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How To Use Blur Tool In Photoshop | Guideline By Image Retouching Lab

How To Use Blur Tool In Photoshop | Guideline By Image Retouching Lab

If you are going into photoshop then there is a chance you will come across the blur tool. The main reason is blur tool is a pretty handy option to photo editing in various ways. You can do a lot with this simple tool setup.

While it’s very handy it’s a bit tricky to use as well. You will need to learn the different aspects of using the blur tool. That’s why we are here to help you learn how to use the blur tool in photoshop.

So, open up your photoshop on the side and start practicing along with this guide.

How To Use Blur Tool In Photoshop

The purpose of using blur tools is many to describe. We will discuss that later on in the article. Let’s go through the process or technicalities involved in using the blur tool. First of all, you will need to open the picture on photoshop that you want to edit.

Then get to the layer panel on your photoshop workspace. Right-click on the tab that says background. That’s your background image layer. You will need to duplicate the layer. You will see the option for duplicating the layer when you right-click.

Having a duplicate layer keeps your original file intact and you can do whatever you want with the duplicate layer. So, things get easy, and if you make a mistake that won’t bother you much.

Then you have to select the blur tool from the tools section. You might not have the option in the beginning. If that’s the case then go to the top menu and click on the Tools tab. Choose the blur tool there. You will see the sharpen tool and smudge tool also. To customize the brush, you can simply go to the brush preset picker.

Usually, that’s on the top of the photoshop options. From there you will need to work on the size, hardness, strength, and shape of the blur tool. Size refers to the thickness of the brush you are choosing. Hardness works with how sharp the brush will work.

There is also an option called mode. This determines the blending options of the blur that you are going to put. There are various options such as normal, overlay, multiply, darken, lighten, etc.

This part mostly depends on the results you are looking forward to. The kind of blur you want in the photo has to do a lot with the settings. Once you are satisfied with the brush settings you can just start using it. This will allow you to blur out specific parts of the photo. It’s called selective blur. Apart from this blur option, there are several blur filters that you can use in photos. We will discuss them later in the article.

For now, let’s go through the basic use of the blur tool which is to isolate a subject from the background.

Creating Depth Of Field

This is an effect you get from DSLR cameras automatically. In fact, with advanced mobile phones, you can get the same effect. But if you don’t have either or you are not satisfied with the results from your device then don’t worry. The blur tool in photoshop is always there to save the day. We will be discussing the later one here.

So, in the second option of creating depth of field first thing to do is isolating the subject. To do that select the quick selection tool. Or you can use the pen tool for more precision. Now using either of the tools make a selection of the subject. Then you will see an option on the top that says select and mask. This will take your editing window to a new workspace.

On the new window, you will already see some form of isolation of the subject. In view mode, you can see the difference. Then select the quick selection tool and work around the tight spots especially the edges of the subject. You will see some sliders on the side. You can make adjustments using them.

When you are done making adjustments get to the next step. Create a new layer with a layer mask. You will see that on the layers option drop-down menu. This will give you an isolated subject. Now, hide the subject layer. Now select the background layer and click it while holding down ctrl/cmd. This will load the mask selection. Then go to the top tab and choose select. There you will see an option that says modify. Click on that and choose to expand.

A new window will popup. There you have to choose 10 pixels in the settings and click ok. Then make the duplicate layer visible again and press shift+delete. There you will see a window called Fill. Choose the option that says content-aware and click ok.

Press Ctrl+D. This will make the subject invisible again. This is the last step of the process. Now, make your subject visible and select the background layer. Then from the top menu go to the blur gallery in the filter options. Select field blur from there. This will bring a pin to the center of the image. Now, keep a pin on the subject and move around the sliders. These sliders allow you to control the blurriness. And then add another pin on the background. Then make it blurry. You will need to work with the sliders a lot to get the desired results.

A general tip is to keep some areas near the subject less blurry than the background. And that’s how to use the blur tool in photoshop. We discussed one use of it in detail. Now let’s check out the different uses of the blur tool and how they work.

How To Blur In Photoshop

Well, now that you know how to use the tool let’s go through how you can get the most out of it. Apart from the selective blur, there are different blur options available in photoshop. These are known as blur filters. When you ask how to blur in photoshop you are mostly referring to these different types of blurs.

