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When you think of any photo editing task, clipping path comes in the very first phase. It is a well-known aspect of the graphic design industry for many of the professionals like designers, photographers, and animators. The whole things are ultimately related to business. How? We will define it later. Today, we are going to discuss this exceptional service and the way to get the best output from the professionals. As we know, it’s tough to find the best clipping path specialist to complete the task correctly. We sort out the reviews of some of the reputed companies from experts.

How To Find The Best Clipping Path Specialist?

Clipping path has been popular and must thing to take the service for several reasons.

We are going to answer that question who is the best clipping path service provider. Thousands of clipping path service providers are available now. But how will you know who can provide the best service? A huge number of companies emerge every year, though. But most of them fail to make their customers satisfied.

Only a few numbers of companies can provide high-quality work. By the time of increasing its popularity, it has become harder to find the best professional for doing this task. Well! We are doing something for this. Before touching the key point, let’s have a look at some essential things below. Hopefully, these will help you to get the right answer.

We are going to share the result of our little research on the best clipping path service providers.

Why You Need A Clipping Path Service?

Why You Need A Clipping Path service

Among all the photo editing categories, this is the most used term. It has some valid reasons behind this. From personal to business purposes, you will need a photo clipping service from a specialist. Let’s be more specific!

E-commerce Business:

Clipping path or background removal service is an essential task in e-commerce businesses. Since the very beginning of the online business, it has reached the peak point of its popularity. Using this technique, you can remove the unwanted objects from the product photo easily. It enables you to put any background you wish to replace for your product image. Thus, it helps to increase to beauty of the product photo. Finally, you get more sales by attracting your audiences.

Web Optimization:

Web Optimization

Whether you are using a lot of photos for the web store, web optimization is an essential part here. Using the clipping path method, you can crop the images and optimize it for the website. It’s much more beneficial to use an optimized photo to run the store efficiently.

Color Correction:

Color Correction service

Whether you are doing photo editing tasks, you have to make the color correction for various reasons. For that, you will need to use the clipping path technique to make your photo more eye-catchy. It will allow you to select each color separately and make the necessary changes.

Garment and Ornament Product:

Garment and Ornament Product

Though it is a part of the ecommerce business that has been said earlier, we are going to indicate on these two specific industries separately. Online has been the most crucial media to sell garments and ornament products. Whether you are trying to sell a dress, you need to present it smartly to your targeted customers. On the other hand, ornament products are sensitive items which have to focus uniquely on the visitors. That’s why you need to hire a clipping path expert to make the products sexy.

Best Clipping Path Service Reviews From Experts

Picking up a professional and high-quality clipping path service provider is sometimes tricky and boring as well. For that reason, we found a solution after long-time research on various agencies. These are categorized with history, quality, and pricing. You can choose the best and suitable one from them for your upcoming project to be done correctly.

Image Retouching Lab:

Image retouching lab

You are hearing about the most professional and dedicated photo retouching company. Image Retouching Lab is the name of a trust where you can get all types of photo editing tasks including clipping path service, image masking service, photo retouching service, image mannequin service, shadow creation service, color correction service, twitch overlay service, and various graphic design services. If you are trying to find internet outsourcing farm for this job, Image Retouching Lab can be the perfect choice regarding the price and quality as well.


Image Retouching Lab is providing image clipping service at a very reasonable price compared with other agencies around the world. It starts just at 29 cents for a simple clipping path. Besides this, the price for image masking service begins at 79 cents, shadow creation at 25 cents, image retouching and color correction at 49 cents, and vector drawing service at 2.99 dollars.

Image Editing Service


This agency has been proving its outstanding service for a couple of years. They don’t compromise with quality whatever the price is. All the customers are highly satisfied with their work and customer service as well.

Fix The Photo:

This company comes with an impressive web layout and useful resources. It provides excellent service in the field of photo editing and retouching industry since the year 2003. Whether you need product photo retouching, clipping path and masking service, custom image retouching, photo manipulation, high-end photo retouching, jewelry retouching, or old photo retouch services, this can be the best choice for your projects.


FixThePhoto includes different pricing list for various services. The basic photo retouching service starts at 2 dollars per image which offers light correction, blemish removal, color correction, image cropping, red-eye effect removal, and face skin smoothing. The other services like wedding photo editing start at 14 cents, photo restoration at 25 dollars, product photo at 1 dollar, and jewelry photo at 2.50 dollars.


The experience of working with FixThePhoto is quite comfortable and secure by most of the users. It ensures quality photo editing services including its helpful customer support.

Wedding Retouching:

Wedding Retouching is another professional photo editing company especially renowned for wedding retouching. It is a part of FixThePhoto and running its operation since 2013. The team delivers exceptional quality work for the customers. It deals with portrait retouching, body retouch, family editing, photo montage, and various post-processing tasks. You will get quick help in high wedding session period from them. Wedding Retouching helps to elaborate color change and natural touch up. It ensures to enhancing the background and removing unnecessary details from an image. No doubt, it will the perfect place to make your wedding album.


