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Did You Know About How To Stream NES On Twitch?

Did You Know About How To Stream NES On Twitch?

You like to share live Streaming of your every game on Twitch. The Xbox and PS4 will give you the tools that you need for Streaming. Now you want to stream NES games on your Twitch. We have come up with every basic that you need to know on how to stream NES on Twitch.

Easy Ways On How To Stream NES On Twitch

When you want to stream NES on Twitch, you must get a capture card and do everything in an old-fashioned way.

This game brings up something interesting in front of streamers. The culture of the NES and other competitors is totally different.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to stream NES on Twitch and how to use a capture card so that you can start streaming quickly.

Streaming NES on Twitch is considered as twitch. tvdpaddany. If you are completely new to streaming NES, you will have to know about which are the basic things that you need to stream NES on Twitch. At first, you have to buy your capture card.

 At first, you have to buy your capture card. You have to rely on this device. There are some popular capture cards. You can get your capture card from them. A capture card allows you to stream at a higher resolution. The added expense can be lost.

Webcams And Microphones:

 This equipment is not mandatory. These are the optional equipment. You can stream if you do not use these types of equipment. But we will recommend using a microphone. Because with the microphone, you will get better sound during live Streaming. You can use a professional microphone for recording comments. You can get to know about the top-rated webcams and microphones to stream with the best types of equipment.



It is better if you can control the audio and video options. It will be easier for you to control if you carefully choose your broadcasting software. Most of the streamers use software that can download for free. This sort of software offers a rich selection of features. But the paid software comes with advanced streaming options for high-quality broadcast.

NES should be more understandable to the streamers. If you are an NES fan, do not be worried about ad revenue. You should have fun with NES and make new friends. You can run a YouTube channel and put your daily content like discussions, reviews, and streams. We have covered everything that you need to know to stream NES on Twitch.

The NES Creators Program

NES does not like the streamers to upload the footage of your games on YouTube. They do nothing with the revenue that you receive. But they seize AdSense frequently. Streamers of NES find it annoying while they get into NES. Most companies do not do this. Gamers and streamers are called influencers. Streamers play the games according to their choice, and audiences watch their playing.


What Are The Hardware And Software To Stream NES On Twitch?

To stream NES on Twitch, what you need at first is a computer that works great for streaming Twitch. It is great if you have a Mac. This kind of PC works excellent for twitch streaming. Ensure that your PC consists of at least 8GB of RAM. The processor should be an Intel Core i5-4670. You should get a newer graphics card for better Streaming.

Besides, you need a video game capture card. If you get a good video game capture card, it is like one kind of investment for you. Try to get a suitable webcam. Get the Open broadcaster software for smooth Streaming. You can download the software on your computer.

What more you need is a twitch account. If you have no account now, you can open an account.

How To Set Up The Twitch To Stream?

At first, you have to disconnect the HDMI cable if it is connected to your TV. Now you have to Plug-in this cable into your capture card. Now connect this to your computer using the USB cable. Now take another HDMI port. Connect this to the HDMI port at the back of your TV. Now you have to launch an OBS studio on your computer if you do not have it before. Link with your twitch account. You can do it from the settings menu in the app. Go to the settings menu. Select the Streaming, select the Service, and then select the twitch overlay Template. You can use the user number here that you have got from OBS.

Click on the OBS app. Select the ADD and then select a video capture device. Now you can add your card. A box will appear from your switch. This will show live gameplay. You can manipulate and resize it. You can display other graphics on your stream. There is a Start streaming option on the lower right side. Click on this option when you have set up everything. Now you are ready to stream live on Twitch within a few minutes.

You can stream NES on Twitch. Now, do you want to add a camera or microphone? You can adjust the settings if you want.

Why do streamers find it fun streaming news on twitch?

Streaming nes on twitch is fun and entertaining. Players who use to play casual video games find it delightful to play nes. A lot of people enjoy streaming nes on twitch. The uniqueness of streaming news has made it different for everyone. Different techniques and technology have made it to create something different. 

Nintendo games are more enjoyable for streamers. To give an enjoyable experience, the sound design is improved. The sound in the game will make you feel great while streaming. 

Nintendo games are easy and you can understand them easily. These games can be played by novice and advanced players. Whatever the level of your playing, you will always have fun. Every level of the game is entertaining and surprisingly makes the game more unique creating the chance of a win. If you have no experience in playing Nintendo games and just start playing, you will be playing without any difficulty. Even you will have a chance to win the game. This game has become more popular for its fun and entertainment in the community. 

It is easy to learn streaming nes on twitch. Even it takes less time to learn to stream and to be a skilled streamer. If you are not a serious streamer, you can stream nes on twitch. As a big fan of nes, buy everything on nes. You can save every Nintendo game. If you focus on fun, streaming nes on twitch will be a great source of fun and entertainment for you.

We have talked about every basic that you need to know on how to stream NES on Twitch. I hope that this article will be helpful for you while you stream NES on your Twitch. I hope that this article will clear up most of the information that you were confused about. There is a lot of information on the internet today. If you keep on browsing, you will know a lot more. This article has made your Streaming easier. You can now easily plug in the NES classic edition to your TV. If you want to create your custom twitch overlay you are in the right place image retouching lab have experts to give all kind of service at reasonable price

Best Fortnite Twitch Overlay

Best Fortnite Twitch Overlay for Your Favorite Twitch Channel

As an avid gamer, you might know that the industry of Twitch streaming is blooming day by day. And it is a great opportunity for you to get the highest reach out by streaming your favorite game, which is Fortnite, on this giant platform of game streaming. If you have already decided to stream your passionate game on Twitch, then you must know that you need a Fortnite twitch overlay for your channel on the platform. In this article, you will learn which are the best twitch overlay for Fortnite and Where to find them.

Let’s Find out the Best Fortnite Twitch Overlay:

Free Fortnite Twitch Overlays:

Storm Call:

Storm Call is one of the best free Fortnite overlays out there. The overlay was designed by Twitch Overlay, which is a dominating overlay maker in the industry. And the company has been successful to build up a good reputation so far.

