether you should use natural or artificial light. A single lighting setup may not be suitable for every category products.

A product like a handbag which is used in outside can be shoot in sunlight. On the other hand, for shooting a mug, you can take it on a table or plate inside the home and focus from light bulbs.

Just like these, there are some different techniques to improve product photo quality using lighting.  And remember, perfect lighting means less work and less complexity.

9. Shoot photos in Different Styles

A perfect photo is not captured always just in one action. You may have to click a hundred times for getting a group of perfect photos.

A product needs to be shown in different angles, in different colors and environments. Then how can you finalize photos by clicking once or twice only?

If you are shooting a clothing photo, capture it from every angle you can to give every possible corner to your customers to observe.

If you shoot the photo with a model, take different poses with the product. Thus, customers will get a clear concept and faith to come back again to your store.

So shoot a variety of images of your product and let your customer see in every angle. Another thing to remember, don’t delete photos until you finalize it for your store.

10. Summarize Products by Size and Weight

Products by Size and Weight

Different products need different styles and environments to shoot.  You need to take a big shot when you are shooting a product of small size and less weight. They need to be focused clearly to customers.

What will you do if you have to capture products of different sizes and weights in a single frame?

Make sure you are summarizing the products according to their sizes and weights. It will help the customers to focus the products individually. The proper layouts will be visualized clearly to them.

Guess, you are taking photos of a weight machine in different angels. You have to capture the small pieces of equipment for this product which are measured as individuals.

Make a plan to set up your studio according to your products from small to large or vice versa. Then click them after configuring your camera for the individuals.

Want another interesting technique on this? Ok, scroll down a little bit.

11. Use Human Face

Products by Size and Weight

A human face increases the product value and shows the perfect usage. Have you seen any product of the wedding category without a human body?

The answer will be NO! Can you guess why?

We always prefer to see bridal collections or any other products related this with human faces. Actually, we love to see in this way.

A toy is always interesting when we see this on a baby’s hand. A customer will be more happy to see this kind of products this way, right?

After creating a human face, you must share it to human faces as well. It seems something different. If your product is stuck only on a frame, how people can reach it?

To reach it to your customers in all the possible ways use social and professional networks. Share it by the customers as well. How?

Make an announcement to provide a gift or discount for those who will share product photos and posts on different platforms. They will enjoy in doing so and help to turn your audiences to customers.

We have included a video of an expert who is sharing his thoughts about the latest trends in product photography techniques. Let’s see what he shares.

In conclusion, we are showing the way to implement your creativity on clicking product photography. We believe you know better photography than us. But applying in a smart way is the key factor, right?

You won’t get a highly decorated product shoot box for shooting the products. You may have to apply some different techniques. Are you ready to apply them to get a better photo?

Share your thoughts if have some for our readers. We can discuss them, ok?

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clipping path service provider

Best Clipping Path Service Provider Companies In 2022

Choosing the best clipping path service provider through online media may be a tough decision to make for your personal or agency need.

Guess you have the best collection of images by your own but not ready for the use! Isn’t it boring to imagine?

Especially the background and the stuff that is more than simple photo editing can be delivered by professionals only. It is related to express a better outlook of your image.

Here I am showing you some best clipping path service provider companies from different areas.

How do you define clipping path service? 

Clipping path service has become a mandatory part of basic photo editing. Clipping path service is essential for product photos. Today’s market is highly competitive. You have to make your product photos appealing and attractive to make them stand out from the crowd. If your products are not attractive and different, people will not purchase them. Business owners edit their photos to make their products more attractive and increase their demand in the market. 

You must give a lot of time to the clipping path technique. Because if you are not working on the technique carefully, you can lose the true essence of a photo. Clipping path is applied using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop software. Only high professional and expert graphic designers can work with the clipping path service. 

Clipping path service is needed in many different professional sectors nowadays. In this way, people have to go for a photo editing service provider. But it’s not so easy to pick one best photo editing service, provider. It’s a time-consuming task to find out the best one. We have shown the top list to you so that it becomes easier for you.

Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best One!

Before we go to review the best clipping path service providers, we want to make you know about the factors which you can consider to choose the best one. Let’s know about the key factors to consider.

Service Quality

Never compromise service quality. Choose the company that ensures 100% high-quality clipping path services.

Free Trial

With the test images, you can judge the work quality of a company. Choose the one that offers a free trial so that you can see their work quality.