Motion Blur:

Well, this is pretty simple to understand. Whenever you click a picture from a motion you will see a natural blur that comes along with some trails. You can create that in photoshop with this filter.

You can make a static element look in motion with this motion blur option. Usually, this filter is used for making advertisements for automobiles. In short, if you want to add a motion effect on something still you just go for this filter.

Gaussian Blur: 

This blur was originally introduced by a physicist and mathematician. With the use of this blur, you can easily create a nice and smooth effect on your image. It helps a lot in smoothening certain elements of an image. One of the most popular usages of this blur is in reducing digital noise from your images.

Also, you can add blur in specific parts of the images to make it much more interesting. Another great use of this blur effect is getting smooth skin on your images. Learning the gaussian blur is surely worth it because of its wide usage.

Radial Blur:

Radial blur can be understood with the idea of the shape. Whenever you want to add a blur that acts circularly you can use radial blur. It also looks a little bit like motion blur. But instead of a complete motion, you get to see a zooming effect. You can get this from your camera with some skills too.

But if you want to take the easy way you can just go for editing it in your image. Using this blur depends mostly on your creativity. How you can integrate it into your images will be completely up to you.

Average Blur:

This is a blur filter that isn’t commonly used. Because there are various color grading options available out there. Still, if you want to reduce some extra colors from your images you can try out this blur option. It works almost like the gaussian blur but the usage is a little different.

Using this will allow you to take down some of the colors from your image and averaging them. It’s helpful if you have got too many colors going on in your image. Also, this is something that you can’t get from a device you just have to rely on editing for this one.

Field blur:

When people ask how to blur in photoshop, most of the time they mean-field blur. We already discussed a lot about field blur. We discussed the process of using it as well. The basic use of field blur is creating depth of field in images.

You can even have different levels of focus even without a camera that features this option. With the use of field blur, you can make the subject look more prominent in the image. Also, if there are distracting elements in the background you can use this blur filter to fix the issue.

Lens blur:

This is one of the most controlled blur options you can get on photoshop. You can control the depth of the blur, the location of the blur precisely. It almost works like a field blur but gives you much more control. You can have control over the color options of your image with this blur filter.

The results you get from the filter are much more precise and the blur is much more focused on the element you are targeting. So, if you are looking for a blur option that requires on-point blurriness then lens blur is the way to go.

Box blur

Box blur is a bit tricky to understand and work with. What it does is it gives you a blur effect surrounding a certain pixel. With that specific pixel information, it averages the color profile of the nearby pixels and gives you a result. In terms of customization, you get an option like adjusting the radius of the pixels to be averaged.

You can blur a picture with this filter quickly. But the drawback with this one is the unrealistic vibe of the filter. So, if you are working with something where you want to make it look dreamy and unrealistic then this is the best option to go with.

So, this how-to blur in photoshop. These are some extensions or filters that allow you to achieve different types of blurs from your images. But if you want to do things manually then you can always go for selective blur with just the blur tool brush. It’s a little hard to master so you will need to put in some time and effort to get this done.


Here, we tried to make a way for the people to get into photoshop. It’s undoubtedly a great skill to acquire in the modern world. And blur tool is a huge part of it. Hopefully, now you know how to use the blur tool in photoshop. We tried to describe things in detail and keep it easy for you. We discussed all there is to know about blur tools. So, you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything in particular.

Why Need To Edited Product Photos services and Tools

How Photo Editing Services & Software Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Editing product photos is the best trick ever to increase the sale of products. Photo editing makes it possible for product photos to create an overpowering effect on the customer’s mind. When you have a lot of products to display, it’s a common thing that you have to edit hundreds of photos. But the entire product photo editing is related to the kind of your product photos.

The Full Concept: Product Photo Editing

Before we know about how product photo editing work, let’s know everything about product photo editing in detail. The essential action that comes after taking product photos is editing. Product Photo editing creates beautiful enhancements that you cannot add during your photoshoot.
Product Image editing improves the overall quality and looks of digital images: different techniques, advanced tools, and software used for editing photos. There may be a considerable number of expensive cameras. But those cameras cannot guarantee a 100% perfect image. Editing makes your product photos loveable, bringing color and life to them. And designers who have experience in editing photos for years and edit a wide range of photos can work to create the most optimized images for you.