However, Storm Call is a great-to-go twitch overlay for Fortnite gamers across the world. It was, in fact, designed for Fortnite enthusiasts, being inspired by the art and style of the game. As a consequence, it will fit your channel where you intend to stream your favorite game.

The design of the overlay is simply beautiful, and you will definitely fall in love with it at the very first sight. It has stylistic flairs along with muted colors. Even the font, is Burbank Big. used to make the overlay is eye-catching.

Storm Call, however, comes with an overlay, four panels, four stream alerts, two webcams and a number of social media icons. So, it is a full ready-made pack for your streaming channels. Once you have downloaded the pack, you are ready to use it in your twitch channel without any trouble.


Electrolyte is another free Fortnite overlay offered by Twitch Temple. The overlay is so eye-catching that any Fortnite gamer will instantly fall in love with it whenever it is seen. That is to say, the overlay has a special combination with Fortnite game.

This overlay has been designed targeting Fortnite casual gamers. So, there is no chance to be disappointed with the design of it. In general, the overlay comes with multiple color schemes, which means that you can create an extra creative layer by combining.

You can use any language on the overlay as it has flexibility. In fact, the overlay has a ready-to-go system to translate into any language. So, if your target viewers are from your native country, this overlay can be the best choice for you.

Though we have listed the overlay in the category of free overlays, you will not get all the facilities at free of cost. It is a full stream package indeed. And to enjoy all the facilities of the package, you have to spend a few bucks from your pocket.

Fortnite Overlay:

It is a clean and crisp overlay. And it is designed by WDFlat, which is a leading company in the arena of twitch overlay. In fact, if you ever think of streaming elements, the name of the company will come in front of you at the very beginning.

The design of the overlay is, however, very simple. And there are not so many colors in it. The only color you will find in the overlay is yellow, which is substantial enough to attract viewers. In addition, the color may get you more visitors as Yellow is one of the most noticeable colors.

This overlay has 1080 pixels, and the font used in it is Burbank Big. You all know that the font is one of the most professional fonts used in different games. By the way, the overlay is basically a PSD file, so you can edit it if you want in the future.

Are you worried about how you can edit the overlay on your own? Well, there is nothing to worry about. The company has made a nice tutorial for Fortnite gamers. Just check the video and you will get to know everything from editing to installing.

Premium Fortnite Twitch Overlays:

Streamlays Fortnite:

The overlay was designed by Streamlays, which is a leading overlay designing company in the industry. As its name says, the overlay is specifically for Fortnite streamers. That is to say, you will have a professional Fortnite look on your Twitch channel if you use this overlay.

The design of the overlay is so fabulous that no Fortnite streamer can resist his curiosity to buy it. Basically, it is a green colored Twitch overlay, having a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

The file of the overlay is customized in order to make you comfortable while streaming on Twitch. In other words, you will not face any kind of problem as the file is customized. In fact, it is highly easy to use in any kind of game streaming channel.

It is super easy to edit the PSD file. But if you cannot edit it yourself, then you can take help from the company. They will edit it for you without charging an additional price. The Twitch overlay, however, will cost you $11.99 if you want to buy it for your channel.

Razor Green:

Razor Green is another premium twitch overlay, which is perfect of Fortnite game streaming. It is designed by one of the best companies in the industry of Twitch overlay, which is Twitch Overlay. The overlay is perfect for not only Twitch but also other streaming sites out there.

Being wholly a green-colored overlay, Razor Green basically features a highly clean as well as a metallic finish. Besides, you will get a number of elements, which you may exclude or include according to your taste.

Though the overlay has a number of elements to offer gamers, it is not that much expensive. It is highly reasonable for every gamer in the world indeed. To be more specific, the overlay will cost you $10 if you intend to buy it.


It is an animated Twitch overlay designed by Own3d. If you want to take your streaming to the next level, then this overlay can be a great choice for you. Basically, the overlay is offered as HTML5 format. That is to say, the overlays save your memory, and it easily goes into your processor.

This nicely designed animated overlay comes without webcam and alerts. Though you will not get webcam and alerts, your money will be invested on an outstanding overlay, which must be your primary concern.

The overlay, however, does not cost much trouble while integrating into a streaming software. Generally, the overlay is easy to integrate into any kind of streaming software; it does not matter if you use OBS or any other streaming software. You will find it handy to integrate.

By the way, if you have decided to buy the overlay for your channel, then you might want to know the price of it. For your kind information, the overlay will cost you $21.99. Fortunately, you can buy the overlay at a lesser price as the company offers discounts all over the year. A discounted price may be something around $13.19.

Custom Fortnite Twitch Overlays:

If you are a top-notch game streamer, then you must know that the best option for you is to make a custom twitch overlay. And if you are newbie, then you may be benefited from one of our articles on Custom Twitch Overlay. However,  as there are many companies offering the service of custom overlays, it is a hard job to find out the best company for your service. To skip the hassles, check out the companies listed below for a Fortnite Twitch Overlay.

Image Retouching Lab:


Image Retouching Lab is a leading company in the industry of custom twitch overlays. The designers of the company have vast experience in making twitch overlays for different types of games, especially for Fortnite game. Their overlays are high in demand and hundreds of gamers are placing orders at the company for custom overlays every month.


In terms of quality, the company is second to none. You can check their previously designed twitch overlays for a profound idea about the quality of their work. To give you an average idea, the twitch overlays designed by the company have outstanding color combination along with clean and crisp design.


Image Retouching Lab is very pragmatic regarding setting pricing plans for its services. In spite of offering the best services, the company does not charge a high amount of money from its clients. Its pricing plans are, indeed, extensively reasonable. For instance, you have to spend $5 to $40 for a Fortnite overlay, depending on your needs and demands.

Visuals By Impulse:


Visuals By Impulse is another giant company in the arena of twitch overlay. Apart from offering custom twitch overlay service, the company provides its clients with an array of free and premium twitch overlays. However, the mission of the company is to help game streamers stand out from the competition with outstanding and professional overlays.


