If you are told to say about the best spots for photography in the entire world, I know you will say the name of Chicago at first. This city is selected as the best city in the USA.

This city is not only perfect for traveling but also for photography. If you see the Chicago city in person, you will realize why photographers go there. So get to know about some epic sights of the Chicago city.

What Are The Great Chicago Photography Spots?

We want you to go through the favorite spots in Chicago city so that you can take some mind-blowing photographs. Most of these places seem like traveling spots.

 But the spectacular views have made it a top city for photography. Some of the spots deliver a mesmerizing view. From the South to the Northern, there are multiple locations that are worth capturing.

When you know about these spots, you will know the reason behind the attraction of a large number of tourists.

Millennium Park In The Fall

Millennium Park33

The place where you can see the color of Chicago is Millennium Park. If you want to take some colorful photos of Chicago, you have to go to this place while it is in the fall. If you are a beginner or an expert photographer, you should stop at Millennium Park to capture the fall colors. This Park is known as the heart of the Downtown. This Park is surrounded by Michigan Avenue.

It is an award-winning place for music, art, architecture and landscape. Monroe Street is in the south of the Park. In each fall, this park bursts in color. During the fall, the leaves change the color. The colorful Park is always pretty. When the fall arrives, the trees start to change the color. The fall leaves make it look like a sea of yellow leaves.

The red leaves are so beautiful to see which you will understand if you take them in hand. There is a massive crowd every year fall for the extremely beautiful view of Millennium Park. In so many Instagram photos, you have already seen the layers of fall color in the garden in so many Instagram photos.

Skydeck At The Willis Tower:

Skydeck At The Willis Tower33

If you want to capture the unparalleled view of the Chicago city, the Skydeck is perfect for you. This is an incredible opportunity for you as a photographer. It creates a feeling over the visitors that they are hovering into midair.

Your photography session is incomplete in Chicago without getting pictures of the Chicago city. The 360-degree view of the city has turned it into a top attraction for the tourists as well as for the photographers. This place is much popular that you have already heard about the place. From the top of the building, you can see the busy Chicago streets and the buildings.

So another opportunity is if you want to capture a busy life in Chicago. You can capture the view of the city from the four sides of the building. And if you are going on a clear day, you can capture a picture for miles away.

Get to this place on a sunny day in the mid of March. As it’s the tallest building in Chicago, you can get the full view.

Stairwell At The Rookery Building:

Stairwell 33 1

If you want to capture the largest and finest building in the United States, the stairway at the Rookery building is the one that you are seeking.

It’s known as the architectural masterpiece universally. The impressive statue is highly impressive all around the world.

It’s designed as a hollow square like a square doughnut so that the building gets enough natural lights. A light court is at the heart of the building. It’sIt’s a light-filled and fascinating space. The spiraling stairwell at the rockery building has made it a national historic landmark. This staircase represents a fantastic view.

The glass ceiling and two-story lobby create a sight that is worth capturing. If you want to make a big plan for photography in Chicago, then get into the most historically significant building in Chicago. So undoubtedly we will highly recommend you to go to this place to take great shots.

Buckingham Fountain:

Buckingham Fountain 768x480 2

If you are asked to think about the largest fountain in the world, the name that will come in your mind will be the Buckingham fountain.

During the special events in Grant Park, the subject changes. This fountain produces a beautiful water display that lasts for 20 minutes. If you want to capture photos of the major display, you have to go there in the evening. For its beautiful water display, it has been considered as one of the finest ornamental fountains in the entire USA.

The lighting creates a breath-taking view of the fountain. It consists of 820 lights, which creates breathe taking views. And photographers capture enormous photos of the lights. Most of the time, a crowd is seen in this place for the lighting. To add this place to your list for photography.

Wells Kinzie Garage:

jordan graff 9TBgvuPAe0Y unsplash 768x480 1

Wells Kinzie Garage is a popular spot in Chicago city for photography. If you want to capture some unique view, this place is a perfect place for you.

If you are going to the Downtown for photography, you must go to the Wells Kinzie Garage for photography. This spot is fantastic that you should explore.