Quick Delivery

A quick turnaround is an essential factor to consider while choosing the best clipping path service provider. Companies that deliver work on time are the best ones.

Price Rate

Keep the pricing rate in your mind. Because when you have a tight budget, you have to seek for a company that offers a low price is comparing to others.

Image Safety

It is an essential thing that your images are secured when you send them to a company for clipping path services. You need security from them that they won’t share your pictures for any commercial or promotional purposes.

Portfolio :

Identify the portfolio of a particular photo editing company. From their portfolio, you can judge their work. Check their previous works.

Let’s Check Out The Best Clipping Path Service Provider Companies in 2020!

clipping path service provider

Image Retouching Lab comes with all kinds of photoshop tasks like photoshop retouching, image masking service, clipping path service, image manipulation, image shadowing, and so on.

They are working as one of the best service providers in this field having more than 12 years of experience with an outstanding expert team.

Pricing: image retouching lab has a different pricing chart for different categories of services. Clipping path service comes from just 0.29$ to 4.99$.

Like these, you will get the different valued services from a very low price to medium. Wait a minute, you will also get useful information in their blog section.

They update it regularly for the visitors. It may be your clipping path partner for the long run.

Quality:  The best part of the Image Retouching lab is its outstanding customer support. The quality is also the best in the industry. Most of the customers are highly satisfied with their services including prices.

Weedit. photos is an outsource photo editing company providing their services since 2003. They provide all types of creative clipping path services from common products to wedding services.

Pricing: You can choose from the basic level correction of your image to the extra level. It comes from 5$ to 10$. You can pay via PayPal service.

Quality: Most of the customers described weedit as a high-quality service provider for clipping path. Customer service is a little bit slow but the quality is much better.

clipping path service provider

Fixthephoto comes with a beautifully designed website and a lot of useful information for the clipping path service industry. It deals with all types of photo editing services like portrait, wedding, newborn, real estate, eCommerce, etc.

Pricing: Fixthephoto has a lot of pricing sections for the customers. The basic service begins with 5$ and the high-end service begins with 10$. You can choose whatever it suits you.

Quality: It has the best reviews from the customers since the beginning of its services. Choice of background seems stunning and professional. They are also sincere with the delivery time of products.

clipping path service provider

If you wish to take the best service for your wedding photo retouching and clipping path services Wedding-retouching may come in your first choice list. They have well-written blogs covers wedding photo retouching tutorials.

Pricing: Wedding Retouching provides a clear and structured pricing list for their customers. You will get cheap to an expensive price list on their website. Here, culling service deals with $2 and the wedding pro package deals with $159.

Quality: Quality provided by Wedding Retouching is quite professional and amazing. Customer support is very fast and friendly.

clipping path service provider

Picsera is a US-based photo editing company providing its services worldwide. Including Clipping Path service, they also offer culling and color correction, background removal, virtual staging service as well.

Picsera is engaged with the world’s top-class portrait and wedding studios and internet retailers including ecommerce, real estate, and the architecture industry.

Pricing: Its basic service begins at $1.10  and discount offer is valid for large packages. It’s better to contact before placing a large order.

Quality: As you will see some of their giant clients from this industry, you can go with it. They also provide nice customer support.

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path House is a sister company of KMS Group Australia ltd, deals with all kind of photo editing services including clipping path services for more than 7 years. They provide the best quality service at a competitively lower price for their clients.

Pricing: Clipping path service starts at $0.25 only. If your quantity is more than 200, contact with their support team. They have some discount on multiple services.

Quality: Clipping Path House has a good reputation on this service since years. They provide the best effort in customer service.

clipping path service provider

A beautifully designed website of Nude Retouching comes with the best services, especially in nude, boudoir and glamour photography retouching, and clipping path service. It has a well-established team of photographers and editing service provider in New York and London.

Pricing: Nuderetouching has three different pricing list. Standard service deals in 5$, complete is in 10$ and complete+ is in 15$.

Quality: Customers are happy with the deals and friendly customer support from the team.  Response time is also fast.

clipping path service provider

Another beautiful website you see for clipping path service is They are expert in isolating images from the backgrounds using clipping paths or masks. Their headquarter is in Morganville, New Jersey.

Pricing: Pricing is categorized from 1 to 7. It’s linked with a  time frame. You will get the service from $1.79 to $12.67 in Rush 12 hours package. If you go to the standard 24 hours package, the price will be less. Pretty cool, huh?