The company is committed to providing its clients with a tip-top quality of services. As the mission of the company is to help gamers get established in the industry, it never compromises with the quality. The portfolio overlays are clear enough to get an idea about the quality of the service of the company.


We did not find any specific pricing plans for the service of Visuals By Impulse. If you want to know about the price for a Fortnite overlay, then you have to make a custom order at the website of the company. For this purpose, you need to fill up a web form. The form will require to give your name, email address, and stream URL.

Stream Play Graphics:


Stream Play Graphics boasts of having a bunch of professional graphic designers. And all of its designers are expert in making twitch overlays. The designers are committed to providing their clients with the best service. In fact, they try their best to meet all the demands as well as expectations of clients. Apart from making overlays, the experts of the company can also make mesmerizing offline screens, panels, and logos. So, you will get all you need for streaming your favorite game.


Quality is the first and foremost goal of Stream Play Graphics. As they have vast experience in the field of twitch overlays, they know how a professional overlay should be. Keeping the latest trends in mind, they strive to provide their clients with top-notch quality service. So, you will never get disheartened with quality if you place an order at the company for a Fortnite overlay.


Well, Stream Play Graphics has a wide range of pricing plans for its clients. The company does not charge the same amount of money from different gamers. Generally, the charge of its service varies depending on the type of work. That is to say, you have to spend based on the requirements of your twitch overlay. However, their pricing plans basically start from $25. Depending on your requirements, as it was said before, you might be charged additional fees.


As you have already known, you will find three different options in order to make a Fortnite twitch overlay. If you are a newbie, who has created a Twitch channel just out of passion, then free twitch overlays are the best option for you. And if you are a tip-top game streamer, then you can go for premium twitch overlays–which may not meet your demands in some cases.

On the other hand, if you are an avid gamer streamer, you should not approach to free and premium twitch overlays. In this case, you must go for custom twitch overlays. It is because only custom twitch overlays can meet all of your expectations. In addition, you will get a creative as well as a unique channel if you use a custom twitch overlay, which is made according to your own taste.

Custom Twitch Overlay

Custom Twitch Overlay: Reasons for Choosing and Best Service Providers

Twitch overlay is a must for those who want to stream video games on Twitch, which is a hotcake for gamers all over the world. If you are an avid game streamer, you must use a twitch overlay as well. But while approaching for an overlay, you will come up with different types of twitch overlays such as Free Twitch Overlay, Premium Twitch Overlay, and Custom Twitch Overlay. For this variety of twitch overlays, you might be in tantalization to choose an overlay for your Twitch channel.

But you have nothing to worry about. We have formatted this article in such a way that will help you know every ins and outs of choosing the best kind of twitch overlay. However, you might have heard that custom overlay is the best kind of twitch overlay out there. But you don’t know why this type is called the best in the arena of twitch overlays.

Well, we will guide you in this regard throughout the article. In addition, you will learn where to find a custom overlay maker, the top-notch qualities of professional overlay makers, and the best companies providing custom overlay services. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab all the information related to custom overlay!

Learn Why Custom Twitch Overlay Is the Best:

Before learning why custom overlay is the best, you have to know the pros and cons of all kinds of twitch overlays available on the market. Otherwise, you will have to beat about the bush. So, what are you thinking about? Let’s learn the pros and cons of the prevailing twitch overlays:

Free Twitch Overlay


  1. Free twitch overlays will cost you no money at all
  2. They are available on different websites on the internet
  3. They will save you time as they are premade


  1. Free twitch overlays are not professionally designed
  2. The same overlay is used by many gamers out there
  3. You will not get customer support if you face issues

Premium Twitch Overlay


  1. Premium twitch overlays are somewhat professionally designed
  2. You will get a suitable overlay for a specific game
  3. You will get customer supports while facing issues


  1. A particular premium twitch overlay is also used by different users across the world
  2. You can’t decorate your channel with your own taste
  3. Premium twitch overlays sometimes need customization

Custom Twitch Overlay:

Custom twitch overlay


  1. Custom overlays ensure you a professional channel
  2. You can decorate your channel with your own taste
  3. Custom designers will concentrate on the game you will stream through your channel
  4. Custom overlays are poignantly designed
  5. Custom overlay designers will help you understand the current trends in the industry
  6. Your overlay will be unique and innovative
  7. custom overlays are the best for making money through streaming
  8. A custom overlay will help you beat your competitors on Twitch
  9. Your overlay will be attractive enough to bring more subscribers
  10. You will get full-fledging customer supports


  1. Custom overlays are somewhat costly
  2. It is a little bit time consuming to get a custom overlay
  3. It is a tough job to find out a good service provider

The information given above helps us understand which kind of twitch overlay is good for starting game streaming. For various facilities, Custom overlays stand apart from the crowd of twitch overlays. In fact, they are unique, creative, user-friendly, innovative, attractive, and professional. So, if you are really serious about streaming user-friendly clips through your channel, you must choose a custom overlay.

Where to find Custom Twitch Overlay Makers:

You have so far learned that custom overlay is the best type for your channel. Now, it is time to search for a custom overlay. In this case, you have to get in touch with custom overlay service providers. But it is the most troublesome task to find out a good service provider in this particular field. Considering your convenience, we have put efforts to help you find the best place for this kind of service providers. Let’s learn in details:


Google always plays a great role to help us find something necessary from the internet. So, you can take help from this giant search engine to find out a professional custom overlay service provider. For this purpose, you have to go to the search bar of Google. Then write down “Custom Overlay Service” and press the “Enter” button of your keyboard. Now, you will get a bunch of service providers on the first page.

Social Media:


Social Media is another good place to find out a custom overlay service provider. You have to log into your account for this purpose. After logging in, search for design related groups. If you come up with such a group, send a member request. After becoming a member of the group, write a post on that group seeking custom overlay service providers.



You can also find this kind of service providers on different online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. But you have to be highly cautious while taking services from these marketplaces. It is because there are many frauds in these marketplaces. However, you can choose Fiverr for your specific service for twitch overlay.

