Jewelry photography can be tricky. Often, the photos you take don’t reflect the true beauty of your pieces, leaving you feeling disappointed. Are you aiming to offer wonderful jewelry retouching services? In this blog, I will show you how to edit jewelry photos in Photoshop and make your jewelry photos look so flawless.

I’ll guide you through the entire editing process. From drawing precise clipping paths to changing backgrounds and performing final retouches, you’ll learn all the essential techniques.

How to Edit Jewelry Photos in Photoshop

I will edit a picture of 2 rings to show you a particular method of jewelry editing. The main photo is on the left-hand side. Also, you can see the BEFORE & AFTER of my editing.

Jewelry Photos Editing Before and after result

Step 1: Drawing Clipping Path

With a jewelry picture opened on your Photoshop, Select the PEN TOOL and make a path around the rings.

Create the path with the left-click of your mouse. For curves and edges press Alt / Opt then left-click to make accurate paths.

a picture of Selecting the PEN TOOL in photoshop

Create another path for the stone.

a picture that showing Creating another path

Once you are done making paths this is what the paths will look like:

this picture shows how the paths will look like after path

Step 2: Change the Background

Select the paths from the PATH PANEL and right-click to find MAKE SELECTION.


After clicking on MAKE SELECTION, you will need to set a FEATHER RADIUS depending on the resolution of your picture. So, based on the quality of my jewelry picture I set 0.5 pixels radius.

this picture showing how to set a FEATHER RADIUS

Next, create a new layer. New layer shortcut: Ctrl / Cmd +J.

create a new layer

To change the background you can add an adjustment layer. Then, pick the SOLID COLOR option and make the background white using the COLOR PICKER window.

this picture showing picking the SOLID COLOR in photoshop

Step 3: Basic Retouching

After that, you need to do some basic retouching with MIXTURE BRUSH TOOL. Since the rings are actually silver in color, I selected white color for the brush.

Tip: Create paths to use the brush tool at this stage. This way you can ensure that you are working on a targeted area for a flawless result.

this picture showing by using MIXTURE BRUSH TOOL how to retouch

Next, go to the option CAMERA RAW FILTER to show the real color of the rings. Shortcut for CAMERA RAW FILTER: Shift +  Ctrl / Cmd + A.


Notice the adjustment I made. For example, I fixed the saturation to get a silver color and adjusted the exposure to remove the darkness.

Tip: You should do it by checking the preview of the jewelry and make as many adjustments as needed from the options marked in the following picture.

fixed the saturation to get a silver color

Step 4: Further Polishing

The picture/jewelry might have a blurry look. To fix that, I adjusted the sharpness from the CAMERA RAW FILTER.

adjusted the sharpness from the CAMERA RAW FILTER

Step 5: Stone Retouching

Next, the target is the stone. I reduced the noise from the stone to banish the dusty appearance.

reduced the noise from the stone to banish the dusty appearance

Step 6: Final Retouch

Find the option of UNSHARP MASK. Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask.


Next, you must not skip the most essential step for a realistic outcome—making the jewelry pop on a white background.

So, go to EDIT and click on STROKE. Shortcut for STROKE: Alt / Opt + Shift + Ctrl / Cmd + V.

click on STROKE

Specify the size or pixel of STROKE. For instance, I added 2 pixels of stokes.

Specify the size or pixel of STROKE

Then add a natural shadow under the jewelry by creating different paths. Keep the MIXER BRUSH color black.

Finally, this is the outcome of my editing process:

this is the outcome of my editing process

Once you are done don’t forget to save your file in the desired format.

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Final Notes

Learning how to edit jewelry photos in Photoshop is essential for showcasing ornaments in the best light. With the techniques covered in this guide, from creating clipping paths to performing final retouches, you can ensure your jewelry photos look flawless and professional.
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