Today’s Instagram is full of pictures of the Wells Kinzie Garage. There are so many reasons that have made this spot a popular one. You are allowed to take pictures of the metro train on the loop. This parking garage is similar to the North Clark spot.

But it is easier for you to capture photos of this spot than the North Clark Park. If you want to shoot at night, you can think about long exposure. There are several levels. So you can capture the levels.

Chicago Theatre:

Screenshot 1 768x480 1

The Chicago theatre is the place that you cannot miss to choose photography. Chicago theatre is famous, and you have already heard about it. You cannot deny the Chicago sign at the Chicago Theatre.

This place is much crowded. If you don’t want to get the crowd in your images, you have to go to this place very early in the morning. Or you can go at late night. This theatre hosts concerts, film premiers and other special events. It ‘s another opportunity for photographers.

Long exposure shots are best to capture at this place. For long exposure shots, take a tripod with you. While walking through the spot, take long exposure shots. The night view of the spot is truly incredible.

Lincoln Park:

301 kim m2sXdEpKKzk unsplash 768x480 1

 Do not chase only the fall colors in the Downtown, walk around the Lincoln Park for fall colors. If you walk around Lincoln Park during the fall, you will be astounded with the fall colors of the Park.

This Park will not disappoint you as there are a huge number of trees. The diversity of colors is mind soothing. The yellow leaves at this Park are the attraction of a large number of tourists. As soon as the fall arrives, do not wait to get into this Park.

It is always a popular place for tourists and portrait photographers. If fall is your favorite season, Chicago will be the best place to explore for photography. The colorful fall leaves create a mesmerizing view during fall in Lincoln Park. It is known to most of the photographers, and they come to this location for photography.

Art Institute of Chicago

art institute of chicago 1024x640 1

You can take colorful pictures if you get into the place at early or later of the season. If you want to go during the early of the season, you can wander the institute and take great photos.

The Art Institute of Chicago is known as one of the modern landscape architects. The ivy wall of the building looks different with the fall colors.

There is a crowd of more than one million people in the Art Institute of Chicago during the fall. The composition and material design are simple in the art institute. There is the Art institute garden, which is beautiful to see and maintained beautifully.

This place is open to the public. The plantings in the garden are taken care of by the natives. These plants create an esthetic look.

The view of the South garden is spectacular. You can add this place to your list along with the Art Institute. You should not miss taking a photo at this place. A south garden is a favorite place for many people.

Grant Park:

A grant park is a gathering place of the Chicago city for most of the biggest events. Do you want to capture the ocean of yellow leaves? You have to go to the tourist’s favorite place, Grant Park.

Not only the tourists but also the photographer’s come to this place to capture the ocean of the yellow leaves and the trees. This Park is much popular like the Millennium Park. So do not miss the chance to take photos of the gigantic space of Chicago.

There is plenty to capture photos in this Park if you wander around the Park. So it will be great if you plan to go to this place for photography.

Add More Color To Your Photos

How to make your photographs more colorful? Making photos more colorful is easier. Whether you are an expert photographer or a beginner, you cannot give your photos a perfect look without a little touchup.

Your captured photos will not look perfect at the first shot. That is why adding a little touchup is indispensable. Even the famous photographers need photo retouch services for their captured photos to give the desired look.

Retouching gives a more colorful and bright look to photos. Now you can retouch your photographs if you know how to edit photos. If you do not know, you can hire your photo editors or go for a photo editing service providers.

Most of the photo editors nowadays know how to give a perfect look to your photos.  retouching services are available now at affordable prices. If you want to add more color to your photos, there is no other way better than retouching before you go for a photo editing service provider.

We have talked about the most beautiful places that have turned the Chicago city into one of the best places for taking photos. All these Chicago photography spots are great for portrait photography.

Add all these places to your list. There are some other places where you can wander. But still, there are several other places to go for photography. You should explore all those places if you have time in your hands. So get ready, make your plan, and explore in Chicago for your photography.

Extra Travel Tips

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