Top-notch Qualities of a Good Overlay Maker:

Though all of the custom twitch overlay service providers claim to ensure high-quality, only a few of them can keep up their promises. As a consequence, it really costs the excretion of your sweat. So, it is essential to know the qualities of a good custom overlay service provider. To help you avoid troubles, we have made a list of the top qualities of professional custom overlay service providers. Let’s check them out:

Shows Professionalism in Communication:

A professional custom overlay designer is always good in communication. He will ask you several questions about your overlay and respond to your questions as well. On the other hand, a poor-quality overlay designer, who hardly asks questions to his clients, lacks sound communication skills.

Pays Concentration on Your Target Game:

If the designer you are talking to is professional, he will ask you to tell him the name of your target game. By knowing the name of the game, he will brainstorm and come up with an innovative twitch overlay for your game streaming channel. And you will get a professional custom overlay from him as he puts his best concentration on the game you will stream.

Has Previous Experience in the Field:

Experience is always a great criterion for judging any kind of workers in the world. An experienced worker never provides low-quality services. And the field of twitch overlay is not an exception to this trait. If a designer has experience in making custom overlay, he will be able to deliver you the best overlay.

Has a Nice Portfolio of Previous Works:

While searching for a good twitch overlay service provider, make sure the provider has a nice portfolio of its previous works. Only good designers dare show portfolio in this case. It is because an expert overlay designer is pretty confident in his work.

Knows the Latest Trends in the Industry:

Professional custom overlay designers keep the knowledge of the latest trends of the Twitch industry. Hence, they have ideas about the intentions, comforts, and demands of the viewers in the Twitch industry. Consequently, they know what should be the exact design for a professional twitch overlay.

Tends to Work at a Reasonable Price:

A good custom overlay service provider is always determined to work at a reasonable price. He will never work at a poor price. Even he will never demand a high price from you. So, if a particular designer has this quality, you have to realize that he is a good overlay maker.

Always Ready for Further Editions:

Professional twitch overlay service providers are always ready for additional editions. They will promptly accept your demand whenever you knock them for a slight edition to the overlay. On the contrary, unprofessional overlay makers will not accept your demand. They may even demand extra payment for further editions.

Offers satisfactory Customer Supports:

Professional custom overlay service providers are determined to provide their clients with satisfactory supports. They will support you from the very beginning to the end. So, while finding a good custom overlay service provider, try to check this special trait of service providers.

The Best Custom Twitch Overlay Service Providers:

Image Retouching Lab:



Image Retouching Lab is one of the leading service providers in the arena of twitch overlays. The company has a bunch of experts who are experienced in making high-quality overlays for twitch channels. And they are working hard to keep up their reputation in the industry.


The company generally offers three packages for their clients. The packages include Basic Collection, Medium Collection, and Master Collection. In the Basic Collection, you will get a Title Overlay and a Facecam. The Medium Collection includes a Title twitch facecam overlay free, 5 Panels, 3 Alerts, an Offline Screen, and an Intermission Screen. And if you choose the Master Collection, you will get all the items of Medium Collection along with an Esports Logo, a Twitch Banner, and a Profile Image.


Though Image Retouching Lab is a leading company in the industry, its pricing plans are cost-effective. For instance, the Basic Collection package will cost you only $5, while the Medium Collection package will cost you $20. And for the Master Collection Package, you will have to spend $40.

Tactical Lion Designs:


Tactical Lion Designs is another well-known company that offers custom overlay service. The company is new in the industry of twitch overlay, it is trying its best to implement the expectations of Twitch streamers. That is to say, they are working hard in order to lead the Twitch industry.


The company offers only one package for custom overlays. But the package comes with a variety of items. To clarify, you have to decide upon taking PSD files and delivery time. You may also express your own expectations regarding what should be included in the overlay and what should be excluded from it. In fact, you can make your own custom packages while placing an order at the company.


Their pricing plan is very reasonable. You have to spend $32 for their solely designed package. But if you want to get your overlay in a very short time, then you have to spend $25 again. It makes their service a little bit costly. For this reason, many of their clients are dissatisfied.

NWG Designs:



NWG Designs, which is based in the UK, is a well-known company in the field of Graphics Design. Having more 3 years of experience in the industry, the company offers its top-notch services all over the world. The company, in general, specializes in creating overlays for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and so on.


NWG Designs has 3 different packages for its potential clients. The packages include Silver Twitch Package, Gold Twitch Package, and Diamond Twitch Package. In the Silver Package, you will get an Overlay, a Facecam, up to 8 Panels, an Offline Screen, a BRB Screen, etc. The Gold Package includes an Overlay, a BRB Screen, an Offline Screen, a Social Media Banner, a Starting Soon Screen, up to 10 panels, and a Profile Picture. The Additional elements in the Diamond Package include a Logo, a Stream Ending Soon Screen, a Donation Alert, a Subscriber Alert, and a Follower Alert.


Different packages offered by NWG Designs will cost you different prices. In general, one has to spend from £40 to £84. To clarify, the Silver Package of the company costs £40, while the Gold Package and the Diamond Package cost £64 and £84 respectively. Though the pricing plans seem to be expensive for many of us, you may give it a chance.


You have so far learned why you should choose a custom twitch overlay, where to find professional custom overlay makers, what are the qualities of professional custom overlay makers, and which are the best companies in this industry. Now, it’s time to make your own custom overlay from any company existing in the world. In this regard, we recommend you to choose Image Retouching Lab to get the best service since it is the most experienced company out there.

Best Twitch Overlay

The Best Twitch Overlay for Your Streaming Channel

We are living in an age of live streaming. Almost every field of our daily activities goes online for live streaming. The industry of video games is not different from this trend. A bunch of game streaming sites is working to keep pace with the trend. And the gamers like you are in a great rush to make professional channels on those sites. But many of the gamers find it difficult to get the best twitch overlay Channel. You might be one of those gamers. Don’t worry if you are one of them. We have made your journey easy by compiling the best overlays available on the market.

