When you have an e-commerce store, your picture matters. If you are selling high-quality products, people will not buy from you if your product images are of poor quality. Do it in the right way to prepare your product photos to achieve maximum productivity. To help you improve your e-commerce product photography, we have gathered all the essential things that you need to know.

Why is E-commerce product photography essential?

1.Why is E commerce product photography essential

Your product images, as well as the visual content, reveal that your product is trustworthy. High quality and authentic commerce product photography help your business to go a long way.

Think about your personal experience of shopping from an e-commerce store. Think about the product photos that were not that much good quality and their perceived values are not high at all. If the images are dark enough or not focused, you cannot guess the actual color of the product. So you skipped those and did not buy them at all.

These make people disappointed and nervous while they think about to make a purchase decision. This is terrifying for shoppers. It is the business owner’s responsibility to represent the product in the right way in front of the customer with providing the relevant details.

So it is now clear to you why product photography techniques are important in case of your business. But at the time of starting a business, business owners cannot properly afford product photography. They cannot arrange all together like the expensive equipment and studio. But if you know about some tools and tricks, you can easily take spellbinding and captivating photos.

Product photography ideas and tips

Shoppers are now well-informed to make smarter buying decisions. They tend to research before they purchase and view a particular product from different angles. The primary purpose of capturing product photo is to create customer attention. And shoppers are more reliable on attractive product images. Go through our product photography tips according to the industry’s best practice.

Lifestyle shots

For lifestyle shots, you have to show your product in a way that your customers are supposed to use them. Your lifestyle shots must inspire your customer to buy a product from your store. Customers can imagine how they will look with this apparel. If this way seems harsh for you, you can try a straightforward approach. To sell your lifestyle products, shot pairing products. This leads to additional purchase. 

Choose your camera

4.Choose your camera

You should know about your camera before you start for your product photography. Go through all the essential things regarding the camera as a part of product photography setup. Choose your camera based on usability, quality, creativity, and price. Choose the camera that is portable and less pricey. Pick up Canon or Nikon camera which you like most. If you cannot afford digital or expensive cameras, you can go for Sony or Olympus camera. 

Include An Attractive Background:

Picking a unique background with the main product turns a photo into something interesting. A plain background is not able to attract customers sometimes. The background of an image is very important. The background conveys aesthetic messages. Simple backgrounds look great with modern products. The attractive background represents your product in different ways in front of customers.

Taking Several Shots:

When you have a large line of products, you have to take several shots. Do not take just one or two photos of a product. Take shots from different angles. Taking this kind of shots makes customers know about your product how that will look exactly. From all of the photos, you can choose the one that you like most. Presenting a product photo from different angles makes a photo more impressive and outstanding.

Show Details:

You can describe every detail of your product. When people read the details of a product, they create an image of the product in their mind. They get a complete idea of products. The visual representation helps them to get the information on the point. Give a lot of time to capture the critical detail of photos. Include all the best features in your product photos.

Shoot with iPhone

5.Shoot with iPhone

It is possible to take quality photos with your iPhone if you know how to take product photos with the iPhone. There is a lot of photography component exists in the iPhone. Photography with the iPhone is more amazing than cameras. Compare a photo taken by iPhone with a photo taken by a digital camera. You may not be able to distinguish both of them. If you think that you do not have enough budget to go for expensive cameras, show the magic with your iPhone.

Know the camera equipment

6.Know the camera equipment

You should know about the camera accessories as a part of product photography ideas. Though lenses are expensive, they are worth your money. Lenses work as a critical component to take high-quality photos. To get your expected outcome, you have to know about lenses. Know about the essential functions of some basic lenses. Try out different lenses to know which lenses capture authentic product photos.

Purchase tripods

Make your product photography easier with a tripod. Tripods work great to take steady shots. Photographers use a tripod with all types of cameras. As there are three extendable legs in a tripod, you can adjust them according to your needs. Using a tripod makes your photography trouble-free and easy for you so that you enjoy your photography. You have to set your tripod in the right way.

Set up the light

8.Set up the light
8.Set up the light

Most of the time, product photography lighting is considered as everything for any photography. Lack of lighting can lead to poor quality images, whereas adequate lighting can give a better outcome. Natural lights work great for professional product photography. You can use artificial lights to provide a professional look to your product photos. But keep your budget in mind. Go for the product photography lighting techniques that are within your budget.

Clear product description

9.Clear product description

As customers cannot physically come to your store and see the product details, make sure that you provide sufficient detail of the product in your product photos. Make your images eye-catchy and enchanting so that your customer can understand.  Go for photo editing and retouching services. If you include a clear product description, unnecessary queries will be reduced. If you are confused, go through some of the similar products. Try to include the detail features that your customers seek for most of the time. Increase the number of buyers and grow your business.

The more you practice, the more you learn

Only reading the tricks and tips cannot make you a great photographer. Practicing more will develop your product photography skills. If you do not have professional photography training, know product photography set up equipment and the basic techniques. No one can be skilled in a day. It can even take years to develop your photography skills. Watch tutorials, follow some essential guidelines, follow the great photographers, and ask questions to them so that you can improve. Do not be disheartened and try to be enthusiastic.

Wrap up

What about to try e-commerce product photography for your business by yourself? That is great if you have all the equipment for your product photography. Go through the tips here if you want to extend your business. Make a list for your shots. If you face challenges, hire a professional photographer.  They can take your product photography into the next level.



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