Product photos edited excellently attract several customers. On the other hand, a poorly composed photo destroys the image of a business in front of customers. Whether you are displaying a single product or a range of products, you have to deal with product photo editing for every kind of product. There is no other option or better than photo editing, To retain your customers and to make the viewers your regular customer


A Quick Way To Different Photo Editing Techniques

This topic is a little bit debatable. Do you think that your photos look uninteresting? Now you want to give them a crisp view? Here you need magic which photo editing does to make your photos attractive. You have to know about different types of photo editing. This topic is a bit debatable. We want to make you understand about the different kinds of photo editing so that you can get an insight. Hope that this will give you a full idea of different sort of photo editing techniques.

Clipping path:

The clipping path is the core of all kinds of photo editing services. There are so many aspects where the clipping path is used as a mandatory technique for editing photos. You can call it a shape or closed vector path. This technique is trendy for all kinds of web-based companies all around the world. The work process can be longer, especially if your photos are complicated. But the companies who are experts in photo editing can do it within a very short time. Product images are very important for businesses to buying.

Photo Retouching:

Model photo retouching

When you cannot capture a photo with its best look, then photo retouching comes into account. Expert photo enthusiasts are sometimes unable to capture great-looking photos. There are a huge number of creative and efficient designers who can retouch photos to represent them in a better way. There are flaws in every photo somehow. Even you cannot say that your best picture is flawless. Making the images flawless using essential touch-up tools is the main purpose of the photo retouching technique. Retouching removes unwanted elements, eradicates flaws, and adds lighting.


Removing Background:


Removing background is used when you need to change the background of your images. Suddenly an unwanted element can come onto your background and ruin the entire photo. In this sort of problem, editors and designers use background removing techniques. Even a lifeless background can be replaced with an attractive one to change the entire look of the image. In a nutshell, removing background can change the whole outlook of images. Besides, adding an attractive background changes the complete viewpoint making it 100% accurate.

Shadow Creation:

Making an image look realistic is the main purpose of using the shadow Creation service. A shadow of the object created in Adobe Photoshop. Shadow creation adds an extra essence to an image and makes it look more beautiful than before. If you say about e-commerce products, it can give a realistic look to your product images. Your photos can be uninspiring. But Professional designers can bring changes to images with shadow-making techniques using the latest software. In the case of an e-commerce business, making an impression on a customer’s mind is very important. And with the shadow-making technique, you can do that.

Color Correction:

When you need to change the existing color in your photo, you have to use the color correction technique. There can be a severe change in photos when you change the color. The advanced color correction technique gives images the most attractive look. Making the best impression with high-level saturation is the main purpose of using this technique. Colour correction brings an incredible effect on increasing the sale of your product. Photoshop comes with a wide range of tools for color correction.

Image Masking:

Image masking is used to change the background of a photo that cannot be changed generally in Photoshop. Making a product photo sharp is the ultimate purpose of using this technique. This kind of photo editing technique used when you want to show or hide a particular portion of an image with visual effects in Photoshop. One of the common masking techniques is layer masking. Designers use advanced photo editing software to ensure the highest quality. Any color adjustment, exposure correction, and brightness adjustment are done with this technique to modify a portion of a photo.

Why You Need Product Photo Editing?

Can you imagine anything without photo editing? The answer is simple. There are a huge number of purposes for photo editing. Photo editing makes a drastic change in images. We are going to make you know why you need photo editing showing all the essential details. Photo editing is much important for displaying photos on a different platform. Besides, it turns an ordinary photo into something extraordinary.

Building A Strong Brand:

Your product image plays a huge essential role in building your brand image. A strong brand leads a business to grab several potential customers. Designers create brand-aware product images that can build a brand in front of a huge number of customers. And if you say highly edited images, it gives you more confidence in getting customers. So photo editing makes your brand stronger.

Making Products Attractive:

Photo editing makes most of the product photos attractive. You cannot post the raw images on your e-commerce website directly. Because sometimes, there can be a lack of lighting, some unwanted elements, scratches, and wrinkles in your product photo, which are enough for ruining a photo. But you need a little touch-up before you use these photos. Editing photos in a proper way makes your product photos attractive.

Increasing Sale:

People like visual content, usually. Increasing sales to expand a business is one of the main objectives of photo editing. The sale of your product depends on the quality of your business. Most businesses need photos to represent their product. And if they can represent their product in a better way, there is a high chance of boosting their sales. Most popular brands use a high-quality image for their business.