Let’s Scroll Down to Find the Best Twitch Overlay Channel:

twitch overlay


BattleGround is one of the best premium twitch overlays available on the market. Twitch Temple is the seller of this mesmerizing overlay. For its splendid design, the overlay is becoming more and more popular among twitch streamers.

Basically, the overlay has multiple modular elements and preset layouts. By using these features, you can easily customize the overlay according to your needs. Another interesting thing about the overlay is that it is fully animated. As a consequence, you can customize the colors with Xsplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio.

The overlay, however, has been designed targeting PUBG gamers. So, you can buy this overlay if you are going to create your channel for streaming PUBG. There is nothing to worry about if you are going to stream another game. BattleGround has a set of layouts for other games. However, to buy this outstanding twitch overlay, you need to spend about $12.


DropZone is a premium twitch overlay offered by Nerdordie, which is a blooming marketplace in the twitch industry. This overlay works well for battle gamers. But you can use it for any kind of games since its features are universal.

The overlay comes up with a bunch of features. It is a full package indeed. The features of the overlay, however, include Webcam Frame, Starting, BRB, Intermission, Ending, Blank Versions, and Just Chatting. You will also get a bunch of profile panels and icons with the overlay.

You can use this overlay at any streaming sites as it is a flexible overlay. That is to say, the overlay will work well with Twitch, Mixer, Streamlabs, and Youtube. So, you have nothing to worry about the flexibility of the twitch overlay. For your kind information, the price of the twitch overlay is from $9 to $18.

VX Pro Green

VX Pro Green is a stream package, which is splendid in design. TwitchOverlay is the provider of this beautiful overlay. Though the company has a great number of overlays on their website, VX Pro stands out with great vigor. The overlay is animated as well. So, if you want an animated overlay, then you this overlay can be the best fit for you.

The overlay comes up with some significant features. The salient features include Avatar & Profile Banner, Animated Overlay, Animated Screens, and Profile Graphics. In addition, it has a dynamic background with minimal coloring. And the background is so eye-catching that it can make anyone fall in love with the overlay.

Considering all the features of this twitch stream overlay, it can be said that the overlay deserves to be the best on the market. So, you can buy it for your stream channel without any hesitation. By the way, the price of the overlay is $26.


ElectroLyte is an exceptionally designed twitch overlay. The experts of Twitch Temple have designed the overlay for gamers. It has been designed especially for Fortnite game. But you can use it for any other casual games if you are not interested in Fortnite.

The pack of Electrolyte has animated elements, multiple color themes, customizable scene layouts, etc. All the features of the overlay are highly professional, especially the twitch panels. The twitch panels that comes with Electrolyte are professional enough to draw the attention of gamers.

Though the overlay is highly professional from different perspectives, the price of it is not so high. In fact, the price is noticeably reasonable for gamers all over the world. To be specific about the price, the overlay will cost you $20.


Craftwork is one of the best overlays which TwitchOverlay offers to its customers. It should be mentioned that the premium twitch overlays of the company are professional enough to catch the attention of any gamer in the world. And Craftwork is a vivid example of their high-quality work in the industry of twitch overlays.

The company has developed the overlay targetting World of Warcraft gamers. So, if you are a WoW gamer, then this overlay can be a great fit for your channel. In fact, it can be considered as one of the best overlays for World of Warcraft game.

By the way, the overlay comes up with a bunch of essential features such as Header, Info Panels, Stream Alerts, Social Panels, Webcam Frames, and an outstanding background. With all these features, you will get Craftwork only for $10. That is to say, the overlay is highly reasonable for beginners.

Top 5 Best Free Twitch Overlays:


twitch frame

Streamlabs, which is a desktop streaming application, offers this free twitch overlays for gamers. The company mainly works on tools and software related to live streaming. As a result, the experts of the company know about the demands of game streamers.

Triassic is such a great work which proves the quality of the service of the company. Generally, the overlay has a good number of features. The main features, however, include Stream Sharing, Live, Offline, Be Right Back, and so on.

You can also change the color of the theme as it is flexible to be changed. So, if you have a color of choice, you can use it in this free twitch overlay. Moreover, you have options to choose either static or animated themes for the overlay.


Raptor is another great twitch overlay to choose from thousands. WDFLAT, an online streaming platform, offers this excellent twitch overlay for free. Though the company offers more than one hundred free twitch overlays, Raptor draws our attention first.

The overlay is generally meant for Fortnite game. In fact, most of the twitch overlays designed by the company are Fortnite-inspired. So, if you are Fortnite fan, Raptor can be your starting point in the world of live streaming.

In general, Raptor comes up with some excellent elements such as Twitch Panels, Logo Esports, Twitch Offline, Youtube Thumbnail, Youtube Banner, and so on. Once you download the pack, you will get all these things without any cost.

Dark Matter:

It is one of the generic twitch overlays of Strexm. And the overlays of the company are undoubtedly good. One can manipulate the overlays offered by strexm according to one’s needs without facing any issue. It is because the overlays are fully dynamic. In addition, one can change the content of the stream through the intuitive online editor of Strexm.

Dark Matter, however, is very simple at the very first sight. It does not look professional when you first see it. It is because the design of the overlay has nothing eye-catching. Generally, the overlay has a top bar showing the latest followers, social media icons, and recent donations.


Twitch Temple is the designer of this awesome twitch overlay. The company offers Bootstrapped to its valuable clients for free of cost. Though it is a free twitch overlay, you will not be dissatisfied to use it for your game streaming channel. That is to say, the overlay is one of the most perfect overlays for beginners.

Bootstrapped comes up with a bunch of essential features for game streamers. In general, you will get a webcam, starting panel, gaming panel, offline screens, and a set of icons with this beautiful overlay.

This overlay, however, does not provide the logo in place. But it is not a big problem for streamers as there are options for them. And it is a matter of joy that you, as a game streamer, can design your own modular to lay out the overlay according to your taste and needs.