Quality: clarifies its details of time frame and pricing. That’s very specific. A customer doesn’t fall in confusion with its service. Quality is cool and customer service is average.

clipping path service provider

If you need creative clipping path service for your agency, ClippingBees is committed to delivering within a short time. They also provide image masking services using the latest Photoshop masking techniques.

Pricing: ClippingBees provide their service at a competitive and low price than others. It starts at %0.39 per image. You will get service from $1.79 to $12.67 in the Rush 12 hours package.

Quality: They are dedicated to providing their services within the shortest time period. Customer support is also satisfied. They will ensure you with a money-back guarantee.

clipping path service provider

Colorclipping is an international service provider in clipping path service. You will get cut to cut clipping path service with the pen tool. Though the headquarter is in London, UL, they have also branches in Australia, France, and Bangladesh.

Pricing:  The initial service of Color Clipping for this service starts at $0.29. It seems like a very cheap price than many companies.

Quality: Color Clipping provides good quality service at cheap rates. They are open for 24/7 including Sunday and other international holidays to give sales inquiry to their customers.

Offshoreclippingpath provider is from Asia region and running from 2010. Offshore Clipping Path has served more than 500 clients all over the world with quality. They provide multiple clipping path service, image masking and so on.

Pricing: Offshore Clipping Path offers a very reasonable price starting at $0.29. An interesting part of its pricing system is like a calculating tool.

You enter your service name, turnaround time, quantity and complexity level, then it will calculate it’s the proper price. Innovative and interesting, right?

Quality: This company is providing its services in the clipping path for the last 8 years. Quality is far good and support also. They also provide valuable tips on photography in the blog section.

clipping path service provider

Clipping Path India is one of the renowned clipping path service providers in Asia. It started in 2002 and serving the globe with its fast service. It operates its activities in different locations including Bangladesh, UK, and the USA.

Pricing: This company provides its service at $0.49 to $11.99. They offer to buy their Edit Credits to save money and time. The more you earn Edit Credit point, the more you save your money.

Quality: Clipping Path India has its expert team to provide the best quality for years. Customer support is a little bit slow but the quality is good.

clipping path service provider

Clipping USA is one of the leading image editing company having the best clipping path lab located in Maryland, USA. The experts work in three shift in a day to provide their tasks efficiently.

They are expert in various services like clipping mask, multiple clicking path, Photo cut out, deep etching service and so on.

Pricing: Basic clipping service starts at $0.25 only. You will get clipping path service at $1, clipping medium at $1.25, clipping complex at $3.75. To get more details in a large project, you may drop a message to their mailing address.

Quality: Clipping USA is determined by providing excellent quality service to their customers. More than 100 highly experienced designers are in service since years. Quality is far enough better and response time is amazing.

clipping path service provider

Maxzion IT is a multi-skilled clipping path company in Australia. Actually its a part of various services given by this offshore outsourcing company.

It provides clipping path, multi clipping path, image retouch, image manipulation and so on by its expert designer team.

Pricing:  Their price list depends on your order category. You have to contact with their support center before placing an order with your requirements.

Quality: Maxzion IT is concerned with their quality. They provide various types of services and try to maintain its quality for their clients. Their support is average.

clipping path service provider

Expert clipping is a quality service provider company giving unlimited revisions to their customers.  They are doing business in different countries like the UK, Italy, and Bangladesh. Their service includes clipping path service, background removal service and so on.

Pricing: Basic clipping path service starts at $0.49 if you order above 2000 images. Compound clipping path starts at $0.60 and complex clipping at $2.49. You have to pay at $0.59 if you order below 1000 images.

Quality: Expert clipping has an expert team to provide the best effort for photo editing services. Customer support is not bad.

Clipping way is another image editing service company from Asia region. They started their journey from the year 2007. Their production team belongs to Bangladesh and marketing team from New Zealand.

Pricing: Clipping way has different price lists from clipping path with drop shadow service at $1.75. You have also the option to run the free trial before making an order.

Quality: They are much professional about their quality issue. They use the latest technology in clipping path services. They also provide high-quality customer service. You can make any query to their support system.

clipping path service provider

Clipping path associate is a reputed image editing service provider company associated in Bangladesh, UK and Singapore. They are providing their services having more than 50 graphic designers.

