Whether you’re working on a fashion design project or are an ambitious graphic designer, creating seamless patterns in Photoshop can be a fun and creative endeavor. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to make a repeating pattern in Photoshop.

4 Steps to Make a Seamless Pattern in Photoshop

I will show you a simple yet beautiful seamless repeated pattern edit. The edit I planned is a horizontal eye-soothing poster filled with green leaves because I love them, also, green is one of my favorite colors. However, find below one of the methods to make repeating patterns in Photoshop.

Step 1: Set Up Your Document

First, open Photoshop and press Ctrl / Cmd + N to create a new document. Ensure you set the essential ‘Preset Details’ correctly, then click ‘Create’.

Note: I need the CMYK color profile as I want to print the poster.

New document dialog box in Photoshop
Creating a new document in photoshop

With your document set up, let’s move on to setting the background color.

Step 2: Set Your Background Color

Initially, a white background is selected by default. Now, let’s change it to your desired color.

Double-click on the foreground color.

color picker in Photoshop

In the “Color Picker” window, select a color from the bar, adjust it in the square, or paste a color code, then click OK.

set forground color in Photoshop

Next, activate the “Paint Bucket Tool”

Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop

Bring the cursor to the white background then left-click on the mouse and see the color change.

background is ready

Now that your background is ready, we can add some graphical elements to your canvas.

Step 3: Add Graphical Elements

To add a graphical element, we’ll use Photoshop’s built-in shapes. Open the ‘Shape Panel’ by navigating to Window > Shapes.

Shapes Panel in Photoshop with a shape added to the canvas.

In the “Shape Panel”,  explore “Folders” to find a desired shape. Left-click and drag the shape onto the blank document. For instance, I picked a leaf shape.

Shapes Panel in Photoshop with a shape added to the canvas.

The shape will appear in a new layer. Double-click the layer thumbnail to open the “Color Picker”. Select your desired color as shown for the background in “Step 2”. Hold Alt/Option to resize or pull a corner. Reposition the shape with a left click, then press “Enter” to fix it in the document.

a shape added to the canvas.

Below, you can see that I picked a leaf shape and changed the color that will nicely contrast the background.

I picked a leaf shape

Tip: You can also add PNG elements with “Place Embedded.

Next, we’ll make several copies of this shape to start forming the pattern.

Step 4: Make The Repeating Patterns

Now, you need to make several copies of the layer of the graphical element(s). Press: Ctrl / Cmd + J to make a layer copy.

Duplicating shape layers in Photoshop

You can create multiple layers at once. Select all layers with “Shift” and “Right-click”, and again press “Ctrl / Cmd +J” to make layer copies. Then, press “Ctrl / Cmd + T” reposition the patterns, and hit “Enter”.

So, you can see below the desired poster I planned for. 

Tip: Group the layer to keep your edit organized.

Final Result of Repeating Pattern

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Final Notes

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a repeating pattern in Photoshop. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and arrangements to create unique designs. Share your patterns with us or explore how to apply them in various projects.


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