Rogue Droid:

Rogue is a startling free twitch overlay offered by TwitchOverlay. It is a blue colored overlay, which is very clean and crisp in design. In fact, anyone in the world will fall in love with the overlay at the very first sight.

Twitch Overlay has developed this excellent overlay especially for Battlefront 2. As a result, streaming Battlefront 2 is highly handy when you use this overlay. For this reason, any Battlefront 2 gamer is bound to like the overlay for his game streaming channel.

The overlay has a series of info panels which are necessary for any streaming channel. Besides, you will get some pretty good alerts, webcams, and some boxes for the top corners. You will also get a PSD file in order to edit the header of the overlay with your social info details.

Wrapping Up:

Now, you have come to know some of the best overlays available on the market. Check all these overlays on your own to find out the best twitch overlay for your game streaming channel. While checking these overlays, you should consider your channel. To clarify, you should pick up the one that will best fit your game. However, if you think that you need a custom twitch overlay for your channel, then it will be a prudent decision to choose Image Retouching Lab. The company has some highly qualified experts who are experienced in making professional twitch overlays.


Best Free Twitch Overlays for Emerging Gamers

Finding a twitch overlay is hard for game enthusiasts streaming videos online. It is because the twitch market is just blooming. Though there are some websites selling twitch overlays, you will hardly find an overlay which best fits your taste. On the other hand, you don’t know how to make a twitch overlay. In such a situation, you might think that you don’t have an opportunity to get some free twitch overlays other than to buy from graphics designers. Don’t worry! We have come up with some beautifully designed free overlays from different websites. Check these free twitch overlays to pick one for your channel.

overlay for gamer

Cyan Twitch Overlay


Cyan is one of the best free overlays found on the internet. A German site named Zerging offers this overlay for its visitors. The overlay features a light blue color scheme. For its comfortable color scheme, it does not overpower the game you play.

Cyan is widely famous for its flexibility with design. To clarify, one can easily mix parts of different overlays and panels with Cyan. The company, however, offers complete packs with many parts. You can use those very parts depending on your needs. You can either use them partially or wholly in your stream.

Overall, Cyan can be considered as the best free twitch overlay found on Zerging. If you are a fan of simple designs, then you should give it a try. You might fall in love with this simply designed twitch overlay.

Bitter Jungle


Bitter Jungle is an outstanding twitch overlay offered by Stream Play. They are determined to provide their clients with the most appealing designs. In fact, they are working to help gamers brand their channels. As branding anything in the world is a crucial thing, they focus on premium overlays and custom designs. Premium overlays are the best to brand your channel indeed.

When it comes to free overlay, Stream Play does not make you disappointed. Bitter Jungle is such an overlay that can attract any kind of gamers out there. It is a nice and clean twitch overlay. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional; you can go for the overlay to stream your gaming videos online.

Bitter Jungle, which features a green theme, is a part of their full-stream package meant for video gamers. You will find a lot of options to edit in the overlay. For instance, you can add your streamer name, recent followers, and donation to the overlay without facing any problem.



Twitch Temple offers Orbitron for free to their valued visitors. It is probably the most famous twitch overlay on Twitch Temple. Though their main focus is on premium overlays, their free overlays are also great to go. And Orbitron is the most vivid proof for this statement.

The first thing you should consider about Orbitron is its color scheme. It comes with a gray and red color scheme. And you will find a set of modular elements in the overlay. If it is necessary, you can modify Orbitron by using those modular elements. This is a great opportunity to satisfy your mind with a free overlay.

The overlay also offers a range of twitch panels such as different social media buttons, about me, time schedule, specs and so on. In addition, it offers some special screens namely Twitch Intermission Screen, Twitch Offline Screen, and Twitch Starting Soon Screen.

Haunted Twitch Overlay


Haunted Twitch Overlay has been developed by Visuals by Impulse. The company offers approximately 36 overlays, packages, and panels for free. And Haunted Overlay is the best overlay among them.

Basically, it comes with a creepy purple color to meet the taste of horror-loving users in the twitch industry. The main feature of the overlay are slots for top donation, top bar set up, and recent subscribers. You will get a Webcam Overlay, a Preview Image, VBI Design File, and a Readme File when you buy a  package.

Image Editing Service

If you think of flexibility of the overlay, then you will find it as the proper one. It is because you can use the overlay in your Twitch, Youtube, Streamlabs, and Mixer channels without facing any problem. So, there is nothing to worry about the flexibility of the overlay. Don’t wait to download the overlay for your streaming channel If you like it

PUBG Twitch Overlay


PUBG Twitch Overlay is one of the handiest twitch overlays for the addicts of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Twitchgfx is the owner of this beautifully designed overlay. The company provides professional overlays for streamers. It is highly determined to make gamers stream stand out.

Consequently, the experts of the company have designed a great number of twitch overlays for emerging streamers in the twitch industry. They have both premium and free twitch overlays on their websites. PUBG Twitch Overlay falls in the free category of overlays.

Though the overlay is free, you will find nothing making it unprofessional. In fact, the overlay comes up with some great features. The main features of the overlay include a camera frame, stream offline, and a bunch of twitch panels. The twitch panels of the overlay are twitter, facebook, about me, schedule, and specs.

Project Dark


Project Dark is another great twitch overlay offered by Twitchgfx. This a perfect overlay for those who are just starting out. If you are a beginner in the industry, then you can also go for it without feeling any hesitation. You will hardly find a free overlay like it.

This simply gorgeous overlay comes up with a bunch of stunning features. Like all other twitch overlays, Project Dark offers a Facecam along with some twitch panels. The panels include facebook, youtube, about me, and so on.

The top bar of the overlay is highly eye-catching. Viewers will be bound to have a second look at the top bar. However, the top bar of this beautiful twitch overlay is compiled with two social media logos and the name of your channel. As a result, the top bar looks clean and crisp at the very first sight.

Storm Call


If you are a Fortnite player, then Storm Call is meant for you. It is a mesmerizing overlay Fortnite gamers. The overlay, however, is offered by TwitchOverlay. The website has a good number of premium and free overlays. Amongst them, Storm Call is beautiful enough to draw the attention of Fortnite gamers.