Using Images Efficiently:

Photo editing makes you unable to use your images more than once. You can use the edited images further wherever you want to use them. Using edited images for several purposes is one of the advantages of image editing. High-quality photo editing tools and software allow inconsistently using the edited images. Changing the background or the color slightly can help you to reuse your images.

Loads Faster:

Photo editing makes a webpage load fast. Resizing a photo allows you to make its size smaller. But the quality of a photo remains the same. The number of pixels is also the same. But what does it makes your webpage load faster? When your web page does not load fast, your viewers can switch to another web page.

What Is The Product Photo Editing Software?

When you are done with taking your product photos, there comes another important task. Now you are on the way to making them look professional and smooth. In most cases, making several changes to photos are mandatory to make them ready for displaying products. These changes can make the difference between an ordinary and a great-looking product image. Let’s take a look at the different photo editing software before you start to work on it.

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is an industry-standard photo editing tool. It is considered an industry leader and pioneer of photo editing. In Photoshop, you can work with thousands of brushes, pens, and pencils. Besides, you can create your custom brush to get the look for the image that you want. There is a huge option for you to repair your photos with retouch, crop, and applying color effects.

Aviary Photo Editor:

The photo editing software Aviary Photo Editor is powerful and fast. It is very easy to work with this application. What you have to do is choose the image where you want to make changes. Its easy option allows making any adjustments to your images. All its features are enough to make you creative. It is suitable for people who want to keep their photos simple.

Adobe Lightroom:

All the best photos in the world are created with the touch-up of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is brought to you as easily accessible to all your devices. It comes to you with everything that you need to edit and organize your product photos the way you want. People who are just a novice can be an expert in the newest and latest features of Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom has everything that you need for making your product photos look like your imagination.


When you need to do multiple photo editing tasks, you have to use GIMP. For photo manipulation techniques like photo retouching, composing, and authoring, GIMP can easily work. Its interface allows doing everything from the simplest task to complex functions. It includes a full suite of painting tools like brush, airbrush, clone, custom brushes, and blend tools. For this sort of application, sometimes it’s compared to Photoshop and Lightroom.

Now it’s time to wrap up! You will find no aspect where photo editing is not needed. In this world of digitalization, we can imagine nothing without photo editing. You can consider it a personal job that requires time, effort, and skills. It takes a lot of work to edit photos correctly. Though it has a higher demand now, it guarantees some highly successful on
product photo editing.

Best commercial photo editing service

Best Commercial Photo Editing Services

Are you seeking for commercial photo editing services? Then this article is for you. You should be selective in choosing the best commercial photo editing service provider as it is not so easy to make every part of a photo flawless and appealing. Only the experts can transform an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. We know that it can be a little time consuming and stressful task to find the best commercial photo editing service. We want to save you from the headache and give the solution.

What is Commercial Photo Editing?

The term commercial photo editing is broad. It comprises several kinds of industries as travel, advertising, and fashion industry. Designers have to pay close attention to edit commercial product photos. Commercial photos should come as clear, appealing, and flawless ones. Several companies provide photo editing services at affordable prices.

Commercial photo editing services create great images for websites, publications, and catalogs. Editors for commercial photos must be experienced in working in several industries. Commercial photo editing aims at bringing a huge difference in a business. There is a lot of commercial photo editing service providers where a huge number of highly qualified professional photo editors work. Editors work with advanced techniques.  

Photo editing is an integral part of any e-commerce business. All those photos that paved the way to sell your products are commercial product photos. Commercial photo editing services have enhanced and retouch a huge number of commercial photos. 

Types of commercial photo editing services

You already know about the commercial photo editing. Now let’s know about the types of commercial photo editing services. If you know the types of commercial photo editing services, it will be easier for you to define which photo editing service you need for your product photos. But whatever the kind of commercial photographs is, the professional photo editors have to pay close attention while they edit every part of the commercial photography.

Image retouching

Image Retouching

Your product photos cannot attract your target customers if the photos are not appealing. A little touch up is needed where there are impurities in product photos. Designers remove all sorts of unwanted blemishes from the product images. Even the best product photo in your e-commerce site needs a little touch-up. In his way, retouching gives a glow in your images that makes your product photos look like the more attractive ones.