The pricing is categorized into different packages. Wedding Retouching offers its wedding light package at 99 dollars where you will get color correction service for 700 images. It costs only 14 cents per image. Another package namely Wedding Pro provides color correction of 700 images, simple edit of 20 images, and advance edit of 5 images at 159 dollars.


The quality of Wedding Retouching company is good enough among the agencies who deal with wedding photo editing tasks. No doubt, you will get the most sparkling results from them.


We Edit Photos is another online clipping path specialist company which is expert in various photo retouching services. It is providing a full-service solution since the year 2003. The expert team of Weedit offers image post-production, photo culling, portrait retouching, digital photo enhancing, wedding photo editing, glamour photo retouching, and many more services related to this industry. To remain competitive, they are always aware of developing their skill through the newly appeared photo editing tools. You can justify by their portfolio to make sure about their quality.


People are always interested in finding better prices. We Edit Photos offers an affordable price for their customers. The simple clipping path service starts at 20 cents only per image. It covers light balance, tonal range enhancement, exposure, shadow and highlight reduction, contrast enhancement, and more. You can go for the other packages that include different basic to advanced services. They also offer some flexible discount systems.


Weedit is a dedicated clipping path service provider which is working with many positive reviews from different corners around the world. You can choose it as a trusted partner for your project.

Nude Retouching:

Nude Retouching comes with a simple but stunning website that expresses the clipping path and various photo editing services. It has over 10 years of experience in nude, boudoir, and glamour photography retouching services. The team has excellent skill in skin retouching tasks which has reached the agency to another level. The services include professional portrait editing, black and white retouching, pin-up retouching, and more.


Like others, Nude Retouching has different pricing plans according to the job category. The standard photo retouching package offers color correction, image cropping, beauty retouching, portrait retouching, and drawbacks removal service. All the things you will get at 5 dollars per image. There are also two other packages of 10 and 15 dollars. These will help you get an advanced solution for your pictures.


Nude Retouching has the best photo retouchers who are devoted to solving the difficulties in photo editing tasks. Their support system is also strong enough.


Photo Fix is another photo editing service company to produce best-looking pictures. They have some talented photo enhancement artists from the USA and abroad. You will get a simple solution to get your desired images. They provide several services including image cropping, color correction, skin smoothing, clipping path, blemish removal, and custom photo retouching service.


Their pricing is mentioned on credits. Every five credits mean 7.95 dollars. To do basic photo editing, you will need 1 photofox credit. This package covers image cropping, color correction, and red-eye removal services.


You will get better quality photos from PhotoFix. Many customers have also said positive about their customer service.


First impression is always special when an audience comes to visit a website or search for a service. Retouchup has a simple but attractive web layout which tells its vision itself. This agency is working since 2001 and located in Peru, Lima. Since the beginning of its journey, Retouchup is doing its operation with a positive reputation. It provides clipping path, color correction, photo restoration, and digital oil painting services at an affordable price. There are no conditions or complications on the minimum or maximum order.


The clipping path package of Retouch up varies from 1.50-2.50 dollars per image. It will allow to remove background from an image and return as transparent PNG. Apart from this, standard color correction service takes 25 cents per image, both the photo restoration and digital oil painting service takes 35 dollars per image.


If you visit their website, you will find some customers feedback. Most of the clients said positive about its service. Though the registration process takes a little bit of time to complete, their response is much better.

Clipping Path India:

Clipping Path India is a well-known name in the photo editing industry running since 2008. It has over 300 image editing experts who are showing their talents to grow the business. They are providing high-quality photo retouching services at an affordable price. Their services include clipping path, background removal, image masking, ghost mannequin photo editing, product photo editing, and more. You have to kick things off by requesting a quote and then upload the images via a web browser or BrickFTP. Finally, wait for the professionally edited photos from the experts.


The pricing of Clipping Path India is something different which is identified as credits. The more credits you buy, the more you get free services. It may seem to be fishy but can reduce your post-processing expenses. Typically, a clipping path task will cost 49 cents, drop shadow 25 cents, and ghost mannequin 99 cents per image.


Clipping Path India has the best graphic design studio in the Asia region. Many clients have given positive reviews about their services and support. They are also punctual in delivering the project on time.

A Professional Image

Summing Up

We just provided a well-researched review to find the best clipping path specialist. Hopefully, it will help you to find the right answer regarding this tough confusing query. As we can see from the above discussion, Image Retouching Lab can help you out to get the proper solution in regards to quality and pricing as well. It does matter when you find something with a lot of positive reviews from the different corners of the world. So, what is your thought about finally? Feel free to share your own to let us know.

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