Storm Call has a lot of features for which it stands out uniquely. When you are ready to download the overlay, you will be glad to get a bunch of panels packed with the download file. In fact, you will get 4 stream alerts, some social icons, 4 panels, and 2 webcams. And all these things are totally free for gamers.

The overlay will go smoothly anywhere in the virtual world. For instance, you can use it on Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer. But there are some overlays that do not fit all the streaming sites. Storm Call is different from this point of view. So, you can choose it for your upcoming channel without feeing any kind of hesitation.

Stone Fire


Twitch Temple has designed an outstanding overlay named Stone Fire. The company offers this overlay to its valued customers for free. This free overlay is one of the most perfect overlays for the beginners in the twitch industry.

Stone Fire is basically green-themed overlay. And many any gamers, as well as viewers, prefer green color since the color is comfortable for our eyes. However, the overlay comes up with multiple variations and presets. You will find a modular supporter section and a webcam frame.

There are some other free features available for you. And if you are not satisfied with the free features of the overlay, you can upgrade it to the premium version. In the premium version of the overlay, there are animated elements, alerts, and screens. These pro features will help your channel get established in a very short period of time.

No Man’s Sky Overlay


No Man’s Sky is a free twitch overlay offered by NerdorDie. The company has professionally created this overlay since it has professional experience in making twitch overlays, stream designs, and alerts. Though the company initially started as a tutorial website, it turned itself into a brand in the industry of streaming design products.

The overlay, however, has been made for one of the most favorite games named No Man’s Sky. You may find many overlays for this game out there, but this one is good enough to give it a try.

The overlay has a bunch of features such as webcam, supporter section, alerts, twitch panels, and stream widgets. All these features are handy for Mixer, Facebook,, Mixer, and Youtube. So, you can begin your journey in the game streaming industry with this free twitch overlay to avoid any potential problems related to the overlay of your channel.

Ghost Rising


Ghost Rising is one of the best free overlays offered by TwitchOverlay. The overlay is suitable for almost all the games, especially for the Destiny games. It is, indeed, the most perfect overlay for the Destiny games.

The overlay has a number of features for its users. Basically, it comes up with a collection of info panels and stream alerts. You will also get a number of social media icons which you can use according to your taste and needs. You can pair other stream graphics with this overlay if you want.

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In the end, you have got to know some of the best free twitch overlays available on the market. Now, try to pick one of these overlays for your upcoming gaming channel. All of these overlays are good for beginners like you. However, if you think you need a professional touch on your channel, then you can go for twitch overlay designers. In this case, we recommend you to choose Image Retouching Lab as it is one of the leading twitch overlay makers in the industry.


Learn How to Make a Twitch Overlay in Photoshop

In this era of technology, video games are dominating the world of young generation. Millions of young people play video games on their smartphones, tablets, and computers every day. Some people play these games for passing their lazy time, while some others play for entertainment. The good news for those people is that they can now earn some extra money by playing games. For this purpose, they need to create accounts on Twitch TV and publish live streaming of their favorite games.

However, if you are one of those people, you might be interested to stream your videos on Twitch TV. In this case, you need a twitch overlay for streaming your videos on the website. But you might not know how to make a twitch overlay on your own.  To help you out in your journey of Twitch streaming, we have come up with this article to let you learn how to make a twitch overlay template.

What is twitch?

The question may arise while you get to know about how to make a twitch. This comes up in conversation that what is twitch basically. We are going to explain briefly about twitch before you get to know about how to make a twitch overlay in Photoshop. When someone is watching anyone else playing games for hours, it must be in their mind that what is a twitch.

If you are a novice or a streamer, you may desire to know more. We want you to cover several specific things about twitch. The live streaming website is known as twitch. This has created a platform for the streamers to share the live session of games. Have you seen the news crews to upload live news on TV? Besides, many upload their live painting or eating videos on their channels.

The popularity of twitch is gradually increasing. Twitch has included several creative categories. Now people can come up to show their designs, arts, music, and many other things through twitch. This allows them to build a connection with their audiences. The viewers can subscribe to the streamer’s channels to watch more videos. But it has fees for subscription and advertising.

Let’s Proceed On To Learn How To Make A Twitch Overlay

We are going to explain everything in detail that how you can create twitch overlay and how you can make it a unique one. Some professional looking twitch streams stand out from others. It is easy to add an overlay to your stream. Before you start making your twitch overlay, you must know what kind of image and which image you are going to add to your stream. There is no restriction for you to add pictures whatever the game you are going to play. A perfect twitch can be used to see your favorite players.

Create the Canvas

Open up Photoshop in your computer to make a twitch overlay using the software. After opening your Photoshop, get ready to select the “File” menu to create a new image. And keep in mind that the size of your new image should be as large as the screen resolution of your computer.

Well, you have a blank Photoshop document now. Before advancing further, open up your desired game and take a screenshot. Insert the screenshot into Photoshop when you are ready with it. To insert it into Photoshop, you need to click on “File & Place”. After clicking on the menu, select the desired file to proceed on. Afterward, stretch the new image until it gets to the full size of the canvas.

Twitch Overlay

Add a Top Bar

It is time to create a new layer. After creating the new layer, name it as “Top Banner”. Then take your mouse pointer to the left menu of Photoshop to select the Rectangle Tool. And open the Color Selector from the same menu to choose the background color. Afterward, click on the top of the new layer and drag it to the right side.

Now, you have to give a border to the rectangle. For this purpose, put the mouse pointer on the layer. Then press the right button of the mouse. You will find a bunch of options there, and you have to choose the “Blending Options”. Whenever you select the Blending Option, a menu will appear in front of you. Select the “Stroke” option from that very menu. Then set the color and width of the stroke according to your needs. After setting the stroke color and width, click on “OK” and select the layer.