Resizing images is tedious work. Image resizing ensures the optimization of images in the right way. Image resizing gives the accurate size of an image. The Crop tool in Photoshop is used for resizing images. Otherwise, there is a crop command. Images can be resized with this Crop command. While resizing images, you have to fix the size and file format of the product photos. Resizing makes it easy for your site to load faster than before.

Color correction

Color Correction by Image_Retouching_Lab

After the product photoshoot, product photos do not look like the product itself in reality. This makes customers a bit confused. In this case, color correction plays an essential role in editing commercial photos. The color correction technique is applied for a huge number of photos to make them look like the product in real life. Designers nowadays apply color correction techniques very smoothly. You can simply correct, enhance, modify, or upgrade the color to make the commercial photos beautiful. 

Removing Background


Removing Background service  by Image_Retouching_Lab
Removing Background service by Image_Retouching_Lab

All the images do not consist of an appealing background. If you were in a hurry or all things were messed up during the photo shoot, the background of your photo can unfit to the product. You have to put another background that may fit your product. The image background removing technique removes the background and adds a suitable background to it. Background remove/clipping path makes the product photos look more appealing on an e-commerce website.

Shadow Effect

In some cases, you need to shadow creation of your product. But for the cause of proper lighting, the shadow of your product does not come properly. Designers can create the proper shadow in your product image that you want. Adobe Photoshop makes the shadow in a way that it creates a realistic effect. Products as shoes or clothing need a shadow effect on the images.

Best Companies For Commercial Photo Editing Services

Are you in need of a brilliant solution for your commercial product photos from the perfectionists? Here we have come up with the best solution for you to make it easy for you to find out the best company for commercial photo editing. We are going to review the best companies for providing commercial photo editing services. But you have to decide that one which you should go for.

Image Retouching Lab


photo editing services

The name Image retouching lab is well known for commercial photo editing. It is one of the best photo editing service providers. They provide excellent commercial photo editing services. They have experience in providing commercial photo editing services for companies all around the globe. Their number of satisfied customers is huge. They offer a special discount for regular customers and a free trial.


They never compromise the quality of their edited photos. A bunch of dedicated professional designers works at Image retouching lab. They are experienced at creating stunning high-quality edited photos. Their designers talk to their clients before they work on and follow their instructions very carefully. They run a three-step quality control process to ensure the highest quality. They provide all sorts of photo editing services needed for a commercial product at a reasonable price.

Color experts BD

One of the leading photo editing service providers is Color experts bd. They are working for several years with a team of skilled and experienced designers. They have worked with many recognized graphic designers, design agencies, magazine publishers, and fashion photographers. Their unique way of photo editing and enhancement ahs made them unique photo editing service providers compared to others.


Designers at Color experts Bd follows the client’s instructions very carefully. They conduct a 3 step quality check process before delivering the final images. They ensure the highest quality for commercial product photos. Their wide range of image editing services ensures the perfect and highest quality photo editing services. You can judge their photo editing quality before you order. They offer a free trial for the first two orders.

Photo Trims

All you need is to give perfection to your product images. Photo trims do this for you. They work with the goal of delivering something exceptional. Creativity is at the top of everything at work. They always create something different, which makes them exceptional to their clients. Even if they give more than the expectation of their clients. They have the best working team. Their clients have given positive testimonials regarding their works. 


Photo trims provide the highest quality photo editing services. They are popular for the quality of their editing. Their recent works have made them as a trustworthy one in the graphics designing industry. They are experienced in providing excellent work to their clients. Undoubtedly you will get a better photo editing service from Photo trims.

Fix the photo

This company is working for several successful years. They are specialized in providing all kinds of commercial photo editing services for their clients worldwide. They have got testimonials from thousands of clients worldwide. Basically, they understand the importance of commercial photo retouching for businesses. Their designers do their best to improve the quality of their commercial photos.


They work for their clients until they are happy. Fix the photo ensures the highest satisfaction guarantee for you. Their unique way of photo enhancement ensures the highest quality. All of the images are dedicated designers. Before they deliver the final image, they assure the quality of the edited photo. They provide commercial photo editing services for clients all over the world. 

