Shadow Creation Service makes your product image glow and makes that attractive naturally.

What Is Shadow Creation Service? (In Details)

The main purpose of creating a shadow under the image is to make any online image reality like the view. It’s a graphical method that creates an artificial shadow on any product image so they look more natural to the viewers or customers. Almost all popular brands are now using shadow creation in the image of their product. Mainly the shadow is shown behind or under the product image. As general, shadow exits when a photo is captured. But not all time that shadow makes the product glow or look beautiful. So, it needs to edit that shadow to give the image perfection or add natural looking shadow to make the image genuine and more attractive. However, shadow creation service includes some more things. We create shadows based on the images and the subject requirements. For example: if an image contains unwanted shadows, we then remove it and give it the perfect shadow that makes it look better. So, it is not only the main thing to create a shadow in an image with Shadow Creation Service, there are more things to do. In below you can see the works includes in shadow creation service in details.

Types Of Shadow Creation Service:

There are mainly 4 types of Shadow Creation. And Image Retouching Lab deals with all of those. Let’s see what types of shadow creation service you will get from us.

1. Natural Shadow Creation:
In this shadow creation procedure, we put artificial shadow to an image to make it more natural. In general, when a photo is captured, there should be a shadow under the subject. But for different lighting condition and angel, sometimes there stays no shadow under the product or subject. This is unrealistic. So, to make any product image natural and appealing to the customer, we put a natural shadow under our Shadow Creation Service.

2. Drop Shadow Creation:
Drop shadow is very important to the people who have e-commerce or any online shopping business. Drop shadow creation service makes any digital product image authentic and looks fresh. Drop shadow is always put under the product or the object form any e-commerce image. Drop shadow is created by Photoshop filter. We can make your any product image looking realistic, eye-catching with implementing the right shadow angels and accurate shadow opacity with our expert hands.

3.Creating Image Reflection / Mirror Effect: Reflection of any subject is also a type of shadow which displays mirror reflection of that subject itself. This Image reflection service is also known as Mirror Effect Service. It gives look to an image that it stands or stays on a mirror or glass surface which reflects all the parts of that image or the subject. Creating a mirror effect is perfect for products like Glass bottles, plastic bottle, electronic equipment (ovens, TVs, mobiles, etc.)

4. Retain Original Shadow:
Sometimes the shadow of the product is not as good as it should be. It happens if the background of the image subject was dim, or the surrounding lighting was not so good. In this situation with these issues, your photo does not look realistic. With this Retain Original Shadow Service, we use our best resources to recall the original shadow of that product picture.

We are just not the professional, we always observe thoroughly every image before starting to add shadow effect on it. As creating a good shadow depends on the source of bending light, harmony between image and reflection and the size & shape of image subject, we do invest our time and concern to make the best outcome for our clients.

image shadow cration service

Who Should Use This Service?

Putting shadows in an image generally means a reflection of that product, (such as a shirt, linger, glasses, etc.). Shadows are also applied to model
photography, and the interior and exterior photos. We get image shadowing works from e-commerce sites, product catalogs, digital media ads, brochures, print media, and magazines. From image shadow creating service, your photos will get quality and enhancement which attracts your customer a lot.

We are not going to elaborate on this part. Please see below to know for which purpose you should use Shadow Creation service from us:

  • For e-commerce product background
  • To make a mirror/ reflection shadow
  • In drop shadow making services
  • To comply with Amazon or E-bay product jewelry photo guidelines
  • For replacement objects in images
  • To make perfect photo masking
  • To make ghost mannequin of your products
  • To smooth the edge of an image subject
  • To cut out unwanted objects
  • To modify/remove the background from an image
  • To draw attention towards your jewelry items
  • To use a uniform background on bulk jewelry images
  • To make glittering jewelry retouch

From our experience and expertise, we will not make you disappointed with any of our above services.

Why Do We call Us The Best? (Confidently)

Same Day Delivery: Image Retouching Lab offers Same Day Delivery for easy to medium level image editing. We always discuss this with our client before confirming any work. Generally, our turnaround times for image shadowing are 4 to 6 hours, 6 to 12 hours and 12 to 20 hours. Please be noted, pricing will depend on the delivery time.

Discount and Free Trials: You will find discounts on our website most of the time. On special events, we offer more discounts to our clients. Besides, for bulk work (Min 500) we offer a special discount. We also let you have 3 free trials to judge our quality which you help you decide whether you will work with us or not. And we are happy to say that whoever once try our free trials, always become our permanent client.

Professional and Expert Dedicated Team: We have a dedicated team for each of our service section. Also, if you have a very big project (Min 2000 Image), we provide you with a dedicated team for you. Our specialized team has 10+ years of experience in shadow creation and optimize images for online or in print use. We can enhance every image with the proper technique and we implement our editing which are suitable for the image. To enhance, we add a monochromatic tone in a precise shape. We also take care of sharpness, the stroke length of a photo. So, after our editing, you do not have to worry about the delivered images quality.

So in a short, from us you will get:

  1. Perfect and accurate shadow creation
  2. Image clip out on most critical edges with expert hands
  3. Fastest possible delivery time
  4. Quality guaranteed
  5. Flat rate on bulk work
  6. Low quote than others

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