Pricing: They provide basic service at $0.30, and multi clipping path at $2.49. They have the offers with the time frame like $1.70 charge within 10 minutes. You can also use a free trial of their services.

Quality: Clipping path associate ensures quality within a time frame. They provide QC passed guaranteed quality for their client. Customer service is average.

clipping path service provider

Clipping biz is one of the quality clipping path service providers in this industry. Though it’s not so old, it has some positive reputation. They provide all kinds of image retouching services for their clients.

Pricing: Clipping biz provides their basic service starting at $0.39. They have more plans like simple clipping path at $0.79, compound clipping path at $1.49, extra clipping path at $1.69, and complex clipping path at $2.79.

Quality: They have some important clients from different areas. Response time is considerably nice.

clipping path service provider

Pixopal comes with a beautifully designed image editing platform for individuals and agencies. It is trusted by global top 10 photographers and studios. They are providing quality service through years in reasonable prices.

Pricing: Professional image clipping path service starts at $0.50. It will differ with quantity and complexity level.

Quality: Though the customer service belongs in an average category, they provide quality products to their customers.

clipping path service provider

Digi5studios is an expert service provider in quality clipping path service, mask service, and other photo editing services. They provide services in various ecommerce companies, photographers, agencies, and real estate companies.

Pricing: The pricing table is categorized in total five levels including multiple objects clipping. You will get a simple clipping path service at a very low price like 0.10 cents per image.

In medium clipping path service, you have to pay $0.50 to $1 per image. Like these, in level three, $3 to $8 and in level four, $12 to $18 per image.

Quality: Digi5studios always try to maintain its quality. Their response time is also good. Try a test before ordering a large number of images.

clipping path service provider

Proclipping is another clipping path house to provide you better quality output. It is serving customers since 2016. As they are new in this industry, they are trying to provide the best effort.

Pricing: They are providing basic level path clipping at $0.29. If you go for a big deal, contact them for final pricing.

Quality: Proclipping is serving in a very reasonable price. You will also get a discount offer in your first order. Customer support is good enough.

Do you want something more about this term? Listen from an expert below:

We provided a list of companies who are providing service in Clipping path service industry through the years. Some of them are new and some are ruling for years.

Choose the best one for yours. Best of luck!

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marketing strategies for ecommerce

15 Secrets About Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce in 2022 That Nobody Will Tell You

Have you thought the New Year strategies to boost up your eCommerce business?


As eCommerce marketing has become a huge factor, you have to maintain some proven eCommerce marketing practices.

Luckily, we have found some of the trendy and important secrets of marketing strategies for  eCommerce which will help you to boost up your digital business very fast. Are you ready to grab these?

OK! Keep Reading Our Best “Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce”


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1.Starting Make a Strategy Proper

marketing strategies for ecommerce

Do you know the importance of proper planning or strategy? How does a proper strategy take you ahead from others?

Many digital marketers haven’t discovered the importance of this topic. Actually, the whole process of increasing your sells depends on a proper marketing strategy.

You have to know what marketing concept is.

Put in your mind very carefully, 50% of companies fail just after a few years for not having a perfect marketing strategy.

Focus on every small detail of the marketing strategies that are given one by one.

2. Use The Best Practice of Images For Your Website

marketing strategies for ecommerce

Images are important to enrich your eCommerce website. It will create a value of your products to the customers. We look many marketers are uploading their product images only after shooting with DSLR or high-resolution camera. Does it make any sense?

You have to keep it on your mind; visitors don’t love tasteless images. If you just upload a raw image to your store, it can remain poor in quality that can affect in sale deprivation.


3.Optimize Your Website Layout For Both Laptop and Mobile

marketing strategies for ecommerce

If you want to reach your product to your customers, you must pay more attention to this fact. Well, most of the people have no time to sit on a chair all day long and browse the internet on a desktop or laptop.

Just think of yourself! How much time do you get to spend on your laptop? You have to go for your job or class from the early morning to afternoon.

Most of the time you spend the time is your Smartphone.

Layout and checkout process should be attractive and untroubled which will make them stay more time to your website.

4.Produce Unique And Original Content For Your Website

People will know about products and yourself through your content strategy and quality. Guess how important it can be!

Most of the successful marketers do care more efficiently on this term to engage their valuable customers with websites.

Just think!

Always remember, if your content quality is not good enough, nothing will change your ranking at all.

