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Clipping path is a way of removing a particular shape from a photo to bring a better look. But this single line cannot explain the whole work of clipping path. Before getting a service you must know in details about it. And we are very much clear from our side about what you will get from us and how we do our service. 

We think it is our customer who has the right to know in details about our clipping path service. However then, let’s start with the basics. You need to understand what the clipping path is and how it works. Clipping path is mostly used for e-commerce purposes to enhance and beautify pictures. 

The process is straightforward. If you cannot set the right background or want to remove unwanted objects from your image, no need to worry, your background can not be something that matches your subject more. Bring focus to your subject by clipping path techniques. We cover all kind of clipping path service, including image retouching services, color correction, joint neck service, background removal services, e-commerce product photo editing, image masking. 

If you do not have any idea regarding how to edit your images or if you do not have the applications, we can do the job for you at an affordable cost. Our services will be best for you. We are experienced in working with world-famous media, fashion printing, e-commerce photography, and some creative agencies. You can check our works to get an idea about the image quality.

What is Clipping Path Service?

First of all, the clipping path is a basic service of PhotoShop editing. It is one of the most popular photo editing programs that are essential for different industries. The main thing is here includes cut out a subject from any background of the image. Actually, any editing with Photoshop starts with this basic part, the Clipping path. It is used to give any images fully professional look. 

This clipping path service is also called Image Cut Out Service. This procedure is done by the photo editor cut out tool (pen tool). You can find many online image clipping software that can do this work for you but you will not get perfect or precise editing. We have a separate expert editing team for each service and their professional hand will make you satisfied. Apart from all of these, we do not work the traditional way. 

Our expert team are tech-friendly and use the latest image clipping tool with a digital pen to make the clipping path in photoshop more accurately and precisely. We have all the latest pen tablets and we do not compromise the quality of our any image retouching service. As a reputed image retouching company, we always try to focus in depth.  



This service includes very easy images which require just 3-5 minutes for an expert hand to make the editing done. Simple clipping path service is applied to easy images like a ball, mug, and similar images.


In these types of clipping path service, images have extra edges and the curved area which needs more time and efforts to do the editing. This types of images have always too many branches and it takes 30 to 1 hour to finish the editing perfectly with nice looking edges. Image/category example: Jewelry, net-cage, small subject and the subjects with too many branches and curved areas.


We categorize this section based on the images which need some extra efforts and time than the image types from simple clipping path category. Generally, it takes 8 to 10 minutes on average to cut out the images of this category. Image/category example: Sun-glass, watch, furniture, etc.


This includes the highest complex image background removing service. We categorized the images to put in this section to edit based on how much time it needs to edit for our expert team and how much efforts to put for the images. Generally, it takes 2 to 4 hours to edit 1 image of this category. Image examples: Christmas tree, hair or fur, bicycle, stone necklace.


Multiple Clipping Path is another types of clipping path where we use multiple paths to edit an image. Mainly this service is for saving time for the retouching editor team. 

In this service, we separate the products or elements in an image and arrange it properly. Jewelry, clothes, shoe, etc.

Crop-and-resize final


Crop your image to amplify the look and feel. Cropping and resizing your image to the exact dimension with some steps is simple. You can select your aspect ratios to square, portrait, and free mode to crop or resize your images. To resize your picture is the most crucial step here. If you do not select any predefined size, you can go for an automatically calculated aspect ratio. You do not need to install any additional software on your computer. Use the software tools that are free and highly usable for cropping images.

The clipping path is not only used for just background removing. It also the basic or first step of image masking, image retouching, image mannequin. So, the most important and the basic part of any image editing starts with this service. However, creating clipping paths for cutting out the image from its background is very time-consuming work. It includes zooming, clicking and the most important thing is that it needs expert hands with lots of practices and previous work experiences.

Most of the people find it as a super boring and repetitive work which needs excellent patience. So, it’s not wise to put your time and efforts to this where are other things to do in your business. You will be benefited if you take care of the things from your business that matched with your skill and you will get most out of your invested time. So, it will be really wise to take photo touch up service or outsource this types of work and put your all effort on the other things of your business which will allow you to focus on and be more creative, revenue generating work.