Clipping path India

The Clipping path India offers commercial photo editing for professionals and entrepreneurs. Product photos in low quality cannot grab the attention of your potential customers. It can break your brand reputation. Keeping it in mind, The Clipping path India provides excellent commercial photo editing services to impress several customers. 


They never sacrifice quality at their work. Their designers edit photos by hand carefully. Designers work here skillfully to maintain the highest quality meeting their client’s deadline. They are specialized in high quality, hand-made, and advanced commercial photo editing services. Customers rely on them when they have a tight deadline for their commercial photo editing projects.

We have tried to review the best commercial photo editing services. I hope that you find them helpful. All these companies are highly professional commercial photo editing service provider. Now, if you need commercial photo editing services, you can choose the highly qualified one.

Why do you need smoothing skin in Photoshop_

How to smooth skin in Photoshop | A beginner’s Guide

People try to achieve natural and soft skin. They want to look at their skin glowing, smooth, and soft in their portrait. Skin is the most significant fact to consider here. To make a perfect picture, there are many ways that you can follow. But we are going to show how you can easily make skin smooth in Photoshop. Follow our tutorial and make your portrait look amazing.

This tutorial is about making skin smooth in portrait. We will cover this part, but will not include how to remove blemishes or other imperfections.

Why do you need smoothing skin in Photoshop?

We want flawless photographs. The enchanting and stunning photo brings out the personality in your photo. A little effort creates the image that you want to see. You have to pay a little attention if you want to do the tasks for post-processing in the right way. Though it is a bit tricky, you can handle it easily.

There are a lot of ways of smoothing skin in Photoshop. But we will show you the best way for skin smoothing technique. Photoshop is a necessary tool in some areas. If you have done everything in your portrait properly, you do not need much processing. We are not saying that we are the best. It is just a basic and straight forward approach. We hope that you get this the best way for smoothing skin in Photoshop.

Smoothing Skin in Photoshop with easy steps

In this tutorial, you will know how to smooth your skin in a portrait. Retouchers use different advanced retouching tools to smooth skin. It takes hours to smooth skin in Photoshop. We will start with smoothing the skin in a portrait giving a silky look. You can use any image from anywhere. So take a picture and do it according to some steps.

We are going to work on this image in this tutorial. As it is a skin smoothing tutorial, we have to focus on the face.

If your task is to make your skin smooth and natural in the portrait, you can use the spot healing brush.

Make sure that you have Adobe Photoshop on your computer.


Open up your image in Photoshop. You can use any edition that you want. It will be fine for you regardless of which one you are using. Start with zooming in the target area. The main cause of zooming is to

When you have zoomed in your target area, duplicate the layer and add a 20pixel Gaussian blur from the filters menu. Immediately you will find the whole picture softer. Reduce the clarity of the layer to 50% in the Layers palette.

Step 2:

In the next level, you have to add a layer mask. Layer mask hides or reveals the layers below. Hold down the ALT or OPTION key. Click the Add Layer Mask icon. You will find the Add Layer Mask at the bottom of the Layers palette. Your image will go back to the pre-blur appearance. There will be a black box next to the layer thumbnail.

Step 3:

Now we are going to work with the Brush tool. Select the Brush tool first. You can adjust the size of the brush. Use the bracket keys to adjust. Press the Shift key. You can now adjust the hardness or softness of the brush. For a more natural look, you will need a brush that has a softer edge. Hard brush edges stand out. Now you can do the facial edits.

Step 4:

Use the white brush. Work with transparency from 50 to 70%. Work at the higher end on female portraits. Work at the lower end on male pictures. If you choose the wrong clarity somehow, switch the brush color directly to black. Now get back to what you were doing. You can replace the part that you have removed. Now readjust your clarity. Switch back the brush color into white. Now continue your editing.

Step 5:

Take a look at what you have done so far. When you have added the blur, when you have created the black layer mask, it has covered the blur only. This area is noticing.

Step 6:

Do not brush over the lips and eyes in the portrait. Facial features must be sharp in a good picture. You have to edit your photos accurately. If you have smoothened the forehead, cheeks, you have to edit neck and shoulder. Try to be inconsistent as much as possible to edit your photos. These steps will leave you with a natural looking portrait.

The last tip is that skin has texture. So if you over-smooth your skin, it will not draw the attention of the person.

If you were looking to create smooth skin in Photoshop, you could use some other methods. There are some other skin-perfecting Photoshop plugins within your budget.