How to Make a Twitch Overlay

Add Social Media Logos

There are many ready-made social media icons on the internet, which are totally free to use commercially. For your kind information, you can browse to get any kind of icons which are free for commercial use. Never try to use icons from a source which does not provide royalty free icons; otherwise, you will have to face legal troubles in the future.

Image Editing Service

However, take your mouse pointer to “File” from the menu and select “Place” to import your expected logo into Photoshop. Well, you have the logo in your Photoshop now. The logo may look a little bit bland. To make it stand out perfectly, you have to select “Blending Options” and “Stroke” respectively. Keep it in mind to give it an outer stroke with the color you used for “Top Banner”. And select the “Dropper” with a view to matching the color with the top banner.

Now, move the imported logo to the left side of the top of your screen. Use the “Control” key to place it perfectly into the desired corner.

How to Make a Twitch Overlay

If you want to add another logo into the twitch overlay, you can add it to the top left corner of the screen. In this case, you have to follow the same way you followed for adding the first logo. To save your time, you can select the layer of the first logo.

Add Channel Logo

After adding two social media logos to the top corners, you can go for adding your channel logo to the twitch overlay. And it is a good idea to place your channel logo in the top center of your overlay.

What if you don’t have any logo for your channel? In this case, you can add some custom texts featuring either your channel name or website. This will help you spread the news of your channel in a very easy and effective way.

To start adding your channel logo, go to the left toolbar and drag a ruler. Make sure it has snapped to the center of your screen. Don’t worry if you cannot see the ruler on your Photoshop Layout. You can find it from the “View” menu of Photoshop.

Now, place your logo on the center of the ruler. After that, create a new layer. When you are done with creating the layer, drag it to the layer which is below the logo. Create a rectangle which is a little bit larger than your logo so that it gets a framed effect. Give the new square an Outer Stroke. And use the same color which was used for the rest of the borders.

Finally, take your mouse and press the right button of it to select “Convert to Smart Object” to convert both your logo and border on the same layer. Don’t worry about further editions of the layer. You will be able to edit it later if it is necessary. However, it is time to move your logo to place it to the top of the overlay. And resize it to fit after moving it to the top.

Add the Bottom Banners

You can create new bottom banners in the same way you followed to create the top banner. But it is not necessary to create new bottom banners. To escape from creating new bottom banners, right-click on the Top Banner and choose “Duplicate Layer”. Now, name this layer as “Bottom Left” and move it to the left side of the bottom of your computer screen.

How to Make a Twitch Overlay

Afterward, go for creating another bottom banner by following the way which you applied to create the Right Bottom banner, and name this banner as “Bottom Right”.

How to Make a Twitch Overlay

Congratulations! You have successfully created the basic overlay. It is time to add a frame for your camera.

Add Some Texts

Create a layer to add texts. Then select “Text Tool” from the menu to drag out the text box for use. You will find a drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. Select “Character” from that menu. If you don’t find the drop-down menu on the layout of your Photoshop, you have a chance to bring it on the screen in another way. For this purpose, select “Window” from the menu and choose “Character”. Now, add your text in accordance with your selected color and font. Once your writing is done, place the text on one of the bottom banners with the help of “Move Tool”.

How to Make a Twitch Overlay

You have the necessary texts now, but the texts do not look professional. By the way, press the right button of your mouse on the Text Layer to make your texts stand out. Then choose “Blending Options” from the drop-down menu. After that choose the “Stroke” option followed by “Drop Shadow” option from the menu. These two options will give your texts a little glamour. Create a duplicate layer for the texts of the other corners. To do this, use the “Move Tool”.

Add a Camera Frame

To add a camera frame, you have to create a layer first. Creating the new layer, name it as “Frame”. Now, pick the “Rectangle Tool” from the left side menu and create a proper square. There is nothing to worry about choosing a color for the square. You will be able to fix it later.

Now, take your mouse pointer on the layer and press the right button of your mouse to pick “Blending Options”. Then select “Stroke” and proceed on to choose “Position”. Three options will be found in this menu. The options are Outside, Inside, and Centre. Select “Inside” to put the frame into your square. Afterward, choose a color fitting your color scheme. Then pick the layer again to change its “Fill” to zero percent.

How to Make a Twitch Overlay

Save the Overlay

It is a matter of great joy that you have successfully made your long desired twitch overlay. Now, it’s time to save the overlay. But don’t be too hasty. Save the overlay as a PSD document before saving it as an image. You can use the document for different games in the future.

Keep it in your mind that you must make the background of your overlay transparent. And to do this, you have to select the “Eye” icon on the screen of your game and background layers so that only the overlay elements are left showing. In the end, save the file in PNG format to use it in your comfortable time.

Why is it fun to stream on twitch?

Twitch is the largest streaming platform where millions of viewers watch streaming. No wonder that twitch has become an outstanding platform to generate revenue for streamers. Twitch has made it possible for streamers to earn a huge sum of revenue with subscriptions. The top twitch streamers have a chance to turn their passion into their career. If you aim at growing your twitch channel, you have to stream to gain more viewers. You have to set the goal on the right track to achieve it successfully. If you are passionate about whatever you are doing, you have to keep patience and work with full dedication. You can start with a few followers. But do not lose hope to grow followers. Improve your twitch channel to make a standout.

Create a consistent schedule for streaming so that viewers come back to your channel. If you do not have a consistent time, they will move on to another channel. Create a unique reason to make them come back to your channel. Sometimes viewers come to a specific channel to improve their level of streaming. In this way, you can make them know about new strategies and tactics. Make them know how to go through the difficult ways. Make them know your gaming knowledge while you stream. 

Your channel will grow if you can offer unique content. In several different way, you can highlight your channel and engage more viewers. Interact with audiences to get more views. If you are interacting with your audiences, you will pay more attention to your streaming.



An outstanding twitch overlay plays a significant role to make you famous in the twitch industry. Remember, if your overlay is not comfortable for your viewers, they may lose interest on your twitch channel. For this reason, you should try to make the best twitch overlay since you know how to make a twitch overlay. And if you think that you need professional help for your desired twitch overlay, you can get in touch with image retouching companies out there.