Your content may be videos, blog posts, eBooks etc. This is just a straightforward fact. Google will rank through your quality content. Ultimately, content is the king, right?

5.Choose the Best Featured Website

marketing strategies for ecommerce

Choosing the best website for an eCommerce business is not always an easy term. It ensures your audiences to get most possible features that will help them to use your website in a more comfortable way.

Think, it will create the first impression on our website. If possible, hire a professional designer and let him/her know your expected design pattern for your store.

The more functionality you add for your website and store, the visitors will feel comfortable to visit it.

Remember; don’t make it complex at the time of adding more features. Customers don’t like complexity on visiting any website.

A user has not enough time to see loading your page for seconds, right?

6.Make Your Store Mobile Friendly

Most of the marketers are investing their time and money for making their website and store mobile friendly. You can make your website to appear differently to your customers in different devices. It has to be 100% responsive for all devices.

Every well-known eCommerce stores have its mobile app as a part of their commercial business.

Don’t you feel the necessity of this?  

7.Engage With Social Media Platforms

marketing strategies for ecommerce

You always need a social media platform to represent your business to target audiences.

Social media platforms will help you to connect your customers, and boost your sales. About three billion people around the world are using various social media every month. Aren’t you really aware of this important fact of your business?Make some marketing strategies for ecommerce.

Actually, you are not getting engaged on social platforms not only to have more likes. You are building awareness of your brand, showing authenticity and providing the best possible support to your customers.


8.Be Crystal to Your Customers

Whatever you wish to deliver your customers, be very crystal. Doesn’t it make sense?

Suppose you have some different products with different costs and shipping charges.  

These will increase a clear and faithful relationship among your brand and customers.

One thing to remember you, make an easy checkout process for your valuable customers. No one expects a complex and lengthy way for completing the payment process.

Just don’t try to hide anything about your product or service.

9. Stay Up to Date on Your Industry News

marketing strategies for ecommerce

Being updated on your industry news is a key term to be engaged more professionally with your business and customers. Audiences always expect updated information from Google on their preferred industry.

WIf some terms seems a little bit difficult to them, make clear and easy to them.

Do you get any controversial topic from your industry or audiences?

Try to turn the controversy into an informal discussion that will help your customers to be more engaged with your business. Sometimes you have to keep some controversial content into your blogs. Interesting, right?

10. Plan For Search Engine Optimization

marketing strategies for ecommerce

You have to keep a minimum knowledge about SEO to rank your eCommerce store on search engines.

As this methodology is being updated after a few months, you have to be updated with the terms always.

Try to reach your website and blogs on the first page of Google;

In total, if you wish to increase your profitability, your website needs SEO service or get a guest posting service provider for content marketing from your site.

11. Use Referral Marketing Strategy

Referral marketing is a modern and trendy eCommerce marketing strategy to increase your sells. People will share your brand for their own benefits.

Isn’t it? They are using this strategy as a secret weapon.

Set up a referral program to your website with an attractive incentive for affiliate marketing. Giving the right incentive, you are one step ahead to win the battle.

Promote your referral program to let them know about your business and the incentives. You can invite your past customers to join your referral program.

12. Make Your FAQs More Creative

What’s on your mind? How to create a Creative FAQs page?

Guess if you buy the product, what type of queries can arise from your mind. That’s the tricky part of this fact. As a digital marketer, you have to read the customers mind.

It’s all about reaching your customers and deal with.  Think from the customer’s perspective, the answer is yours. Keep the answers short and simple and deliver them in a positive tone.

That’s it! You can keep concluding this part with giving contact information. You have to give freedom to your audiences to reach you in the most possible ways.

13. Answer Your Audiences

marketing strategies for ecommerce

If I ask you how do you answer your audiences? It’s really an important term for your eCommerce business platform.

Do you have a live chat option on your website?

Set up an automated chat greeting with any of multiple software tools or Plugins and answer your customers at your free time. It will increase the reliability between you and your customers.

You can retarget the customer easily by answering some simple queries and information.

14. Retarget Your Customers

marketing strategies for ecommerce

Do you apply to email marketing method to your audiences? It’s an early and beneficial strategy to boost your sale.

Yes, it works. Make an interesting ad platform to reach your target audiences and send it each and everyone from your list marketing strategies for ecommerce

You don’t have to reach them from scratch as they have already purchased your products.

15. Discount Offer in Various Occasions

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, everyone expects a discount offer on different occasions as well.