Touch up layer technique

Touch up layer is a simple technique to remove blemishes to make it spotless. You can sue touch up layer to remove makeup also. You can remove strands of hair. You can use touch up layer to retouch makeup. Use this technique for getting a clean line.

Touch up layer does not work well for retouching patches of skin or hot spots. But this technique does not work well for multiple blemishes. You can limit touch up layers that are

Step 1:

touch up layer, start with the background layer

To apply a touch up layer, start with the background layer. Add an empty layer on the top.

Step 2:

Touch up is normally done switching between the Clone stamp and Healing brush. You can use the Spot healing brush to work well. If you use the Healing brush, ensue that you check the Sample all layers. When you use the Clone stamp make sure that you set the Current and below for tool option. You can start with a small brush at 50%to 75 % hardness. Softer brushes tend to result in an artificial softness.


If you start with your Healing brush, select the new empty layer and zoom in. Set the brush size larger than your blemish. Focus on how your skin texture flow and changes the skin tone. You can get the best result if your sample is similar to the retouching area.

Step 4:

You can remove blemish with just one click. Do not sweep or paint. Click away the blemishes and move around the face. Move around different areas of the face in the portrait.

Step 5:

You can remove wrinkles using touch up layer sometimes. You can use this technique when you want to lighten few wrinkles using Clone stamp tool. Use this technique to obtain natural looking skin. This technique helps to get a more natural look than you expect.

Step 6:

This technique is a bit interesting. Select your eraser with this technique. Erase the correction off the touch up layer and do it again. Use your low clarity when the touch up is a bit heavy. You can also reduce the clarity, You have to use layer mask to blend in the touch up.

This technique is essential to achieve beautiful skin as well as needed for some photographers. But you have to do more things to achieve beautiful and smooth skin. We want to advice you to start with touch up layer. Then any kind of retouching that you need will be easier and effective.

High pass filter is great for smoothing skin

High pass filter is used to sharpen images in Photoshop. If you know the High pass filter before, you can use it to smooth skin in a portrait. Most of the steps are same for using the High pass filter to smooth skin in portrait.

The high pass filter looks for the edges and highlights them. There can be a change in brightness or color. The edges go around the person’s hair, eyes, mouth and skin texture. Skin texture has the low amount of detail.

You have to decide first where you are going to use your phone. You have to think about how your client wants them. You have to give priority to make your photo quality unique and interesting. Focus on where your final image is going to be used and how it is going to be used. You cannot retouch your photos the way you retouch your images for Instagram.

Keep on practicing. Practice can make your smoothing technique easier.

Wrap up your tutorial

Now you have got the perfect image. It is all about our skin smoothing tutorial. I hope that this tutorial was enough to help you to gain a set of skills to smoothing skin in Photoshop. Follow all of these steps to get a face with smooth skin. Doing it, in the same way, several times, you will be able to smooth skin faster than before.

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop: Step By Step Tutorial

We are using clipping path technology in the various sector every day. With the help of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop is used to make this operation successfully. Today, we are going to teach you how to make a clipping path in Photoshop.

What Is A Clipping Path?

Before we go to the main part of this tutorial, let’s get into the main concept of the clipping path. In general, clipping path is a photo editing technique to remove the unwanted objects with the pen tool. It is also known as an image background removal process. With this technology, you can cut out, remove or change the background of an image. It helps to beautify the image and highlight it. In most of the cases, this technique is applied in the area of online or e-commerce business.

When you want to remove an object from its background, you have to outline using a clipping path technique. It separates an element from an image. This technique isolates an element from the background and gives it a professional look. Designers use the Pen tool, which is very effective in creating a path. Using this Pen tool, designers get full control over the path. Deep etching is another technique that is similar to the clipping path.

Why Is Clipping Path Essential?

There are several reasons to use this particular technology in different industries. Clipping path is used in designing magazine, brochure, leaflet, and more. We are going to give a solid idea about this.

Customer’s Attention

Clipping path is crucial in gaining the targeted customer’s attention. Removing the unwanted objects from a product helps to make it more attractive and suitable in the web store. After all, the audience won’t get the attraction with poor quality images on a website.