However, things matter here is quality. You might be worried about the quality if you outsource any of your work. So, here we are to make you completely worry-free. We have the confidence to guarantee that all of our work will satisfy you. We have that level of quality expert team and experiences to make our client satisfied. Moreover, you have the option to get free trials up to 3 images to judge our quality and can differ from the various professional photo retouching services. You can call it a free clipping path offer from Image Retouching Lab. So, why late? Get a free trial and let us take care of all of your image editing tasks and get rid of an endless headache.


At this time of technology, you will rarely find an industry which doesn’t need the clipping path service. Let’s have a look in brief!



Clipping path is the most significant part whether you are going to start your online business. An ecommerce store needs hundreds of high-quality images regularly. The products should be prepared for a better presentation to the customers. It may need to remove unwanted objects from the product image and then ready to publish. Sometimes, you have to change the background of the picture to focus it perfectly. So, product photo retouching services has been an important term to grow your business.


Clipping path has a great impact on the garment industry since it has been online-based. Clipping path technology allows you to decorate the product image correctly. If you want to sell a dress to the online customers, what should you do with it? It may need to change the background, color, and also work with the brightness and focus. That’s how a customer will be attracted to the product easily.


Whether you are going to sell your electronic or jewelry products online, it should be perfectly retouched. Nobody likes a product with unnecessary objects. If the products are sensitive like jewelry, then it becomes a must to do the task. It is important to apply the clipping path method to get the most attractive photos that can easily increase your sales.

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We, the Image Retouching Lab is a leading company of Image Editing Service with numerous client satisfaction and worldwide recognition. We believe in a sentence, “experience talks” and so we do try to talk about our experience and services. It’s not about the photo clipping software that can be done like magic. We have made our editing and designer team in such a way that filters and help us to get some top class image editors and designers in our team. Our company does not only prioritize the skill or experience. We also give value the creativity or innovation. With these types of specialists, we can now proudly say that we have one of the world’s best digital image retouching services in our company.

Moreover, we are very friendly to our clients. We aim to work for a long time with a client, and you will get the top level of support from us. We never lose our patience. If you cannot understand any of our service or anything related to our high end photo retouching services, you can freely ask us and educated yourself. We do so because if our client does not know much about image editing, she/he will not understand or judge our quality of the delivered work. So, we have made a blog section for our clients, and it is open for everyone to increase their knowledge about Photoshop editing. And also our customer relationship representatives are always helpful to assist you with any help regarding this. So, what you expect from this team is not beyond to explain. Getting any custom image retouching services from our experts is easy. You can see the result form your free trial or first order.


So, how we do it? Let’s see in details below about the procedure of our photoshop clipping path job. By this, you will have an idea about how our experts give your images a perfect and professional look. After completing each image editing, we send the image to our client to approve the work. We edit and re-edit images until we gain our client’s satisfaction and we love to do it. As we told before, we have limitless patience for our work. You may use any free photo cut out software to make your project done. But, this won’t be the perfect solution always. Our team knows what steps should be followed. According to each of our client’s demand, we deliver the output in some different format and layers as below:

However, if you want to know how Clipping Path is done by our experts, or what tools and software we use to finish your task, you can check our blog section. Most of them are tutorial-based and educate you with some basic editing things. If you want to try us or want to get your work done by us, we are always happy to have a conversation with you. Just get a quote or try your first free trial from us.


Well! Image Retouching Lab has been working in this industry for several years. We have the best team of designers with great skill. You can justify our quality by the portfolio, experience, customer reviews, and skill.

Sure! We do offer a free trial that includes up to three images. You can justify our clipping path experts with any of your images.


Generally, we accept all the major file formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD.

It’s simple start with Image Retouching Lab. Just send your favorite photo to us and get the result within the shortest period.

Yeah! You will get a special discount for bulk orders.

Well! We offer 29 cents only for a simple clipping path project.

Fortunately, you will get us 24/7. Our designers are always available to serve you the best quality work.

Actually, it varies with some issues. If it’s about a simple clipping path, it will be done within 24 hours. Even the project is large enough, we have no problem with that. We have the capacity to deliver you within your time limit.

We know the value of every single task by our valuable customers. Our team is always trying to deliver the best service. So, you don’t need to worry about that. We are bound to work for you until you get complete satisfaction. Surely, you will get the best solution regarding your project.

We grant both PayPal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.

We always care about the privacy of our valuable clients. There is no scope for compromise in the matter of security. We assure you that we never use your photos for any personal or commercial purposes. Please visit our privacy policy for more information.

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