Fill a shape with text in Photoshop via these steps using “Shape Panel” and “Text Tool”:

  • Create a new document using the shortcut: Ctrl / Cmd + N
  • Pick, drag, drop, and fix a shape from the “Shapes” panel: Windows > Shapes
  • Put your text in the shape using the “Text Tool”
  • Select the “Text Layer” and right-click to “Covert to Smart Object”
  • Select the “Text Layer” with “Ctrl / Cmd + T” and activate “ Switch Between Free Transform and Warp”

3 Simple Steps to Fill a Shape with Text in Photoshop

This particular process is following expert editors or a Photo editing company as well. So, one of the ways you can fill a shape is.

Step 1: Open a “New Document”

Click “Ctrl / Cmd + N” to open a “New Document”. You must set “Preset Details” and then press “Create”.

Step 2: Pick and Fix a “Shape”

Go to “Window” and click on “Shape”. Explore the folders and pick your desired “Shape”. Darg and drop the “Shape” on the “Blank  Document”. Hold “Alt / Opt” to resize. Reposition holding left-click and press “Enter” to commit transform.

Step 3: Put the Text

Select “Horizontal Type Tool”. Take the cursor on the shape and left-click to get a “Text Box or Text Layer”. Put your text there. Hit “Enter” to confirm the transformation.

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Step 4: Convert to Smart Object

Select the “Text Layer”. “Right Click” on the layer and click on “Convert to Smart Object”.

Step 5: Style the text

Press “Ctrl / Cmd+ T” to “Select” the “Text Layer”. Then, activate the “Switch Between Free Transform and Warp Modes” option. Use the handles or the dots to curve your text and “Enter” to set the edit.

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Final Remarks

We’ve provided clear, step-by-step instructions to help you achieve this effect easily.

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