Web Optimization:

It’s essential to optimize the website correctly to run an e-commerce business. Optimized photos give you better performance in speed and SEO factors. In a successful website, it’s essential to be faster than your competitors. Experts always suggest using optimized photos rather than raw files from the spots.

E-commerce Industry:

In the present time, the e-commerce industry has a direct relation with clipping path technology. You can’t imagine the online business without the use of this. Almost every product image needs the touch of this photo editing technique.

Removes Complexity:

In many product images, there exist holes, curves, and complex shapes. Clipping path technology helps to remove these types of complex tasks. You can apply the technique to different categories of products.

Color Correction Service:

Clipping path is essential to make the advanced color correction service. You can select each color individually using multi clipping path technique.

Garments Industry:

In the garments industry, the clipping path is a must used technology to promote the products. Having unnecessary parts in a garment product is a kind of normal fact. Using this process, you can easily remove the portions.

Publication House:

How should the images look in a publication like books, magazines, newspaper, or journals? It is essential to post relevant and clean photos. The clipping path makes the images appealing to the readers.

Real Estate Industry:

In real estate agency, you always need high-quality images to promote your properties. The pictures need clipping path to attract the audiences.

Photo Studios:

Photo studio is a place where a lot of images need photo editing service regularly. They have to deliver the best quality photos to their clients. Clipping path is an essential technique to produce professional photographs.

Web Design Companies:

Images play an important role to make a brandable website for your personal or business purpose. To use suitable photos to your site, it also needs this technology.

How To Make A Clipping Path In Photoshop:Step By Step Tutorial

Here, you are getting a step by step guide to learn how to create clipping path in photoshop cc. Hope, you will enjoy it.

Step 1

Open photoshop

The first task starts with opening the photoshop software where you are going to work for the clipping path. Learn whether the file is compatible with your system or not. Then, install the latest version of the file and open it.

Step 2

After opening the software, you will get the ‘create new’ option. Click here to create a new file to save your task.

Step 3

Here, you will get a custom box to put your desired image. The file size is fixed with its format.

Step 4

Now time to open the image you want to work with. Go to the option named as ‘File’. Then the preview will show you the ‘open’ button.

Step 5

It’s just the part of step 4. Click to the selected image and hit the ‘open’ button from your hard drive.

Step 6

Resize image

Resize your photo after placing it to photoshop.

Step 7

Here, you are going to close the layer eye (as you see in the red colored box). It’s necessary to proceed the clipping path.

Step 8

In step 8, you have come to the right moment to start the central technical part. Here, the use of ‘Pen Tool’ starts to work with edges of the image.

Step 9

After selecting the pen tool, it’s time to choose the path right here.

Step 10

As you see in the red box below, you have to select the layer path.

Select 11

Start your clipping path right here with the pen tool.

Select 12

Select all the edges of the image from top to bottom.

Select 13

After selecting the edges, click to the ‘make selection’ button.

Select 14

By doing this, you will show a dialogue box. In rendering option, there will be an option named ‘Feather Radius.’ Put it as 0 pixels and hit the OK button. Remember to mark the ‘Anti-aliased’ button.

Select 15

Now, all the edges will be selected. You will see the dots together.

Select 16

Go to Layer button and click ‘Layer Via Copy.’

Select 17

After that, close the eye buttons to complete your clipping path.

Select 18

Project is done. You have got a beautiful image with an attractive background. Save your final file to your drive in the PSD format.

So, does it make sense to make a clipping path properly in photoshop? We hope so!

What To Get The Unbeaten Clipping Path Service?

This is not always possible to use the technique by your own for your tight schedule or the interest issue. You may think of a suitable service provider for this. So, how can you get that? You have to think of some criteria before choosing one from thousands of clipping path service providers around the world. It can be pricing, experience, customer service, overall quality, and some more. Not every service providers are professional and good enough in this area. You have to pick the proper one by looking at the above criteria for your project. Make sure to check the abilities of the providers to ensure different photo editing services as well.

A Professional Image

Wrap Up

We just finished the process of how to make a clipping path in photoshop. Hopefully, it will help you to use this properly. It’s not necessary to make it by yourself. You can also hire someone with professional experience. After all, it’s essential to boost your online business strategy. So, you can’t deny the importance of this technology. Do you have any other procedure to make it easier? Feel free to share your ideas. We always appreciate your thoughts that are helpful to our valuable audiences.