Include various promotional offers on your eCommerce business. Just like buy one get one free, free delivery, gifts over a minimum purchase etc.


You can use the Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google ads to reach your offer to your audiences on different occasions.

Don’t decide to show the offers randomly.  Make sure, you have a planned goal to reach your customers.

Let’s hear from an ecommerce expert who has shared 12 strategies of his own.

Final Thoughts

Now time to finish it. We just provided the best possible marketing strategies for eCommerce your digital marketing business. Most of the giant marketers are using these through years and we are presenting it for you.

It will definitely convert your audiences to customers if you apply the procedures properly.

Remember, a perfect eCommerce business plan is made with all these tactics together, not only with some of these parts.

It’s not just magic that will generate millions in a few weeks. You have to be consistent with these tactics. The output will come out at the right moment.

Do you have any secret outside these? Let us know the ideas by commenting below.  

How To Use Clipping Mask In Photoshop

How To Use Clipping Mask In Photoshop – The Essential guide

  • Last Update on 03 October 2019

Today I am going to share a tutorial which you were maybe seeking for a long time. Before learning about using a clipping mask in Photoshop, you need to know what is for and why you need to use it.

Well, that was the most asking question which we get every day from our beloved customers. For them and to the newbies, here is the article about clipping mask to remove your all confusions.

what is clipping mask actually?

Clipping mask and layer masks are not the same. When you apply a clipping mask on your photo, the outcome looks the same as the layer mask. But both of the techniques are different. With a clipping mask, you can apply a mask with multiple layers.

Using a clipping mask you can use the content of a layer mask above it. This allows you to edit complex images. It helps you to merge your layers so that you can make more shiny and professional images.

Have you got the answers to all of your questions? I hope that you have got answers to all your queries. Now it will help you to learn how to use clipping mask in Photoshop.

You can open any image where you want to apply a clipping mask.

clipping Mask service provider




Creating Clipping Mask in Photoshop for Custom Photo Layouts

Step #1: First, create a new file in Photoshop. Use the rectangle tool to make a square on that newly created file.

Step #2: In this step, you need to create a border on that image. You should use the rectangle tool. While using it just hold down the shift key to draw a black 980×980 px square. Choose the rectangle and background layers, and then go to Layer option, choose to Align > Vertical Centers and similarly Layer > Align > Horizontal Centers. After that put the layer inside a folder named “mask”.

Step #3: Now you have to use the path selection tool to highlight the square you made and copy-paste it. After copy and paste, you have to resize the duplicated path to 954×954 px. To do this, you can press Ctrl+T and drag one corner holding the Alt and shift keys. After doing so, select subtract front shape.

Step #4: Now drag and drop your chosen image into the new file you had created. Remember, you need to put it over the “mask” group in the layers window. After that, right-click on the layer and choose the option “Create Clipping Mask”.

Step #5:  You can add a text layer to give it extra effect and color combination.




Are you finding it very difficult? No worry, we are here to provide you with the best quality clipping mask service within a short period of time. Why not check out our services and see what we have an offer for you?

The Final Result:

To make your photo creative and more attractive, a clipping mask is a very simple way to do that. It works well for every one of your pictures particularly web images and social media posts. This method can be used with vector, text, bitmap, group and object layers.

If you are not that happy to see the final result of your work, you should have found a clipping mask in Photoshop service provider who will do that work nicely for you. Sometimes, some photos are really precious. You should not practice this with those photos. It is always recommended to hire a graphics editor or a clipping mask service provider to get that work done very well. Why not, share this article and let your friends know? You can also comment below about your photo editing problem and get solved by our expert team.




best clipping path service providers

How to Choose the Best Clipping Path Service Providers?

  • Last Update on 03 October  2019

You can find a lot of clipping path service providers but to whom you will send your beloved photo, is the confusing question. Because every service provider tells you that they are the best. But how can you judge their quality before working with them? Here we come to solve your confusion with clear-cut speaking.

This article is not a promotional article rather the idea behind this article is only to help the beginner photographer who is troubling with editing their photos.

However, it no doubts, all the clipping path service companies try hard to be ahead in this completion and provide better service from each other. For that, you will find no service company in poor quality. But to find out the best, you need some research and factors to consider.

Before finding out the best, you need to know what are the special services you can get from photo editing  service providers. Here is the list:

  • 1 to 10 Free trials
  • 24-hour online support
  • Super easy ordering process through online
  • Hassle-free image upload and get your photo in a day
  • Assurance of security and privacy of every customer’s photo
  • Payment after the work
  • Quality assurance of every step
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Important Factors to Choose Clipping Path Service Providers

Regularity in providing services

You have to go to a company that offers clipping path services regularly. When there is consistency in their work, they can provide great work for their clients. Companies that provide services regularly, they use the updated and latest software. And the best and updated software can deliver the best outcome. Photoshop is known as the most popular software used for the clipping path. This wonderful software is used for any photo editing to create great results. Its unique features are better than other designing software. It is one of the essential factors to consider to choose the best clipping path service, provider.

Photo Editing Quality

clipping path service providers

It is best practice to have a little conversation with the service provider you want to work with. Ask for few of their previous photo editing.

Ask for both the original and the edited one. You can then justify their quality. To judge the quality, you need to know about the perfect editing with Photoshop. If you do not have much idea about photo editing, you can check this article to increase your knowledge base.

Also, check their editors and designer’s portfolio to understand their quality and professionalism.

Time Duration

Image Retoouching Lab

It is very important for every one of the services you will take from a service provider. If a service provider is not so conscious about their delivery time, go away from them. It will cause your trouble and frustration. So, check out how much time they need to deliver each photo editing service. Talk with them, and fix your delivery time. If the company is easily accepted and promise that they can meet your required delivery time, you can keep your faith in them.

How Many Efforts They Want to Put In

clipping path service providers

It is recommended to talk with service provider freely and describe how you want your photos to be edited. Most of the professional image editing service providers care your requirements and edit with maximum care. They also put their efforts with innovation and make your photo looking good beyond your expectation. To ensure that, just try 1 or 2 of their free trails. If the company is well enough they will please you with their free trial.

Post Production Service

We think this is the most important thing that makes a clipping path service provider top-notch in the market. After editing your photos, and delivering that to you, you may feel there needs to change some color or do some more editing. A good company always appreciate this and respect their client with their awesome post production service. Before ordering, make sure how they will care about the post-production service.

Image editing or clipping path service is now widely used and companies are in a race to show their excellence. But in these, some are really up to business rather ensuring quality. You need to find out the best one on the market according to your requirement before spending your valuable money.

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Wrapping Up

Clipping path is a very important task for an image. So, Finding the best clipping path service provider is not an easy task. If you want the best service then you need a deep research on it. We think our article will help you to find the best service provider.

Bonus Tips 

You will find some tips to find the best clipping path service providers in this article. This will make things easy to find out the best.

Share this to help your friend and comment us if you have any trouble finding the best photo editing service.

Photo Editing Service

How To Find A Photo Editing Service?




Taking photos is fun whether it’s for professional use or just for your own interest. But sometimes you need professional photo editing service for reviving the moment or keep it real for a lifetime.

Before that when you take photos you need to keep some things in your mind to make your photo more vivid and natural. There are certain things in your camera setting or in the software you need to know that can make your photos into the next level and it is also easier for the photo editing service to edit if you take good quality photos. So here is some do’s and don’ts you should follow while taking photos.

Image Editing

What To Do:


Less is more: Do not overdo with the editing. I know editing is fun and while editing the maximum layer you will put will look beautiful. But after finishing it will look unnatural.

Overcropping: though I said before always make an option to cropping a photo but never over crop it. It may ruin your picture quality.

Do not rush: Take your time when you sit to edit a photo. Rushing will not do any good for your photo.

Do not try using multiple programs: if you are not a pro and try all the program came up to you it will not do any good. Stick to one and learn it properly and then see what magic you can create with that.

Do not overdo texture: Texture can be fun. And if you are a fan of texture it is ok to use it, just go easy with textures. Otherwise, it will be unrealistic.

Know the curve: when it comes to shadow and lighting you have to know the curve. Every person’s creativity and taste are different. The curve differs from one another. So discover your one and master it.

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Follow these and we hope that your pictures will turn out incredible. And then it will be also a lot easier to do what you require. Because a poor quality photo is not what anyone can work with and make it good with just editing. It is the most important thing to capture a quality photo first.

But sometimes it will not enough to do it with your own. You need an expert hand to edit your photos and then our photo editing services come to help you. Check out our all services and let us know which one you need. You can also get the first 3 trail to judge our quality. Comment us below if you have any query.